Process-Oriented Reorganization Projects in Electronic Government

Process-Oriented Reorganization Projects in Electronic Government

Jörg Becker (University of Münster, Germany), Lars Algermissen (University of Münster, Germany) and Björn Niehaves (University of Münster, Germany)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 7
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-799-7.ch149
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From the beginning of the 90s, public administration has been confronted by a series of new demands. Society has been transformed by the influence of new technologies. There is a strong trend towards growing individualization, whereby there are increasing demands by individuals on the state. Simultaneously, in the context of national and international competition, efficient and effective state activity and support for entrepreneurial activities in a region or country are becoming an increasingly decisive factor in location decisions. No one has yet succeeded in improving the performance capability of the state, in a manner and degree that is commensurate with the increasing number of responsibilities. According to Budäus and Schwiering (1999) a modernization and performance gap has arisen because of the difference between the volume of work and performance. For some years, the term electronic government, coined from e-business, has been universally proposed as a way of closing this gap. The core of e-government as well as e-business is the execution of administrative processes (Langkabel, 2000, p. 6). In recent years, businesses have already initiated and successfully undertaken measures to strengthen the organization of business processes. At the same time, the academic disciplines of business management studies and business information technology have taken up this issue (Davenport, 1993; Earl, 1994; Hammer 1990; Hammer & Champy, 1993). Commensurately, fields such as process modeling, workflow management or process cost calculation demonstrate a deep understanding of theory and have consequently attained a high standard of development. However, the practical application of this knowledge, acquired in the domain of public administrations, has only occurred to a limited degree. Alongside an insufficient translation of theoretical knowledge into practice, the urgent practical challenges of process management, for example, and the design of procedure models for specific domains, have not so far been adequately taken up by the relevant academic disciplines and conceptualized soundly. The purpose of this article is to stimulate an improvement in the situation outlined above. The objective is the presentation of a systematic approach how to prepare process oriented e-government projects. As a rule, comprehensive preparation is essential for process modeling, because, on the one hand, the model design is characterized by a high degree of process complexity and on the other hand, the information model is characterized by a high degree of object complexity. When considering the aim of the modeling, it is necessary to determine both the object of modeling, and the modeling methods and tools. As an introduction we first provide an overview of related work. In section one we briefly describe different modeling objectives and explain, why organizational design is one of the most important aims of process modeling in the context of e-government (“why” should be modeled). In section two we identify requirements for a modeling method based on the domain e-government and the modeling objective organizational design. The requirements lead to the selection of event-driven process chains (EPC) (“how” should be modeled). In section three we show how the target environments for modeling projects can be identified. Based on a public service classification scheme we therefore introduce a two-phase procedure comprising the successive application of the portfolio analysis and the profile method (“what” should be modeled).

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Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
George Lepouras, Costas Vassilakis
Firms and organizations are increasingly exploiting electronic channels to reach their customers and create new business opportunities. To this end... Sample PDF
Adaptive Virtual Reality Shopping Malls
Chapter 2
Sathasivam Mathiyalakan
Technological changes within the last decade have dramatically changed the business climate. The use of Internet by firms has lead to global... Sample PDF
Application Service Providers
Chapter 3
Jon T.S. Quah, Vincent L.H. Seet
WAP (wireless application protocol) has failed to take off exponentially as anticipated by industry players over the last few years with the slow... Sample PDF
Auto-Personalitzation WAP Portal
Chapter 4
Jon T.S. Quah, Winnie C.H. Leow, K. L. Yong
This project experiments with the designing of a Web site that has the self-adaptive feature of generating and adapting the site contents... Sample PDF
Auto-Personalization Web Pages
Chapter 5
B2B E-Business  (pages 26-30)
Robert J. Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite, Marc E. Gartenfeld
Every organization can be viewed from two perspectives. There are external processes such as procurement and sales, and internal processes such as... Sample PDF
B2B E-Business
Chapter 6
Delyth Samuel, Danny Samson
This article explains how and why, during and through the bubble that was built and burst, one new economy company in Australia survived and... Sample PDF
B2C Success at
Chapter 7
Tan Yigitcanlar, Scott Baum
Increasingly, almost everything we do in our daily lives is being influenced by information and communications technologies (ICTs) including the... Sample PDF
Benchmarking Local E-Government
Chapter 8
Big  (pages 43-49)
Neerja Sethi, Vijay Sethi
This article presents a case study on the world’s first nationwide portal, BigTrumpet (BT), which showcases an early adoption of the evolving... Sample PDF
Chapter 9
Murray Scott, Se´amus Hill, Thomas Acton, Martin Hughes
Governments are using the Internet and e-commerce technologies to provide public services to their citizens (Watson & Mundy, 2001). In so doing... Sample PDF
Biometric Identities and E-Government Services
Chapter 10
Mary Lou Roberts, Eric Schwaab
Marketers have regarded the Internet as the consummate direct-response medium. The ability to interact one-on-one with customers and the ability to... Sample PDF
Branding on the Internet
Chapter 11
F. Wang
E-business is far more about strategy than technology (Raisinghani & Schkade, 2001). An effective e-business strategy is concerned with e-business... Sample PDF
BSC-Based Framework for E-Business Strategy
Chapter 12
L. A. Joia
