What Kinds of Organisations do We Want to Build in Africa with Information Communication Technology?

What Kinds of Organisations do We Want to Build in Africa with Information Communication Technology?

Rembrandt Klopper (University of Zululand, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-802-4.ch001
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In the first half of this contribution, the author focuses on what information communication technology (ICT) could be implemented in Africa in order to integrate the continent into the emerging global culture and associated economy. In the second half, he assesses the state of ICT implementation in Africa. The emergence of worldwide information and communications technology (ICT) networks in the last quarter of the 20th century has steadily effected vast and permanent changes with regard to how people in free market open societies communicate, work, do business, and spend their leisure time. In spite of the recent bursting of the dot com bubble and increasing strains experienced in the ICT manufacturing sector, advances in information technology and telecommunications (ICT) will continue to reshape the major institutions of society in the 21st century. This ought to lead to a more efficient way of life for at least some people. However, it is not clear whether this “progress” will actually be satisfactory for all. There are many more facets to the application of ICT than simple business efficiency. This chapter asks, “after 50 years of ICT, what kind of society do we want to create for ourselves, and what level of choices are available to individuals and corporate entities?” As was pointed out at the EU meeting in Lisbon in 2000, we need to be particularly aware of the potential for ICT to improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged.

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Brian McArthur
Sam Lubbe
Sam Lubbe
Chapter 1
Rembrandt Klopper
In the first half of this contribution, the author focuses on what information communication technology (ICT) could be implemented in Africa in... Sample PDF
What Kinds of Organisations do We Want to Build in Africa with Information Communication Technology?
Chapter 2
Maxwell M. Buthelezi, Marcus Sikhakhane
This study is evaluating the effective use of telecentres by small business owners. The world has changed and new ways of accessing information and... Sample PDF
Telecentres and Their Impact on Information Technology Investment for Small Business
Chapter 3
Udo R. Averweg
Organisations are being forced to invest heavily in the deployment of information systems (IS) to obtain value and benefit in the new... Sample PDF
Impact of Organisational Intranets on Profitability in Organisations
Chapter 4
Hakikur Rahman
Revolutionary advancement in information and communication technology (ICT) with strengthening of economic and social aspects is transforming the... Sample PDF
Information Dynamics in Developing Countries
Chapter 5
Sam Lubbe
This chapter considers the possibility of a link between organisational performance and information technology (IT) investment intensity in SME... Sample PDF
The Impact of IT Investment in South African E-Commerce SME Organizations
Chapter 6
Sam Lubbe
This chapter addresses the effective use of information technology (IT) in small businesses. Worldwide it is regarded as a problem as was... Sample PDF
The Use of IT in Small Business: Efficiency and Effectiveness in South Africa
Chapter 7
Sam Lubbe
SDC has financial services knowledge with cross-industry technical skill capabilities. Their emphasis is on advanced development techniques and... Sample PDF
The Creation of a Commercial Software Development Company in a Developing Country for Outsourcing Purposes
Chapter 8
Johan Nel
This chapter considers if a link exists between company performance and information technology (IT) investment intensity in selected South African... Sample PDF
Organizational Performance and IT Investment Intensity of South African Companies
Chapter 9
Johan Nel
The chapter reviews the present methodology and comes to the conclusion that there is a solution for the predicament of the managers. The author is... Sample PDF
Information Technology Investment Evaluation and Measurement Methodology: A Case Study and Action Research of the Dimensions and Measures of IT-Business-Value in Financial Institutions
Chapter 10
Geoff Erwin, Mike Moncrieff
“You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it.” These words by Scott McNeally, CEO of Sun Microsystems, represent one pole of opinion on the privacy... Sample PDF
Investing in Online Privacy Policy for Small Business as Part of B2C Web Site Management: Issues and Challenges
Chapter 11
Karna Naidoo
Despite the technological progress made by organisations in Namibia, the impact of IT has not been studied. The existing definition of IT is not... Sample PDF
Examining the Approach Used for Information Technology Investment Decisions by Practitioners Responsible for IT Planning in Namibia
Chapter 12
Pieter Van Staaden
The author conducted research to determine whether IT managers, IT auditors, users, management, etc. (all decision-makers) use a certain evaluation... Sample PDF
A Case Study on the Selection and Evaluation of Software for an Internet Organisation
Chapter 13
Inban Naicker
This study examines the impact of the Internet on a student society by investigating the effective use of the Internet at tertiary education. The... Sample PDF
Internet: A Right to Use and Access Information, or a Utopia?
Chapter 14
Kishore Singh
This chapter discusses the impact of security in small and medium enterprises. It views the development of a security policy in serious light and... Sample PDF
Information Security in Small Businesses
Chapter 15
Solitaire Maherry-Lubbe
Constructivist theories and modern pedagogical concepts emphasize that an activation of students is one of the most influential factors for learning... Sample PDF
E-Learning: An Investigation into Students' Reactions to Investment into IT at Tertiary Institutions
Chapter 16
Buyile Ngubane
This study addresses the needs for a community computer centre (telecentre) for the community of Emkhambathini. This study was part of the... Sample PDF
The Nearest Some of Us Will Ever Come to Information Heaven
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