Mobile Strategy Roadmap

Mobile Strategy Roadmap

Francesco Falcone (Digital Business, Italy) and Marco Garito (Digital Business, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-817-8.ch032
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Convergence between business environment and technology solutions is a today challenge: is it possible to identify and adapt traditional business analysis tools into IT infrastructure and viceversa ? Mobile business has already dramatically changed our way of life: to get the most of it, it is necessary to understand how and when to take the next step in order to achieve the best possible results. After a short description of the current and available Mobile technologies, the chapter tackles the solutions that some companies have already implemented, enabling thus customers and stakeholder to efficiently and effectively cooperate: yes, because the bog news in mobile business is that such a technology makes business process and communications (either internal and external) visible. It is a true “one stop shop” where people are really always connected. It is now possible to create a framework where business environment and mobile solutions get together, enabling the development of a roadmap (or a mindset if you prefer so) that can be used to create new services. Enjoy the reading!

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Table of Contents
Elaine Lawrence
Bhuvan Unhelkar
Bhuvan Unhelkar
Chapter 1
Amrish Vyas, Victoria Yoon
Recent rise in the level of comfort and demand to access various types of information using mobile devices can be attributed to the advancements in... Sample PDF
Information Management in Mobile Environments Using a Location-Aware Intelligent Agent System
Chapter 2
Ramaprasad Unni, Robert Harmon
Location-based services are expected to play an integral role in the mobile-commerce domain. Mobile network operators and service providers have the... Sample PDF
Location-Based Services: Opportunities and Challenges
Chapter 3
Israel Martin-Escalona, Francisco Barcelo
This chapter presents the main features entailed in providing location services in cellular networks. It begins by describing some of the most... Sample PDF
Location Services in Cellular Networks
Chapter 4
Matthias Brantner, Sven Helmer, Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte
A user of a mobile business application is usually not interested in technical data, but its meaning (which may also vary from user to user). We... Sample PDF
Ontologies for Location-Based Services
Chapter 5
Henrique M.G. Martins, Matthew R. Jones
Mobile information and communication technologies (MICTs) are widely promoted as increasing the efficiency of work practices in many business... Sample PDF
Relevance of Mobile Computing in the Field of Medicine
Chapter 6
Carolyn McGregor
This chapter reviews current research directions in healthcare mobility and assesses its impact on the provision of remote intensive care unit (ICU)... Sample PDF
Mobility in Healthcare for Remote Intensive Care Unit Clinical Management
Chapter 7
Sandra Synthia Lazarus
This chapter reports on a study to research and evaluate the use of latest generation wireless devices—typically personal digital assistant devices... Sample PDF
The Evaluation of Wireless Devices Used by Staff at Westmead Hospital, Sydney
Chapter 8
Samir El-Masri
This chapter is an application of Mobile Web Services into the health sector and specifically to the emergency system where the communication... Sample PDF
Mobile Comprehensive Emergency System
Chapter 9
Ketan Vanjara
This chapter explores various advancements in mobile devices and corresponding software applications that enhance diagnostics and administration in... Sample PDF
Application of Mobile Technologies in Healthcare Diagnostics and Administration
Chapter 10
R. C. Joshi, Manoj Misra, Narottam Chand
Caching at the mobile client is a potential technique that can reduce the number of uplink requests, lighten the server load, shorten the query... Sample PDF
Energy-Efficient Cache Invalidation in Wireless Mobile Environment
Chapter 11
R. K. Bhattar
The concept of wireless communication i.e. exchange of any type of electronic content (audio, video, data, etc.) without the use of any physical... Sample PDF
Review of Wireless Technologies and Generations
Chapter 12
S. Mishra
A variety of digital modulation techniques are currently being used in wireless communication systems. In 3G (third generation) spread-spectrum... Sample PDF
Orthogonal Complex Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (OCQPSK) Spreading for 3G W-CDMA Systems
