Secure Semantic Grids

Secure Semantic Grids

Bhavani Thuraisingham (University of Texas at Dallas, USA) and Latifur Khan (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-937-3.ch078
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This chapter first describes the developments in semantic grids and then discusses the security aspects. Semantic grids integrate Semantic Web and grid technologies. They also integrate knowledge management with Semantic Web and the grids. There is much interest on applying the semantic grid for many applications in science and engineering. Therefore, it is critical that the semantic grids be secure. We will also discuss Semantic Web mining and privacy implications relevant to semantic grids.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Aikaterini Mitrokotsa, Christos Douligeris
The use of electronic technologies in government services has played a significant role in making citizens’ lives more convenient. Even though the... Sample PDF
E-Government and Denial of Service Attacks
Chapter 2
Andreas Mitrakas
Terms conveyed by means of policy in electronic business have become a common way to express permissions and limitations in online transactions.... Sample PDF
Policy Frameworks for Secure Electronic Business
Chapter 3
Andrés Garay Acevedo
The recent explosion of the Internet as a collaborative medium has opened the door for people who want to share their work. Nonetheless, the... Sample PDF
Audio Watermarking: Properties, Techniques and Evaluation
Chapter 4
Asim El-Sheikh, Abdullah Abdali Rashed, A. Graham Peace
Software piracy costs the information technology industry billions of dollars in lost sales each year. This chapter presents an overview of the... Sample PDF
Software Piracy: Possible Causes and Cures
Chapter 5
Bhavani Thuraisingham, Natasha Tsybulnik, Ashraful Alam
The Semantic Web is essentially a collection of technologies to support machine-understandable Web pages as well as Information Interoperability.... Sample PDF
Administering the Semantic Web: Confidentiality, Privacy, and Trust Management
Chapter 6
C. Richard Baker
This chapter adds to the discussion of human and social perspectives in information technology by examining the existence and extent of fraudulent... Sample PDF
Human and Social Perspectives in Information Technology: An Examination of Fraud on the Internet
Chapter 7
Calin Gurau
The development of the World Wide Web has created new opportunities for interpersonal interaction. The Internet allows one-to-one (e-mail)... Sample PDF
Codes of Ethics in Virtual Communities
Chapter 8
Changsheng Xu, Qi Tian
This chapter provides a comprehensive survey and summary of the technical achievements in the research area of digital audio watermarking. In order... Sample PDF
Digital Audio Watermarking
Chapter 9
Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Ernesto Damiani, Fulvio Frati, Salvatore Reale
The widespread diffusion of distributed services, providing access to resources through the Net, has stressed the need of secure ways to... Sample PDF
Secure Authentication Process for High Sensitive Data E-Services: A Roadmap
Chapter 10
Der-Chyuan Lou, Jiang-Lung Liu, Hao-Kuan Tso
Information-hiding technology is an ancient art and has existed for several centuries. In the past, messages could easily be intercepted because... Sample PDF
Evolution of Information-Hiding Technology
Chapter 11
Félix J. García Clemente, Gregorio Martínez Perez, Juan A. Botía Blaya, Antonio F. Gómez Skarmeta
Policies, which usually govern the behavior of networking services (e.g., security, QoS, mobility, etc.) are becoming an increasingly popular... Sample PDF
Description of Policies Enriched by Semantics for Security Management
Chapter 12
George Yee, Yuefei Xu, Larry Korba, Khalil El-Khatib
For a variety of advantages, universities and other organizations are resorting to e-learning to provide instruction online. While many advances... Sample PDF
Privacy and Security in E-Learning
Chapter 13
Gerald M. Hoffman
This chapter examines the special ethical responsibilities of information systems professionals based on the fundamentals of ethics as commonly... Sample PDF
Ethical Challenges for Information Systems Professionals
Chapter 14
H. Mouratidis, P. Giorgini
This chapter serves as an introduction to this book. It introduces software engineering, security engineering, and secure software engineering... Sample PDF
Integrating Security and Software Engineering: An Introduction
Chapter 15
Ethics Of Data Mining  (pages 211-217)
Jack Cook
Decision makers thirst for answers to questions. As more data is gathered, more questions are posed: Which customers are most likely to respond... Sample PDF
Ethics Of Data Mining
Chapter 16
William H. Friedman
It is no wonder that the average citizen is concerned about the difficulty of guarding one’s privacy. Now, your own cell phone can reveal your... Sample PDF
Privacy-Dangers and Protections
Chapter 17
Joe Gilbert
Information processing has been done through telling stories, drawing on cave walls, writing on parchment, printing books, talking on telephones... Sample PDF
Ethics of New Technologies
Chapter 18
Ethics and HCI  (pages 231-237)
John Knight
The goal of HCI research and design has been to deliver universal usability. Universal usability is making interfaces to technology that everyone... Sample PDF
Ethics and HCI
Chapter 19
John M. Artz
The central problem in Cyber Ethics is: how do you establish ethical standards in a professional field that is defined by a rapidly evolving... Sample PDF
The Central Problem in Cyber Ethics and How Stories Can Be Used to Address It
Chapter 20
Juergen Seitz, Tino Jahnke
In order to solve intellectual property problems of the digital age, two basic procedures are used: “buy and drop,” linked to the destruction of... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking: An Introduction
Chapter 21
Kathryn M. Kimery, Mary McCord
Signaling theory provides the framework to address three main research questions: (1) How accurately do consumers notice and recollect TPA seals on... Sample PDF
Signals of Trustworthiness in E-Commerce: Consumer Understanding of Third-Party Assurance Seals
Chapter 22
Kenneth W. Goodman
It has become a commonplace observation that scientific progress often, if not usually, outstrips or precedes the ethical analyses and tools that... Sample PDF
Moral Foundations of Data Mining
Chapter 23
Khalil El-Khatib, Larry Korba, Yuefei Xu, George Yee
For a variety of advantages, universities and other organizations are resorting to e-learning to provide instruction on-line. While many advances... Sample PDF
Privacy and Security in E-Learning
Chapter 24
Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell
The sophistication of technology available to businesses as well as to homes has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. The speed of... Sample PDF
Telework Information Security
Chapter 25
Lynne Roberts, Leigh Smith, Clare Pollock
Online research introduces new ethical issues inherent to the medium. In this chapter we provide a case study of online research in action, focusing... Sample PDF
Conducting Ethical Research Online: Respect for Individuals, Identities and the Ownership of Words
Chapter 26
Mari W. Buche, Chelley Vician
Information is quickly becoming the most significant asset of business practice, and it must be protected and secured in order to be useful.... Sample PDF
A Unified Information Security Management Plan
Chapter 27
Mariana Hentea
Information security management is the framework for ensuring the effectiveness of information security controls over information resources to... Sample PDF
Information Security Management
Chapter 28
Martin Orr
Health information privacy is one of the most important and contentious areas in the development of Health Knowledge Systems. This chapter provides... Sample PDF
The Challenge of Privacy and Security and the Implementation of Health Knowledge Management Systems
Chapter 29
Melanie J. Mortensen
The debate in Canada that occurred prior to the amendment of the Copyright Act regarding the regulation of television retransmission on the Internet... Sample PDF
Would Be Pirates: Webcasters, Intellectual Property, and Ethics
Chapter 30
Merrill Warkentin, Kimberly Davis, Ernst Bekkering
The objective of information system security management is information assurance: to maintain confidentiality (privacy), integrity, and availability... Sample PDF
Check-Off Password System (COPS): An Advancement in User Authentification Methods and Information Security
Chapter 31
Michael Barlow
This chapter covers the emerging area of the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer games for military, defense and security purposes. A... Sample PDF
The Game of Defense and Security
Chapter 32
Minya Chen, Nasir Memon, Edward K. Wong
With the proliferation of digital media such as images, audio, and video, robust digital watermarking and data hiding techniques are needed for... Sample PDF
Data Hiding in Document Images
Chapter 33
Naim Kapucu
The Internet is at once a new communications medium and a new locus for social organization on a global basis. A digital government will allow... Sample PDF
Ethics of Digital Government
Chapter 34
Peter Danielson
While “digital morality” and “digital ethics” may sound strange, the technologies that drive digital government and democracy operate as well in... Sample PDF
Digital Morality and Ethics
Chapter 35
Net Diplomacy  (pages 465-472)
Peter Yannas
Looking back to the not-so-distant past, one is struck to learn how much the world has changed in the last 30 to 35 years. New developments in major... Sample PDF
Net Diplomacy
Chapter 36
Robert A. Schultz
Most discussions of ethics and information technology focus on issues of professional ethics and issues of privacy and security.1 Certainly these... Sample PDF