Electronic government has proven a watershed in the domain of public administration, despite being difficult to pin down precisely. Indeed, the... Sample PDF
Building Government-to-Government Enterprises
Chapter 13
Jesu´s Arias Fisteus, Carlos Delgado Kloos
Business-process management (BPM) is nowadays a key technology for the automation and support of processes in medium-sized and large organizations.... Sample PDF
Business Process Analysis
Chapter 14
Eileen Bridges, Ronald E. Goldsmith, Charles F. Hofacker
The emergence of e-commerce as a way of doing business has created an environment in which the needs and expectations of businesses and consumers... Sample PDF
Businesses and Consumers as Online Customers
Chapter 15
Wole Michael Olatokun
Government is a system of social control under which the right to make laws, and the right to enforce them, is vested in a particular group in... Sample PDF
Challenges and Policy Imperatives for E-Government in Africa
Chapter 16
Classification Systems  (pages 95-102)
Sven Abels, Axel Hahn
Classification systems are an easy way to assign objects such as products, services, or even company profiles to a category. Classifying information... Sample PDF
Classification Systems
Chapter 17
Clicks and Mortar  (pages 103-105)
David L. Bahn
“Clicks and mortar” signifies the use of electronic commerce (clicks) in combination with traditional (brick-and-mortar) operations. In the domain... Sample PDF
Clicks and Mortar
Chapter 18
Penelope Markellou, Maria Rigou, Spiros Sirmakessis
Nowadays the Web comprises a significant advance in technology, and the rapidity of its acceptance has been remarkable. It is a powerful tool that... Sample PDF
A Closer Look to the Online Consumer Behavior
Chapter 19
Collaborative Commerce  (pages 112-117)
Ta-Tao Chuang, Kazuo Nakatani, Duanning Zhou
In the past few years, collaborative commerce (c-commerce) has been widely touted by practitioners and has caught researchers’ attention. The... Sample PDF
Collaborative Commerce
Chapter 20
Anne Yun-An Chen, Dennis McLeod
In order to draw users’ attention and to increase their satisfaction toward online information search results, search-engine developers and vendors... Sample PDF
Collaborative Filtering for Information Recommendation Systems
Chapter 21
Ming Wang
The enormous amount of commercial information available on the Internet makes online shoppers overwhelmed and it difficult to find relevant... Sample PDF
Comparative Shopping on Agent Web Sites
Chapter 22
Yun Wan
Since the commercialization of the Internet in the 1990s, online retailing has increased steadily. According to the most recent Department of... Sample PDF
Comparison-Shopping Agents and Online Small Business
Chapter 23
Edgar R. Weippl
Although the roots of e-learning date back to 19th century’s correspondence-based learning, e-learning currently receives an unprecedented impetus... Sample PDF
Computer Security in E-Learning
Chapter 24
Benoit Jeanson, John Ingham
The lack of trust toward different elements of e-commerce has been recognized as one of the main causes of the collapse of a large number of dot-com... Sample PDF
Consumer Trust in E-Commerce
Chapter 25
Vijay Kasi, Brett Young
The term Web services has as many definitions as there are people who have worked on it. The different definitions, in general, stress various... Sample PDF
Context and Concept of Web Services
Chapter 26
Jason Nichols, Andrew Chen
As e-commerce models and applications have been widely employed in today’s business environment, a new movement to so-called dynamic e-business has... Sample PDF
Coordination of a Service Oriented Architecture
Chapter 27
Customer Goals Online  (pages 163-167)
Thomas W. Porter
Marketing managers charged with developing effective e-marketing strategies need to understand the implications of goal-directed behavior online.... Sample PDF
Customer Goals Online
Chapter 28
Cyber-Identity Theft  (pages 168-171)
Angeline Grace Close, George M. Zinkhan, R. Zachary Finney
Internet technology facilitates “faceless” transactions. At the same time, a new set of risks arises. In this article, we focus on the... Sample PDF
Cyber-Identity Theft
Chapter 29
Neerja Sethi, Vijay Sethi
Internet companies are now in the second stage of evolution in which the emphasis is on building brands (Campman, 2001) and retaining customers... Sample PDF
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Lessons for EC Companies
Chapter 30
Neil C. Rowe
Deception is a frequent but under appreciated aspect of human society (Eckman, 2001). Deception in electronic goods and services is facilitated by... Sample PDF
Deception in Electronic Goods and Services
Chapter 31
Colette Rolland, Rim Samia Kaabi
The connectivity generated by the Internet is opening opportunities for services composition. As a consequence, organizations are forming online... Sample PDF
Designing Service-Based Coorperative Systems
Chapter 32
Ron Craig
Launching an e-comm, dot-com, or Internet-based venture carries significant risk, and unfortunately failure is often the result. Yet, given the... Sample PDF
Developing a Viable Product for Emerging Market
Chapter 33
Radhika Jain, Balasubramaniam Ramesh
A Web service is an interface that describes a collection of operations that are network accessible through standardized XML (extensible markup... Sample PDF
Development and Deployment of Web Services
Chapter 34
Richard Knepper, Yu-Che Chen
Effective implementation of digital government requires a well-articulated and sound strategy. Having a sound strategy is considered as the first... Sample PDF
Digital Government Development
Chapter 35
Y. Wang, Q. Cheng
Digital rights management (DRM) provides digital content creators and owners with a range of controls over how their information resources may be... Sample PDF
Digital Rights Management for E-Content and E-Technologies
Chapter 36
A.D. Lucia
The definition and the management of business processes are considered a relevant issue to support organizations in their activities. Indeed, in the... Sample PDF
Distributed Workflow Management Based on UML and Web Services
Chapter 37
Andrew Chen
The capabilities of Internet technologies continue to evolve as businesses learn and implement more sophisticated e-business applications in order... Sample PDF
Dot Net and J2EE for Web Services
Chapter 38
William S. Lightfood
Egghead Software, Inc.’s evolution from a multichannel, traditional retailer of computer software and hardware into an e-commerce-only channel... Sample PDF
Dot-Com Conversion at Egghead
Chapter 39
Marlyn Kemper Littman
The pervasive use of the Internet and unprecedented demand for dependable access to bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications motivate utilization... Sample PDF
DWDM Technology and E-Government Initiatives
