Knowledge Management as a Discipline

Knowledge Management as a Discipline

Murray E. Jennex (San Diego University, USA) and David Croasdell (University of Nevada, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-261-9.ch002
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This chapter presents arguments that show that knowledge management (KM) is a discipline. Kuhn’s (1996) criteria for being a discipline are used as a framework for providing information showing KM to be a discipline. It was found that KM has interesting research questions, journals specific to KM, a body of accepted knowledge, professional societies, its own jargon and ontology, and its own degree programs. It also is concluded that KM is a young and growing discipline.

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Table of Contents
Murray E. Jennex
Chapter 1
Murray E. Jennex
This chapter defines knowledge and knowledge management (KM) and establishes its roots KM is not a brand new topic; organizational learning and... Sample PDF
What is Knowledge Management?
Chapter 2
Murray E. Jennex, David Croasdell
This chapter presents arguments that show that knowledge management (KM) is a discipline. Kuhn’s (1996) criteria for being a discipline are used as... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management as a Discipline
Chapter 3
David G. Schwartz
Knowledge management is a fragmented field, whether of necessity or of design. In this chapter, we present and discuss data that maps out a number... Sample PDF
A Birds-Eye View of Knowledge Management: Creating a Disciplined Whole from Many Interdisciplinary Parts
Chapter 4
Todd Peachey, Dianne Hall, Casey Cegielski
Although knowledge management (KM) is maturing as a research topic, there is no agreement on what constructs constitute its foundation. Because the... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Research: Are We Seeing the Whole Picture?
Chapter 5
Clyde Holsapple, Kiku Jones, Meenu Singh
Knowledge management (KM) initiatives are undertaken in order to improve organizational performance. The goal of such improvement is to make an... Sample PDF
Linking Knowledge to Competitiveness: Knowledge Chain Evidence and Extensions
Chapter 6
Anne Massey, V. Ramesh, Mitzi Montoya-Weiss
Knowledge management (KM) has gained increasing attention since the mid-1990s. A KM strategy involves consciously helping people share and put... Sample PDF
A Multi-Level Performance Framework for Knowledge Management
Chapter 7
Vincent Ribière, Francis Tuggle
While the discipline of knowledge management (KM) is no longer emerging, some organizations are still struggling to find the right approach that... Sample PDF
The Influence of Organizational Trust on the Use of KM Systems and on the Success of KM Initiatives
Chapter 8
Vittal Anantatmula
Establishing criteria for knowledge management (KM) is important, because criteria help to establish a basis for assessing the value and evaluating... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management's Impact on Organizational Performance
Chapter 9
Eric W. Stein
A community of practice (CoP) is an organizational form that promotes sense making, knowledge management, and learning. It is important to... Sample PDF
Factors that Contribute to the Success of Knowledge Management Communities of Practice
Chapter 10
Atreyi Kankanhalli, Loo Geok Pee, Bernard Cheng Yian Tan
Evaluation methods are essential for the advancement of research and practice in an area. In knowledge management (KM), the process of measurement... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Knowledge Management: A Review and Agenda for Future Research
Chapter 11
Murray E. Jennex, Lorne Olfman
This chapter surveys knowledge management (KM) and knowledge management system (KMS) success factors and models. It also provides a framework for... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Success Factors and Models
Chapter 12
Shih-Chen Liu, Lorne Olfman, Terry Ryan
This chapter presents the empirical testing of a theoretical model of knowledge management system (KMS) success. The Jennex and Olfman model of... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Success: Empirical Assessment of a Theoretical Model
Chapter 13
William Money, Arch Turner
This chapter presents the results of a study investigating the applicability of Davis’ technology acceptance model (TAM) to user acceptance of a... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Information Technology User Acceptance: Assessing the Applicability of the Technology Acceptance Model
Chapter 14
Stefan Smolnik, Stefan Kremer, Lutz Kolbe
In order for a company to be oriented consistently toward its customers and their processes, it needs to customize its intracorporate processes and... Sample PDF
The Role of Context and Its Explication for Fostering Knowledge Transparency in Modern Organizations
Chapter 15
Mark Nissen, Murray E. Jennex
Many taxonomies and definitions of knowledge have been published in the KM literature. This chapter defines knowledge as something that is... Sample PDF
Toward the Multidimensional Conceptualization of Knowledge
Chapter 16
Hazel Taylor
Interest in the capture of tacit knowledge within organizations has risen in recent years. However, while the capture of explicit knowledge is... Sample PDF
Eliciting Tacit Knowledge Using the Critical Decision Interview Method
Chapter 17
Ahmed Seleim, Ahmed Ashour, Omar Khalil
This investigation explored knowledge acquisition and transfer practice in Egyptian software firms. It used a combination of a cross-sectional field... Sample PDF
Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer in Developing Countries: The Experience of the Egyptian Software Industry
Chapter 18
Andrew Goh
With the emergence of the knowledge economy, organizations are beginning to see a need to apply knowledge management (KM) practices to their... Sample PDF
Adopting Knowledge-Centred Principles in Innovation Pursuits: The Case of Singapore Airlines
Chapter 19
Ivy Chan, Patrick Y.K. Chau
Knowledge increasingly is recognized to provide a foundation for creating core competences and competitive advantages for organizations, making... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Gap: Determined Initiatives, Unsuccessful Results
Chapter 20
Lynne P. Cooper, Teresa Bailey, Rebecca Nash, Tu-Anh Phan
This chapter describes the development and operation of a knowledge system to support learning of organizational knowledge at the Jet Propulsion... Sample PDF
The Lifecycle of a Knowledge Management System for Organizational Learning: A Case Study
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