Knowledge Management: The Missing Element in Business Continuity Planning

Knowledge Management: The Missing Element in Business Continuity Planning

Denise J. McManus (Wake Forest University, USA) and Charles A. Snyder (Auburn University, USA)
Copyright: © 2003 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-93177-751-3.ch007
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This chapter provides a new perspective for Knowledge Management applications within organizations. The relevance of knowledge management components in disaster planning has been underscored by the large-scale terror attacks of September 11, 2001. The objective of the chapter is to provide a different perspective on the risk management category of business continuity planning or disaster recovery. Specifically, the authors show how most plans ignore or downplay the essential requirement for the organization to preserve its critical knowledge resources in the event the possessors of that knowledge are killed. Most proponents of Knowledge Management have neglected this important facet of the field. At the same time, the risk management and disaster recovery fields have ignored the important contributions of Knowledge Management to a viable business continuity plan.

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Table of Contents
Elayne Coakes
Chapter 1
Witold Abramowicz, Marek Kowalkiewicz, Piotr Zawadzki
This chapter introduces topic maps and skill maps technologies as a framework for storing courseware and relevant user profiles. It is a result of... Sample PDF
Ontology Frames for IT Courseware Representation
Chapter 2
Michael Boahene, George Ditsa
Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems are slowly but surely capturing the attention of many organisations in a quest for competitive... Sample PDF
Conceptual Confusions in Knowledge Management and Knowledge Management Systems: Clarifications for Better KMS Development
Chapter 3
K. D. Joshi, Saonee Sarker
The information systems development process (ISD) remains a topic of great interest for IS researchers, especially due to the increase in the number... Sample PDF
A Framework to Study Knowledge Transfer During Information Systems Development (ISD) Process
Chapter 4
Fredrik Ericsson, Anders Avdic
This chapter introduces a framework of knowledge management systems acceptance labeled Requirements of Acceptance Model (RAM). It argues that... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management Systems Acceptance
Chapter 5
Abdus S. Chaudhry
This chapter provides an overview of performance measurement in the area of knowledge management. Salient features of main measures have been... Sample PDF
What Difference Does It Make: Measuring Returns of Knowledge Management
Chapter 6
Helen J. Mitchell
Technology, having made rapid and extensive advances particularly in the area of communications, has opened opportunities for the gathering of... Sample PDF
Technology and Knowledge Management: Is Technology Just an Enabler or Does it also Add Value?
Chapter 7
Denise J. McManus, Charles A. Snyder
This chapter provides a new perspective for Knowledge Management applications within organizations. The relevance of knowledge management components... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management: The Missing Element in Business Continuity Planning
Chapter 8
Ricky Laupase
This chapter will discuss as to whether reward systems will effectively facilitate the sharing and transfer of tacit knowledge amongst consultants... Sample PDF
Rewards: Do They Encourage Tacit Knowledge Sharing in Management Consulting Firms? Case Studies Approach
Chapter 9
Karen Nelson, Michael Middleton
This chapter explores the factors limiting organizational information and knowledge management (IKM) through the perceptions of IKM practitioners.... Sample PDF
An Exploratory Analysis of Information and Knowledge Management Enablers in Business Contexts
Chapter 10
Ran Wang, Bonnie Rubenstein-Montano
Knowledge sharing is currently at the forefront of research in the areas of organizational management and electronic business. Research has focused... Sample PDF
The Value of Trust in Knowledge Sharing
Chapter 11
Murray E. Jennex
Studies of organizational memory/ knowledge management, OM/KM, systems have found that using a common infrastructure to facilitate access to and... Sample PDF
A Survey of Internet Support for Knowledge Management/Organizational Memory Systems
Chapter 12
Yongtae Park, Yeongho Kim, Intae Kang
This chapter proposes a framework for designing knowledge management system (KMS) for R&D organization. Broadly, KMS comprises two principal... Sample PDF
On the Design of Knowledge Management System for R&D Organization: Integration of Process Management and Contents Management
Chapter 13
El-Sayed Abou-Zeid
With the growing awareness of the crucial role that knowledge can play in gaining competitive advantage, several issues with regard to knowledge... Sample PDF
Developing Business Aligned Knowledge Management Strategy
Chapter 14
Bendik Bygstad
The promise of knowledge management systems is challenged by implementation problems. This CRM case illustrates that technology-driven approaches... Sample PDF
Some Implementation Challenges of Knowledge Management Systems: A CRM Case Study
Chapter 15
Gillian Wright, Andrew Taylor
This chapter considers inter-organizational knowledge sharing in the delivery of public services. While public services represent a significant... Sample PDF
Strategic Knowledge Sharing for Improved Public Service Delivery: Managing an Innovative Culture for Effective Partnerships
Chapter 16
Ricky Laupase
Management consulting firms are typical examples of knowledge-intensive organisations in which the consultants’ knowledge, in particular tacit... Sample PDF
The Process of Converting Consultants' Tacit Knowledge to Organisational Explicit Knowledge: Case Studies in Management Consulting Firms
Chapter 17
Violina Ratcheva
Virtual teams have been increasingly cited as an efficient and flexible novel form of organisational arrangements affected by the emergence of the... Sample PDF
Communicated Knowledge in Electronically Enabled Business Interactions
Chapter 18
Ahmed A.K. Hussein, Khaled Wahba
Over the last two years Knowledge Management has become the latest hot topic in the business world. Companies are realizing that their competitive... Sample PDF
The Readiness of IDSC to Adopt Knowledge Management
Chapter 19
Greg Timbrell, Karen J. Nelson
This qualitative study of support personnel in an Enterprise Systems Application Service Provider assesses and confirms Markus’ Theory of Knowledge... Sample PDF
Knowledge Reuse in an Application Service Provider
Chapter 20
Anabela Sarmento, João Batista, Leonor Cardoso, Mário Lousa, Rosalina Babo, Teresa Rebelo
Research projects conducted under the action research approach are expected to present a dual contribution: to solve real problems and to add some... Sample PDF
The Use of Action Research in the Improvement of Communication in a Community of Practice: The MOISIG Case
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