Optimization Algorithms for Data Transfer in the Grid Environment

Optimization Algorithms for Data Transfer in the Grid Environment

Muzhou Xiong (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China) and Hai Jin (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-0879-5.ch210
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In this chapter, two algorithms have been presented for supporting efficient data transfer in the Grid environment. From a node’s perspective, a multiple data transfer channel can be formed by selecting some other nodes as relays in data transfer. One algorithm requires the sender to be aware of the global connection information while another does not. Experimental results indicate that both algorithms can transfer data efficiently under various circumstances.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Gokop Goteng, Ashutosh Tiwari, Rajkumar Roy
The emerging grid technology provides a secured platform for multidisciplinary experts in the security intelligence profession to collaborate and... Sample PDF
Grid Computing: Combating Global Terrorism with the World Wide Grid
Chapter 2
Mohamed El-Refaey, Bhaskar Prasad Rimal
In this chapter we are going to introduce the key concepts of SOA, grid, and cloud computing and the relation between them. This chapter illustrates... Sample PDF
Grid, SOA and Cloud Computing: On-Demand Computing Models
Chapter 3
Tran Vu Pham, Lydia M.S. Lau, Peter M Dew
Supporting global scientific collaborations are becoming more important due to the increasing complexity of modern scientific problems as well as... Sample PDF
Grid, P2P and SOA Orchestration: An Integrated Application Architecture for Scientific Collaborations
Chapter 4
Heba Kurdi, Maozhen Li, H. S. Al-Raweshidy
Advances in Grid computing are stimulating the emergence of novel types of Grids. Accessible Grids, manageable Grids, interactive Grids and personal... Sample PDF
Taxonomy of Grid Systems
Chapter 5
Marco A.S. Netto, Rajkumar Buyya
One of the promises of Grid Computing is to enable the execution of applications across multiple sites. Several multi-site applications require... Sample PDF
Resource Co-Allocation in Grid Computing Environments
Chapter 6
Yuan-Shun Dai, Jack Dongarra
Grid computing is a newly developed technology for complex systems with large-scale resource sharing, wide-area communication, and... Sample PDF
Reliability and Performance Models for Grid Computing
Chapter 7
Ribhi Hazin, Ibrahim Qaddoumi, Francisco Pedrosa
A network of interconnected computers, or “computational grids,” can facilitate the ability of users to complete complex computational tasks that... Sample PDF
Computational Grids: An Introduction to Potential Biomedical Uses and Future Prospects in Oncology; Neuro-Oncology Applications as a Model for Cancer Sub-Specialties
Chapter 8
Marcos Dias de Assunção, Rajkumar Buyya
This chapter first presents taxonomies on approaches for resource allocation across resource sharing networks such as Grids. It then examines... Sample PDF
Architectural Elements of Resource Sharing Networks
Chapter 9
David Pym, Martin Sadler
Cloud computing ecosystems of service providers and consumers will become a significant part of the way information services are provided, allowing... Sample PDF
Information Stewardship in Cloud Computing
Chapter 10
Moez Ben HajHmida, Antonio Congiusta
Knowledge discovery has become a necessary task in scientific, life sciences, and business fields, both for the growing amount of data being... Sample PDF
Parallel, Distributed, and Grid-Based Data Mining: Algorithms, Systems, and Applications
Chapter 11
Eddy Caron, Frédéric Desprez, Franck Petit, Cédric Tedeschi
Within distributed computing platforms, some computing abilities (or services) are offered to clients. To build dynamic applications using such... Sample PDF
Peer-to-Peer Service Discovery for Grid Computing
Chapter 12
Ruay-Shiung Chang, Jih-Sheng Chang
With the advancements of computer system and communication technologies, Grid computing can be seen as the popular technology bringing about... Sample PDF
Pervasive Grid and its Applications
Chapter 13
Yuyu Chou, Jan Oetting
