New Trends in Service Science and Education for Service Innovation

New Trends in Service Science and Education for Service Innovation

Michitaka Kosaka (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan) and Kunio Shirahada (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4663-6.ch001
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Service science is a new trans-disciplinary science and technology in the 21st century. In this chapter, firstly, new definitions of service and new directions for service are described for innovations in various industries. Service science should cover not only traditional service industries but also important basic industries such as information or manufacturing industries. Then, the importance of a system’s approach to creating service values is emphasized. In particular, system science and knowledge science are important from the viewpoint of maximizing service value. Finally, education for service innovation considering such trends is proposed and evaluated by implementing it as a management course for professionals in business.
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2.New Definitions Of Service

Several definitions of service have been proposed in the area of service marketing (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2007) or service engineering (Arai & Shimomura, 2004). Of these, the following four definitions are important in considering service innovations, which regard service as supporting activities or value-co-creation with customers.

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Tamio Arai
Michitaka Kosaka, Kunio Shirahada
Chapter 1
Michitaka Kosaka, Kunio Shirahada
Service science is a new trans-disciplinary science and technology in the 21st century. In this chapter, firstly, new definitions of service and new... Sample PDF
New Trends in Service Science and Education for Service Innovation
Chapter 2
Michitaka Kosaka, Jing Wang, Weiwei Han, Qi Zhang
A new concept of a service field for creating service values is proposed. This concept is analogous to the field theory in physics and corresponds... Sample PDF
A Concept of a Service Field and its Applications to Create Service Value
Chapter 3
Kotaro Nakamura
Service value is successfully created when customers enjoy the benefits of services provided through the service system. Such service value creation... Sample PDF
Modeling of Service Value Creation based on Multidisciplinary Framework
Chapter 4
Mario Giraldo
The service encounter has been a central topic of discussion and examination in service research. Most recently, service scientists have widely... Sample PDF
The Dynamics of Knowledge Co-Creation in Service Encounters: A Practice-Theoretical Approach
Chapter 5
Kunio Shirahada, Raymond P. Fisk
The main topic of this chapter is service sustainability. Currently, the modern economy has huge planet-wide sustainability issues. The authors... Sample PDF
Service Sustainability: A Tripartite Value Co-Creation Perspective
Chapter 6
Motohisa Funabashi
Systems engineering has a long history with myriads of successful accomplishments. Systems thinking and engineering methodologies are reviewed in... Sample PDF
Transdisciplinary Science and Technology and Service Systems
Chapter 7
Tu-Bao Ho, Siriwon Taewijit, Quang-Bach Ho, Hieu-Chi Dam
Big data is about handling huge and/or complex datasets that conventional technologies cannot handle or handle well. Big data is currently receiving... Sample PDF
Big Data and Service Science
Chapter 8
Kunio Shirahada, Atsushi Maki, Michitaka Kosaka
In this chapter, the authors introduce the biological data-based marketing system to understand customer experiences. In a service economy... Sample PDF
Biological Data for Understanding Customer Experiences
Chapter 9
Jing Wang, Chengcheng Luo
The discrete service process is a new concept that contains a series of related events in chronological order. During the service process, customers... Sample PDF
Research on Discrete Service Process Optimization
Chapter 10
Van Nam Huynh, Minh Chau Doan, Michitaka Kosaka, Yoshiteru Nakamori
Evaluation of services plays an important role in the pre-negotiation process for negotiations over services between autonomous agents. Typically... Sample PDF
Evidential Reasoning-Based Evaluation of Services
Chapter 11
Haixia Pan, Jing Wang, Michitaka Kosaka
In the service industry, individual customer service requirements are different from the market demands. The requirements determined by the market... Sample PDF
Dynamic Service Matchmaking Model and Algorithm
Chapter 12
Katsumi Kawano
This chapter shows a systems technologies framework to lead the approach to design information service system architecture standing on the systems... Sample PDF
The Design of Service Systems Architecture for Building Smart Public Infrastructures
Chapter 13
Tadao Sumi, Taiichiro Kitatani
Trends and issues in service business innovation in the Japanese manufacturing industry are discussed in this chapter. The manufacturing industry in... Sample PDF
Trends and Issues in Service Business Innovations in Japanese Manufacturing Industry
Chapter 14
Naoshi Uchihira
Recently, manufacturing companies have been moving into product-based service businesses in addition to providing the products themselves. It is not... Sample PDF
Knowledge Transfer in Product-Based Service Design
Chapter 15
H. M. Belal, Kunio Shirahada, Michitaka Kosaka
This chapter proposes a knowledge space concept and a recursive approach to servitizing in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing companies need... Sample PDF
An Analysis of Knowledge Space Concept and Recursive Approach for Servitizing in Manufacturing Industries
Chapter 16
Michitaka Kosaka, Takashi Yabutani, Qi Zhang
This chapter proposes a value co-creation model for the energy saving service business using inverters. The proposed model considers the... Sample PDF
A Value Co-Creation Model for Energy-Saving Service Business Using Inverters
Chapter 17
Youji Kohda
This chapter discusses the structural shift toward service industry that has been occurring in the information business industry in Japan. Fujitsu... Sample PDF
Service Innovation in Information Business
Chapter 18
Michitaka Kosaka, Haruko Nagaoka, Minh Chau Doan
A new value creation approach to the information business is proposed based on the service field concept. The characteristic of value creation is... Sample PDF
Value Creation in Information Business based on the Service Field
Chapter 19
Yukiko Nishioka, Michitaka Kosaka
In this chapter, the authors discuss real business cases of IT solution services in the information industry. The concepts of two “service values”... Sample PDF
Achieving Objective Values for Customers in Enterprise IT Solution Services: A New Concept – Methodological Universe for the Services Environment (MUSE) and “Design Office”
Chapter 20
Shoji Konno
Recently, the globalization of information system business has expanded all over the world. In order to enhance the service quality of the business... Sample PDF
Service-Oriented Organizational Management System for an Information Systems Business
Chapter 21
Akira Kondo
This chapter proposes a service design process and value co-creation model in Internet information service. Based on a service design survey and... Sample PDF
Consideration of Service Design for Internet Service Businesses
Chapter 22
Taisuke Ogawa, Mitsuru Ikeda, Muneou Suzuki, Kenji Araki
This chapter presents a method of obtaining practical medical knowledge toward supporting on-the-job training that is related to the quality of... Sample PDF
Medical Practical Knowledge Circulation Based on Purpose-Oriented Service Modeling
Chapter 23
Thepchai Supnithi, Marut Buranarach, Nattanun Thatphithakkul, Boonek Junsirimongkol, Suwaree Wongrochananan, Nittayawan Kulnawan, Wiroj Jiamjarasrangsi
Chronic diseases and conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc., are major public health problems worldwide. Self-management is... Sample PDF
A Self-Management Service Framework to Support Chronic Disease Patients' Self-Management
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