Chapter 40
Janice M. Burn, Colin G. Ash
Much has been written about e-business and how this concept will transform industries into virtual networks of customers and suppliers working... Sample PDF
Dynamic Planning Models for E-Business Strategy
Chapter 41
Prithviraj Dasgupta, Louise E. Moser, P. Michael Melliar-Smith
Over the last decade, e-commerce has significantly changed the traditional forms of interaction among humans in conducting business by automating... Sample PDF
Dynamic Pricing for E-Commerce
Chapter 42
Mark X. Xu, Siobhan Wilkes, Mahmood H. Shah
The financial service is facing a new delivery challenge in the shape of the Internet and e-commerce (Akamavi, 2005). The Internet as a channel for... Sample PDF
E-Banking Application and Issues in Abbey National Plc
Chapter 43
Sangin Park
Internet auctions began in 1995 and have been growing rapidly since. As of May 2001, the estimated total revenue of Internet auctions reaches $556... Sample PDF
eBay's Dominance in Internet Auctions
Chapter 44
Ben Clegg, Boon Tan
This article reports on a framework that has been successfully used to analyze the e-business capabilities of an organization with a view to... Sample PDF
E-Business Planning and Analysis Framework
Chapter 45
Pallab Saha
E-business process management (e-BPM) entails management of e-business processes with the customer initiating the process and involves non-linear... Sample PDF
E-Business Process Management and IT Government
Chapter 46
Sheng-Uei Guan
In emerging outcome of the popularization of the Internet is the electronic commerce and payment systems, which present great opportunities for... Sample PDF
E-Business Commerce Agents and Payment Systems
Chapter 47
Charlie Chen, Samuel C. Yang
E-commerce applications are primarily used at home and in the workplace. Utilitarian elements, including cognitive beliefs of perceived usefulness... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce Application Adoptions
Chapter 48
Wole Michael Olatokun, Isola Ajiferuke
Electronic commerce (or e-commerce) is the popular term for doing business electronically. According to Haag, Cummings, and McCubbrey (1998), for... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Challenges and Policy Considerations in Nigeria
Chapter 49
Daniele Scarpi, Francesca Dall’Olmo-Riley
Retailers having an online selling facility, or considering doing so, would benefit from a better understanding of the factors that influence... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Consumer and Product Characteristics
Chapter 50
Sushil K. Sharma
A digital economy is a convergence of communications, computing, and information. The essential in the new economy is a structural shift from the... Sample PDF
E-Commerce in a Digital Economy
Chapter 51
Janet Toland
Internet access in developing countries is growing rapidly. Developing countries accounted for one-third of Internet users worldwide by the end of... Sample PDF
E-Commerce in Developing Countries
Chapter 52
E-Commerce in Enron  (pages 314-318)
John Wang, Qiyang Chen, James Yao, Ruben Xing
Enron was formed in 1985 when a Houston natural gas company merged with InterNorth, a gas provider in Nebraska to operate an interstate natural gas... Sample PDF
E-Commerce in Enron
Chapter 53
Giancarlo Fortino, Alfredo Garro, Wilma Russo
The Internet offers a unique opportunity for e-commerce to take central stage in the rapidly growing online economy. With the advent of the Web, the... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Services Based on Mobile Agents
Chapter 54
Alev M. Efendioglu
The number of Internet users around the world has steadily grown, and this growth has provided the impetus and the opportunities for global and... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Use by Chinese Consumers
Chapter 55
E-Customer Loyalty  (pages 334-339)
Alvin Y.C. Yeo, Michael K.M. Chiam
Increasingly, businesses are beginning to understand the profit potential of loyal customers (Oliver, 1999). Marketers endowed with such consumers... Sample PDF
E-Customer Loyalty
Chapter 56
Michelle Rowe, Helen Cripps, Janice Burn, Craig Standing, Beth Walker, Shirley Bode
Technology increasingly pervades the business world and society generally. According to Walters (2004, p. 219) “markets have globalized, technology... Sample PDF
Effective Collaborative Commerce Adoption
Chapter 57
O. K.B. Barima
Recent trends indicate drives by various governments to adopt electronic means to handle their affairs and also provide value to their citizens... Sample PDF
E-Government and the Construction Industry
Chapter 58
Tan Yigitcanlar, Scott Baum
Many governments world wide are attempting to increase accountability, transparency, and the quality of services by adopting information and... Sample PDF
E-Government and the Digital Divide
Chapter 59
Wayne Huang, Yining Chen, K. L. Wang
This article intends to review important research issues in e-government and aims to shed light on future studies on e-government in a global... Sample PDF
E-Government Development and Implementation
Chapter 60
Rodrigo Sandoval Almazan, J. Ramón Gil-Garcia
Electronic government has become a powerful administrative tool for governments around the world (Dawes & Pardo, 2002; Fountain, 2001; UN & ASPA... Sample PDF
E-Government Portals in Mexico
Chapter 61
Sushil K. Sharma
E-government generally refers to the delivery of national or local government information and services via the Internet or other digital means... Sample PDF
E-Government Services Framework
Chapter 62
Abrams A. O’Byuonge, Leida Chen
The increasing use of the Internet by consumers gave rise to an information boom to health-care consumers. Not only could the Internet be used as a... Sample PDF
E-Health Dot-Coms' Critical Success Factors
Chapter 63
Yingge Wang, Qiang Cheng, Jie Cheng
The widespread and fast-developing information technologies, especially wireless communications and the Internet, have allowed for the realization... Sample PDF
E-Health Security and Privacy
Chapter 64
Fung Fai Ng
Our society is gradually changing from information-based to knowledge-based. The Internet is transforming our workplace and the ways we work and... Sample PDF
E-Learning Concepts and Development
Chapter 65
David Whiteley
The popular notion of e-commerce is a consumer interacting with a Web page to buy a book from Amazon or a ticket from Expedia. This is an important... Sample PDF
Electronic Data Interchange
Chapter 66
Rick Gibson, Christopher Brown
The emergence of online markets and e-business was expected to revolutionize market structures, supply chains, and consumer behavior. The... Sample PDF
Electronic Voting as the Key to Ballot Reform
Chapter 67
Electronic Word-of-Mouth  (pages 408-412)
Ronald E. Goldsmith