The use of Cloud Computing services is an attractive option to improve IT systems to achieve rapidly and elastically provisioned capability, and... Sample PDF
Risk Assessment for Cloud-Based IT Systems
Chapter 14
Linlin Wu, Rajkumar Buyya
In recent years, extensive research has been conducted in the area of Service Level Agreement (SLA) for utility computing systems. An SLA is a... Sample PDF
Service Level Agreement (SLA) in Utility Computing Systems
Chapter 15
Enis Afgan, Purushotham Bangalore, Jeff Gray
Grid computing environments are dynamic and heterogeneous in nature. In order to realize application-specific Quality of Service agreements within a... Sample PDF
A Domain-Specific Language for Describing Grid Applications
Chapter 16
Antonios Gouglidis, Ioannis Mavridis
In recent years, grid computing has become the focal point of science and enterprise computer environments. Access control in grid computing systems... Sample PDF
Grid Access Control Models and Architectures
Chapter 17
S. V. Patel, Kamlendu Pandey
WSN deployments are growing at a fast rate; however, current WSN architectures and setup do not promote the sharing of data on an inter-WSN basis.... Sample PDF
Design of SOA based Framework for Collaborative Cloud Computing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Chapter 18
Nurcin Celik, Esfandyar Mazhari, John Canby, Omid Kazemi, Parag Sarfare, Majed S. Al-Otaibi, Young-Jun Son
Simulating large-scale systems usually entails exhaustive computational powers and lengthy execution times. The goal of this research is to reduce... Sample PDF
Automatic Partitioning of Large Scale Simulation in Grid Computing for Run Time Reduction
Chapter 19
Saikat Mukherjee, Srinath Srinivasa, Krithi Ramamritham
Stream grids are wide-area grid computing environments that are fed by a set of stream data sources, and Queries arrive at the grid from users and... Sample PDF
An Autonomous Agent Approach to Query Optimization in Stream Grids
Chapter 20
Wail M. Omar
Web 2.0 has been adopted by many as the best way for forming a collaborative framework e.g., sharing resources, experiences, information, knowledge... Sample PDF
Healthcare Collaborative Framework Based on Web 2.0, Grid Computing and SOA
Chapter 21
Sheikh Taher Abu, Masatsugu Tsuji
This paper examines the implications of cloud computing in South Asia in relation to ICT deployment. The authors employ empirical analysis based on... Sample PDF
The Development of ICT for Envisioning Cloud Computing and Innovation in South Asia
Chapter 22
Yong Zhang, Quansong Deng, Chunxiao Xing, Yigang Sun, Michael Whitney
With the boom of digital resources, there are urgent requirements to set up and manage Institutional Repositories (IRs) for companies and/or... Sample PDF
A Service Component Model and Implementation for Institutional Repositories
Chapter 23
Rui Chu, Nong Xiao, Xicheng Lu
As an innovative grid computing technique for sharing the distributed memory resources in a high-speed wide-area network, RAM Grid exploits the... Sample PDF
A Push-Based Prefetching for Remote Caching RAM Grid
Chapter 24
Muzhou Xiong, Hai Jin
In this chapter, two algorithms have been presented for supporting efficient data transfer in the Grid environment. From a node’s perspective, a... Sample PDF
Optimization Algorithms for Data Transfer in the Grid Environment
Chapter 25
Sandro Fiore, Alessandro Negro, Salvatore Vadacca, Massimo Cafaro, Giovanni Aloisio, Roberto Barbera, Emidio Giorgio
Grid computing is an emerging and enabling technology allowing organizations to easily share, integrate and manage resources in a distributed... Sample PDF
An Architectural Overview of the GRelC Data Access Service
Chapter 26
Kaijun Ren, Jinjun Chen, Nong Xiao, Weimin Zhang, Junqiang Song
In scientific computing environments such as service grid environments, services are becoming basic collaboration components which can be used to... Sample PDF
A QSQL-Based Service Collaboration Method for Automatic Service Composition, and Optimized Execution
Chapter 27
Meriem Meddeber, Belabbas Yagoubi
A computational grid is a widespread computing environment that provides huge computational power for large-scale distributed applications. One of... Sample PDF