Ethical Issues in Information Technology
Chapter 37
Sarah Spiekermann
Using privacy and security technology becomes increasingly important in many application areas, for companies as well as for consumers. However, the... Sample PDF
Protecting One's Privacy: Insighs into the Views and Nature of the Early Adopters of Privacy Services
Chapter 38
Sarah Spiekermann
Using privacy and security technology becomes increasingly important in many application areas for companies as well as for consumers. However, the... Sample PDF
The Desire for Privacy: Insights into the Views and Nature of the Early Adopters of Privacy Services
Chapter 39
Srinivas Padmanabhuni, Hemant Adarkar
This chapter covers the different facets of security as applicable to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementations. First, it examines the... Sample PDF
Security in Service-Oriented Architecture: Issues, Standards, and Implementations
Chapter 40
Surinder S. Kahai, Bruce J. Avolio
A laboratory experiment was conducted with 42 student groups to evaluate the effects of transactional vs. transformational leadership styles and... Sample PDF
Leadership Style, Anonymity, and the Discussion of an Ethical Issue in an Electronic Context
Chapter 41
Thomas M. Chen, Chris Davis
This chapter gives an overview of the major types of electronic attacks encountered today and likely to continue into the foreseeable future. A... Sample PDF
An Overview of Electronic Attacks
Chapter 42
Tino Jahnke, Juergen Seitz
In order to solve intellectual property problems of the digital age, two basic procedures are used: “Buy and drop,” linked to the destruction of... Sample PDF
An Introduction in Digital Watermarking: Applications, Principles, and Problems
Chapter 43
Yingge Wang, Qiang Cheng, Jie Cheng, Thomas S. Huang
Digital rights management (DRM) provides digital content creators and owners with a range of controls over how their information resources may be... Sample PDF
Digital Rights Management for E-Content and E-Technologies
Chapter 44
Yingge Wang, Qiang Cheng, Jie Cheng
The widespread and fast-developing information technologies, especially wireless communications and the Internet, have allowed for the realization... Sample PDF
E-Health Security and Privacy
Chapter 45
Yücel Saygin
Data regarding people and their activities have been collected over the years, which has become more pervasive with widespread usage of the... Sample PDF
Privacy and Confidentiality Issues in Data Mining
Chapter 46
Anastasios A. Economides, Chrysostomos Roupas
Many educational organizations are trying to reduce the cost of the exams, the workload and delay of scoring, and the human errors. Also, they try... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Computer Adaptive Testing Systems
Chapter 47
Art Taylor, Lauren Eder
With the rise of the Internet, computer systems appear to be more vulnerable than ever from security attacks. Much attention has been focused on the... Sample PDF
A Comparison of Authentication, Authorization and Auditing in Windows and Linux
Chapter 48
Bhavani Thuraisingham
This article first describes the privacy concerns that arise due to data mining, especially for national security applications. Then we discuss... Sample PDF
Privacy-Preserving Data Mining: Development and Directions
Chapter 49
Byung Kwan Lee, Seung Hae Yang, Tai-Chi Lee
Unlike SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol, this paper proposes a SEEP (Security Enhanced Electronic Payment) protocol, which uses ECC... Sample PDF
A SEEP (Security Enhanced Electronic Payment) Protocol Design Using 3BC, ECC (F), and HECC Algorithm
Chapter 50
E. B. Fernandez, M. M. Larrondo-Petrie
We are developing a methodology to build secure software for complex applications and its related support. This methodology considers the whole... Sample PDF
A Methodology to Develop Secure Systems Using Patterns
Chapter 51
Elisa Bertino, Anna C. Squicciarini, Lorenzo Martino, Federica Paci
This paper presents an innovative access control model, referred to as Web service Access Control Version 1 (Ws-AC1), specifically tailored to Web... Sample PDF
An Adaptive Access Control Model for Web Services
Chapter 52
Folker den Braber, Mass Soldal Lund, Ketil Stolen, Fredrik Vraalsen
Today, most business processes and communications as well as a lot of everyday life situations involve IT technology. Apart from requirements on... Sample PDF
Integrating Security in the Development Process with UML
Chapter 53
George Pallis, Konstantina Stoupa, Athena Vakali
XML documents management is becoming an area of great research value and interest since XML has become a popular standard for data communication and... Sample PDF
Storage and Access Control Issues for XML Documents
Chapter 54
Göran Pulkkis, Kaj J. Grahn, Jonny Karlsson
This chapter outlines classifications of user-authentication methods based on five different taxonomies. The outlined taxonomies are: user... Sample PDF
Taxonomies of User-Authentication Methods in Computer Networks
Chapter 55
WLAN Security Management  (pages 761-770)
Göran Pulkkis, Kaj J. Grahn, Jonny Karlsson
In a wired local-area network (LAN), the network ports and cables are mostly contained inside a building. Therefore, a hacker must defeat physical... Sample PDF
WLAN Security Management
Chapter 56
Guido Bertoni, Jorge Guajardo, Christof Paar
In the last 20-30 years, the world of modern cryptography has been largely dominated by traditional systems such as the Data Encryption Standard and... Sample PDF
Architectures for Advanced Cryptographic Systems
Chapter 57
Harry Wang, Hsing K. Cheng, Leon Zhao
With the dramatic expansion of global e-markets, companies collaborate more and more in order to streamline their supply chains. Small companies... Sample PDF
Web Services Enabled E-Market Access Control Model
Chapter 58
Linda V. Knight, Jean-Philippe P. Labruyere
Security laboratories provide controlled environments that simulate enterprises’ infrastructures. Such laboratories allow technical professionals to... Sample PDF
Security Laboratory Design and Implementation
Chapter 59
M. Siponen, R. Baskerville, T. Kuivalainen
Software developers can use agile software development methods to build secure information systems. Current agile methods have few (if any) explicit... Sample PDF
Extending Security in Agile Software Development Methods
Chapter 60
Maja van der Velden
The diversity of knowledge is crucial for finding credible and sustainable alternatives for living together. Yet, a preoccupation with content and... Sample PDF
Invisibility and the Ethics of Digitalization: Designing so as not to Hurt Others
Chapter 61
Maria Grazia Fugini, Pierluigi Plebani
In building cooperative distributed information systems, a methodology for analysis, design and implementation of security requirements of involved... Sample PDF
A Methodology for Developing Trusted Information Systems: The Security Requirements Analysis Phase
Chapter 62
Martin Steinbach, Jana Dittmann
Active fingerprinting combines digital media watermarking and codes for collusion-secure customer identification. This requires specialized... Sample PDF
Design Principles for Active Audio and Video Fingerprinting
Chapter 63
Michael Weis, Babak Esfandiari
In this chapter we propose a modeling framework for assessing privacy technologies. The main contribution of the framework is that it allows us to... Sample PDF
Modeling Method for Assessing Privacy Technologies
Chapter 64
Mohammad Zulkernine, Sheikh I. Ahamed
The rapid development and expansion of network-based applications have changed the computing world in the last decade. However, this overwhelming... Sample PDF
Software Security Engineering: Toward Unifying Software Engineering and Security Engineering
Chapter 65
N. R. Mead
In this chapter, we describe general issues in developing security requirements, methods that have been useful, and a method (SQUARE) that can be... Sample PDF
Identifying Security Requirements Using the Security Quality Requirements Engineering (SQUARE) Method
Chapter 66
Neil F. Doherty, Heather Fulford
Information is a critical corporate asset that has become increasingly vulnerable to attacks from viruses, hackers, criminals, and human error.... Sample PDF
Do Information Security Policies Reduce the Incidence of Security Breaches: An Exploratory Analysis
Chapter 67
P. Giorgini, H. Mouratidis, N. Zannone
Although the concepts of security and trust play an important issue in the development of information systems, they have been mainly neglected by... Sample PDF
Modelling Security and Trust with Secure Tropos
Chapter 68
Paul Thompson
A Process Query System, a new approach to representing and querying multiple hypotheses, is proposed for cross-document co-reference and linking... Sample PDF
Text Mining, Names and Security
Chapter 69
Rajgopal Kannan, S. Sitharama Iyengar, A. Durressi
The techniques described in this chapter will develop an understanding of three critical areas in sensor network security, namely, data... Sample PDF
Framework for Secure Information Management in Critical Systems
Chapter 70
Richard Yi Ren Wu, Mahesh Subramanium
This chapter presents a case study where Web services are used to build a user-centric online security system. It explores complex technical... Sample PDF
Building an Online Security System with Web Services
Chapter 71
Rodolfo Villarroel, Eduardo Fernandez-Medina, Juan Trujillo, Mario Piattini
Organizations depend increasingly on information systems, which rely upon databases and data warehouses (DWs), which need increasingly more quality... Sample PDF
Designing Secure Data Warehouses
Chapter 72
Sashi Nand
The issue of security is paramount for the success of mobile business. Although the state of wirelessness offers portability, and therefore... Sample PDF
Developing a Theory of Portable Public Key Infrastructure (PORTABLEPKI) for Mobile Business Security
