MusicStory: An Autonomous, Personalized Music Video Creator

MusicStory: An Autonomous, Personalized Music Video Creator

David A. Shamma (Yahoo! Research Berkeley, USA), John Woodruff (Ohio State University, USA) and Bryan Pardo (Northwestern University, USA)
Copyright: © 2008 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-663-1.ch013
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This chapter covers some of the challenges in storytelling with music. We describe the MusicStory system which creates music videos from personal media (audio and image) collections. Using a song’s lyrics, MusicStory finds and presents word/image associations. It takes the emotional experience of listening to music, amplifies it and heightens its visceral appeal by externalizing concrete and visual imagery intrinsic in the music. The retrieved images vary in their association - some semantically on point and some distant. The flow of imagery moves with the pace of the song: providing quick transitions through fast songs, and leisurely transitions through slower songs. In addition, MusicStory uses vocal segmentation to direct the video and alter how images are displayed. We discuss the creative and technical challenges in this work as well as how it was deployed in several fashions.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Nicola Orio
Indexing is the core component of most information retrieval systems, because it allows for a compact representation of the content of a collection... Sample PDF
Content-Based Indexing of Symbolic Music Documents
Chapter 2
George Tzanetakis
Marsyas, is an open source audio processing framework with specific emphasis on building Music Information Retrieval systems. It has been been under... Sample PDF
MARSYAS-0.2: A Case Study in Implementing Music Information Retrieval Systems
Chapter 3
Richard L. Kline
This chapter discusses key issues of building and using a system designed to search and query a music collection through the input of the actual or... Sample PDF
Melodic Query Input for Music Information Retrieval Systems
Chapter 4
María Ángeles Fernández de Sevilla, Luis M. Laita, Eugenio Roanes-Lozano
This chapter describes a logic and computer algebra based Expert System that automates identification and recognition of the cult music styles of... Sample PDF
An Expert System Devoted to Automated Music Identification and Recognition
Chapter 5
Rafael Ramirez
We describe a novel approach to the task of identifying performers from their playing styles. We investigate how professional Jazz saxophonists... Sample PDF
Identifying Saxophonists from Their Playing Styles
Chapter 6
Antonello D’Aguanno
State-of-the-art MIR issues are presented and discussed both from the symbolic and audio points of view. As for the symbolic aspects, different... Sample PDF
Tools for Music Information Retrieval and Playing
Chapter 7
Ingo Mierswa
Today, large audio collections are stored at computers. Their organization can be supported by machine learning. This demands a more abstract... Sample PDF
Collaborative Use of Features in a Distributed System for the Organization of Music Collections
Chapter 8
Marc Fetscherin
This chapter presents a model enabling content providers to successfully sell digital music. We show that content providers must overcome three main... Sample PDF
A P2P Based Secure Digital Music Distribution Channel: The Next Generation
Chapter 9
Ioannis Karydis
In this chapter we present the most significant trends in recent research in the field of content-based music information retrieval in peer-to-peer... Sample PDF
Music Information Retrieval in P2P Networks
Chapter 10
Eddie Al-Shakarchi, Ian Taylor
This chapter introduces the DART (Distributed Audio Retrieval using Triana) project as a framework for facilitating the distributed processing and... Sample PDF
DART: A Framework for Distributed Audio Analysis and Music Information Retrieval
Chapter 11
Olivier Lartillot
This chapter offers an overview of computational research in motivic pattern extraction. The central questions underlying the topic, concerning the... Sample PDF
Motivic Pattern Extraction in Symbolic Domain
Chapter 12
Sébastien Macé, Eric Anquetil, Bruno Bossis
This chapter deals with pen interaction and its use for musical notation composition and editing. The authors first present existing pen-based... Sample PDF
Pen-Based Interaction for Intuitive Music Composition and Editing
Chapter 13
David A. Shamma, John Woodruff, Bryan Pardo
This chapter covers some of the challenges in storytelling with music. We describe the MusicStory system which creates music videos from personal... Sample PDF
MusicStory: An Autonomous, Personalized Music Video Creator
Chapter 14
Adriano Baratè, Goffredo Haus, Luca A. Ludovico
In this chapter, we will analyze the heterogeneous contents involved in a comprehensive description of music, organizing them according to a... Sample PDF
Music Representation of Score, Sound, MIDI, Structure and Metadata All Integrated in a Single Multilayer Environment Based on XML
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