The Rise and Fall of

The Rise and Fall of

J. E. Peltier (Georgia State University, USA)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-414-9.ch007
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This case study describes the lifecycle of CyberGold, a start-up “Dot Com” firm that rose to prominence in the world of online currency and micro-payments. The case describes the inception of the firm, the talent base of its senior executives, and its innovative and patented business model, known as “Attention Brokerage.” The case focuses on a specific decision problem faced by CyberGold’s team of senior managers early in its lifecycle: how to modify the company’s business model and communication with its members, in order to encourage repeat visits to its site and to provide a clearer understanding of where CyberGold credits may be spent by members.

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Table of Contents
Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
Debabroto Chatterjee, Rick Watson
Infosys Technologies Ltd., one of the world’s most profitable IT services company, implemented a customer relationship management (CRM) system... Sample PDF
Infosys Technologies Limited: Unleashing CIMBA
Chapter 2
M. R. Andrews, R. Papp
The Keane Company, founded in 1965 by John F. Keane, has grown from a local software service company into a national firm which has three operating... Sample PDF
The Application of IT for Competitive Advantage at Keane, Inc.
Chapter 3
Christoph Schneider, Suprateek Sarker
This case study examines an often overlooked context of information system failures, that of pre-implementation failure. It focuses on an... Sample PDF
A Case of Information Systems Pre-Implementation Failure: Pitfalls of Overlooking the Key Stakeholders' Interests
Chapter 4
L. Schatzberg
The case describes information and business planning, realities of the volatile industry, outsourcing for IS planning leadership, and using a... Sample PDF
The Information Plan for Celerity Enterprises, Inc.: A Teaching Case
Chapter 5
Pankaj Bagri, L. S. Murty, T. R. Madanmohan, Rajendra K. Bandi
This case gives a detailed description of the adoption of an e-business initiative by Miracle Industries Limited (MIL), a fast-moving consumer goods... Sample PDF
Project MI-Net: An Inter-Organizational E-Business Adoption Study
Chapter 6
A. Schiff
This case describes an alternative to developing expensive systems, which is to acquire general-purpose software that has been developed for a wide... Sample PDF
An Innovative Adaptation of General Purpose Accounting Software for a Municipal Social Services Agency
Chapter 7
J. E. Peltier
This case study describes the lifecycle of CyberGold, a start-up “Dot Com” firm that rose to prominence in the world of online currency and... Sample PDF
The Rise and Fall of
Chapter 8
P. Reijonen, J. Heikkila
The object of this case study is a marketing and sales information system in two local offices of a regional telephone company. A unified, advanced... Sample PDF
The Planned and Materialized Implementation of an Information System
Chapter 9
C. T. Caine
This case describes the development, design, and implementation of a workflow automation system at a tier one automotive supplier, T1-Auto. T1 is a... Sample PDF
The T-1 Auto Inc. Production Part Testing (PPT) Process: A Workflow Automation Success Story
Chapter 10
A. Guenette
This case describes the implementation of the payroll and human resources modules of an integrated software product in a large manufacturing... Sample PDF
Implementing an Integrated Software Product at Northern Steel
Chapter 11
D. Paper, W. Mok
Vicro Communications (we use a pseudonym to mask the identity of the organization) sought to reengineer its basic business processes with the aid of... Sample PDF
The Relationship Between BPR and ERP-Systems: A Failed Project
Chapter 12
Jay Liebowitz
This case study highlights the concept that the “management” of the technology is usually the limiting factor causing the demise of a project rather... Sample PDF
Introducing Expert Systems at the Corporation
Chapter 13
S. Poon, D. May
This case discusses how a small specialist medical clinic (named ECS) tries to stay competitive by applying innovations through information... Sample PDF
Leveraging IT and Business Network by a Small Medical Practice
Chapter 14
Sorel Reisman
The subject of this case is a computer-based cost-benefit forecasting model (CBFM), developed to investigate possible long-term effects of improved... Sample PDF
Costs and Benefits of Software Engineering in Product Development Environments
Chapter 15
M. S. Raisinghani
The case study describes the process of planning and implementation of an integrated software designed to automate the sales schedule process. The... Sample PDF
Systems Design Issues in Planning and Implementation: Lessons Learned and Strategies for Management
Chapter 16
William H. Money
This case presents data concerning the choices among information system development strategies, tools, systems which could be selected for upgrade... Sample PDF
Montclair Mutual Insurance Company
Chapter 17
Y. Mustafa
This case describes the development of an information system at the Missouri-based General Chemicals Inc., which is one of the largest... Sample PDF
Implementing Information Technology to Effectively Utilize Enterprise Information Resources
Chapter 18
Ira Yermish
This case study describes the gradual evolution of the use of information technology, first to support basic transaction processing, and ultimately... Sample PDF
Evolving Organizational Growth through Information Technology
Chapter 19
IS Strategy at NZMilk  (pages 272-284)
P. Cragg, B. McQueen
This case study examines Nzmilk, a small, successful, fresh milk supplier. The company has lost some of their market to competitors, but also gained... Sample PDF
IS Strategy at NZMilk
Chapter 20
K. A. Wagner
This case describes how a majority of users of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) at a family medicine clinic located in a small city in the western... Sample PDF
Life After a Disastrous Electronic Medical Record Implementation: One Clinic's Experience
Chapter 21
J. A. Rodger, P. C. Pendharkar
The case study describes the process of planning, analysis, design and implementation of an integrated voice interactive device (VID) for the Navy.... Sample PDF
Military Applications of Natural Language Processing and Software
Chapter 22
D. Christozov
In Bulgaria, mineral resources are property of the State. The case specifies the functions of “Geochemia”, information systems and technologies used... Sample PDF
Geochemia: Information Systems to Support Chemical Analysis in Geological Researches
Chapter 23
Craig Van Slyke, France Belanger, Marcy Kittner
With the advent of Web-based electronic commerce (e-commerce), businesses of all sizes rushed to take advantage of the potential of e-commerce... Sample PDF
ACEnet: Facilitating Economic Development Through Small Business Electronic Commerce
Chapter 24
J. Martin Santana, Jamie Serida-Nishimura, Eddie Morris-Abarca, Ricardo Diaz-Baron
The case describes the implementation process of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system at Alimentos Peru, one of the largest foods... Sample PDF
Selecting and Implementing an ERP System at Alimentos Peru
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