Personal Web Page Usage in Organization

Personal Web Page Usage in Organization

Zoonky Lee (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA), Younghwa Lee (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA) and Yongbeom Kim (Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-148-3.ch002
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This chapter presents an empirical investigation of why employees use the Internet for personal purpose during work hours. We are especially interested in perceptual difference between personal Web usage groups and non-personal Web usage groups in the context of non-work-related usage of the Internet. Drawing from previous studies in behavioral intention and human attitude, criminology, and moral and ethical decision-making, a comprehensive model was developed and tested through a field survey of 546 business professionals.

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Table of Contents
Murugan Anandarajan, Claire A. Simmers
Chapter 1
Murugan Anandarajan, Claire A. Simmers
In order to better understand how people work in the Web-enabled workplace, we examined the phenomenon of personal Web usage (PWU). We analyzed 316... Sample PDF
Constructive and Dysfunctional Personal Web Usage in the Workplace: Mapping Employee Attitudes
Chapter 2
Zoonky Lee, Younghwa Lee, Yongbeom Kim
This chapter presents an empirical investigation of why employees use the Internet for personal purpose during work hours. We are especially... Sample PDF
Personal Web Page Usage in Organization
Chapter 3
Jo Ann Oravec
Organizations have become more permeable — integrating more influences from the outside world — as participants engage in such online diversions as... Sample PDF
When Work Morphs into Play: Using Constructive Recreation to Support the Flexible Workplace
Chapter 4
Murugan Anandarajan, Patrick Devine, Claire A. Simmers
In this study, a typology of workplace personal Web usage (PWU) behaviors was developed using multidimensional scaling techniques. Results suggest... Sample PDF
A Multidimensional Sealing Approach to Personal Web Usage in the Workplace
Chapter 5
Susan K. Lippert
This chapter addresses the concept and importance of interpersonal trust through the use of the Internet in an organizational setting. In... Sample PDF
The Effect of Trust on Personal Web Usage in the Workplace
Chapter 6
Dinesh A. Mirchandani
Personal Web usage (PWU) in the workplace is a matter of considerable concern to organizations today. However, human resources managers are not... Sample PDF
A Deterrence Theory Perspective on Personal Web Usage
Chapter 7
Paulette S. Alexander
Many employees have job responsibilities which require Web and other Internet applications. Because of the availability of intrusive software and... Sample PDF
Unsolicited Web Intrusions: Protecting Employers and Employees
Chapter 8
Andrew Urbaczewski
Managers are faced with many decisions regarding monitoring. For an electronic monitoring effort to be successful, it is important to match the... Sample PDF
Monitoring Strategies for Internet Technologies
Chapter 9
Claire A. Simmers, Murugan Anandarajan
This study sets out to examine whether employee web usage patterns, attitudes toward web usage in the workplace, and organizational policies are... Sample PDF
Convergence or Divergence? Web Usage in the Workplace in Nigeria, Malaysia, and the United States
Chapter 10
Grania Connors, Michael Aikenhead
The virtues of the Internet as a business tool have been widely extolled: the Internet instantly makes available information that may be difficult... Sample PDF
Legal Implications of Personal Web Use in the Workplace
Chapter 11
Feng-Yang Kuo
In this chapter I discuss Internet abuse from a psychoanalytic perspective. Internet abuse refers to the misuse of the Internet that leads to... Sample PDF
A Psychoanalytic Perspective of Internet Abuse
Chapter 12
Mark Griffiths
The Internet as a communication medium has become an increasing part of many people’s day-to-day working lives. As with the introduction of other... Sample PDF
Internet Abuse and Addiction in the Workplace: Issues and Concerns for Employers
Chapter 13
Pruthikra Mahatanankoon, Magid Igbaria
The Internet has become one of most technological necessity tools in today’s workplace. With the broad scope of its usefulness and its ease of use... Sample PDF
Impact of Personal Internet Usage on Employee's Well-Being
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