One of the most powerful and pervasive influences on consumer behavior is variously described as “social communication,” “word-of-mouth,” “opinion... Sample PDF
Electronic Word-of-Mouth
Chapter 68
Hope Koch
This article discusses a business-to-business (B2B) electronic marketplace’s (e-marketplace’s) turnaround. National Trucking Exchange (NTX), a... Sample PDF
E-Marketplace Regression of National Trucking Exchange
Chapter 69
Emergent Semantic Web  (pages 418-423)
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Tapas R. Sahoo
In less than a decade, the World Wide Web has become popular because of the depth of information it provides and the simplicity of its usage by... Sample PDF
Emergent Semantic Web
Chapter 70
Geert-Jan Houben, Lora Aroyo, Darina Dicheva
In recent years we have witnessed a growing interest in adaptation and personalization in numerous application domains including business... Sample PDF
Engineering Adaptive Concept-Based Systems for the Web
Chapter 71
Georg Feuerlicht, Jiri Vorisek
Following the recent changes in the global business environment, many organizations are reevaluating their approach to delivering enterprise... Sample PDF
Enterprise Application Service Model
Chapter 72
Michael Kyobe
Electronic communication developments have always been associated with many security risks since the ARPANET implementation in 1960s. In 1972, John... Sample PDF
Entrepreneur Behaviors on E-Commerce Security
Chapter 73
Tzouveli Paraskevi, Stefanos Kollias
As broadband connectivity to the Internet becomes faster, Web-based learning systems have appeared and play an important role for self-learning... Sample PDF
E-Questionnaire for Innovative Adaptive-Learning Scheme
Chapter 74
Fen Wang
The WWW, for better or worse, has forever changed the way retailers do business nowadays. E-shoppers, who become more sophisticated and mature... Sample PDF
E-Shoppers' Perception of Web-Based Decision Aid
Chapter 75
Alexander Verbraeck, Tamrat Tewoldeberhan, Marijn Janssen
The world today is witnessing a growing interest in conducting supply chain business processes electronically. Different supporting technologies are... Sample PDF
E-Supply Chain Orchestration
Chapter 76
Anne Wiggins
Although motivating electronic business (e-business) adoption and implemention by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is endorsed by policies... Sample PDF
EU SMEs and E-Business Innovation
Chapter 77
Sorel Reisman
Distance learning (DL), distance education, remote education, online learning, e-learning, learning at a distance, and distributed learning are all... Sample PDF
Evolution of Computer-Based Distance Learning
Chapter 78
Der-Chyuan Lou, Jiang-Lung Liu, Hao-Kuan Tso
Information-hiding technology is an ancient art and has existed for several centuries. In the past, messages could easily be intercepted because... Sample PDF
Evolution of Information-Hiding Technology
Chapter 79
Anesh Maniraj Singh
The Internet was initially developed for military purposes but soon grew into an academic tool intended to disseminate research from one institution... Sample PDF
Evolution of Marketing to E-Marketing
Chapter 80
Pauline Ratnasingham
E-commerce is defined as a means of conducting business electronically via online transactions among trading partners. Forrester Research predicted... Sample PDF
Evolution of Trust in Business-to-Business E-Commerce
Chapter 81
Alberto de Medeiros, Marcelo Schneck de Pessoa, Fernando José Barbin Laurindo
Among the many important contributions that information technology (IT) applications provide to organizations, Internet based applications may be... Sample PDF
Evolution Stages in Web Applications
Chapter 82
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou
The digital, knowledge-based economy (European Commission, 2003a) has a strong impact on the life of all citizens at the global level. Under... Sample PDF
Exploiting Public Sector Information through Innovative E-Government Policies
Chapter 83
Failure of  (pages 514-519)
Jijie Wang, Yi Ding, Detmar Straub
The growing U.S. furniture and home furnishing market is highly segmented (Bransten, 2000). Although many large manufactures and retailers have 100... Sample PDF
Failure of
Chapter 84
Christiano Leite Castro, Antônio Pádua Braga
Investment strategies usually aim at achieving maximum profitability what, according to current management theory (Refenes, Burgess, & Bentz, 1997)... Sample PDF
Forecasting the Stock Market with ANNs and Autonomous Agents
Chapter 85
Clare Brindley
Gambling providers have begun to exploit the Internet as a vehicle for marketing their products and services. This article discusses the increase in... Sample PDF
Gambling Over the Internet
Chapter 86
José Manuel Ortega Egea, Manuel Recio Menendez
One of the most differential characteristics between the Internet and other traditional media relates to the relatively easier “global market reach”... Sample PDF
Global Marketing on the Internet
Chapter 87
Reima Suomi
The pressures for the health care industry are well known and very similar in all developed countries: altering populations, shortage of resources... Sample PDF
Governing Health Care with IT
Chapter 88
René Rosenbaum, Christian Tominski, Heidrun Schumann
The enthusiasm for mobile computing is still unbroken as a year on year increase of 51% in the overall global shipments of mobile devices in the... Sample PDF
Graphical Content on Mobile Devices
Chapter 89
Wenbing Zhao, Louise E. Moser, P. Michael Melliar-Smith
Enterprise applications, such as those for e-commerce and e-government, are becoming more and more critical to our economy and society. Such... Sample PDF
High Availability and Data Consistency for Three-Tier Enterprise Applications
Chapter 90
History of E-Commerce  (pages 559-564)
Yan Tian, Concetta Stewart
E-commerce or electronic commerce, also known as e-business, refers to the transaction of goods and services through electronic communications.... Sample PDF
History of E-Commerce
Chapter 91
Michael Lang
There has been considerable speculation of late that the design of hypermedia and Web-based systems warrants new methods different from those used... Sample PDF
Hypermedia and Associated Concepts
Chapter 92
T. T. Wong
Globalization of the social economy will further increase during the 21st century. The mission of international air transportation will become more... Sample PDF
ICT Applications in Aviation
Chapter 93
Albert Boonstra, Bert de Brock
The past few years, many organizations have been using the Internet in quite arbitrary and experimental ways. This phase, which can be considered as... Sample PDF
Identifying E-Business Options
Chapter 94
Cãlin Gurau
Companies are increasingly embracing customer relationship management (CRM) as a major element of corporate strategy, for two important reasons: new... Sample PDF
