Service-Learning Partnerships in the Information Systems Curriculum

Service-Learning Partnerships in the Information Systems Curriculum

Jonathan Lazar (Towson University, USA) and Dorijs Lidtke (Towson University, USA)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-33-4.ch001
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Service-learning partnerships involve students taking part in structured community service that relates to their academic course experience. Students who major in information systems are increasingly being provided with real-world experiences. These real-world experiences offer numerous benefits. Students can immediately apply their course knowledge to real-world situations. Students can gain the experience of grappling with political, social, and ethical issues in a workplace setting. In addition, students can develop a sense of civic responsibility, by contributing their skills to their communities. This chapter presents the issues involved in implementing the service-learning paradigm in an information systems curriculum. Examples of successful service-learning courses are presented, and new possibilities for service-learning courses are discussed.

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Table of Contents
Jonathan K. Lazar
Chapter 1
Jonathan Lazar, Dorijs Lidtke
Service-learning partnerships involve students taking part in structured community service that relates to their academic course experience.... Sample PDF
Service-Learning Partnerships in the Information Systems Curriculum
Chapter 2
Murali Venkatesh, Ruth V. Small
In this chapter, we present lessons learned from 10 years’ instructional experience with active learning through our classes at Syracuse University.... Sample PDF
Active Learning in Higher Education: A Model and Roadmap
Chapter 3
David Ruppel, Cynthia Ruppel
This chapter chronologically follows a multi-phased service-learning project. The project involved graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in... Sample PDF
A University/Community Partnership to Build a K-8 School Network Infrastructure
Chapter 4
Ann Roberts, Roger Boyle
The University of Leeds is the largest campus-based university in the United Kingdom in terms of student numbers. The School of Computing has, in... Sample PDF
University/Community Partnerships: Capstone Projects That Make a Difference
Chapter 5
John M. Carroll, George Chin Jr., Mary Beth Rosson, Dennis C. Neale, Daniel R. Dunlap, Philip Isenhour
Over more than five years, we worked with a group of public school teachers to define, develop, and assess network-based support for collaborative... Sample PDF
Building Educational Technology Partnerships Through Participatory Design
Chapter 6
Steven Hawley
There is an ever-growing need for technology training for the many stakeholders (teachers and students) in our schools. There is an abyss created by... Sample PDF
Cybercamp: A University/Community Partnership for Universal Empowerment
Chapter 7
James R. Coakley, Craig K. Tyran
A strong partnership with the business community can serve as a critical factor for an information systems program in higher education. The purpose... Sample PDF
A Stage Model for Academic-Corporate Partnerships: Using an Advisory Council to Build Bridges Between an Academic IS Program and the Business Community
Chapter 8
John Borton, Kathy Lassila
Lacking the resources and national recognition of large universities, small regional universities and state colleges must employ different... Sample PDF
The Development of IT/Community Partnerships at a Small Regional University
Chapter 9
Cindy LeRouge, Harold W. Webb
Industry/academic collaboration, involving the utilization of advanced information technologies (AITs), is an expanding phenomenon involving a... Sample PDF
Theoretical Foundations for Enterprise Systems Technology Collaborations: An Adaptive Structuration Framework
Chapter 10
Carlos Navarrete, James Pick
This chapter examines the success factors for industry-university collaboration through IS industry boards. Based on an in-depth case of... Sample PDF
Success Factors for Industry-University Collaboration Through IS Industry Boards: A University Case in a Developing Country
Chapter 11
Randal Pinkett
This chapter is a case study of a community-university partnership that is investigating strategies to bridge the “digital divide” by examining the... Sample PDF
The Camfield Estates - MIT Creating Community Connections Project: High Technology in a Low-to-Moderate Income Community
Chapter 12
Roger Harris
Governments and aid agencies now recognize the potential for sustainable economic development from the deployment of information and communication... Sample PDF
Research Partnerships to Support Rural Communities in Malaysia with Information and Communication Technologies
Chapter 13
Jonathan Lazar
The concept of service-research is described in this chapter. Service-research is the integration of community service with faculty research. It can... Sample PDF
Service-Research Partnerships: Research Projects That Help Bridge the Digital Divide
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