Managing Enterprise Architecture Change

Managing Enterprise Architecture Change

T. O’Neill (University of Technology Sydney, Australia), M. Denford (University of Technology Sydney, Australia), J. Leaney (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) and K. Dunsire (Avolution Pty., Australia)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 14
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-189-6.ch011
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Enterprise architecture (EA) is the recognised place where the engineering practice of systems architecture meets real-world enterprise needs. The enterprise computer-based systems employed by organisations today can be extremely complex. These systems are essential for undertaking business and general operations in the modern environment, and yet the ability of organisations to control their evolution is questionable. The emerging practice of enterprise architecture seeks to control that complexity through the use of a holistic and top-down perspective. However, the methodologies and toolsets already in use are very much bottom-up by nature. An architecture-based approach is herein proposed; one that has at its base a complete and formal architectural description (or model). This allows enterprise architects, strategists, and designers to confidently model, predict, and control the emergent properties of their respective systems from an architectural point of view. The authors conclude that by using an approach founded upon an architectural model to analyse software and enterprise systems, architects can guide the design and evolution of architectures based on quantifiable nonfunctional requirements. Furthermore, hierarchical 3D visualisation provides a meaningful and intuitive means for conceiving and communicating complex architectures.

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Table of Contents
John A. Zachman, Scott Bernard
Pallab Saha
Pallab Saha
Chapter 1
P Saha
The federal enterprise architecture framework (FEAF) is perhaps the most adopted EA framework, especially within the U.S. Government agencies.... Sample PDF
A Synergistic Assessment of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework against GERAM (ISO15704:2000)
Chapter 2
P. Robinson, F. Gout
As consultant-educators, the authors created the extreme architecture framework (XAF) in order to quickly grasp an understanding of an... Sample PDF
Extreme Architecture Framework: A Minimalist Framework for Modern Times
Chapter 3
O. Noran
Often, in an enterprise engineering (EE) project, it is quite difficult to figure out what exactly needs to be done due to the rather generic (and... Sample PDF
Discovering and Modelling Enterprise Engineering Project Processes
Chapter 4
T. Kim, S. Lee, J. Lee, K. Kim
Virtual enterprise (VE) has become a prime candidate to survive under the increasingly turbulent and competitive business environment. In order to... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture Framework for Agile and Interoperable Virtual Enterprises
Chapter 5
S. Ring
This chapter describes the activity-based methodology (ABM), an efficient and effective approach to-ward development and analysis of DoD integrated... Sample PDF
Activity-Based Methodology for Development and Analysis of Integrated DoD Architectures
Chapter 6
J. Barjis, I. Barjis
For a successful study, design and development of the enterprise architecture, a thorough insight into the essence of the work and operation of an... Sample PDF
Business Process Modeling as a Blueprint for Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 7
T. Pheng
The Singapore government enterprise architecture is a blueprint that will provide a holistic view of business functions, supporting data standards... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture in the Singapore Government
Chapter 8
S. Thornton
The objective of this chapter is to educate chief information officers (CIO), information technology (IT) managers, and IT architects on the role of... Sample PDF
Understanding and Communicating with Enterprise Architecture Users
Chapter 9
G. Verley
Stakeholder engagement is critical to applying enterprise architecture (EA) principles and methodologies in order to achieve value from information... Sample PDF
Improving Stakeholder Communications and IT Engagement: A Case Study Perspective
Chapter 10
R. Kenett, S. Lombardo
Implementation of IT enterprise systems triggers an inevitable organizational change. Managing an IT driven change requires a holistic approach to... Sample PDF
The Role of Change Management in IT Systems Implementation
Chapter 11
T. O’Neill, M. Denford, J. Leaney, K. Dunsire
Enterprise architecture (EA) is the recognised place where the engineering practice of systems architecture meets real-world enterprise needs. The... Sample PDF
Managing Enterprise Architecture Change
Chapter 12
C. Lawrence
Enterprise architecture (EA) has primarily a business focus, but it involves the kind of systems thinking typically associated with information... Sample PDF
Architecture-Driven Business Transformation
Chapter 13
N. Wognum, F. Ip-Shing
Enterprise systems hold a large promise for organisations to enhance their strategic position. However, adoption and implementation of enterprise... Sample PDF
Maturity of IT-Business Alignment: An Assessment Tool
Chapter 14
F. Armour, C. Emery, J. Houk, S. Kaisler, J. Kirk
The enterprise architecture provides benefits to the organization that embraces it. However, in many organizations, the enterprise architecture... Sample PDF
The Integrated Enterprise Life Cycle: Enterprise Architecture, Investment Management, and System Development
Chapter 15
S. Ghosh
This chapter describes the DoD (Department of Defense) policy goal toward Net centric transformation as an example of enterprise architecture in... Sample PDF
Promoting Netcentricity through the Use of Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 16
R. Mahapatra, S. Perumal
E-governance in India is different from those in developed countries due to the peculiarities in administrative structure, geo-political and... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture as an Enabler for E-Governance: An Indian Perspective
Chapter 17
N. Brehm, D. Lübke, J. Gómez
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems consist of many software components, which provide specific functionality. As ERP systems become more... Sample PDF
Federated Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Chapter 18
B. Iyer, D. Dreyfus, P. Gyllstrom
Traditional notions of architecture have focused on the components and (or domains of interest—process, data, and infrastructure) aspects of... Sample PDF
A Network-Based View of Enterprise Architecture
Chapter 19
R. Sliva
This chapter provides specific guidance for enterprise architects who are part of a small team in a federated organization. Architects in that... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture by a Small Unit in a Federated Organization
Chapter 20
P. Hungerford
We share the experiences of an enterprise architecture (EA) practice within a young global company, Syngenta. We will see how EA within the company... Sample PDF
The Syngenta Architecture Story
Chapter 21
J. Mo
This chapter describes the key elements in the application of GERAM to the analysis of the virtual enterprise of a ship maintenance consortium, the... Sample PDF
The Use of GERAM for Design of a Virtual Enterprise for a Ship Maintenance Consortium
Chapter 22
M. Spadoni, A. Abdmouleh
The purpose of this chapter is to present our contribution in business process modeling within the CAS (CIMOSA Application Server) project. In this... Sample PDF
Information Systems Architecture for Business Process Modeling
Chapter 23
S. Dowell
In his best selling book The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman proclaims “We are entering a phase where we are going to see the digitization... Sample PDF
Enterprise Architecture within the Service-Oriented Enterprise
Chapter 24
Z. Wheeler
As a result of Hurricane Katrina, the destruction of property, assets, documentation, and human life in the Gulf Port has introduced a myriad of... Sample PDF
A Fundamental SOA Approach to Rebuilding Enterprise Architecture for a Local Government after a Disaster
Chapter 25
D. Ferreira
This chapter describes how the latest advances in Web services technology are paving the way toward dynamic B2B integration. It begins by... Sample PDF
Business Networking with Web Services: Supporting the Full Life Cycle of Business Collaborations
Chapter 26
D. Ma
Integrating business processes across disparate systems of partner organizations is known to be one of the biggest challenges facing enterprise... Sample PDF
Enterprise Integration Architecture for Harmonized Messaging
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