"Life in the Round" and the History of Libraries in Micronesia

"Life in the Round" and the History of Libraries in Micronesia

Nicholas J. Goetzfridt (University of Guam, Guam)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-319-7.ch012
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This chapter uses the importation of an American institution of information—“the library”—into the Pacific region of Micronesia as an example of a contextual-less, cross-cultural information transference that suggests the autonomous impact of distance education technology and protocols on indigenous and other interpretative communities. Such an impact negates the innate values of these communities as they pertain to concepts of “knowledge” and “information” derived from tenacious cultural and social values. Conflicts between indigenous values and the transferences of “the library” and subsequent information technologies are considered along with individualizing values exhibited by early Christian missionaries in Micronesia. Based upon these issues and cross-cultural tensions, the chapter appeals for the inclusion of indigenous contexts into discussions of online educational development and access to better understand and serve these communities and to provide an exemplary situation from which to recognize the importance of cultural contexts in the provision of distance educational opportunities.

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Table of Contents
Mark Stansfield
Yukiko Inoue
Chapter 1
Yukiko Inoue
The term lifelong learning (which has played an important role in policy discussions as well as in studies of the sociology and economics of... Sample PDF
Online Education for Lifelong Learning: A Silent Revolution
Chapter 2
Susan J. Wegmann, Joyce K. McCauley
This chapter examines two key factors that influence the efficacy of online learning: student and teacher interaction and rapport. These two factors... Sample PDF
Can You Hear Us Now? Stances Towards Interaction and Rapport
Chapter 3
Glenn Finger
This chapter explores ways in which new and emerging information and communication technologies (ICT) might transform the learning experience... Sample PDF
Online Learning and Lifelong Learning: Implications for Transforming Teaching and Learning
Chapter 4
P. Tokoyo Kang
This chapter presents a method for foreign language (FL) teachers to implement currently available technologies as instructional tools in a FL... Sample PDF
Technology, Lifelong Learning, and Effective Foreign Language Instruction Under the Memory Efficient Approach
Chapter 5
Candace Kaye, Erica Volkers
In higher education, the use of constructivist approaches in online learning reflects agreement with educators who stress that good teaching is both... Sample PDF
Constructivism Online: Vygotskian Applications for 21st Century Learning in Higher Education
Chapter 6
Lawrence A. Tomei
The escalating infusion of online education to promote lifelong learning has triggered a reexamination of teaching and learning not witnessed since... Sample PDF
A Theoretical Model for Designing Online Education in Support of Lifelong Learning
Chapter 7
Julia M. Matuga
This chapter illustrates theoretical issues and practical challenges to support lifelong learning, namely the development and use of self-regulation... Sample PDF
Self-Regulation and Online Learning: Theoretical Issues and Practical Challenges to Support Lifelong Learning
Chapter 8
Volkan T. Yuzer, Gulsun Kurubacak
Digital citizens have been using online synchronous communications (OSCs)-based milieus since the last decade. OSCs can provide these online... Sample PDF
Building Powerful Online Synchronous Communications: A Framework for Lifelong Learning in Distance Education
Chapter 9
Satomi Izumi-Taylor, Ann F. Lovelace
This chapter describes how early childhood teachers can support the development of young children’s love for learning through technology, and how... Sample PDF
Tech-Knowledge: How Children and Early Childhood Education Teachers Develop Knowledge Through Technology
Chapter 10
Gulsun Kurubacak
New communication technologies have the great potential to construct very powerful paradigm shifts that enhance university-community partnerships... Sample PDF
Building Online Knowledge Societies for Lifelong Learning: The Democratic University-Community Partnerships in Turkey
Chapter 11
Danilo M. Baylen, Joan Glacken
The introduction of computers and emerging technology applications has changed the learning landscape, especially in higher education. From... Sample PDF
Promoting Lifelong Learning Online: A Case Study of a Professional Development Experience
Chapter 12
Nicholas J. Goetzfridt
This chapter uses the importation of an American institution of information—“the library”—into the Pacific region of Micronesia as an example of a... Sample PDF
"Life in the Round" and the History of Libraries in Micronesia
Chapter 13
Terry T. Kidd, Holim Song
This study assessed the perceptions of adult learners in online distance learning programs regarding the instructional quality of Web-based courses... Sample PDF
A Case Study of the Adult Learner's Perception of Instructional Quality in Web-Based Online Courses
Chapter 14
Marianthi Karatza, Argiris Tzikopoulos, Niki Phillips
In this chapter, the effects of lifelong learning and online education in the role of an educator are examined. Lifelong learning and lifelong... Sample PDF
Lifelong Learning and Online Education: A New Framework for the Competence of Tomorrow's Educators
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