The Macroeconomic Benefits of Intelligent Enterprise

The Macroeconomic Benefits of Intelligent Enterprise

Thomas F. Siems (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-579-5.ch006
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New information technologies, including e-commerce and the Internet, have brought fundamental changes to 21s t century businesses by making more and better information available quickly and inexpensively. Intelligent enterprises are those firms that make the most from new information technologies and Internet business solutions to increase revenue and productivity, hold down costs, and expand markets and opportunities. In this chapter, the macroeconomic benefits that intelligent enterprises can have on the U.S. economy are explored. We find that the U.S. economy has become less volatile, with demand volatility nearly matching sales volatility, particularly in the durable goods sector. Evidence also suggests that firms are utilizing new information technologies to lower inventory levels relative to sales, leading to higher productivity growth, lower prices, and more competitive markets.

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Yutaka Kurihara , Sadayoshi Takaya , Hisashi Harui, Hiroshi Kamae
Yutaka Kurihara , Sadayoshi Takaya , Hisashi Harui, Hiroshi Kamae
Chapter 1
Sadayoshi Takaya
In this chapter, we mention that a digital divide could bring about an income divide both within a country and between countries. The more the uses... Sample PDF
The Evolution of ICT, Economic Development, and the Digitally-Divided Society
Chapter 2
Muhammed Karatas, Selahattin Bekmez
Within last decades, there were very high level of increase of information technology production. This production successfully speeds up... Sample PDF
Information Technology and Economic Development in Developing Countries
Chapter 3
Rika Nakagawa
The purpose of this paper is to investigate IT promotion policies for economic development in Malaysia and to analyze results of those policies. In... Sample PDF
IT Promotion Policies for Economic Development: The Case of Malaysia
Chapter 4
Mohamed Aslam
Since the early 1990s the government has emphasised the information and communication technology (ICT) sector as a new engine of growth and... Sample PDF
Information and Communication Technology and Economic Development in Malaysia
Chapter 5
Takeo Minaki, Ichihiro Uchida, Hiroshi Kamae
This study analyzes the impact of macroeconomic announcements on the conditional volatility of Japanese government bond (JGB) futures returns. As... Sample PDF
Macroeconomic Announcements, Asymmetric Volatility, and IT: Evidence from JGB Futures
Chapter 6
Thomas F. Siems
New information technologies, including e-commerce and the Internet, have brought fundamental changes to 21s t century businesses by making more and... Sample PDF
The Macroeconomic Benefits of Intelligent Enterprise
Chapter 7
Michael Gapen, Michael Papaioannou
This paper examines the global implications from recent reserve accumulation in Asia. Advances in information technology and closer integration of... Sample PDF
International Reserves Accumulation: Some Lessons from Asia
Chapter 8
Chollada Luangpituksa
This paper described the development of the Stock Market in Thailand since it has been established in 1975. During these thirty years the Stock... Sample PDF
IT and Thai Stock Market Development
Chapter 9
Carlos Lassala Navarré, Carla Ruiz Mafé, Silvia Sanz Blas
The objective of this chapter is to provide students and managers with a holistic view into the different factors that influence online banking... Sample PDF
Key Drivers of Internet Banking Adoption: The Case of Spanish Internet Users
Chapter 10
Ing-wei Huang, Songsak Vanichviroon
As the trend of ICT development is gaining larger influence over countries’ development and growth, e-commerce plays an important role in enhancing... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Contribution to Economic Growth: The Case of Thailand
Chapter 11
Yuko Iwasaki
Vietnam has been advancing toward s market economy since 1986. Industrialization has progressed with a high rate of growth. One of the factors of... Sample PDF
IT and Software Industry in Vietnam
Chapter 12
Utz Dornberger, Luis E. Bernal Vera, Alejandro Sosa Noreña
This chapter discusses the relationship between the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and transaction costs within micro... Sample PDF
The Influence of New Information and Communication Technologies on Transaction Costs of Micro-, Small- and, Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chapter 13
Phillip Ein Dor, Michael Myers, K. S. Raman
It is generally accepted that knowledge has become a third major factor of production, in addition to the traditional factors—labor and capital.... Sample PDF
Information Technology Industry Development and the Knowledge Economy: A Four Country Study
Chapter 14
Zhao Meng, Zheng Fahong, Lu Lei
The development of science and technology enhance the economic increase. But it also takes many environment problems. In China, as a developing... Sample PDF
Information Technology and Environment
Chapter 15
Jayanth Paraki
Life educates and education is life is correct in general, but, when a formal system of education is organized, society selects from all those... Sample PDF
International Institute for Knowledge Management
Chapter 16
Jian-Xiong Liu, Zheng-Ming Xiao, Cha-Biao You, Yu-Fei Wu
With the constant development and constant completion of function, and its fast popularization in the world, the impact of computer technology on... Sample PDF
Application of Computer Technology in Mechanical Industry of China
Chapter 17
Princely Ifinedo
As information communication and technologies (ICT-) enabled services such as e-government initiatives diffuse globally, it is becoming clear that... Sample PDF
A Study of the Relationships between Economic Climates, National Culture, and E-Government Readiness: A Global Perspective
Chapter 18
Mustafa Zihni Tunca, Isa Ipcioglu
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) become ever more prevalent in last decade. ICTs profoundly affect both global and national... Sample PDF
Society and World Wide Web in Developing Countries: The Case of Turkey
Chapter 19
Biju Issac, Jasmine Mering, Raymond Chiong, Seibu Mary Jacob, Patrick Then
The rapid growth of technological advances in recent years has opened a completely new dimension to the progresses in education and training. The... Sample PDF
E-Learning Implementation and Its Diverse Effect
Chapter 20
Akiko Nishio
This paper discusses the importance of increasing the number of women who are active in science-related fields, especially in science and... Sample PDF
The Significance of the Existence of Women's Colleges and Their Entry into Science-Related Fields
Chapter 21
Kennedy D. Gunawardana
This chapter discusses the potential challenges and Benefits of Information Technology and Economic Development in Sri Lanka by reviewing the... Sample PDF
Potential Challenges and Benefits of Information Technology and Economic Development in Sri Lanka
Chapter 22
Rasool Azari, James Pick
This chapter examines the influence of socio-economic factors on the employment, payroll, and number of enterprises of three technology sectors for... Sample PDF
Socio Economic Influence on Information Technology: The Case of California
Chapter 23
Sachiko Kishino, Frederic Andres
Over recent years, the circumstances surrounding regional cultural assets have been significantly changed. A series of IT promotion projects... Sample PDF
Strategies for Cultural Economic Development in Kamakura: Managing Digital Contents and Cultural Assets
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