Dynamic Dependent Tasks Assignment for Grid Computing
Chapter 28
Paul Grace, Danny Hughes, Geoff Coulson, Gordon S. Blair, Barry Porter, Francois Taiani
Grid computing is becoming increasingly pervasive; sensor networks and mobile devices are now connected with traditional Grid infrastructure to form... Sample PDF
Overlay-Based Middleware for the Pervasive Grid
Chapter 29
Promise Mvelase, Nomusa Dlodlo, Quentin Williams, Matthew O. Adigun
Small, Medium, and Micro enterprises (SMMEs) usually do not have adequate funds to acquire ICT infrastructure and often use cloud computing. In this... Sample PDF
Custom-Made Cloud Enterprise Architecture for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises
Chapter 30
N. Raghavendra Rao
The advancements in information and communication technology (ICT) have resulted in the new concepts being developed in this discipline. Ubiquitous... Sample PDF
Context Related Software Under Ubiquitous Computing
Chapter 31
Gobe Hobona, Mike Jackson, Suchith Anand
Cloud computing is concerned with the provision of hardware, infrastructure, software and data as services on the internet. A key attraction of... Sample PDF
Implementing Geospatial Web Services for Cloud Computing
Chapter 32
Alan Grigg, Lin Guan
This chapter describes a real-time system performance analysis approach known as reservation-based analysis (RBA). The scalability of RBA is derived... Sample PDF
A Scalable Approach to Real-Time System Timing Analysis
Chapter 33
Dominic Cherry, Maozhen Li, Man Qi
This chapter presents MediaGrid, a distributed storage system for archiving broadcast media contents. MediaGrid utilizes storage resources donated... Sample PDF
A Distributed Storage System for Archiving Broadcast Media Content
Chapter 34
Yu Sun, Jules White, Jeff Gray, Aniruddha Gokhale
Cloud computing provides a platform that enables users to utilize computation, storage, and other computing resources on-demand. As the number of... Sample PDF
Model-Driven Automated Error Recovery in Cloud Computing
Chapter 35
Vijay Sahota, Maozhen Li, Marios Hadjinicolaou
Information services play a crucial role in grid computing environments in that the state information of a grid system can be used to facilitate the... Sample PDF
Modeling Scalable Grid Information Services with Colored Petri Nets
Chapter 36
R. Jeyarani, N. Nagaveni, Satish Kumar Sadasivam, Vasanth Ram Rajarathinam
Cloud Computing provides on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. The major issue lies in managing extremely large... Sample PDF
Power Aware Meta Scheduler for Adaptive VM Provisioning in IaaS Cloud
Chapter 37
Roland Kübert, Gregory Katsaros
Even though public cloud providers already exist and offer computing and storage services, cloud computing is still a buzzword for scientists in... Sample PDF
Using Free Software for Elastic Web Hosting on a Private Cloud
Chapter 38
Guy Gouardères, Emilie Conté
In Vocational and Educational Training (VET), new trends are toward social learning and, more precisely, toward informal learning. In such settings... Sample PDF
E-Portfolio to Promote the Virtual Learning Group Communities on the Grid
Chapter 39
Salvatore Scifo
This chapter focuses on the efforts to design and develop a standard pure Java API to access the metadata service of the EGEE Grid middleware, and... Sample PDF
Accessing Grid Metadata through a Web Interface
Chapter 40
James Dooley, Andrea Zisman, George Spanoudakis
This chapter describes a framework to support runtime service discovery for Grid applications based on service discovery queries in both push and... Sample PDF
Runtime Service Discovery for Grid Applications
Chapter 41
Dimka Karastoyanova, Frank Leymann
The current trend in Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is to enable support for new delivery models of software and applications. These endeavours... Sample PDF
Making Scientific Applications on the Grid Reliable Through Flexibility Approaches Borrowed from Service Compositions
Chapter 42
Giulia De Sario, Angelica Tulipano, Giacinto Donvito, Giorgio Maggi, Andreas Gisel
The number of fully sequenced genomes increases daily, producing an exponential explosion of the sequence, annotation and metadata databases. Data... Sample PDF