Implementing CRM Systems in Online Enterprises
Chapter 95
Indexing Mobile Objects  (pages 594-599)
Panayiotis Bozanis
The past few years have shown a significant increase in the volume and diversity of data stored in database management systems. Among these are... Sample PDF
Indexing Mobile Objects
Chapter 96
Sherrie D. Cannoy, A. F. Salam
There is growing concern that the healthcare industry has not adopted IT systems as widely and effectively as other industries. Healthcare... Sample PDF
Information Assurance in E-Healthcare
Chapter 97
Robert S. Moore, Merrill Warkentin, Melissa Moore
In the past 20 years, an explosion in the ability of firms to acquire and integrate vast amounts of electronic customer information has occurred.... Sample PDF
Information Integration for Relationship Management
Chapter 98
Edward J. Szewczak
The use of various e-technologies for e-commerce, e-government, and mobile commerce is characterized by the collection of personal information—both... Sample PDF
Information Privacy and E-Technologies
Chapter 99
Andreas Mitrakas
The growing use of information technology in sensitive daily transactions highlights the significance of information security to protect information... Sample PDF
Information Security for Legal Safety
Chapter 100
Sushil K. Sharma
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the fastest growing industry the world over and it impacts business, international trade, and national... Sample PDF
Inherent E-Commerce Barriers for SMEs
Chapter 101
Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess
Adoption of a new technology cannot be automatically assumed. The implementation of an e-commerce system in a small to medium enterprise (SME)... Sample PDF
Innovation Translation and E-Commerce in SMEs
Chapter 102
J. Ramón Gil-Garcia, Luis Felipe Luna-Reyes
In general terms, electronic government (or digital government) refers to the selection, implementation, and use of information and communication... Sample PDF
Integrating Conceptual Approaches to E-Government
Chapter 103
S. Guan
It has been projected that electronic commerce conducted via mobile devices such as cellular phones and PDAs will become a whopping $25 billion... Sample PDF
Intelligent Product Brokering and Preference Tracking Services
Chapter 104
Sephen Hawk, Weijun Zheng
A standard is a framework of specifications that has been approved by a recognized standards organization (de jure standard), is accepted as a de... Sample PDF
Interaction Standards in E-Business
Chapter 105
Jean-Philippe Rennard
“If I have seen further it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” The famous statement of Sir Isaac Newton demonstrates that the progress of... Sample PDF
Internet and Access to Scholarly Publications
Chapter 106
Pat Foley, Danny Samson
On August 16, 1999, the world’s first Internet commodity exchange-traded metals sale took place when WMC, an Australian resources company, sold five... Sample PDF
Internet in a Commodity Mining Company
Chapter 107
Internet Pharmacies  (pages 666-671)
Philip Rosson
The advent of Internet technology has affected the pharmaceutical industry in at least two ways. First, existing companies have implemented Internet... Sample PDF
Internet Pharmacies
Chapter 108
Internet Search Engines  (pages 672-677)
Vijay Kasi, Radhika Jain
In the context of the Internet, a search engine can be defined as a software program designed to help one access information, documents, and other... Sample PDF
Internet Search Engines
Chapter 109
Thorsten Blecker
One of the most important changes in the technological and economic environment of industrial firms is the increasing diffusion and strongly... Sample PDF
Internet Technologies in Factory Automation
Chapter 110
T. T. Wong, W. K. Chan
The Marine Region of the Hong Kong Police Force is responsible for policing the waters and 262 islands that lie within the 1,651 square kilometers... Sample PDF
Internet-Based Marine Maintenance Information System
Chapter 111
Kyung Woo Kang, Deborah E. Rosen
The emergence of online communities has brought a profound impact on human interaction and methods of information exchange in society. More than... Sample PDF
Knowledge Creation in Online Communities
Chapter 112
Ha Sung Hwang, Concetta Stewart
The dot-com industry began in the early 1990s as a collection of startup companies using the Internet as their primary means to conduct business.... Sample PDF
Lessons from Dot-Com Boom and Bust
Chapter 113
Thomas P. Van Dyke, Hamid R. Nemati, Christopher D. Barko
A holistic view of the customer is a desirable resource in many organizations today. The findings from a recent DMG Consulting study confirm this... Sample PDF
Leveraging Customer Data Integration for Effective E-CRM Analytics
Chapter 114
Wenye Wang
One of the most salient features of wireless communications is that users can deploy a variety of wireless devices to communicate with others... Sample PDF
Location Management and Mobility Modeling in Wireless Systems
Chapter 115
Christopher Ververidis, George C. Polyzos
Advances in wireless communications and information technology have made the mobile Web a reality. The mobile Web is the response to the need for... Sample PDF
Location-Based Services in Mobile Communications Industry
Chapter 116
Managing Advergames  (pages 721-728)
Cãlin Gurau
Advergames have been defined as online games that incorporate marketing content (Dobrow, 2004). They are interactive games that are centered around... Sample PDF
Managing Advergames
Chapter 117
Colin G. Ash, Janice M. Burn
Kalakota and Robinson (1999) state that “the creation and implementation of an e-business project is inextricably linked to the management of... Sample PDF
Managing E-Business Change
Chapter 118
M-Commerce Opportunities  (pages 736-739)
Pouwan Lei
The mobile phone industry has experienced an explosive growth in recent years. Mobile phone subscriber numbers have passed the 1.6 billion mark at... Sample PDF
M-Commerce Opportunities
Chapter 119
Jon T.S. Quah, Winnie C.H. Leow, Y. K. Soh
In the past decades, the Internet has evolved so rapidly that it makes the information-technology industry grow extremely fast. Internet-based... Sample PDF
Mobile Agent Assisted E-Learning System
Chapter 120
Sheng-Uei Guan
Electronic Commerce: A Booming Industry There is now a gradual shift of many of the traditional business models from the real world to the Internet... Sample PDF
Mobile Agent-Based Auction Services
Chapter 121
Cheon-Pyo Lee, Merrill Warkentin
The last decade has witnessed the rapid growth of mobile communication devices and wireless technologies across the globe. The convergence of mobile... Sample PDF
Mobile Banking Systems and Technologies