Chapter 13
S. Mishra
The large-scale statistics of an improved cell search design (improved CSD) using cyclic codes is compared with the 3GPP cell search design using... Sample PDF
Code and Time Synchronization of the Cell Search Design Influence on W-CDMA Systems
Chapter 14
Priyatamkumar, R. M. Banakar, B. Shankaranand
Turbo codes exhibit excellent performance gains. Turbo equalization is an iterative equalization and decoding technique. It can achieve equally... Sample PDF
Turbo Equalizer: A Solution to 4G Mobiles
Chapter 15
F. Barier
Software components embedded in mobile and wireless devices, as ordinary components deployed in distributed systems, have to be managed in order to... Sample PDF
Administration of Wireless Software Components
Chapter 16
J. Goh
Mobile user data mining is the process of extracting interesting knowledge from data collected from mobile users through various data mining... Sample PDF
Mobile User Data Mining and Its Applications
Chapter 17
T. Leary
Mobile users desire customized bundles of services that need to be dynamically created from the service providers. However, services are unique and... Sample PDF
Dynamic Matching o0f Supply and Demand in an M-Commerce Services Marketplace: Using Intelligent Agents and Semantic Technology
Chapter 18
C. C. Yang, F. L. Wang
In this information-centric age, an organization needs to access the most update and accurate information for fast decision making. Mobile access to... Sample PDF
Information Delivery for Mobile Business: Architecture for Accessing Large Documents through Mobile Devices
Chapter 19
N. Marsit
The technological evolution of networks together with the development of positioning systems has contributed to the emergence of numerous... Sample PDF
Database Queries in Mobile Environments
Chapter 20
A. Kuppuswami
Wide area network (WAN) offers advantages like providing myriad services available on globally diversified computers with reasonably simple process.... Sample PDF
A Nueral Network-Based Mobile Architecture for Mobile Agents
Chapter 21
S. Das
This chapter develops the concept of load balancing that plays a key role in providing various advanced application in cellular mobile environment.... Sample PDF
Load Balancing as a Key to Enable Different Services in Cellular Network
Chapter 22
S. Shanmugavel, C. Gomathy
As mobile computing gains popularity, the need for ad hoc routing also continues to grow. In mobile ad hoc networks, the mobility of nodes and error... Sample PDF
A Novel Fuzzy Scheduler for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Chapter 23
Khaled Shuaib, Mohamed Boulmalf
Recently applications and technologies utilizing the free industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) band have grown exponentially. Mainly there are... Sample PDF
Co-Existence of WLAN and WPAN Communication Systems
Chapter 24
Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, Manzur Murshed
Limitation of wireless resources is the main obstacle for meeting the widespread demands in the cellular network technology. The crisis of resources... Sample PDF
Mobility Support Resource Management for Mobile Networks
Chapter 25
Sheng-Uei Guan
M-commerce, a new way to conduct business, is gaining more and more popularity due to the wide use of the Internet. Despite its rapid growth, there... Sample PDF
Secure Agent Roaming for Mobile Business
Chapter 26
Fred Claret-Tournier, Pouwan Lei, Chris Chatwin, Rupert Young
This chapter introduces a secure online track-and-trace system for tackling counterfeiting. According to the Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau... Sample PDF
Tackling Counterfeiting with a Secure Online Track-and-Trace System
Chapter 27
Sashi Nand
The issue of security is paramount for the success of mobile business. Although the state of wirelessness offers portability, and therefore... Sample PDF
Developing a Theory of Portable Public Key Infrastructure (PORTABLEPKI) for Mobile Business Security
Chapter 28
Wen-Chen Hu, Tom Wiiggen, Hung-Jen Yang
The emergence of wireless and mobile networks has made possible the introduction of electronic commerce to a new application and research subject... Sample PDF
Systems, Handheld Devices, and Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 29
Achraf Ayadi, Chantal Ammi
The convergence of the Internet and mobile networks has created new opportunities and applications. Considering mobile business only as an extension... Sample PDF
Strategic Perspectives in Mobile Banking: Technology, Value Creation, and Developing Factors
Chapter 30