High-Throughput GRID Computing for Life Sciences
Chapter 43
Chao-Tung Yang, Wen-Chung Shih
Biology databases are diverse and massive. As a result, researchers must compare each sequence with vast numbers of other sequences. Comparison... Sample PDF
On Construction of Cluster and Grid Computing Platforms for Parallel Bioinformatics Applications
Chapter 44
Russ Miller, Charles Weeks
Grids represent an emerging technology that allows geographically- and organizationally-distributed resources (e.g., computer systems, data... Sample PDF
Molecular Structure Determination on the Grid
Chapter 45
J.R. Bilbao-Castro, I. García, J.J. Fernández
Three-dimensional electron microscopy allows scientists to study biological specimens and to understand how they behave and interact with each other... Sample PDF
Grid Computing in 3D Electron Microscopy Reconstruction
Chapter 46
Luciano Milanesi, Ivan Merelli, Gabriele Trombetti, Paolo Cozzi, Alessandro Orro
A common ongoing task for Functional Genomics is to compare full organisms’ genome with those of related species, to search in huge database for... Sample PDF
Functional Genomics Applications in GRID
Chapter 47
Fotis Psomopoulos, Pericles Mitkas
The scope of this chapter is the presentation of Data Mining techniques for knowledge extraction in proteomics, taking into account both the... Sample PDF
Data Mining in Proteomics Using Grid Computing
Chapter 48
Jingyu Zhang, Jinhui Yao, Shiping Chen, David Levy
This paper proposes the use of a mobile-cloud by combining mobile devices and the cloud together in a biodefense and emerging infectious diseases... Sample PDF
Facilitating Biodefense Research with Mobile-Cloud Computing
Chapter 49
Francesco Tusa, Massimo Villari, Antonio Puliafito
This article describes new security solutions for Grid middleware, and specifically faces the issues related to the management of users’ and... Sample PDF
Credential Management Enforcement and Secure Data Storage in gLite
Chapter 50
Yassene Mohammed, Fred Viezens, Frank Dickmann, Jürgen Falkner, Thomas Lingner, Dagmar Krefting, Ulrich Sax
This chapter describes security and privacy issues within the scope of biomedical Grid Computing. Grid Computing is of rising interest for life... Sample PDF
Data Protection and Data Security Regarding Grid Computing in Biomedical Research
Chapter 51
Shih-Hao Hung, Jeng-Peng Shieh, Chen-Pang Lee
Recently, smartphone technologies have evolved quickly and offered end users the computing power and networking capabilities required to perform... Sample PDF
Migrating Android Applications to the Cloud
Chapter 52
Rob Smith, Rob Wilson
A Virtual Organisation (VO) or Virtual Enterprise is a loosely-coupled group of collaborating organisations, acting to some extent as though they... Sample PDF
The Socio-Technical Virtual Organisation
Chapter 53
Benjamin Aziz, Alvaro Arenas, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori, Marinella Petrocchi, Michael Wilson
Grid computing is a paradigm for distributed computation on shared resources. It uses a large-scale, highly decentralized infrastructure, in which a... Sample PDF
Trust Management for Grid Systems
Chapter 54
The Financial Clouds Review  (pages 1062-1083)
Victor Chang, Chung-Sheng Li, David De Roure, Gary Wills, Robert John Walters, Clinton Chee
This paper demonstrates financial enterprise portability, which involves moving entire application services from desktops to clouds and between... Sample PDF
The Financial Clouds Review
Chapter 55
Chuliang Weng, Jian Cao, Minglu Li
In the grid context, the scheduling can be grouped into two categories: offline scheduling and online scheduling. In the offline scheduling... Sample PDF
The Cost-Based Resource Management in Combination with QoS for Grid Computing
Chapter 56
Geoffrey Falzon, Maozhen Li
Job scheduling plays a critical role in the utilisation of grid resources by mapping a number of jobs to grid resources. However, the heterogeneity... Sample PDF
Evaluating Heuristics for Scheduling Dependent Jobs in Grid Computing Environments
Chapter 57
Nikolaos Preve
Job scheduling in grid computing is a very important problem. To utilize grids efficiently, we need a good job scheduling algorithm to assign jobs... Sample PDF