Chapter 122
Jianliang Xu
Location-based services (LBS) are services that answer queries based on the locations with which the queries are associate; normally the locations... Sample PDF
Mobile Caching for Location-Based Services
Chapter 123
Krassie Petrova
The potential advantages of mobile commerce applications have been discussed extensively in the recent literature, with many industries offering... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Applications and Adoption
Chapter 124
Anesh Maniraj Singh
The last decade has seen a rush among businesses to get onto the Internet. Since its introduction, e-commerce has grown in leaps and bounds. The... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce in South Africa
Chapter 125
Kin Choong Yow, Nitin Mittal
In a mobile-commerce world, shops could provide product brochures, cards, sounds, songs and so forth in the form of multimedia messaging... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Multimedia Messaging Peer
Chapter 126
Samuel Pierre
Mobile electronic commerce (or m-commerce) is generally defined as the set of financial transactions that can be carried out over a wireless mobile... Sample PDF
Mobile Electronic Commerce
Chapter 127
Wen-Chen Hu, Jyh-haw Yeh, Hung-Jen Yang, Chung-wei Lee
With the introduction of the World Wide Web, electronic commerce has revolutionized traditional commerce and boosted sales and exchanges of... Sample PDF
Mobile Handheld Devices for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 128
Witold Abramowicz, Krzysztof Banaskiewicz, Karol Wieloch, Pawel Zebrowski
Information filtering techniques have been continuously developed to meet challenges arisen from new requirements of Information Society. These... Sample PDF
Mobile Information Filtering
Chapter 129
Chris Galloway
Public relations is about the “ethical and strategic management of communication and relationships” (Johnston & Zawawi, 2004, p. 6) with individuals... Sample PDF
Mobile Public Relations Strategies
Chapter 130
Thorsten Blecker, Nizar Abdelkafi
Web-based customization refers to an e-commerce business model whereby customers can individualize their products via the electronic channel. The... Sample PDF
Multi-Agent System for Web-Based Customization
Chapter 131
Maria Madlberger
The Internet is not only a significant communication medium, it is also largely used as a channel of distribution. In the very beginning of the... Sample PDF
Multi-Channel Retailing in B2C E-Commerce
Chapter 132
Shaoyi He
The World Wide Web (the Web), a distributed hypermedia information system that provides global access to the Internet, has been most widely used for... Sample PDF
Multilingual Web Sites in Global Electronic Commerce
Chapter 133
Multimedia Proxy Servers  (pages 829-835)
Philip Kwok Chung Tse
On the Internet, multimedia objects are stored in content servers. The clients behind some proxy servers are located over a wide area network (WAN)... Sample PDF
Multimedia Proxy Servers
Chapter 134
Udo Richard Averweg
Information and knowledge are keys to development in the knowledge-based society. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are playing an... Sample PDF
Municiple Information Society in South Africa
Chapter 135
Yuan Gao, Marios Koufaris, Robert H. Ducoffe
Companies who engage in online commerce find themselves dwelling at the intersection of the real and the virtual, and facing a task that is more... Sample PDF
Negative Effects of Advertising Techniques in Electronic Commerce
Chapter 136
Cãlin Gurau
The Privacy Journal (2003), a print newsletter and Web site devoted to privacy matters, defines the present-day use of the word privacy as “the... Sample PDF
Negotiating Online Privacy Rights
Chapter 137
Online Advertising Fraud  (pages 853-857)
Robert S. Owen
This article discusses illegitimate activities associated with online promotion activities, specifically those related to click-through fraud.... Sample PDF
Online Advertising Fraud
Chapter 138
Seongwook Youn, Dennis McLeod
Ontologies play a key role in realizing the full power of e-technology. Ontologies allow for machine-understandable semantics of data, and... Sample PDF
Ontology Development Tools for Ontology-Based Knowledge Management
Chapter 139
Costas Vassilakis, George Lepouras
In the past few years, information and communication technologies are increasingly used for provision of public services, improvement of managerial... Sample PDF
Ontology for E-Government Public Services
Chapter 140
Sheng-Uei Guan
M-commerce is largely unrealized to date because there still does not exist a single killer application that can attract wireless users to use... Sample PDF
Ontology-Based Query Formation and Information Retrieval
Chapter 141
Amir Hassan, Herkko Hietnen
Future scenarios of organizations envision companies that are organized around a central knowledge base in the form of a network. It is assumed that... Sample PDF
Open Content Distribution Management in Virtual Organizations
Chapter 142
Kwasi Boateng, Beatrice A. Boateng
The value of the Internet as a flexible tool for the posting and exchange of information is expressed in the potential it has for governance... Sample PDF
Open Source Community Portals for E-Government
Chapter 143
Beatrice A. Boateng, Kwasi Boateng
Advances in computer technology have led to the increase in the use of information technology in business (Barron, 2002). Computer-mediated... Sample PDF
Open Source LMS for Management and E-Business Applications
Chapter 144
Ya-Yueh Shih, Kwoting Fang
Strides in information technology and improvements in networking technology have set the pace for rapid growth in new applications of electronic... Sample PDF
Overall Satisfaction Prediction
Chapter 145
B. Dawn Medlin, Joseph A. Cazier, Dinesh S. Dave
With the exponential growth of the Internet and e-commerce, the need for secure transactions has become a necessity for both consumer and business.... Sample PDF
Password Security Issues on an E-Commerce Site
Chapter 146
Jon T.S. Quah, Winnie C.H. Leow, Chee Chye Ong
The Internet, especially the World Wide Web, is moving from a free, academic domain to a profitable commercial world. This underscores the... Sample PDF
Payment Mechanism of Mobile Agent-Based Restaurant Ordering System
Chapter 147
HY Sonya Hsu, Songpol Kulviwat
he advancement of wireless technology facilitates both consumers’ activities and business transactions. With the rapid proliferation and widespread... Sample PDF
Personalization and Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Commerce
Chapter 148
Juergen Anke, David Sundaram
Personalization is an approach to increase the usability of complex information systems and present the user with a comprehensible interface that is... Sample PDF
