Legislative Based for Personal Privacy Policy Specification

Legislative Based for Personal Privacy Policy Specification

George Yee (National Research Council Canada, Canada), Larry Korba (National Research Council Canada, Canada) and Ronggong Song (National Research Council Canada, Canada)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-914-4.ch011
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The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by a proliferation of e-services, especially in the area of e-commerce (e.g., Amazon.com, eBay.com). However, consumers of these e-services are becoming more and more sensitive to the fact that they are giving up private information every time they use them. At the same time, legislative bodies in many jurisdictions have enacted legislation to protect the privacy of individuals when they need to interact with organizations. As a result, e-services can only be successful if there is adequate protection for user privacy. The use of personal privacy policies to express an individual’s privacy preferences appears best-suited to manage privacy for e-commerce. We first motivate the reader with our e-service privacy policy model that explains how personal privacy policies can be used for e-services. We then derive the minimum content of a personal privacy policy by examining some key privacy legislation selected from Canada, the European Union, and the United States.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Scott Flinn, Scott Buffett
This chapter discusses privacy from the perspective of the consumer of e-services. It proposes a technique for risk management assessment designed... Sample PDF
Exercising the Right of Privacy
Chapter 2
Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari, Patrick C.K. Hung
A Web service is a software system that supports interoperable application-to-application interactions over a network. Web services are based on a... Sample PDF
Privacy Issues in the Web Services Architecture
Chapter 3
Maria Y.L. Fung, John Paynter
The increased use of the Internet and latest information technologies such as wireless computing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by... Sample PDF
The Impact of Information Technology in Healthcare Privacy
Chapter 4
Osama Shata
This chapter introduces several aspects related to e-privacy such as needs, approaches, challenges, and models. It argues that e-privacy protection... Sample PDF
E-Services Privacy: Needs, Approaches, Challenges, Models, and Dimensions
Chapter 5
Martine C. Menard
This chapter discusses how implementing network and computer security can protect privacy of Internet users. It argues that personal identifiable... Sample PDF
Privacy Protection Through Security
Chapter 6
Ronggong Song, Larry Korba, George Yee
Pseudonym technology is attracting more and more attention and, together with privacy violations, is becoming a major issue in various e-services.... Sample PDF
Pseudonym Technology for E-Services
Chapter 7
Carlisle Adams, Katerine Barbieri
This chapter presents technological measures for privacy enforcement (techniques that can be used to ensure that an organization’s privacy promises... Sample PDF
Privacy Enforcement in E-Services Environments
Chapter 8
Ed Simon
This chapter describes how two new XML-based technologies, XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) and SAML (Security Assertion Markup... Sample PDF
Protecting Privacy Using XML, XACML, and SAML
Chapter 9
Larry Korba, Ronggong Song, George Yee
There have been a number of recent developments in architectures for privacy management. These architectures may be applied to the development of... Sample PDF
Privacy Management Architecture Privacy Technologies
Chapter 10
Michael Weis, Babak Esfandiari
In this chapter we propose a modeling framework for assessing privacy technologies. The main contribution of the framework is that it allows us to... Sample PDF
Modeling Method for Assessing Privacy Technologies
Chapter 11
George Yee, Larry Korba, Ronggong Song
The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by a proliferation of e-services, especially in the area of e-commerce (e.g., Amazon.com, eBay.com).... Sample PDF
Legislative Based for Personal Privacy Policy Specification
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