Amol Patel
This chapter discusses the opportunities and challenges of mobile commerce in emerging economies. It analyses the profound impact of a mobile device... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce in Emerging Economics
Chapter 31
Mahesh S. Raisinghani
This chapter discusses the use of mobile, handheld computer devices that are connected wirelessly to a network for business and personal use across... Sample PDF
M-Business: A Global Perspective
Chapter 32
Mobile Strategy Roadmap  (pages 444-462)
Francesco Falcone, Marco Garito
Convergence between business environment and technology solutions is a today challenge: is it possible to identify and adapt traditional business... Sample PDF
Mobile Strategy Roadmap
Chapter 33
Nina Godbole
In today’s digital economy and the extended enterprise paradigm, mobility is on the rise. It is important to perceive mobility as an opportunity... Sample PDF
Relating Mobile Computing to Mobile Commerce
Chapter 34
Xiao Chen, Wei Liu
This chapter deals with the future of mobile technologies and applications in China. The effect of emerging technologies, especially mobile... Sample PDF
The Future of Mobile Technologies and Applications in China
Chapter 35
Jason Gan
This chapter examines the convergence of mobile technologies based on smart client architecture. To improve the usability and accessibility of... Sample PDF
Developing Smart Client Mobile Applications
Chapter 36
Sheng-Uei Guan
The proposed OntoQuery system in the m-commerce agent framework investigates new methodologies for efficient query formation for product databases.... Sample PDF
Ontology-Based Informatin Retrieval Under a Mobile Business Environment
Chapter 37
Sheng-Uei Guan
Agent-based system has great potential in the area of m-commerce and a lot of research has been done on making the system intelligent enough to... Sample PDF
Intelligent Product Brokering Services
Chapter 38
Samir El-Masri
Web services (WS) have become the industry standard tools for communication between applications running on different platforms, and built using... Sample PDF
Understanding Mobile Web Services (MWS) and Their Role in Integrating Mobile Devices
Chapter 39
Jon Tong-Seng Quah, Chye-Huang Leow
Push technology is a kind of technology that automates the information delivery process without requiring users to request the information that they... Sample PDF
Push-Multicasting to Wireless Devices Using Publish/Subscribe Model
Chapter 40
Ioakim (Makis) Marmaridis
Organisation worldwide come to realise that in the ever changing business world, survival and success is closely linked to adopting information and... Sample PDF
A Methodology for M-Transformation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and its Application in Practice Using CBEADS
Chapter 41
Business Process Mobility  (pages 583-601)
Harpreet Alag
This chapter introduces the concept of business process mobility. Mobility in this case refers to the ability of a human resource to work from... Sample PDF
Business Process Mobility
Chapter 42
Abbass Ghanbary
Emerging mobile technologies have changed the way we conduct business. This is because communication, more than anything else, has become extremely... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Mobile Technologies in the Context of Their Applications, Limitations, and Transformation
Chapter 43
S. Rajeev, S. N. Sivanandam, K. V. Sreenaath
Mobile computing is associated with mobility of hardware, data and software in computer applications. With growing mobile users, dynamicity in... Sample PDF
Policy-Based Mobile Computing
Chapter 44
Maria Ruey-Yuan Lee, Yi-chen Lan, Hsiang-ju Su
The growing popularity of the mobile phone and the diverse functionality of mobile services have forced mobile service providers to enter into a... Sample PDF
Investigation of Consumer Behavior in Using Mobile Payment Services - A Case Study of Mobile Recreational Services in Taiwan
Chapter 45
Chean Lee
This chapter provides an introduction of using Mobile CRM to reach, acquire, convert and retain consumers. Firstly, a definition of the term CRM is... Sample PDF
Mobile CRM: Reaching, Acquiring, and Retaining Mobility Consumers
Chapter 46
Anne-Marie Ranft
This chapter addresses important factors for consideration when readying a mobile commerce business for global business, addressing both regional... Sample PDF
Factors Influencing Segmentation and Demographics of Mobile-Customers
Chapter 47
Christopher Abood
This chapter discusses the growing inappropriate use of mobile camera phones within our society. There are two areas of concern that are dealt... Sample PDF
