The Power of Design Drawing in Other Design Fields

The Power of Design Drawing in Other Design Fields

Todd S. Stubbs (Brigham Young University, USA) and Andrew S. Gibbons (Brigham Young University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-729-4.ch003
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This chapter is a survey of the literature of design studies, where the various characteristics of a phenomenon called design drawing, are considered. Included in this review is an exploration of the roles and attributes design drawing plays in those design fields outside ID, as an important design language. Its importance to those design fields suggests that design drawing might have much to teach us about Visual Instructional Design Languages (VIDLs). In reviewing these attributes of design drawing and how they are implemented in those other fields of design, we hope to inspire a dialogue on how these important characteristics will aid in creating or nurturing VIDLs.

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Table of Contents
Luca Botturi, S. Todd Stubbs
Chapter 1
Brad Hokanson, Charles Miller, Simon Hooper
This chapter is interactive, with surveys and reflective examinations of the reader’s own work in instructional design. It examines instructional... Sample PDF
Commodity, Firmness, and Delight: Four Modes of Instructional Design Practice
Chapter 2
Jason K. McDonald
In this chapter I discuss how principles of natural language translation can help instructional designers communicate instructional design languages... Sample PDF
Translate to Communicate: Facilitating Client Understanding of Design Languages
Chapter 3
Todd S. Stubbs, Andrew S. Gibbons
This chapter is a survey of the literature of design studies, where the various characteristics of a phenomenon called design drawing, are... Sample PDF
The Power of Design Drawing in Other Design Fields
Chapter 4
Patricia A. Young
Globalizing the field of Instructional Design lies in the building and nurturing of innovative models, frameworks, visual languages, and practices... Sample PDF
The Culture Based Model: A Framework for Designers and Visual ID Languages
Chapter 5
Brad Hokanson
This chapter presents an argument in favor of using paper to conceive, plan, and describe instructional design projects. Such a simple medium has... Sample PDF
The Virtue of Paper: Drawing as a means to innovation in instructional design
Chapter 6
Patrick Parrish
This chapter describes an informal visual notation system that can be used by instructional designers in conceptualizing a design for an aesthetic... Sample PDF
Plotting a Learning Experience
Chapter 7
Luca Botturi
This chapter introduces E²ML, the Educational Environment Modeling Language. E²ML is a lightweight visual language for instructional design;... Sample PDF
E2ML: A Tool for Sketching Instructional Designs
Chapter 8
Gilbert Paquette, Michel Léonard, Karin Lundgren-Cayrol
This chapter states and explains that a Learning Design is the result of a knowledge engineering process where knowledge and competencies, learning... Sample PDF
The MOT+Visual Language for Knowledge-Based Instructional Design
Chapter 9
Michael Derntl, Renate Motschnig-Pitrik
In this chapter we present coUML, a visual modeling language for cooperative environments. As modern instructional environments have a highly... Sample PDF
coUML: A Visual Language for Modeling Cooperative Environments
Chapter 10
Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez
This chapter introduces a new visual Educational Modeling Language (EML) based on a separation-of-concerns approach, PoEML: Perspective-oriented... Sample PDF
poEML: A Separation of Concerns Proposal to Instructional Design
Chapter 11
Performance Case Modeling  (pages 208-223)
Ian Douglas
This chapter introduces Performance Case modeling as a means of conducting a performance analysis. It argues that the design of any instruction... Sample PDF
Performance Case Modeling
Chapter 12
Christine Ferraris, Christian Martel, Laurence Vignollet
LDL (learning design language) is an educational modeling language which was conceived to model collaborative activities. It has roots in social... Sample PDF
LDL for collaborative activities
Chapter 13
Thierry Nodenot, Pierre Laforcade, Xavier Le Pallec
Visual instructional design languages currently provide notations for representing the intermediate and final results of a knowledge engineering... Sample PDF
Visual Design of coherent Technology-Enhanced Learning Systems: a few lessons learned from CPM language
Chapter 14
Andreas Harrer, H. Ulrich Hoppe
The modelling of learning processes and its use in computer-supported learning scenarios attracted attention in a wide variety of research fields in... Sample PDF
Visual Modelling of Collaborative Learning Processes: Uses, Desired Properties, and Approaches
Chapter 15
Colin Tattersall, Tim Sodhi, Daniel Burgos, Rob Koper
IMS Learning Design (IMS-LD) is a notation system for learning and instruction. It supports the description of learning processes using a set of... Sample PDF
Using the IMS Learning Design notation for the modelling and delivery of education
Chapter 16
Luca Botturi, Daniel Burgos, Manuel Caeiro-Rodríguez, Michael Derntl, Rob Koper, Patrick Parrish, Tim Sodhi, Colin Tattersal
This handbook testifies that research on VIDL is lively, and has produced a number of interesting design languages and tools. This chapter wants to... Sample PDF
Comparing Visual Instructional Design Languages: A Case Study
Chapter 17
S. Todd Stubbs, Andrew S. Gibbons
This chapter is a survey of the literature of ID to look at the breadth and usage of design drawings in this discipline to better understand the... Sample PDF
The Pervasiveness of Design Drawing in ID
Chapter 18
Eddy Boot, Jon Nelson, Daniela De Faveri
Developing modern instructional software has become very complex. As a result, the communication between instructional designers and other... Sample PDF
Lost In Translation: Improving The Transition Between Design And Production Of Instructional Software
Chapter 19
Shirley Agostinho, Barry Harper, Ron Oliver, John Hedberg, Sandra Wills
This chapter describes a visual learning design representation devised in an Australian funded project that focused on identifying and describing... Sample PDF
A Visual Learning Design Representation to facilitate dissemination and reuse of innovative pedagogical strategies in University Teaching
Chapter 20
Davinia Hernández-Leo, Eloy D. Villasclaras-Fernández, Juan I. Asensio-Pérez, Yannis Dimitriadis
This chapter introduces the use of diagrammatic representations of learning flow patterns as a means of visualizing refinable IMS Learning Design... Sample PDF
Diagrams of learning flow patterns' solutions as visual representations of refinable IMS Learning Design templates
Chapter 21
John Casey, Kevin Brosnan, Wolfgang Greller, Allen Masson, Aine MacNeil, Colette Murphy
This chapter looks at the possible uses of visual forms of Instructional Design (ID) languages as possible ‘change agents’ for design practice in... Sample PDF
Designing for Change: visual design tools to support process change in education
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