Personalization Techniques and Their Application
Chapter 149
Jörg Becker, Lars Algermissen, Björn Niehaves
From the beginning of the 90s, public administration has been confronted by a series of new demands. Society has been transformed by the influence... Sample PDF
Process-Oriented Reorganization Projects in Electronic Government
Chapter 150
Zhen Chen, Heng Li, Stephen C.W. Kong, Ju Hong, Qing Xu
As a modern way to conduct business in the global economic environment, e-commerce is becoming an essential component integrated with traditional... Sample PDF
Process Simulation for E-Commerce Systems
Chapter 151
Thorsten Blecker
Product configuration systems are considered to be important enablers of the mass-customization strategy. They are the most successful applications... Sample PDF
Product Configuration Systems
Chapter 152
Claudia Loebecke
The use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) in the retail supply chain and at the point of sale (POS) holds much promise to revolutionize the... Sample PDF
RFID in the Retail Supply Chain
Chapter 153
Sheng-Uei Guan
Agent-based e-commerce is a promising novelty that performs tasks such as payment, mediation, interaction, and sales promotion in simple and... Sample PDF
Secure Agent Fabrication, Evolution, and Roaming
Chapter 154
Sheng-Uei Guan
One hindrance to the widespread adoption of mobile agent technology (Johansen et al., 2002) is the lack of security. SAFER, or Secure Agent... Sample PDF
Secure Agent for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 155
Samuel Pierre
Electronic commerce or e-commerce can be briefly defined as a financial transaction or commercial information between two parties based on data... Sample PDF
Security Issues Concerning Mobile Commerce
Chapter 156
Marco Cremonini, Ernesto Damiani, Sabrina Capitani di Vimercati, Pierangela Samarati, Angelo Corallo, Gianluca Elia
Access to general purpose information and communication technology (ICT) is not equally distributed on our planet: developed countries represent... Sample PDF
Security, Privacy, and Trust in Mobile Systems
Chapter 157
Jorge Cardoso
A few years ago, e-commerce applications were mainly focused on handling transactions and managing catalogs. Applications automated only a small... Sample PDF
Semantics for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 158
George Yee, Larry Korba
The rapid growth of the Internet has been accompanied by a proliferation of e-services targeting consumers. E-services are available for banking... Sample PDF
Semi-Automated Seeding of Personal Privacy Policies in E-Services
Chapter 159
Sensis Search  (pages 993-997)
Fang Zhang
In 2002, Sensis Pty. Ltd. was launched as a new corporate brand and company name to replace the Pacific Access Pty. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary... Sample PDF
Sensis Search
Chapter 160
Kwan-Ming Wan, Pouwan Lei, Chris Chatwin, Rupert Young
The established global business environment is under intense pressure from Asian countries such as Korea, China, and India. This forces businesses... Sample PDF
Service-Oriented Architecture
Chapter 161
Nicolaos Protogeros
This article presents some trends in e-commerce technology and more specifically the service-oriented architectures (SOA) and its interoperability... Sample PDF
Service-Oriented Architectures and Virtual Enterprises
Chapter 162
John O’Looney
In the first decade of the 21st century, citizenship is increasingly channeled into and organized through digital communications and experiences... Sample PDF
Simulation Technologies for Enhancing Citizen Participation
Chapter 163
Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess, Mohini Singh
A portal is a special Web site designed to act as a gateway to give access to other related sites (Tatnall 2005b). It is often used as a base site... Sample PDF
Small Business and Regional Portals in Australia
Chapter 164
Assion Lawson-Body, Abdou Illia
The primary objective of this study is to examine the effects of the Internet’s Web tools (the level of Web content and the level of security on the... Sample PDF
SME's Perceptions of B2B E-Commerce
Chapter 165
Michalis Xenos
In the past few years, a large number of e-government and e-commerce systems have been developed, thus resulting to a constantly increasing number... Sample PDF
Software Metrics and Measurements
Chapter 166
Jari Sao, Jaana Tahtinen
Mobile advertising, or m-advertising, refers to ads sent to and presented on mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDAs (personal digital... Sample PDF
Special Features of Mobile Advertising and Their Utilization
Chapter 167
Yutakai Kurihara
Approximately 10 years have passed since the words such as digital cash, digital money, electronic money, and e-cash have been introduced. Progress... Sample PDF
Spreading Use of Digital Cash
Chapter 168
Pallab Saha
Free trading has been instrumental in the enormous growth of the number and volume of cross-border trading transactions across all industries. In... Sample PDF
Straight-Thought Processing Adoption
Chapter 169
Todd Brace, Zane Berge
As pressure increases for training to justify itself as an activity with a return on investment (ROI), it needs to align its activities with the... Sample PDF
Strategic Planning for Distance Training
Chapter 170
Chung-Shing Lee, Yiche Grace Chen, Ya-Han Fan
A successful e-commerce venture requires a viable business model and a long-term sustainable strategy. When planning and implementing e-commerce... Sample PDF
Structure and Components of E-Commerce Business Model
Chapter 171
George Lepouras, Anya Soriropoulou, Dimitrios Theotokis, Costas Vassilakis
Real-world information, knowledge, and procedures after which information systems are modeled are generally of dynamic nature and subject to... Sample PDF
Tailorable E-Government Information Systems
Chapter 172
Robert Statica, Fadi P. Deek
We discuss an interconnectivity framework for data and content delivery to mobile devices that allows data of higher priority to reach the mobile... Sample PDF
Topology for Intelligent Mobile Computing
Chapter 173
Albert L. Harris, Charlie Chen
Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a conduit to innovative ways of conducting e-business processes, as well as facilitating e-business... Sample PDF
Traditional and Internet EDI Adoption Barriers
Chapter 174
Paul Alexander, Janice M. Burn
Over the last decade, organisations have been forced to re-examine the role of ICT as a support tool and accept that it has become a major driver... Sample PDF
Transformation of E-Fulfilment Industry Capabilities
Chapter 175
Narasimha Paravastu, David Gefen
E-commerce is a viable mode of shopping. Forrester Research Inc. estimates that the U.S. online sales will reach $316 billion by 2010, which... Sample PDF
