Managerial Image, Social Capital, and Risk in a Czech Engineering Enterprise

Managerial Image, Social Capital, and Risk in a Czech Engineering Enterprise

Ben Passmore (University System of Maryland, USA)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-564-1.ch015
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High tech Czech enterprises have faced a transformation, which is shared with similar enterprises throughout the developed world. The value of manufacturing has declined while the value of highly skilled and educated workers has grown. This has placed new demands on workers and managers. Previous research indicates that Czechs harbor considerable doubt about the honesty of their political and economic system. One response to this perceived dishonesty has been disengagement from their work and public life. This behavior has proven problematic for the managers who have aggressively pursued strategies to control perception of risk, create trust, and build engagement in work. Based on ethnographic fieldwork at a Brno engineering firm, this chapter will analyze these strategies and their results, and suggest how the understandings developed in this case might be more broadly applied.

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Dariusz Jemielniak, Jerzy Kociatkiewicz
Dariusz Jemielniak, Jerzy Kociatkiewicz
Chapter 1
Vidar Hepsø
This chapter follows subsea engineering coordinators (SEC) at Statoil, a major Norwegian oil company, and their collaboration with subsea... Sample PDF
"Boundary-Spanning" Practices and Paradoxes Related to Trust Among People and Machines in a High-Tech Oil and Gas Environment
Chapter 2
Ester Barinaga
The discourse on the information society is characterised by a democratic ideal of “general access.” In this chapter, we follow the transformation... Sample PDF
The Information Society: A Global Discourse and its Local Translation into Regional Organizational Practices
Chapter 3
Jasmine Folz
Based on qualitative interviews with Seattle area high-tech workers, this chapter explores their positioning within and reaction to globalization... Sample PDF
High-Tech Workers, Management Strategy, and Globalization
Chapter 4
Kathryn J. Hayes, J. Anneke Fitzgerald
Commercialization activities combining the discoveries of one occupational group, such as scientists, with the commercial skills of managers involve... Sample PDF
Language Norms and Debate in Triple Helix Organizations
Chapter 5
Marc Steen
One challenge within the high-tech sector is to develop products that end users will actually need and will be able to use. One way of trying to... Sample PDF
High-Tech Meets End-User
Chapter 6
Agnieszka Postula
This chapter gives the opportunity to describe and analyze how IT specialists construct their professional reality and how they perform their roles.... Sample PDF
Professional Dimension of IT Specialists' Social Role
Chapter 7
Aruna Ranganathan, Sarosh Kuruvilla
In this chapter, we explore the problem of high turnover in the high-tech BPO sector in India, where relatively well-educated employees are... Sample PDF
Employee Turnover in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry in India
Chapter 8
Pauline Gleadle
We use a lens of organizational time and timings in a recent historical study of high-tech engineers in one leading U.S. firm, Techco. Our aim is to... Sample PDF
Old and New Timings in a High-Tech Firm
Chapter 9
Dominika Latusek
This chapter discusses current developments in the theory of trust and distrust drawing upon a field study between solution providers and their... Sample PDF
Trustworthiness as an Impression
Chapter 10
Marie-Josée Legault
This chapter proposes a new hypothesis to the refusal to cooperate from qualified professionals and supports it with five arguments drawn from the... Sample PDF
Social Relations and Knowledge Management Theory and Practice
Chapter 11
Marisa D’Mello
The increased transnationalisation of work and production has re-shaped international business environments, forms of work, organizational... Sample PDF
"We Make Magic Here": Exploring Social and Cultural Practices Within a Global Software Organization in India
Chapter 12
Erik Piñeiro, Peter Case
Management has historically sought to restrict the options for manual workers to rebel by simplifying and limiting their jobs according to... Sample PDF
Outsourcing in High-Tech Corporations: Voices of Dissent, Resistance, and Complicity in a Computer Programming Community
Chapter 13
José-Rodrigo Córdoba, Wendy Robson
In this chapter, we widen the perspective on power as an issue in the practice of information systems (IS) evaluation. Power is frequently seen as a... Sample PDF
Power and Ethics in IS Evaluation
Chapter 14
Rajneesh Chowdhury, Alan Nobbs
This chapter discusses a systems methodology called strategic assumption surfacing and testing (SAST) that was used to understand the design and... Sample PDF
Critical Insights into NHS Information Systems Deployment
Chapter 15
Ben Passmore
High tech Czech enterprises have faced a transformation, which is shared with similar enterprises throughout the developed world. The value of... Sample PDF
Managerial Image, Social Capital, and Risk in a Czech Engineering Enterprise
Chapter 16
Elisabeth K. Kelan
With the changes in the new economy, careers are said to be in flux. Although employees were for a long time at the mercy of organizations to make a... Sample PDF
Self-Entrepreneurial Careers: Current Management Practices in Swiss ICT Work
Chapter 17
James J. Keenan
This chapter employs social construction, communication, and leadership perspectives as framing for a retrospective analysis of the construction and... Sample PDF
Reflections on Organizing and Managing in Self-Managed Knowledge-Work Teams: A Constructionist Turn
Chapter 18
Maria Aggestam
In recent years, business practice has shown an interest in virtuality and virtual organizations as one of the responses to global-organizational... Sample PDF
The Entrepreneurial Constitution of High-Tech Work Environments
Chapter 19
Identifying Flexibilities  (pages 330-350)
Marja-Liisa Trux
This chapter takes you to a data security workplace in Finland. It presents reflections on the tensions of managing selves and others, as... Sample PDF
Identifying Flexibilities
Chapter 20
Chris Russell
This chapter introduces the pattern of bargains with the devil as a means of examining the adoption and use of mobile information artefacts. It... Sample PDF
Disciplining Innovation? Mobile Information Artefacts in a Telco Innovation Center
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