Similarity Search for Voxelized CAD Objects

Similarity Search for Voxelized CAD Objects

Hans-Peter Kriegel (University of Munich, Germany), Peer Kröger (University of Munich, Germany), Martin Pfeifle (University of Munich, Germany), Stefan Brecheisen (University of Munich, Germany), Marco Pötke (software design & management AG, Germany), Matthias Schubert (University of Munich, Germany) and Thomas Seidl (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-684-6.ch004
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Similarity search in database systems is becoming an increasingly important task in modern application domains such as multimedia, molecular biology, medical imaging, and many others. Especially for CAD (Computer-Aided Design), suitable similarity models and a clear representation of the results can help to reduce the cost of developing and producing new parts by maximizing the reuse of existing parts. In this chapter, we present different similarity models for voxelized CAD data based on space partitioning and data partitioning. Based on these similarity models, we introduce anindustrial prototype, called BOSS, which helps the user to get an overview over a set of CAD objects. BOSS allows the user to easily browse large data collections by graphically displaying the results of a hierarchical clustering algorithm. This representation is well suited for the evaluation of similarity models and to aid an industrial user searching for similar parts.

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Table of Contents
Zongmin Ma
Chapter 1
Z. M. Ma
Information systems have become the nerve center of current computer-based engineering applications, which hereby put the requirements on... Sample PDF
Databases Modeling of Engineering Information
Chapter 2
Elvira Locuratolo
This chapter is devoted to the integration of the ASSO features in B. ASSO is a database design methodology defined for achieving conceptual schema... Sample PDF
Database Design Based on B
Chapter 3
T. W. Carnduff, J. S. Goonetillake
This chapter presents research aimed at determining the requirements of a database software tool that supports integrity validation of... Sample PDF
The Management of Evolving Engineering Design Constraints
Chapter 4
Hans-Peter Kriegel, Peer Kröger, Martin Pfeifle, Stefan Brecheisen, Marco Pötke, Matthias Schubert, Thomas Seidl
Similarity search in database systems is becoming an increasingly important task in modern application domains such as multimedia, molecular... Sample PDF
Similarity Search for Voxelized CAD Objects
Chapter 5
Xun W. Xu
This chapter addresses the issue of product development chain from the perspective of data modeling and streamlining. The focus is on an emerging... Sample PDF
STEP-NC to Complete Product Development Chain
Chapter 6
Jun Yuan
Decision support systems or mission control systems for network-centric operations typically need input from multiple heterogeneous information... Sample PDF
Semantic-Based Dynamic Enterprise Information Integration
Chapter 7
Yannis Panagis, Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Spyros Sioutas, Athanasios Tsakalidis
This chapter presents the Web Service architecture and proposes Web Service integration and management strategies for large-scale datasets. The main... Sample PDF
Web Service Integration and Management Strategies for Large-Scale Datasets
Chapter 8
Indranil Bose, Lam A.K. Chun, Leung V.W. Yue, Li H.W. Ines, Wong O.L. Helen
The retailing giant Wal-Mart owes its success to the efficient use of information technology in its operations. One of the noteworthy advances made... Sample PDF
Business Data Warehouse: The Case of Wal-Mart
Chapter 9
Chia-Hung Wei, Chang-Tsun Li, Roland Wilson
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) makes use of image features, such as color and texture, to index images with minimal human intervention.... Sample PDF
A Content-Based Approach to Medical Image Database Retrieval
Chapter 10
Sriram Mohan, Arijit Sengupta
The process of conceptual design is independent of the final platform and the medium of implementation, and is usually in a form that is... Sample PDF
Conceptual Modeling for XML: A Myth or a Reality
Chapter 11
Franck Ravat, Olivier Teste, Gilles Zurfluh
This chapter deals with constraint-based multi-dimensional modelling. The model we define integrates a constellation of facts and dimensions. Along... Sample PDF
Constraint-Based Multi-Dimensional Databases
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