Balanced Job Scheduling Based on Ant Algorithm for Grid Network
Chapter 58
Ioannis Dimou, Michalis Zervakis, David Lowe, Manolis Tsiknakis
The automation of diagnostic tools and the increasing availability of extensive medical datasets in the last decade have triggered the development... Sample PDF
Computational Methods and Tools for Decision Support in Biomedicine: An Overview of Algorithmic Challenges
Chapter 59
Xiaoyu Yang, Gen-Tao Chiang
It will become increasingly popular that scientists in research institutes will make use of Grid computing resources for running computer... Sample PDF
Hands-On Experience in Building Institutional Grid Infrastructure
Chapter 60
Aldo Campi, Franco Callegati
This chapter advocates migrating sufficient functionality into the network as to allow direct support to grid computing services. This approach is... Sample PDF
SIP Protocol for Supporting Grid Computing
Chapter 61
Jochen Furthmüller, Oliver P. Waldhorst
Grid computing offers exciting possibilities for mobile consumer devices. The sharing of resources makes new, demanding applications feasible and... Sample PDF
Survey on Grid Computing on Mobile Consumer Devices
Chapter 62
Gregory H. Carlton, Hill Zhou
Computing and communication technologies have merged to produce an environment where many applications and their associated data reside in remote... Sample PDF
A Survey of Cloud Computing Challenges from a Digital Forensics Perspective
Chapter 63
Stefan Balduf, Tina Balke, Torsten Eymann
Software as a service and cloud computing are new buzzwords in the Internet-based economy. Their idea is to provide software, computing and storage... Sample PDF
Cultural Differences in Managing Cloud Computing Service Level Agreements
Chapter 64
Fangpeng Dong, Selim G. Akl
Over the past decade, Grid Computing has earned its reputation by facilitating resource sharing in larger communities and providing non-trivial... Sample PDF
Two Approaches for Workflow Scheduling with Quality of Service in the Grid
Chapter 65
Liangxiu Han
This chapter identifies challenges and requirements for resource sharing to support high performance distributed Service-Oriented Computing (SOC)... Sample PDF
Exploiting P2P and Grid Computing Technologies for Resource Sharing to Support High Performance Distributed System
Chapter 66
Kuo-Chan Huang, Po-Chi Shih, Yeh-Ching Chung
This chapter elaborates the quality of service (QoS) aspect of load sharing activities in a computational grid environment. Load sharing is achieved... Sample PDF
QoS-Based Job Scheduling and Resource Management Strategies for Grid Computing
Chapter 67
Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Andreas Menychtas, Theodora Varvarigou
This chapter focuses on presenting and describing an approach that allows the mapping of workflow processes to Grid provided services by not only... Sample PDF
Grid Workflows with Encompassed Business Relationships: An Approach Establishing Quality of Service Guarantees
Chapter 68
Dang Minh Quan, Jörn Altmann, Laurence T. Yang
This chapter describes the error recovery mechanisms in the system handling the Grid-based workflow within the Service Level Agreement (SLA)... Sample PDF
Error Recovery for SLA-Based Workflows within the Business Grid
Chapter 69
Sandra A. Vannoy
The Internet and emerging technologies are facilitating the creation of new marketplaces designed to address a diverse range of business and... Sample PDF
A Structured Content Analytic Assessment of Business Services Advertisements in the Cloud-Based Web Services Marketplace
Chapter 70
Qiang Wang, Yunming Ye, Kunqian Yu, Joshua Z. Huang
A drug discovery process is aimed to find from a large set of molecules the candidate leads that have strong interaction with the target proteins.... Sample PDF
A Graphical Workflow Modeler for Docking Process in Drug Discovery
Chapter 71
Bin Li, Lee Gillam
Grid computing continues to hold promise for the high-availability of a wide range of computational systems and techniques. It is suggested that... Sample PDF
Grid Service Level Agreements Using Financial Risk Analysis Techniques
Chapter 72
