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Pongsak Hoontrakul (Sasin of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) and Sunil Sahadev (University of Sheffield, UK)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-831-4.ch018
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The case study showcases ‘’ an e-intermediary in the tourism industry. Based out of Thailand, the firm is in the process of finding a niche for itself through innovative online and offline marketing strategies with the constraint of limited resources. The case study attempts to focus on the e-business challenges in the travel and tourism sector especially in a developing country like Thailand. It specifically highlights the clash between the traditional and modern form of intermediaries in the travel and tourism sector and how it is bound to evolve in the future. A comparison between different approaches to search engine marketing offers an interesting perspective to the literature pertaining to on line e-commerce. An economic view on the case is also presented.

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In Lee
Chapter 1
Wonyoung Lee, Praveen Aggarwal, Hyonkil Shin, Taihoon Cha, Seunghan Kim
The decreasing cost of IT has encouraged organizations to seek new ways of cooperating with members of the supply chain and other key strategic... Sample PDF
Markets, Hierarchies, and the Evolving Nature of Interorganizational Cooperation
Chapter 2
Francesca Andreescu
Despite the significant progress made by research into e-business models, the issue of how public sector organisations can successfully make the... Sample PDF
Implementing E-Business Models in the Public Services: Challenges, Constraints, and Successful Elements
Chapter 3
Yuan-Chu Hwang, Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Most of existing mobile services were designed based on the client/server architecture. Those mobile services neither paid much attention to mobile... Sample PDF
Ambient E-Service: Applications and Embracing Model
Chapter 4
Fan-Chen Tseng, Ching-I Teng, David Chiang
Network effect indicates that the value of connecting to a network is positively associated with the current number of customers connected to that... Sample PDF
Superior Customer Value and Network size in Markets Characterized by Network effects
Chapter 5
Youlong Zhuang, Albert Lederer
Pure Play and Bricks-and-Clicks represent today’s two major retailing models. The current study answers four questions comparing the two models in... Sample PDF
Pure Play vs. Bricks-and-Clicks: A Study of Their Benefits and Practices
Chapter 6
Mark Xu, Ravni Rohatgi, Yanqing Duan
The rapid rise of e-business has brought profound impact on, as well as significant challenges to, businesses of all sizes. The lack of anticipated... Sample PDF
Engaging SMEs In E-business: Insights From An Empirical Study
Chapter 7
Peter Raven, Xiaoqing Huang, Ben Kim
The Internet has changed the way many companies do business, but has also tended to increase the disparity between firms in developed countries and... Sample PDF
China and India: E-business in the Developing World
Chapter 8
Carol Pollard, Amanda Diggles
This research explores interorganisational collaboration in business-to-business e-commerce, and the factors that influence its development in a... Sample PDF
The Role of Trust in Businessto- Business E-Commerce Collaboration in a Unique Environment in Australia
Chapter 9
Ranjit Bose, Vijayan Sugumaran
There are a multitude of benefits and challenges that can be derived from the convergence of two major current technologies: (a) Web services (WS) –... Sample PDF
Incorporating Web services Into E-business Systems: An SME Perspective
Chapter 10
Iain Morrison, Bryn Lewis, Sony Nugrahanto
The aim of increasing the quality of healthcare has led to the development of a number of ‘guideline’ systems whereby clinicians receive assistance... Sample PDF
Modelling in Clinical Practice with Web Services and BPEL
Chapter 11
Jan-Hendrik Sewing, Michael Rosemann
Though web services offer unique opportunities for the design of new business processes, the assessment of the potential impact of Web services on... Sample PDF
Assessing the Potential Impact of Web Services on Business Processes
Chapter 12
Florian Daniel
The Web service domain is a fast growing and fast changing environment. From a business perspective, the trend over the last few years in the Web... Sample PDF
Web Service Orchestration and Choreography: Enabling Business Processes on the Web
Chapter 13
Arun Kumar, Vikas Agarwal
Distributed Systems of today have evolved from tightly coupled architectures such as CORBA and DCOM to loosely coupled service-oriented... Sample PDF
Metering and Accounting for Service-oriented Computing?
Chapter 14
Wen-Jang Jih, Su-Fang Lee, Yuan-Cheng Tsai
This study addresses the effect of e-customer relationship management (e-CRM) practices on online customers’ satisfaction with their experience in... Sample PDF
Effects of Web-based Customer relationship management on Customer Satisfaction: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis
Chapter 15
Anol Bhattacherjee
This study outlines three trust-building processes (relational, calculative, and institutional) that shape individual trust in online firms and... Sample PDF
The Formation of Online Trust
Chapter 16
Fahim Akhter, Wendy Hui
E-commerce can enhance its acceptance among users through fostering online trust, which is vital for decision-making process. The perception and... Sample PDF
The Influence of Familiarity and Security on Decision Making Processes in E-Commerce: The Role of User Experience
Chapter 17
Nongkran Lertpittayapoom, Souren Paul
Following the emergence of the Internet, electronic negotiation has become an alternative to face-to-face negotiation. The rise of websites such as... Sample PDF
The Roles of Online Intermediaries in Collective Memory-Supported Electronic Negotiation
Chapter 18
Pongsak Hoontrakul, Sunil Sahadev
The case study showcases ‘’ an e-intermediary in the tourism industry. Based out of Thailand, the firm is in the process of finding... Sample PDF – Online Travel Intermediary
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