Chapter 73
Sridhar Asvathanarayanan
Computing strategies have constantly undergone changes, from being completely centralized to client-servers and now to peer-to-peer networks.... Sample PDF
Potential Security Issues in a Peer-to-Peer Network from a Database Perspective
Chapter 74
H. Y. Sonya Hsu, Stephen C. Shih
This chapter explores novel ways of improving flexibility, responsiveness, and competitiveness via strategic information technology (IT) alliances... Sample PDF
Strategic Alliances of Information Technology Among Channel Members
Chapter 75
Tsau Young Lin
In 1989, Brewer and Nash (BN) proposed the Chinese Wall Security Policy (CWSP). Intuitively speaking, they want to build a family of impenetrable... Sample PDF
Chinese Wall Security Policy Model: Granular Computing on DAC Model
Chapter 76
Akhilesh Bajaj, Sudha Ram
Recently, there has been increased interest in information sharing among government agencies, with a view toward improving security, reducing costs... Sample PDF
IAIS: A Methodology to Enable Inter-Agency Information Sharing in eGovernment
Chapter 77
Anthony H. Dekker, Bernard Colbert
Events of the past few years have shown how today’s modern technological society is critically dependent on critical infrastructure networks such as... Sample PDF
Network Robustness for Critical Infrastructure Networks
Chapter 78
Secure Semantic Grids  (pages 1145-1157)
Bhavani Thuraisingham, Latifur Khan
This chapter first describes the developments in semantic grids and then discusses the security aspects. Semantic grids integrate Semantic Web and... Sample PDF
Secure Semantic Grids
Chapter 79
Jason Gallo
Surveillance is the act or process of observing, tracking, or recording personal details for the purpose of exercising control over the individual... Sample PDF
From CCTV to Biometrics through Mobile Surveillance
Chapter 80
Brian C. Lovell, Shaokang Chen
While the technology for mining text documents in large databases could be said to be relatively mature, the same cannot be said for mining other... Sample PDF
Robust Face Recognition for Data Mining
Chapter 81
Brian King, Yvo Desmedt
Today a significant amount of research has focused on trying to apply the advances in information technology to governmental services. One endeavor... Sample PDF
Securing an Electronic Legislature Using Threshold Signatures
Chapter 82
Jan Owens, Suresh Chalasani, Jayavel Sounderpandian
The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is becoming prevalent in supply chains, with large corporations such as Wal-Mart, Tesco, and the... Sample PDF
Use of RFID in Supply Chain Data Processing
Chapter 83
Der-Chyuan Lou, Jiang-Lung Liu, Chang-Tsun Li
This chapter is intended to disseminate the concept of digital signature-based image authentication. Capabilities of digital signature-based image... Sample PDF
Digital Signature-Based Image Authentication
Chapter 84
Diana Berbecaru, Corrado Derenale, Antonio Lioy
The technical solutions and organizational procedures used to manage certificates are collectively named Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). The... Sample PDF
Digital Certificates and Public-Key Infrastructures
Chapter 85
Duminda Wijesekera, Sushil Jajodia
Advances in application areas such as Internet-based transactions, cooperating coalitions, and workflow systems have brought new challenges to... Sample PDF
A Flexible Authorization Framework
Chapter 86
Eberhard Stickel
Conventional photographs may easily be used in court as evidence. The complete negative may be inspected. Subsequent numbers are a reliable proof... Sample PDF
A New Public-Key Algorithm for Watermarking of Digital Images
Chapter 87
Ed Simon
This chapter describes how two new XML-based technologies, XACML (eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) and SAML (Security Assertion Markup... Sample PDF
Protecting Privacy Using XML, XACML, and SAML
Chapter 88
Eduardo Fernandez-Medina, Sabrina De Capitani di Vimercati, Ernesto Damiani, Mario Piattini, Perangela Samarati
Multimedia content delivery applications are becoming widespread thanks to increasingly cheaper access to high bandwidth networks. Also, the... Sample PDF
Multimedia Security and Digital Rights Management Technology
Chapter 89
Elisa Bertino, Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari
UDDI registries are today the standard way of publishing information on Web services. They can be thought of as a structured repository of... Sample PDF
Merkle Tree Authentication in UDDI Registries
Chapter 90
Göran Pulkkis, Kaj Grahn, Peik Astrom
Network security is defined as “a set of procedures, practices and technologies for protecting network servers, network users and their surrounding... Sample PDF
Current Network Security Systems
Chapter 91
WLAN Security Management  (pages 1349-1360)
Göran Pulkkis, Kaj Grahn, Jonny Karlsson
In a wired local-area network (LAN), the network ports and cables are mostly contained inside a building. Therefore, a hacker must defeat physical... Sample PDF
WLAN Security Management
Chapter 92
Himanshu Khurana, Radostina K. Koleva
Content-based publish/subscribe systems offer an interaction scheme that is appropriate for a variety of large-scale dynamic applications. However... Sample PDF
Scalable Security and Accounting Services for Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems
Chapter 93
James B.D. Joshi, Mei-Ling Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen, Walid Aref, Arif Ghafoor
This chapter focuses on the key challenges in the design of multimedia-based scalable techniques for threat management and security of information... Sample PDF
A Multimedia-Based Threat Management and Information Security Framework
Chapter 94
James E. Goldman, Vaughn R. Christie
This chapter introduces the Metrics Based Security Assessment (MBSA) as a means of measuring an organization’s information security maturity. It... Sample PDF
Metric Based Security Assessment
Chapter 95
K. S. Shaji Britto, P. E. Sankaranarayanan
In this paper, we discuss the details of a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA)-based multiplecasting system in a wired Local Area Network (LAN).... Sample PDF
Multiplecasting in a Wired LAN Using CDMA Technique
Chapter 96
Kevin Curran, Elaine Smyth
This article highlights a number of security issues within wireless networks. Signal leakage for instance, means that network communications can be... Sample PDF
Exposing the Wired Equivalent Privacy Protocol Weaknesses in Wireless Networks
Chapter 97
Mike Burmester
This chapter introduces the notion of trust as a means to establish security in mobile ubiquitous applications. It argues that trust is an essential... Sample PDF
Trust Models for Ubiquitous Mobile Systems
Chapter 98
M. Koch, F. Parisi-Presicce, K. Pauls
Security requirements have become an integral part of most modern software systems. In order to produce secure systems, it is necessary to provide... Sample PDF
Access Control Specification in UML
Chapter 99
M. Weiss
While many theoretical approaches to security engineering exist, they are often limited to systems of a certain complexity, and require security... Sample PDF
Modelling Security Patterns Using NFR Analysis
Chapter 100
Michael Bursell
This chapter examines the issue of security in peer-to-peer (P2P) systems from the standpoint of trust. It takes the view that P2P systems present... Sample PDF
Security and Trust in P2P Systems
Chapter 101
Peter Danielson
Digital government is a technological adventure. It applies new technologies—in particular, computer-mediated communication—to the ongoing... Sample PDF
Monitoring Technologies and Digital Governance
Chapter 102
Paloma Diaz, Daniel Sanz, Susana Montero, Ignacio Aedo
This chapter discusses the integration of access control in the development process of hypermedia applications. Two key ideas are proposed: the use... Sample PDF
Integrating Access Policies into the Development Process of Hypermedia Web Systems
Chapter 103
Ramzi A. Haraty
There are two main types of security in database systems: discretionary security and mandatory security. Discretionary security restricts access to... Sample PDF
Kernelized Database Systems Security
Chapter 104
Rayford B. Vaugh
Corporate decisions concerning the purchase of security software and hardware appliances are often made based simply on the recommendations of the... Sample PDF
High Assurance Products in IT Security
Chapter 105
Rick L. Wilson, Peter A. Rosen
Data perturbation is a data security technique that adds ‘noise’ to databases allowing individual record confidentiality. This technique allows... Sample PDF
Protecting Data through 'Perturbation' Techniques: The Impact on Knowledge Discovery in Databases
Chapter 106
Deploying Honeynets  (pages 1562-1579)
Ronald C. Dodge Jr., Daniel Ragsdale
When competent computer network system administrators are faced with malicious activity on their networks, they think of the problem in terms of... Sample PDF
Deploying Honeynets
Chapter 107
Ross Lee Graham
The security concerns for a peer-to-peer implementation of nomadic networks are described with special emphasis on taxonomy and on their... Sample PDF
Peer-to-Peer Security Issues in Nomadic Networks
Chapter 108
Song Han, Vidyasagar Potdar, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon
This article introduces a new transaction protocol using mobile agents in electronic commerce. The authors first propose a new model for... Sample PDF
Privacy-Preserving Transactions Protocol Using Mobile Agents with Mutual Authentication
Chapter 109
Stephen J. Andriole, Charlton Monsanto
Prudential Fox & Roach Realtors, an independently owned and operated member of the Prudential Real Estate Affiliate, Inc., is the fourth-largest... Sample PDF
Herding 3,000 Cats: Enabling Continuous Real Estate Transaction Processing
Chapter 110
Tarum Bhaskar, Narasimha Kamath B.