Feilong Tang, Minyi Guo
As Grid technology is expanding from scientific computing to business applications, open grid platform increasingly needs the support of transaction... Sample PDF
Grid Transaction Management and Highly Reliable Grid Platform
Chapter 73
Constantinos J. Stefanou
Free/Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (FOS-ERP) software is an emerging phenomenon having the potential to revolutionize the ERP market... Sample PDF
SMEs and FOS-ERP Systems: Risks and Opportunities
Chapter 74
Valeria Cardellini, Emiliano Casalicchio, Luca Silvestri
Cloud computing has recently emerged in the landscape of Information Technology as a compelling paradigm for managing and delivering services over... Sample PDF
Service Level Provisioning for Cloud-Based Applications Service Level Provisioning for Cloud-Based Applications
Chapter 75
Omer F. Rana, Simon Caton
With the increasingly ubiquitous nature of social networks and Cloud computing, users are starting to explore new ways to interact with and exploit... Sample PDF
Business Models for On-line Social Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
Chapter 76
Efthymia Tsamoura, Anastasios Gounaris, Yannis Manolopoulos
The problem of ordering expensive predicates (or filter ordering) has recently received renewed attention due to emerging computing paradigms such... Sample PDF
Optimal Service Ordering in Decentralized Queries Over Web Services
Chapter 77
Stamatia Bibi, Dimitrios Katsaros, Panayiotis Bozanis
Cloud computing is a recent trend in IT that moves computing and data away from desktop and portable PCs into large data centers, and outsources the... Sample PDF
How to Choose the Right Cloud
Chapter 78
Luis M. Vaquero, Luis Rodero-Merino, Juan Cáceres, Clovis Chapman, Maik Lindner, Fermín Galán
Cloud computing has emerged as a paradigm to provide every networked resource as a service. The Cloud has also introduced a new way to control cloud... Sample PDF
Principles, Methodology and Tools for Engineering Cloud Computing Systems
Chapter 79
P. Sasikala
With the popularization and improvement of social and industrial IT development, information appears to explosively increase, and people put much... Sample PDF
Cloud Computing Towards Technological Convergence
Chapter 80
Kashif Munir, Lawan A. Mohammed
Mobile devices are gradually becoming prevalent in our daily life, enabling users in the physical world to interact with the digital world... Sample PDF
Policy for Mobile Devices to Access Grid Infrastructure
Chapter 81
Quality of Cloud Services  (pages 1609-1620)
Anette Weisbecker
Cloud Computing has become the predominant paradigm in information technology for the use of distributed resources. It enables the Internet of... Sample PDF
Quality of Cloud Services
Chapter 82
Xiaoyu Yang
The idea of cloud computing aligns with new dimension emerging in service-oriented infrastructure where service provider does not own physical... Sample PDF
QoS-Oriented Service Computing: Bringing SOA Into Cloud Environment
Chapter 83
Kamal Dahbur, Bassil Mohammad, Ahmad Bisher Tarakji
Cloud Computing (CC) is revolutionizing the methodology by which IT services are being utilized. It is being introduced and marketed with many... Sample PDF
Security Issues in Cloud Computing: A Survey of Risks, Threats and Vulnerabilities
Chapter 84
Athanasios Moralis, Vassiliki Pouli, Mary Grammatikou, Dimitrios Kalogeras, Vasilis Maglaris
Security in grid environments that are built using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technologies is a great challenge. On one hand, the great... Sample PDF
Security Standards and Issues for Grid Computing
Chapter 85
P. Sasikala
Cloud Computing promises novel and valuable capabilities for computer users and is explored in all possible areas of information technology... Sample PDF
Cloud Computing in Higher Education: Opportunities and Issues
Chapter 86
Ian Greenshields, Gamal El-Sayed
This chapter introduces some aspects of visualization and the grid. Visualization --the art and science of representing data visually-- is now... Sample PDF
Aspects of Visualization and the Grid in a Biomedical Context
Chapter 87
Xia Xie, Jin Huang, Song Wu, Hai Jin, Melvin Koh, Jie Song, Simon See
