Optimizing Texture Primitive Description, Analysis, Segmentation, and Classification Using Variography

Optimizing Texture Primitive Description, Analysis, Segmentation, and Classification Using Variography

Assia Kourgil (U.S.T.H.B. University , Algeria) and Aichouche Belhadj-Aissa (U.S.T.H.B. University , Algeria)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-753-9.ch011
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There are many approaches dealing with various aspects of texture analysis, segmentation and classification. One of the characteristics among most of these approaches and those using neighborhood is that they require applying a template to a given image, pixel by pixel, to yield a new image. Although the selection of an appropriate window size is critical and affects directly the results obtained, it is often done arbitrarily. We present, in this chapter, a new approach based on the concept of variography to achieve the selection of the optimal window. We develop some direct applications including textural primitives description, mathematical morphology, textural segmentation and textural classification. Promising results are obtained and presented.

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Table of Contents
Yu-Jin Zhang
Chapter 1
Yu-Jin Zhang
The history of segmentation of digital images using computers could be traced back 40 years. Since then, this field has evolved very quickly and has... Sample PDF
An Overview of Image and Video Segmentation in the Last 40 Years
Chapter 2
Francisco Escolano, Miguel Lozano
In this chapter we present three “case studies” as representative of recent work on solving several segmentation problems (region segmentation... Sample PDF
Optimal Image Segmentation Methods Based on Energy Minimization
Chapter 3
Giovanni Bellettini, Riccardo Riccardo
Variational models for image segmentation aim to recover a piecewise smooth approximation of a given input image together with a discontinuity set... Sample PDF
Variational Problems in Image Segmentation and I-Convergance Methods
Chapter 4
Abraham Duarte, Angel Sanchez, Felipe Fernandez, Antonio S. Montemayor
This chapter proposes a new evolutionary graph-based image segmentation method to improve quality results. Our approach is quite general and can be... Sample PDF
A Graph-Based Image Segmentation Alorithm Using Heirarchical Social Metaheuristic
Chapter 5
Liang Zhao
Human perception is a complex nonlinear dynamics. Motivated by biological experimental findings, two networks of coupled chaotic elements for image... Sample PDF
Modeling Complete Dynamic Systems for image Segmenteion
Chapter 6
Irene Yu-Hua Gu, Vasile Gui
This chapter addresses image and video segmentation by using mean shift-based filtering and segmentation. Mean shift is an effective and elegant... Sample PDF
Joint Space-Time-Range Mean ShiftBased Image and Video Segmentation
Chapter 7
Ee Ping Ong, Weisi Lin, Bee June Tye, Minoru Etoh
An algorithm has been devised for fast, fully automatic and reliable object segmentation from live video for scenarios with static camera. The... Sample PDF
Fast Automatic Video Object Segmentation for Content-Based Applications
Chapter 8
Besma Rouai-Abidi, Sangkyu Kang, Mongi Abidi
The segmentation of shapes is automated using a new objective function to deform and move a contour toward the actual shape. New profile modeling... Sample PDF
A Fully Automated Active Shape Model for Segmentation and Tracking of Unknown Objects in a Cluttered Environment
Chapter 9
Hong Lu, Zhenyan Li, Yap-Peng Tan, Xiangyang Xue
This chapter presents a new and efficient method for shot boundary detection (SBD) and scene segmentation. Commonly the first step in content-based... Sample PDF
Video Shot Boundary Detection and Scene Segmentation
Chapter 10
Shengyang Dai, Yu-Jin Zhang
One critical problem in image segmentation is how to explore the information in both feature and image space and incorporate them together. One... Sample PDF
Color Image Segmentation in Both Feature andImage Spaces
Chapter 11
Assia Kourgil, Aichouche Belhadj-Aissa
There are many approaches dealing with various aspects of texture analysis, segmentation and classification. One of the characteristics among most... Sample PDF
Optimizing Texture Primitive Description, Analysis, Segmentation, and Classification Using Variography
Chapter 12
Hong Shen
In this chapter, we will give an intuitive introduction to the general problem of 3D medical image segmentation. We will give an overview of the... Sample PDF
Methods and Applications for Segmenting 3D medical Image Data
Chapter 13
Antonio Plaza, Javier Plaza, David Valencia, Pablo Martiez
Multi-channel images are characteristic of certain applications, such as medical imaging or remotely sensed data analysis. Mathematical... Sample PDF
Parallel Segmentation of Multi-Channel Images Using Multi-Dimentional Mathematical Morphology
Chapter 14
Shilin Wang, Wing Hong Lau, Alan Wee-Chung Liew, Shu Hung Leung
Recently, lip image analysis has received much attention because the visual information extracted has been shown to provide significant improvement... Sample PDF
Fuzzy Clustering-Based Approaches in Automatic Lip Segmentation from Color Images
Chapter 15
Shigueo Nomura, Keiji Yamanaka, Osamu Katai, Hiroshi Kawakammi, Takayuki Shiose
This chapter presents a morphological approach (AutoS) for automatic segmentation with feature vector extraction of seriously degraded... Sample PDF
Mathematical Morphology-Based Automatic Restoration and Segmentation for Degraded Machine -Printed Character Images
Chapter 16
Domingo Mery, Franco Pedreschi
In this chapter, a robust algorithm for segmenting food imagery from a background is presented using colour images. The proposed method has three... Sample PDF
Segmentation in Food Images
Chapter 17
Farrah Wong, R. Nagarajan, Sazali Yaacab
Blind navigation is specialized research directed towards the development of navigational aid for blind people to minimize assistance from sighted... Sample PDF
Segmentation via Thresholding Methodologies by Using Measure of Fuzziness towards Blind Navigation
Chapter 18
Christophe Rosenberger, Sébastien Chabrier, Hélène Laurent, Bruno Emile
Segmentation is a fundamental step in image analysis and remains a complex problem. Many segmentation methods have been proposed in the literature... Sample PDF
Unsupervised and Supervised Image Segmentation Evaluation
Chapter 19
Paulo Lobato Correia, Fernando Pereira
The evaluation of image and video segmentation results assumes a critical role for the selection of appropriate segmentation algorithms, as well as... Sample PDF
Object Evaluation of Video Segmentation Quality
Chapter 20
Yu-Jin Zhang
This chapter provides a summary of the recent (especially since 2000) progress for the evaluation of image and video segmentation. It is seen that... Sample PDF
A Summary of Racent Progresses for Segmentation Evaluation
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