Intrusion detection system (IDS) is now becoming an integral part of the network security infrastructure. Data mining tools are widely used for... Sample PDF
Intrusion Detection Using Modern Techniques: Integration of Genetic Algorithms and Rough Set with Neural Networks
Chapter 111
Vernon Stagg, Matthew Warren
Information infrastructures are an eclectic mix of open and closed networks, private and public systems, the Internet, and government, military, and... Sample PDF
A National Information Infrastructure Model for Information Warfare Defence
Chapter 112
Ajith Abraham, Johnson Thomas
Computer security is defined as the protection of computing systems against threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability. An intrusion is... Sample PDF
Distributed Intrusion Detection Systems: A Computational Intelligence Approach
Chapter 113
Richard Schilhavy, A. F. Salam
This chapter explores how a mobile tracking technology is able to further streamline the integrated supply chain. Previous technologies which have... Sample PDF
Emerging Mobile Technology and Supply Chain Integration: Using RFID to Streamline the Integrated Supply Chain
Chapter 114
Andrea Servida
The Information Society is increasingly dependent on largely distributed systems and infrastructures for life-critical and business-critical... Sample PDF
Trust and Security in Ambient Intelligence: A Research Agenda for Europe
Chapter 115
Andreas Mitrakas, Damián Zaitch
The steep increase of cyber crime has rendered digital forensics an area of paramount importance to keep cyber threats in check and invoke legal... Sample PDF
Law, CyberCrime and Digital Forensics: Trailing Digital Suspects
Chapter 116
Caroline Chibelushi, Bernadette Sharp, Hanifa Shah
The advancement of multimedia and communication systems has not only provided faster and better communication facilities but also facilitated easier... Sample PDF
ASKARI: A Crime Text Mining Approach
Chapter 117
Chang-Tsun Li
The availability of versatile multimedia processing software and the far-reaching coverage of the interconnected networks have facilitated flawless... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Multimedia Security Management
Chapter 118
Charla Griffy-Brown, Mark W.S. Chun
This chapter demonstrates the importance of a well-formulated and articulated information security policy by integrating best practices with a case... Sample PDF
A Case Study of Effectively Implemented Information Systems Security Policy
Chapter 119
Charles E. Phillips Jr., Steven A. Demurjian, Thuong Doan, Keith Bessette
Middleware security encompasses a wide range of potential considerations, ranging from the ability to utilize the security capabilities of... Sample PDF
A Service-Based Approach for RBAC and MAC Security
Chapter 120
Christina Ilioudi, Athina A. Lazakidou
The development of Internet technology and Web-based applications made health information more accessible than ever before from many locations by... Sample PDF
Security in Health Information Systems
Chapter 121
Chung-wei Lee, Weidong Kou, Wen-Chen Hu
Without secure commercial information exchange and safe electronic financial transactions over mobile networks, neither service providers nor... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Security and Payment Methods
Chapter 122
Daniel J. Weitzner, Jim Hendler, Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Connolly
In this chapter, we describe the motivations for, and development of, a rule-based policy management system that can be deployed in the open and... Sample PDF
Creating a Policy-Aware Web: Discretionary, Rule-Based Access for the World Wide Web
Chapter 123
David A. Dampier, Ambareen Siraj
This chapter discusses the notion of intrusion detection and introduces concepts associated with intrusion detection and methods used to respond to... Sample PDF
Intrusion Detection and Response
Chapter 124
Denis Trcek
Security issues became a topic of research with the introduction of networked information systems in the early eighties. However, in the... Sample PDF
E-Business Systems Security for Intelligent Enterprise
Chapter 125
Edgar R. Weippl
While security in general is increasingly well addressed, both mobile security and multimedia security are still areas of research undergoing major... Sample PDF
Security and Trust in Mobile Multimedia
Chapter 126
Eduardo B. Fernandez, Michael Thomsen, Minjie H. Fernandez
Platforms for web services have been reduced to two basic approaches: Microsoft .NET and Sun ONE (J2EE). We compare here these two platforms with... Sample PDF
Comparing the Security Architectures of Sun ONE and Microsoft .NET
Chapter 127
Secure Data Dissemination  (pages 1839-1864)
Elisa Bertino, Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari
In this chapter, we present the main security issues related to the selective dissemination of information (SDI system). More precisely, after... Sample PDF
Secure Data Dissemination
Chapter 128
Folker Braber, Arne Mildal, Jone Nes, Ketil Stølen, Fredrik Vraalsen
During a field trial performed at the Norwegian telecom company NetCom from May 2003 to July 2003, a methodology for model-based risk analysis was... Sample PDF
Experiences from Using the CORAS Methodology to Analyze a Web Application
Chapter 129
Gerald Maradan, Pierre Cotte, Thierry Fornas
Securing data is becoming of the utmost strategic importance in today’s digital environment. Open wide networks such as the Internet and... Sample PDF
Smart Card Applications and Systems: Market Trend and Impact on Other Technological Development
Chapter 130
Claudia Loebecke
The use of RFID (radio-frequency identification) in the retail supply chain and at the point of sale (POS) holds much promise to revolutionize the... Sample PDF
RFID in the Retail Supply Chain
Chapter 131
Gonca Telli Yamamoto, Faruk Karaman
IT ethics cannot be analyzed without assessing business ethics in general and the cultural environment. This study is based on the Turkish case.... Sample PDF
Business Ethics and Technology in Turkey: An Emerging Country at the Crossroad of Civilizations
Chapter 132
Online Signature Recognition  (pages 1947-1955)
Indrani Chakravarty, Nilesh Mishra, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, P. Gupta
Online Signature Recognition
Chapter 133
Jyh-haw Yeh, Wen-Chen Hu
With the advent of wireless and mobile networks, the Internet is rapidly evolving from a set of connected stationary machines to include mobile... Sample PDF
Security Issues and Possible Countermeasures for a Mobile Agent Based M-Commerce Application
Chapter 134
Katina Michael, Amelia Masters
Spurred by the recent escalation of terrorist attacks and their increasingly devastating outcomes, defense intelligence in the context of homeland... Sample PDF
Realized Applications of Positioning Technologies in Defense Intelligence
Chapter 135
Kregg Aytes
Despite rapid technological advances in computer hardware and software, insecure behavior by individual computer users continues to be a significant... Sample PDF
Computer Security and Risky Computing Practices: A Rational Choice Perspective
Chapter 136
Larry Korba, George Yee, Yuefei Xu, Ronggong Song, Andrew S. Patrick, V El-Khatib
The objective of this chapter is to explore the challenges, issues, and solutions associated with satisfying requirements for privacy and trust in... Sample PDF
Privacy and Trust in Agent-Supported Distributed Learning
Chapter 137
Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell
The XYZ Hardware Company, Inc. infrastructure features high volumes of sensitive and confi- dential corporate data relevant to internal and external... Sample PDF
Better Securing an Infrastructure for Telework
Chapter 138
Malcolm R. Pattinson
This chapter introduces a method of assessing the state of an organization’s information system security by evaluating the effectiveness of the... Sample PDF
A Method of Assessing Information System Security Controls
Chapter 139
Manish Gupta, Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya
Information assurance is a key component in e-banking services. This article investigates the information assurance issues and tenets of e-banking... Sample PDF
Electronic Banking and Information Assurance Issues: Survey and Synthesis
Chapter 140
Marco Cremonini, Ernesto Damiani, Sabrina Capitani di Vimercati, Pierangela Samarati
Access to general purpose information and communication technology (ICT) is not equally distributed on our planet: developed countries represent... Sample PDF
Security, Privacy, and Trust in Mobile Systems
Chapter 141
Mario Jeckle, Ingo Melzer
Web services offer a way for very different systems to collaborate independent of the programming language used or the involved operating systems.... Sample PDF
Seamlessly Securing Web Services by a Signing Proxy