In this chapter, we present a survey on some of the commercial players in the Grid industry, existing research done in the area of market-based Grid... Sample PDF
Survey on the Application of Economic and Market Theory for Grid Computing
Chapter 88
Mirghani Mohamed, Michael Stankosky, Vincent Ribière
The purpose of this chapter is to examine the requirements of Knowledge Management (KM) services deployment in a Semantic Grid environment. A wide... Sample PDF
Adopting the Grid Computing & Semantic Web Hybrid for Global Knowledge Sharing
Chapter 89
Matt Crosslin
This chapter examines how the World Wide Web could possibly change over the next 10 years into a concept increasingly being referred to as “Web... Sample PDF
When the Future Finally Arrives: Web 2.0 Becomes Web 3.0
Chapter 90
Axel Tenschert
This chapter is examines the challenge of ontology matching in a grid environment in a scalable and high efficient way. For this, ontology matching... Sample PDF
Grid Computing for Ontology Matching
Chapter 91
Vassiliki Andronikou, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Magdalini Kardara, Dimitrios Halkos, Theodora Varvarigou
The Grid has the potential to make a significant advance beyond the Internet, by turning it from a passive information medium into an active tool... Sample PDF
Scenarios of Next Generation Grid Applications in Collaborative Environments: A Business–Technical Analysis
Chapter 92
Qiang Duan
With the rapid development of various emerging technologies, such as Web services, Grid computing, and cloud computing, computer networks have... Sample PDF
Service-Oriented Networking for the Next Generation Distributed Computing
Chapter 93
George Kousiouris, Dimosthenis Kyriazis, Theodora Varvarigou, Eduardo Oliveros, Patrick Mandic
Service Discovery mechanisms are gaining interest in the last years due to the growing bulk of information available, especially to distributed... Sample PDF
Taxonomy and State of the Art of Service Discovery Mechanisms and Their Relation to the Cloud Computing Stack
Chapter 94
Michael Boniface, Bassem Nasser, Mike Surridge, Eduardo Oliveros
Enterprise adoption of cloud computing for real-time interactive applications processes is limited by their ability to meet inter-enterprise... Sample PDF
Securing Real-Time Interactive Applications in Federated Clouds
Chapter 95
Roland Kübert, Georgina Gallizo, Thodoris Polychniatis, Theodora Varvarigou, Eduardo Oliveros, Stephen C. Phillips, Karsten Oberle
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are nowadays used as a cornerstone for building service-oriented architectures. SLAs have been closely investigated... Sample PDF
Service Level Agreements for Real-Time Service-Oriented Infrastructures
Chapter 96
Luis Angel Galindo, Joaquín Salvachúa
Traditionally, Internet has offered multimedia services independently of the services offered by companies associated to Telco (companies that... Sample PDF
Multimedia Services Offer Mixing Telco and Internet Assets
Chapter 97
Bertil Schmidt, Chen Chen, Weiguo Liu, Wayne P. Mitchell
In this chapter we present PheGee@Home, a grid-based comparative genomics tool that nominates candidate genes responsible for a given phenotype. A... Sample PDF
PheGee@Home: A Grid-Based Tool for Comparative Genomics
Chapter 98
Sriram Krishnan, Luca Clementi, Zhaohui Ding, Wilfred Li
Grid systems provide mechanisms for single sign-on, and uniform APIs for job submission and data transfer, in order to allow the coupling of... Sample PDF
Leveraging the Power of the Grid with Opal
Chapter 99
Mehdi Sheikhalishahi, Manoj Devare, Lucio Grandinetti, Maria Carmen Incutti
Cloud computing is a new kind of computing model and technology introduced by industry leaders in recent years. Nowadays, it is the center of... Sample PDF
A Complementary Approach to Grid and Cloud Distributed Computing Paradigms
Chapter 100
Ismael Solis Moreno, Jie Xu
Due to all the pollutants generated during its production and the steady increases in its rates, energy consumption is causing serious environmental... Sample PDF
Energy-Efficiency in Cloud Computing Environments: Towards Energy Savings without Performance Degradation