Trust as an Enabler of E-Commerce
Chapter 176
István Mezgar
Based on the results of the information and communications technologies (ICTs), a new “digital” economy and society are arising. This new computer-... Sample PDF
Trust in E-Government Services
Chapter 177
Trust in E-Technologies  (pages 1101-1108)
Andrea Oermann, Jana Dittmann
When reflecting the term trust, there are two main hypotheses which can be found in most of the literature: First, trust is presented as an... Sample PDF
Trust in E-Technologies
Chapter 178
Ned Kock
Over the years, many theories have been used to understand e-communication and e-collaboration behavior (Kock, 2004; Markus, 2005). Arguably, the... Sample PDF
Unexpected Outcomes of Lean E-Collaboration
Chapter 179
Stamatis Karnouskos, András Vilmos
An old saying coming from the telecom world states that nothing can be really considered as a service unless you are able to charge for it. The last... Sample PDF
Universal Approach to Mobile Payments
Chapter 180
Using E-Book for Learning  (pages 1120-1125)
K. C. Chu, Queendy Lam
The vocational education system in Hong Kong is seen as changing in step with the development in industry (O & Chu, 2003). At the beginning of the... Sample PDF
Using E-Book for Learning
Chapter 181
Jonah C. Tyan
Due to escalating global competition and a decline in profit margins, most multinational corporations pursue global sourcing through a global supply... Sample PDF
Using Collaborative Transportation Management in Global Supply Chain
Chapter 182
Ron Craig
Can failure play an important role in developing a successful e-comm, dot-com, or Internet-based venture? This chapter shows that testing the firm’s... Sample PDF
Using Failure to Develop a Successful Business
Chapter 183
Sherrie D. Cannoy, Lakshmi Iyer
A large number of patients currently utilize the Internet to access healthcare-related information (Tobin, 2002). Many physician and health-related... Sample PDF
Using Hospital Web Sites to Enhance Communication
Chapter 184
Vehicular Telematics Systems  (pages 1146-1151)
Gennaro Costagliola, Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci
In the last 15 years, connectivity and communications have increased dramatically. As a matter of fact, from 1990 to 2Q of 2004, the number of... Sample PDF
Vehicular Telematics Systems
Chapter 185
Assion Lawson-Body, Glenn Miller, Thomas M. Saddler Jr.
The importance of electronic service delivery was recognized at the beginning of the emergence of the Internet (Huang & Hu, 2004); thereafter much... Sample PDF
Veteran Service Management and E-Government Service Delivery Performance
Chapter 186
R. Zachary Finney, Angeline Grace Close
The virtual agency (VA) is a new form of advertising/promotions organization. By using technology to create ad hoc teams of promotions... Sample PDF
Virtual Agency as a New Force in the Promotions Industry, The
Chapter 187
Carlos Flavian, Miguel Guinaliu
As a result of the new possibilities offered by Internet managers are increasing options provided by the new technologies in strategic planning. The... Sample PDF
Virtual Communities and E-Business Management
Chapter 188
O. K.B. Barima
History is laden with many technological breakthroughs which have had enduring impacts on business affairs (e.g., automobile, mass power generation... Sample PDF
Virtual Concept Use in the Construction Industry
Chapter 189
Luís Carlos M. Pires, José Dinis A. Carvalho, Nuno A. Moreira
Competition among enterprises is changing. Initially competition was made between individual production systems. Now we are assisting to development... Sample PDF
Virtual Enterprise Organization
Chapter 190
Panayiotis Tahinakis, John Muylonakis, Nicolaos Protogeros, Dimitrios Ginoglou
The growth and expansion of enterprises into foreign markets presuppose the aggregation of financial information that includes non homogeneous... Sample PDF
Virtual Enterprises' Accounting Difficulties
Chapter 191
Leo Tan Wee Hin, R. Subramaniam
Governments are a strategic necessity, as they provide the overarching administrative machinery to ensure that national (and citizens’) needs are... Sample PDF
Virtual Government in Singapore
Chapter 192
Sheng-Uei Guan
Information overload has become a real problem with the ever-increasing amount of available online resources. One possible solution is the... Sample PDF
Virtual Marketplace for Agent-Based Electrnic Commerce
Chapter 193
Web Accessibility  (pages 1205-1210)
Gennaro Costagliola, Sergio Di Martino, Filomena Ferrucci, Carmine Gravino
Accessibility means making resources usable by the largest number of people possible, or alternatively, allowing people with some kind of disability... Sample PDF
Web Accessibility
Chapter 194
Carlos Miguel Tobar, Ricardo Lui´s de Freitas, Ivan Luiz Marques Ricarte
Recent developments in the World Wide Web infrastructure enabled the development of highly interactive hypermedia systems for e-commerce... Sample PDF
Web Design Dimension and Adaptation
Chapter 195
Web Portal Gateways  (pages 1217-1221)
Arthur Tatnall
The term Web portal is overused and takes on a different meaning depending on the view of the author. This article will investigate the concept of a... Sample PDF
Web Portal Gateways
Chapter 196
Web Services  (pages 1222-1229)
Louise E. Moser, P. M. Meliar-Smith
Web services are changing the way in which the World Wide Web is currently being used. The Web was created originally to support human-to-computer... Sample PDF
Web Services
Chapter 197
Susy S. Chan, Vince Kellen
Web service technology is moving into the mainstream. HTTP-based integration is proving more useful than prior approaches for integrating... Sample PDF
Web Services and B2B Collaboration
Chapter 198
Web Services Security  (pages 1236-1242)
Fergle D’Aubeterre, A. F. Salam
Web services provide a standard architecture for heterogeneous systems to share and exchange information over the Internet (Iyer, Freedman, Gaynor... Sample PDF
Web Services Security
Chapter 199
Web Traffic Aggregation  (pages 1243-1247)
Robert S. Owen
One reason for registering domain names is for use in funneling Web traffic to a particular destination. Procter & Gamble (P&G) owns many domain... Sample PDF
Web Traffic Aggregation
Chapter 200
Wita Wojtkowski
Portals are information systems that support the user in his or her individual process with information production and communication. The term... Sample PDF
Web-Enabled Potals for E-Business Workplace
Chapter 201
Spiros Louvros, Gerasimos Pylarinos, Stavros Kotsopoulos
During the last decade mobile communication networks follow the evolution of fixed networks in order to provide moving subscribers with all the... Sample PDF
Wireless LAN Access Technology
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