Chapter 142
Merrill Warkentin
The objective of information system security management is information assurance, which means to maintain confidentiality (privacy), integrity, and... Sample PDF
A TAM Analysis of an Alternative High-Security User Authentication Procedure
Chapter 143
Merrill Warkentin, Allen C. Johnston
Every enterprise must establish and maintain information technology (IT) governance procedures that will ensure the execution of the firm’s security... Sample PDF
IT Security Governance and Centralized Security Controls
Chapter 144
Michelle Ramim, Yair Levy
The growing use of e-learning systems has been documented by numerous studies (Levy, 2005). Yet in spite of this enormous growth, little attention... Sample PDF
Securing E-Learning Systems: A Case of Insider Cyber Attacks and Novice IT Management in a Small University
Chapter 145
David C. Wyld
This chapter examines the adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology in the commercial aviation industry, focusing on the role of... Sample PDF
The Next Big RFID Application: Correctly Steering Two Billion Bags a Year Through Today's Less-Than-Friendly Skies
Chapter 146
Paolo Bellavista, Antonio Corradi, Cesare Stefanelli
The spreading wireless accessibility to the Internet stimulates the provisioning of mobile commercial services to a wide set of heterogeneous and... Sample PDF
Policy-Based Access Control for Context-Aware Services over the Wireless Internet
Chapter 147
Ping Lin, Selcuk Candan
The cost of creating and maintaining software and hardware infrastructures for delivering web services led to a notable trend toward the use of... Sample PDF
Data and Application Secutiry for Distributed Application Hosting Services
Chapter 148
Pirongrong Ramasoota Rananand
This chapter examines information privacy as manifested and understood in Thai society. Multidisciplinary perspectives—philosophical... Sample PDF
Information Privacy in a Surveillance State: A Perspective from Thailand
Chapter 149
S. H. Houmb, G. Georg, J. Jurjens, R. France
This chapter describes the integrated security verification and security solution design trade-off analysis (SVDT) approach. SVDT is useful when... Sample PDF
An Integrated Security Verification and Security Solution Design Trade-Off Analysis Approach
Chapter 150
Jyh-haw Yeh, Wen-Chen Hu, Chung-wei Lee
With the advent of wireless and mobile networks, the Internet is rapidly evolving from a set of connected stationary machines to include mobile... Sample PDF
Security Issues and Possible Countermeasures for a Mobile Agent Based M-Commerce Application
Chapter 151
Sheng-Uei Guan
One hindrance to the widespread adoption of mobile agent technology (Johansen et al., 2002) is the lack of security. SAFER, or Secure Agent... Sample PDF
Secure Agent for E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 152
Shirley Ann Becker, Anthony Berkemeyer is a B2B (business-to-business) e-commerce company offering excess and obsolete inventory to online customers. GlobalUBid is rapidly... Sample PDF
A Case Study on a Security Maturity Assessment of a Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce Organization
Chapter 153
Stephen J.H. Yang, Blue C.W. Lan, James S.F. Hsieh, Jen-Yao Chung
Web service technology enables seamless integration of different software to fulfill dynamic business demands in a platform-neutral fashion.... Sample PDF
Trustworthy Web Services: An Experience-Based Model for Trustworthiness Evaluation
Chapter 154
Sunil Hazari
Information security is usually considered a technical discipline with much attention being focused on topics such as encryption, hacking... Sample PDF
Perceptions of End-Users on the Requirements in Personal Firewall Software: An Exploratory Study
Chapter 155
Tabitha James, Taner Pirim, Katherine Boswell, Brian Reithel, Reza Barkhi
Protection of physical assets and digital information is of growing importance to society. The need for development and use of security technologies... Sample PDF
Determining the Intention to Use Biometric Devices: An Application and Extension of the Technology Acceptance Model
Chapter 156
Thomas Schmidt, Gerald Wippel, Klaus Glanzer, Karl Furst
Internet-focused application components of cooperating enterprises need comprehensive security technologies that go far beyond simple Internet... Sample PDF
Security System for Distributed Business Applications
Chapter 157
Warren Wylupski, David R. Champion, Zachary Grant
One of the emerging issues in the field of digital crime and digital forensics is corporate preparedness in dealing with attacks on computer network... Sample PDF
Incident Preparedness and Response: Devlopming a Security Policy
Chapter 158
Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Jun Du, Jianxin ("Roger") Jiao
System-to-system integration is an essential aspect of Business-to-Business (B2B) organizations. This chapter proposes a common infrastructure model... Sample PDF
Applying Directory Services to Enhance Identification, Authentication, and Authorization for B2B Applications
Chapter 159
Yun Wang, Lee Seidman
The use of network traffic audit data for retrieving anomaly intrusion information and profiling user behavior has been studied previously, but the... Sample PDF
Risk Factors to Retrieve Anomaly Intrusion Information and Profile User Behavior
Chapter 160
Andreas Mitrakas
The growing use of information technology in sensitive daily transactions highlights the significance of information security to protect information... Sample PDF
Information Security for Legal Safety
Chapter 161
Barbara Paterson
Computer ethicists foresee that as information and communication technology (ICT) increasingly pervades more and more aspects of life, ethical... Sample PDF
We Cannot Eat Data: The Need for Computer Ethics to Address the Cultural and Ecological Impacts of Computing
Chapter 162
Dan L. Burk
Adoption of information technologies is dependent upon the availability of information to be channeled via such technologies. Although many cultural... Sample PDF
Privacy and Property in the Global Datasphere
Chapter 163
E. Yu, L. Liu, J. Mylopoulous
As software becomes more and more entrenched in everyday life in today’s society, security looms large as an unsolved problem. Despite advances in... Sample PDF
A Social Ontology for Integrating Security and Software Engineering
Chapter 164
Edgar R. Weippl
Although the roots of e-learning date back to 19th century’s correspondence-based learning, e-learning currently receives an unprecedented impetus... Sample PDF
Computer Security in E-Learning
Chapter 165
Trust in Virtual Communities  (pages 2500-2504)
Eun G. Park
Trust is one of the key factors that emerged as a significant concept in virtual communities. Trust is so complicated that it is hard to define in... Sample PDF
Trust in Virtual Communities
Chapter 166
Frances S. Grodzinsky, Herman T. Tavani
We examine some pros and cons of online communities with respect to two main questions: (1) Do online communities promote democracy and democratic... Sample PDF
Online Communities, Democratic Ideals, and the Digital Divide
Chapter 167
George Yee
Many applications and tools have been developed to support the design and delivery of distance learning courses. Unfortunately, many of these... Sample PDF
Security and Privacy in Distance Education
Chapter 168
Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Virginia Horniak
The electronic networking of physical space promises wide-ranging advances in science, medicine, delivery of services, environmental monitoring and... Sample PDF
Ethics and Privacy of Communications in the E-Polis
Chapter 169
Sebastian C. Brandt, Marcus Schlüter, Matthias Jarke
The design and development processes of complex technical systems are of crucial importance to the competitiveness of an enterprise. These processes... Sample PDF
A Process Data Warehouse for Tracing and Reuse of Engineering Design Processes
Chapter 170
Sushma Mishra, Gurpreet Dhillon
This chapter discusses the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act on corporate information security governance practices. The resultant regulatory... Sample PDF
The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act on Information Security
Chapter 171
Hamid R. Nemati, Charmion Brathwaite, Kara Harrington
Technological advances and decreased costs of implementing and using technology have allowed for vast amounts of data to be collected, used and... Sample PDF
Privacy Implications of Organizational Data Mining
Chapter 172
Aura Soininen
Multiple cases have been reported in which patents have posed dilemmas in the context of cooperative standard setting. Problems have come to the... Sample PDF
Patents and Standards in the ICT Sector: Are Submarine Patents a Substantive Problem or a Red Herring?
