Robustness Against DA/AD Conversion: Concepts, Challenges, and Examples

Robustness Against DA/AD Conversion: Concepts, Challenges, and Examples

Martin Steinebach (Fraunhofer SIT, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-513-9.ch012
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This chapter discusses the robustness of digital audio watermarking algorithms against digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversions. This is an important challenge in many audio watermarking applications. We provide an overview on distortions caused by converting the signal in various scenarios. This includes environmental influences like background noise or room acoustics when taking microphone recordings as well as sound sampling effects like quantization noise. The aim is to show the complexity of influences that needto be taken into account. Additionally, we show test results of our own audio watermarking algorithm with respect to analogue recordings using a microphone which proves that a high robustness in this area can be achieved. To improve even the robustness of algorithms, we briefly introduce strategies against downmixing and playback speed changes of the audio signal.

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Table of Contents
Nedeljko Cvejic, Tapio Seppänen
Chapter 1
Nedeljko Cvejic, Tapio Seppänen
This chapter gives a general overview of the audio watermarking fundamental definitions. Audio watermarking algorithms are characterized by five... Sample PDF
Introduction to Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 2
Xing He
This chapter is a comprehensive presentation of spread spectrum-based digital audio watermarking methods. The problem is viewed as the realization... Sample PDF
Spread Spectrum for Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 3
Yi-Wen Liu
This chapter promotes the use of parametric synthesis models in digital audio watermarking. It argues that, because human auditory perception is not... Sample PDF
Audio Watermarking Through Parametric Synthesis Models
Chapter 4
Nikos Nikolaidis, Alexia Giannoula
Digital rights management of audio signals through robust watermarking has received significant attention during the last years. Two approaches for... Sample PDF
Robust Zero-Bit and Multi-Bit Audio Watermarking Using Correlation Detection and Chaotic Signals
Chapter 5
Say Wei Foo
Based on the requirement of watermark recovery, watermarking techniques may be classified under one of three schemes: non-blind watermarking scheme... Sample PDF
Three Techniques of Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 6
Ryouichi Nishimura, Yôiti Suzuki
This chapter introduces time-spread echo hiding as an advanced audio watermarking method based on echo hiding. After reviewing some relevant... Sample PDF
Advanced Audio Watermarking Based on Echo Hiding: Time-Spread Echo Hiding
Chapter 7
Wen-Chih Wu, Oscal Chen
In this chapter, detailed explanations would be given on the role of echo hiding playing in audio watermarking, in terms of background, functions... Sample PDF
Analysis-by-Synthesis Echo Watermarking
Chapter 8
Hyoung-Joong Kim, Shijun Xiang, In-Kwon Yeo
The patchwork watermarking scheme is investigated in this chapter. The performance of this algorithm in terms of imperceptibility, robustness and... Sample PDF
Robustness Analysis of Patchwork Watermarking Schemes
Chapter 9
Sridhar Krishnan, Behnaz Ghoraani
In this book chapter, we present an overview of our time-frequency (TF) based audio watermarking methods. First, a motivation on the necessity of... Sample PDF
Time-Frequency Analysis of Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 10
Dimitrios Koukopoulos
In this chapter, we will present a brief overview of audio watermarking with the focus on a novel audio watermarking scheme which is based on... Sample PDF
Digital Audio Watermarking Techniques for MP3 Audio Files
Chapter 11
Aparna Gurijala
The main objective of the chapter is to provide an overview of existing speech watermarking technology and to demonstrate the importance of speech... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking of Speech Signals
Chapter 12
Martin Steinebach
This chapter discusses the robustness of digital audio watermarking algorithms against digital to analogue and analogue to digital conversions. This... Sample PDF
Robustness Against DA/AD Conversion: Concepts, Challenges, and Examples
Chapter 13
Michael Arnold
Methods for evaluating the quality of watermarked objects are detailed in this chapter. It will provide an overview of subjective and objective... Sample PDF
Subjective and Objective Quality Evaluation of Watermarked Audio
Chapter 14
Watermarking Security  (pages 278-299)
Teddy Furon, François Cayre, Caroline Fontaine
Digital watermarking studies have always been driven by the improvement of robustness. Most of articles of this field deal with this criterion... Sample PDF
Watermarking Security
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