Mobile Camera Phones - Dealing with Privacy, Harrassment, and Spying/Surveillance Concerns
Chapter 48
Andrew P. Ciganek, K. Ramamurthy
The purpose of this chapter is to explore and suggest how perceptions of the social context of an organization moderate the usage of an innovative... Sample PDF
Social Context for Mobile Computing Device Adoption and Diffusion: A Proposed Research Model and Key Research Ideas
Chapter 49
Ritanjan Das, Jia Jia Wang, Pouwan Lei
With high optimism, the third generation mobile communication technologies were launched and adopted by telecommunication giants in different parts... Sample PDF
A Socio-Cultural Analysis of the Present and the Future of the M-Commerce Industry
Chapter 50
Heikki Karjaluoto, Matti Leppaniemi, Jari Salo, Jaakko Sinisalo, Feng Li
This chapter discusses the mobile network as a new medium for marketing communications. It illustrates that the mobile medium, defined as two-way... Sample PDF
The Mobile Network as a New Medium for Marketing Communicaitons: A Case Study
Chapter 51
Joseph. Barjis
This chapter provides an introduction, review and study of mobile businesses with emphasis on its supporting mobile technologies and wireless... Sample PDF
Overview and Understanding of Mobile Business in the Age of Communication
Chapter 52
Keyurkumar J. Patel
Wireless Technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. Of the many present challenges highlighted by the author, increased security is one of the main... Sample PDF
Successful Implementation of Emerging Communication Technologies in a Mobile-Intense Organization: A Case Study of Sydney Airport
Chapter 53
D. C. Wyld
This chapter examines the adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the commercial aviation industry, focusing on the role of... Sample PDF
The Next Big RFID Application: Correctly Steering Two Billion Bags a Year Through Today's Less-Than-Friendly Skies
Chapter 54
Torsten Brodt
Due to a significant cost advantage, mobile multicasting technology bears the potential to achieve extensive diffusion of mobile rich media... Sample PDF
Identified Customer Requirements in Mobile Video Markets - A Pan-European Case
Chapter 55
Bradley Johnstone, Khimji Vaghjiani
There have been significant advances in mobile technologies in recent years. The euphoric technology void left by the dot-com crash in early 2000... Sample PDF
Applying Mobility in the Workforce
Chapter 56
Dinesh Arunatileka
This chapter discusses the impact of mobile technologies on service delivery processes in a banking environment. Advances in mobile technologies... Sample PDF
Applying Mobile Technologies to Banking Business Processes
Chapter 57
Pramod Sharma, Devon Nugent
This chapter focuses on Mobile GIS (MGIS), which uses wireless networks and small screen mobile devices (such as PDAs and smartphones) to collect or... Sample PDF
Mobile GIS - Challenges and Solutions
Chapter 58
Pramod Sharma, Devon Nugent
This chapter examines the potential of mobile technologies for the tourism industry. Mobile technologies have the capacity to address not only the... Sample PDF
Mobile Technologies and Tourism
Chapter 59
N. Raghavendra Rao
Information and telecommunication technologies are the major stimulus for changes in trade and commerce. Recent convergence of the above... Sample PDF
Mobile Computing - An Enabler in International Financial Services
Chapter 60
Paul Hawking, Gina Reyes, Stephen Paull
Companies are investigating how they can extend existing business process through the implementation of mobile computing solutions. Deloitte has... Sample PDF
Mobile Computing: An Australian Case Study
Chapter 61
Joanne Marie Curry
In an ongoing bid to provide high quality local government services, Penrith City Council partnered with the University of Western Sydney to derive... Sample PDF
Introducing Mobile Technology into an Australian City Council: Experience and Lessons Learned
Chapter 62
Richard Schilhavy, A. F. Salam
This chapter explores how a mobile tracking technology is able to further streamline the integrated supply chain. Previous technologies which have... Sample PDF
Emerging Mobile Technology and Supply Chain Integration: Using RFID to Streamline the Integrated Supply Chain
Chapter 63
Walter Hurster, Hartmut Feuchtmuller, Thomas Fischer
Globalization and expanding markets has invariably led to increasingly higher loads of goods traffic. This has resulted, amongst other things, in... Sample PDF
Mobile Batch Tracking - A Breakthrough in Supply Chain Management
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