Chapter 173
Jessica Leong
We become just by performing just actions. —Aristotle, Nichomachean Ethics, 4th century, B.C. (Miner & Rawson, 2000) From the opening statement, it... Sample PDF
Gender Influences on Ethical Considerations in the IT Environment
Chapter 174
Les Pang
Following technical strides in radio and radar in the 1930s and 1940s, the 1950s were a period of exploration for radio frequency identity (RFID)... Sample PDF
Radio Frequency IdentificationTechnology in Digital Government
Chapter 175
Sharon McDonald, Lynne Humphries
Recent developments in visualization techniques coupled with the widespread use of complex graphical interfaces, frequently designed to meet the... Sample PDF
Gender Differences in the Navigation of Electronic Worlds
Chapter 176
Katherine M. Hollis, David M. Hollis
This chapter provides an introductory overview of identity management as it relates to data networking and enterprise information management... Sample PDF
Identity Management: A Comprehensive Approach to Ensuring a Secure Network Infrastructure
Chapter 177
M. Maczewski, M.A. Storey, M. Hoskins
Research practices in Internet-mediated environments are influenced by the dynamic interplay of online, onground and technical research spheres.... Sample PDF
Conducting Congruent, Ethical Qualitative Research on Internet-Mediated Research Environments
Chapter 178
Manish Gupta, Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya
Information assurance is a key component in e-banking services. This article investigates the information assurance issues and tenets of e-banking... Sample PDF
Electronic Banking and Information Assurance Issues: Survey and Synthesis
Chapter 179
Michael Hafner, Barbara Weber, Ruth Breu, Andrea Nowak
Model Driven Architecture is an approach to increase the quality of complex software systems by creating high-level system models and automatically... Sample PDF
Model Driven Security for Inter-Organizational Workflows in E-Governent
Chapter 180
Michael Kyobe
Electronic communication developments have always been associated with many security risks since the ARPANET implementation in 1960s. In 1972, John... Sample PDF
Entrepreneur Behaviors on E-Commerce Security
Chapter 181
Neil C. Rowe
Deception is an infrequent but inevitable part of human social interaction. Deception fulfills important human social needs despite its... Sample PDF
Ethics of Deception in Virtual Communities
Chapter 182
Neil F. Doherty, Heather Fulford
While the importance of the information security policy (ISP) is widely acknowledged in the academic literature, there has, to date, been little... Sample PDF
Information Security Policies in Large Organizations: The Development of a Conceptual Framework to Explore Their Impact
Chapter 183
Parviz Partow-Navid, Ludwig Slusky
Today, information security is one of the highest priorities on the IT agenda. In 2003, Luftman and McLean (2004) conducted a survey of Society for... Sample PDF
IT Security Policy in Public Organizations
Chapter 184
Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol
Information is important to humans because without information, no task can be performed. Therefore, information and communication technology (ICT)... Sample PDF
Interactions among Thai Culture, ICT, and IT Ethics
Chapter 185
Pooja Deshmukh, David Croasdell
This chapter explores privacy and security issues in health care. It describes the difference between privacy and security in the context of health... Sample PDF
HIPAA: Privacy and Security in Health Care Networks
Chapter 186
Raphael C.W. Phan
In this chapter, we discuss the security technologies that are important in guaranteeing the good quality of communication within smart... Sample PDF
Communication Security Technologies in Smart Organizations
Chapter 187
Robert Joseph Skovira
This chapter introduces the social contract as a basis for personal and corporate responsibility and obligation. I briefly discuss three... Sample PDF
The Social Contract Revised: Obligation and Responsibility in the Information Society
Chapter 188
Robin L. Wakefield, Dwayne Whitten
Despite the fact that over half of U.S. residents are now online, Internet users hesitate to enter into transactions with e-retailers in the absence... Sample PDF
Examining User Perceptions of Third-Party Organizations Credibility and Trust in an E-Retailer
Chapter 189
Sangmi Chai, T. C. Herath, I. Park, H. R. Rao
The potential success of e-government depends on its citizens adopting online services and the security of those services. However, despite the... Sample PDF
Repeated Use of E-Gov Web Sites: A Satisfaction and Confidentiality Perspective
Chapter 190
Sanjay Goel, Damira Pon
There is a strong need for information security education, which stems from the pervasiveness of information technology in business and society.... Sample PDF
Information Security Risk Analysis: A Pedagogic Model Based on a Teaching Hospital
Chapter 191
Sarath Indrakanti, Vijay Varadharajan, Michael Hitchens
In this paper, we discuss the design issues for an authorization framework for Web Services. In particular, we describe the features required for an... Sample PDF
Authorization Service for Web Services and its Application in a Health Care Domain
Chapter 192
Sheng-Uei Guan
M-commerce, a new way to conduct business, is gaining more and more popularity due to the wide use of the Internet. Despite its rapid growth, there... Sample PDF
Secure Agent Roaming for Mobile Business
Chapter 193
Stephen Marsh, Andrew S. Patrick, Pamela Briggs
Building any online system or service that people will trust is a significant challenge. For example, consumers sometimes avoid e-commerce services... Sample PDF
Social Issues of Trust and Digital Government
Chapter 194
Carman Gould, Fang Zhao
This chapter reports the results of a national survey which investigated Australian Internet users’ attitudes and behaviours toward online... Sample PDF
Online Information Privacy and Its Implications for E-Entrepreneurship and E-Busines Ethics
Chapter 195
Denis Trcek
Security issues became a topic of research with the introduction of networked information systems in the early eighties. However, in the... Sample PDF
E-Business Systems Security for Intelligent Enterprise
Chapter 196
Dianne Waddell
Resistance to change has long been recognised as a critically important factor that can influence the success or otherwise of implementing any... Sample PDF
Resistance: A Medium for the Successful Implementation of Technological Innovation
Chapter 197
Dieter Fink, Tobias Huegle, Martin Dortschy
This chapter identifies various levels of governance followed by a focus on the role of information technology (IT) governance with reference to... Sample PDF
A Model of Information Security Governance for E-Business
Chapter 198
Edgar R. Weippl, Markus Klemen
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) increasingly depend on their information technology (IT) infrastructure but lack the means to secure it... Sample PDF
Implementing IT Security for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
Chapter 199
Workarounds and Security  (pages 2986-2990)
Fiona Brady
The project uses an actor network (ANT) framework. The value of this approach in relation to the adoption of technology is well established (Callon... Sample PDF
Workarounds and Security
Chapter 200
Gregorio Martínez Perez, Félix J. García Clemente, Antonio F. Gómez Skarmeta
Network, service, and application management today faces numerous challenges, ones that older ways of doing things cannot solve. The concept of... Sample PDF
Policy-Based Management of Web and Information Systems Security: An Emerging Technology
Chapter 201
Eitel J.M. Lauría
This paper explores the impact of human factor and organizational behavior on the outcome of information technology implementation projects.... Sample PDF
Exploring the Behavioral Dimension of Client/Server Technology Implementation: An Empirical Investigation
Chapter 202
Jun Du, Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Jianxin ("Roger") Jiao
This chapter develops a security blueprint for an e-business environment taking advantage of the three-tiered e-business architecture. This security... Sample PDF
A Security Blueprint for E-Business Applications
Chapter 203
Karthik Nagarajan, Herman Lam, Stanley Y.W. Su
Web services technology is emerging as a promising infrastructure to support loosely coupled, Internet-based applications that are distributed... Sample PDF
Integration of Business Event and Rule Management With the Web Services Model
Chapter 204
Nicholas C. Romano Jr., Jerry Fjermestad
This article presents a value exchange model of privacy and security for electronic customer relationship management within an electronic commerce... Sample PDF
Privacy and Security in the Age of Electronic Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 205
Raj Sharman, K. Pramod Krishna, H. Raghov Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya
Threats to information security are pervasive, originating from both outside and within an organization. The history of computer security is dotted... Sample PDF
Malware and Antivirus Deployment for Enterprise Security
Chapter 206
A. Raghuramaraju
This chapter introduces two distinct models of morality, namely, constitutive which is available in traditional moral philosophy and consequential... Sample PDF
Computer Ethics: Constitutive and Consequential Morality
Chapter 207
Alan D. Smith, Allen R. Lias
Fraud and identity theft have been increasing with the use of e-commerce. In the U.S. alone, it has been estimated that victims may spend on average... Sample PDF
Identity Theft and E-Fraud as Critical CRM Concerns
Chapter 208
Alfreda Dudley, Jonathan Lazar
When designing information systems, it is important to consider the needs of users with disabilities, including those with visual impairment... Sample PDF
Web Accessibility for Users with Disabilities: A Multi-faceted Ethical Analysis
Chapter 209
Trust in E-Technologies  (pages 3122-3132)
Andrea Oermann, Jana Dittmann
When reflecting the term trust, there are two main hypotheses which can be found in most of the literature: First, trust is presented as an... Sample PDF
Trust in E-Technologies
Chapter 210
B. Dawn Medlin, Joseph A. Cazier, Dinesh S. Dave
With the exponential growth of the Internet and e-commerce, the need for secure transactions has become a necessity for both consumer and business.... Sample PDF
Password Security Issues on an E-Commerce Site
Chapter 211
Barbara A. Schuldt
This chapter introduces ethical considerations that are especially relevant for the current networked world. It discusses the use of a mnemonic... Sample PDF
MAMA on the Web: Ethical Considerations for Our Networked World
Chapter 212
Bernd Carsten Stahl
Social responsibility is a highly popular term, and it seems to be of importance to what is happening in the information age. In this paper, the... Sample PDF
What is the Social Responsibility in the Information Age? Maximising Profits?
Chapter 213
Bernd Carsten Stahl
Decisions regarding information assurance and IT security can affect individuals’ rights and obligations and thereby acquire a moral quality. The... Sample PDF
Responsibility for Information Assurance and Privacy: A Problem of Individual Ethics?
Chapter 214
Bruno de de Vuyst, Alea M. Fairchild
Intellectual property rights (IP) are established through the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement (part of the... Sample PDF
Intellectual Property Rights, Resources Allocation and Ethical Usefulness
Chapter 215
C. B. Haley, R. Laney, J. D. Moffett, Bashar Nuseibeh
This chapter presents a process for security requirements elicitation and analysis, based around the construction of a satisfaction argument for the... Sample PDF
Arguing Satisfaction of Security Requirements
Chapter 216
Cãlin Gurau
The Privacy Journal (2003), a print newsletter and Web site devoted to privacy matters, defines the present-day use of the word privacy as “the... Sample PDF
Negotiating Online Privacy Rights
Chapter 217
Carolyn Currie
E-commerce offers an enormous range of solutions to payment and settlements problems. However it also poses a myriad of regulatory issues.... Sample PDF
Integrity and Security in the E-Century
Chapter 218
Cecilia Andrews, Edward Lewis
“Counter-terrorism refers to the practices, tactics and strategies that governments, militaries and other groups adopt in order to fight terrorism.”... Sample PDF
Simulating Complexity-Based Ethics for Crucial Decision Making in Counter Terrorism
Chapter 219
Charles R. Crowell, Darcia Narvaez, Anna Gomberg
This chapter discusses the ways in which moral psychology can inform information ethics. A “Four Component Model” of moral behavior is described... Sample PDF
Moral Psychology and Information Ethics: Psychological Distance and the Components of Moral Behavior in a Digital World
Chapter 220
Ching-Yung Lin
Multimedia authentication distinguishes itself from other data integrity security issues because of its unique property of content integrity in... Sample PDF
Issues on Image Authentication
Chapter 221
Csilla Farkas
This chapter investigates the threat of unwanted Semantic Web inferences. We survey the current efforts to detect and remove unwanted inferences... Sample PDF
Data Confidentiality on the Semantic Web: Is There an Inference Problem?
Chapter 222
Danielle Lawson
As use of the Internet has grown, so to has the amount of research concerning various aspects of computer-mediated communication (CMC). In recent... Sample PDF
Blurring the Boundaries: Ethical Considerations for Online Research Using Synchronous CMC Forums
Chapter 223
Darryl Macer
Computers are a vehicle for the information age, and are central to the dispersal of descriptive accounts of technology, and to interactive... Sample PDF
Computing Ethics: Intercultural Comparisons
Chapter 224
David W. Miller, Andrew Urbaczewski, Wm. David Salisburg
In the information age, various entities (e.g., citizens or business concerns) are now able to access and gather large amounts of publicly available... Sample PDF
Does Public Access Imply Ubiquitous or Immediate? Issues Surrounding Public Documents Online
Chapter 225
Feng-Yang Kuo
In this chapter I discuss Internet abuse from a psychoanalytic perspective. Internet abuse refers to the misuse of the Internet that leads to... Sample PDF
A Psychoanalytic Perspective of Internet Abuse
Chapter 226
Geoffrey A. Sandy
The Internet provides access to speech both conventional and unconventional. Some speech is considered harmful to minors. This chapter discusses the... Sample PDF
Protection of Minors from Harmful Internet Content
Chapter 227
José-Rodrigo Córdoba
Current developments in information systems (IS) evaluation emphasise stakeholder participation in order to ensure adequate and beneficial IS... Sample PDF
A Critical Systems View of Power-Ethics Interactions in Information Systems Evaluation
Chapter 228
Larry P. English
Information Quality Management is critical for national security not just because of the myriad information types, including textual, audio, video... Sample PDF
Information Quality: Critical Ingredient for National Security
Chapter 229
Laura Lally
In the post-9/11 environment, there has been an increasing awareness of the need for information security. This chapter presents an analysis of the... Sample PDF
Insights from Y2K and 9/11 for Enhancing IT Security
Chapter 230
Leone E. Woodcock, San Murugesan
Greater emphasis is now placed on ethics in information technology (IT) which covers a broad range of issues such as privacy, honesty... Sample PDF
Gender Differences in Ethics Perceptions in Information Technology
Chapter 231
Leslie Leong, Andrzej T. Jarmoszko
The emphasis and increased awareness of information security require an understanding and knowledge of the technology that supports it. As the risks... Sample PDF
Cryptography: Deciphering Its Progress
Chapter 232
Lixin Fu, Hamid Nemati, Fereidoon Sadri
Privacy-preserving data mining (PPDM) refers to data mining techniques developed to protect sensitive data while allowing useful information to be... Sample PDF
Privacy-Preserving Data Mining and the Need for Confluence of Research and Practice
Chapter 233
Lynette Kvasny
During the 1990s, the digital divide figured prominently in the discourses of academics, corporate leaders, educators, and policymakers worldwide.... Sample PDF
The Existential Significance of the Digital Divide for America's Historically Underserved Populations
Chapter 234
Malin Sveningsson
Doing research and collecting data online is not the same as offline. This chapter discusses the wide range of possible ethical conflicts we are... Sample PDF
Ethics in Internet Ethnography
Chapter 235
Margherita Pagani
This paper set out to analyze the impact generated by the adoption of Digital Rights Management (DRM) processes on the typical Digital Media... Sample PDF
The Critical Role of Digital Rights Management Processes in the Context of the Digital Media Management Value Chain
Chapter 236
Monica Whitty
To date, there is a scarcity of literature available on the ethical concerns that accompany research into online relationships and sexuality. This... Sample PDF
Peering into Online Bedroom Windows: Considering the Ethical Implications of Investigating Internet Relationships and Sexuality
Chapter 237
Monideepa Tarafdar, Jie ("Jennifer") Zhang
Web site usability is concerned with how easy and intuitive it is for individuals to learn to use and interact with a Web site. It is a measure of... Sample PDF
Analyzing the Influence of Web Site Design Parameters on Web Site Usability
Chapter 238
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Jackson Stephens, Aaron Moyes, Sean Wilson, Mark Mitchell
The need for increased security management in organizations has never been greater. With increasing globalization and the spread of the Internet... Sample PDF
Biometrics, A Critical Consideration in Information Security Management
Chapter 239
Pushkala Raman, Kartik Pashupati
The primary research objectives of this chapter are to: (a) investigate consumer attitudes to the invasion of online privacy, and (b) discover... Sample PDF
Online Privacy: Consumer Concerns and Technological Competence
Chapter 240
R. A. Haraty
Transaction-processing systems (TPS) are becoming increasingly more available as commercial products. However, the approaches to the issues... Sample PDF
Security Issues in Distributed Transaction Processing Systems
Chapter 241
Richard Baskerville
This article develops an analytical framework for new forms of information warfare that may threaten commercial and government computing systems by... Sample PDF
Hacker Wars: E-Collaboration by Vandals and Warriors
Chapter 242
Rick L. Wilson
Data perturbation is a data security technique that adds noise in the form of random numbers to numerical database attributes with the goal of... Sample PDF
Does Protecting Databases Using Perturbation Techniques Impact Knowledge Discovery?
Chapter 243
Robert N. Barger, Charles R. Crowell
This chapter discusses the ethics of a proof-of-concept demonstration of “parasitic computing.” A “parasite” computer attempts to solve a complex... Sample PDF
Ethics of "Parasitic Computing": Fair Use or Abuse of TCP/IP Over the Internet
Chapter 244
Rose Melville
Online research raises unique ethical concerns (Ess & AoIR, 2002), including the treatment and recruitment of participants, gaining consent... Sample PDF
Ethical Dilemmas in Online Research
Chapter 245
Rui C. Cardoso, Mario M. Freire
In order to guarantee a global security solution in network environments, it is necessary to take into account several issues such as security... Sample PDF
Security Vulnerabilities and Exposures in Internet Systems and Services
Chapter 246
Sajal K. Das, Afrand Agah, Mohan Kumar
Security requirements for pervasive computing environments are different from those in fixed networks. This is due to the intensity and complexity... Sample PDF
Security in Pervasive Computing
Chapter 247
Soraj Hongladarom
The perspective of various Buddhist traditions offers an illuminating insight into the nature and justification of the concept of privacy in... Sample PDF
Analysis and Justification of Privacy from a Buddhist Perspective
Chapter 248
Steven C. Ross, Craig K. Tyran, David J. Auer
On July 3, 2002, fire destroyed a facility that served as both office and computer server room for a College of Business located in the United... Sample PDF
Up In Smoke: Rebuilding After an IT Disaster
Chapter 249
Thomas Herdin, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Ursula Maier-Rabler
The aim of this chapter is to discuss the mutual influence between culture and technology on a broad inter- and transcultural level. Especially, how... Sample PDF
Culture and Technology: A Mutual-Shaping Approach
Chapter 250
A. Mana, C. Rudolph, G. Spanoudakis, V. Lotz, F. Massacci, M. Melideo, J. S. Lopez-Cobo
The scenarios of Ambient Intelligence introduce a new computing paradigm and set new challenges for the design and engineering of secure and... Sample PDF
Security Engineering for Ambient Intelligence: A Manifesto
Chapter 251
Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Athman Rouguettaya, Zaki Malik
Over the past few years there has been a huge influx of web accessible information. Information access and storage methods have grown considerably.... Sample PDF
Enforcing Privacy on the Semantic Web
Chapter 252
Alan D. Smith
Even before September 11, 2001, security and privacy was a concern to nearly 80% of the current and potential Internet users around the globe... Sample PDF
Strategic Importance of Security Standards
Chapter 253
Alison Radl, Yu-Che Chen
As e-government projects proliferate at all levels of government, and as they transition from voluntary to mandatory participation, close... Sample PDF
Computer Security in Electronic Government: A State-Local Education Information System
Chapter 254
Eva Turner
Computer ethics as a subject area is finally being debated in wider computer science and information technology academic circles. In most computer... Sample PDF
Teaching Gender Inclusive Computer Ethics
Chapter 255
Gregor V. Bochmann, Eric Zhen Zhang
The requirements for an authentication infrastructure for electronic commerce are explained by identifying the partners involved in e-commerce... Sample PDF
A Secure Authentication Infrastructure for Mobile Users
Chapter 256
H. Mouratidis, P. Giorgini
The previous chapters of this book have presented promising approaches in the secure software engineering ?eld. However, the ?eld is still in its... Sample PDF
Integrating Security and Software Engineering: Future Vision and Challenges
Chapter 257
Huayin Si, Chang-Tsun Li
Although the development of multimedia processing techniques has facilitated the enrichment of information content, and the never-ending expansion... Sample PDF
Copyright Protection in Virtual Communities through Digital Watermarking
Chapter 258
Ismael Rodriguez, Natalia Lopez
This article studies the properties of a distributed mechanism to perform the Vickrey auction. This mechanism, which was originally presented in... Sample PDF
Analyzing the Privacy of a Vickrey Auction Mechanism
Chapter 259
Jack S. Cook, Laura Cook
Web accessibility is really not a technological issue but rather a cultural problem. A Web site is said to be Web accessible if anyone, regardless... Sample PDF
The Ethics of Web Design: Ensuring Access for Everyone
Chapter 260
John M. Artz
The central problem in cyber ethics is not, as many might think, how to address the problems of protecting individual privacy, or preventing... Sample PDF
Addressing the Central Problem in Cyber Ethics through Stories
Chapter 261
Johnny Hartz Søraker
The purpose of this chapter is to explore whether information and information technology in certain cases ought to be valued as ends in themselves... Sample PDF
The Moral Status of Information and Information Technologies: A Relational Theory of Moral Status
Chapter 262
Jorma Kajava, Juhani Anttila, Rauno Varonen
New technology has continuously changed the face of computing, and each change has involved an improvement in computer architecture and information... Sample PDF
Radio Frequency Identification as a Challenge to Informaiotn Security and Privacy
Chapter 263
Kai Kristian Kimppa
In the light of three major ethical theories, Lockean liberalism, consequentialism, and Kantian deontology, it seems that the intellectual property... Sample PDF
Intellectual Property Rights - or Rights to the Immaterial - in Digitally Distributable Media Gone All Wrong
Chapter 264
Kregg Aytes
Despite rapid technological advances in computer hardware and software, insecure behavior by individual computer users continues to be a significant... Sample PDF
Computer Security and Risky Computing Practices: A Rational Choice Perspective
Chapter 265
Laura Lally
This paper draws upon Normal Accident Theory and the Theory of High Reliability Organizations to examine the potential impacts of Information... Sample PDF
Information Technology as a Target and Shield in the Post 9/11 Environment
Chapter 266
Mohamed Abdulla Suhail
Digital watermarking techniques have been developed to protect the copyright of media signals. This chapter aims to provide a universal review and... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Protection of Intellectual Property
Chapter 267
Pallavi Kahai, Kamesh Namuduri, Ravi Pense
Security incidents that threaten the normal functioning of the organization are on the rise. In order to resist network attacks most organizations... Sample PDF
Tracing Cyber Crimes with a Privacy-Enabled Forensic Profiling System
Chapter 268
Sandeep Krishnamurthy
E-mail is a low-cost and highly effective form of individual contact for primary research. However, researchers who contact strangers for their... Sample PDF
The Ethics of Conducting E-Mail Surveys
Chapter 269
Sanjay K. Singh, Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, K. K. Shukla
Face recognition technology is one of the most widely used problems in computer vision. It is widely used in applications related to security and... Sample PDF
Face Recognition Technology: A Biometric Solution to Security Problems
Chapter 270
Shouhong Wang, Diana Kao
The online auction has become an important form of e-commerce. Although using a different mode for conducting auction activities, online auctions... Sample PDF
A Model for Monitoring and Enforcing Online Auction Ethics
Chapter 271
Malware: An Evolving Threat  (pages 4014-4037)
Steven Furnell, Jeremy Ward
In the two decades since its first significant appearance, malware has become the most prominent and costly threat to modern IT systems. This... Sample PDF
Malware: An Evolving Threat
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