Software Ad Hoc for E-Learning

Software Ad Hoc for E-Learning

Maria-Isabel Sánchez-Segura (Carlos III Technical University of Madrid, Spain), Antonio de Amescua (Carlos III Technical University of Madrid, Spain), Luis García (Carlos III Technical University of Madrid, Spain) and Luis A. Esteban (Carlos III Technical University of Madrid, Spain)
Copyright: © 2005 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-561-0.ch131
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Although they are non-educational institutions, financial institutions have specific training needs. The greatest priority in employee training arises when the bank launches a new financial product or service. The difficulty, in such cases, lies in training the employees in all the regional branches so that they can offer good service to meet the clients’ demand for the product.

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Table of Contents
Charles H. Fine
Margherita Pagani
Chapter 1
Markus Voeth, Marcus Liehr
Communication products are characterized by the fact that the benefit that results from their use is mainly dependent on the number of users of the... Sample PDF
Adoption of Communication Products and the Individual Critical Mass
Chapter 2
Affective Computing  (pages 8-14)
Maja Pantic
We seem to be entering an era of enhanced digital connectivity. Computers and the Internet have become so embedded in the daily fabric of people’s... Sample PDF
Affective Computing
Chapter 3
Agent Frameworks  (pages 15-21)
Reinier Zwitserloot, Maja Pantic
Software agent technology generally is defined as the area that deals with writing software in such a way that it is autonomous. In this definition... Sample PDF
Agent Frameworks
Chapter 4
Leonard Barolli, Akio Koyama
The networks of today are passing through a rapid evolution and are opening a new era of Information Technology (IT). In this information age... Sample PDF
Application of Genetic Algorithms for QoS Routing in Broadband Networks
Chapter 5
Vincenzo Morabito, Bernardino Provera
Until recently, the development of information systems has been ruled by the traditional “make or buy” paradigm (Williamson, 1975). In other words... Sample PDF
Application Service Providers
Chapter 6
Waleed E. Farag
Multimedia applications are rapidly spread at an ever-increasing rate, introducing a number of challenging problems at the hands of the research... Sample PDF
Assessing Digital Video Data Similarity
Chapter 7
Leo Tan Wee Hin, R. Subramaniam
The plain, old telephone system (POTS) has formed the backbone of the communications world since its inception in the 1880s. Running on twisted... Sample PDF
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
Chapter 8
Marlyn Kemper Littman
The remarkable popularity of Web-based applications featuring text, voice, still images, animations, full-motion video and/or graphics and spiraling... Sample PDF
ATM Technology and E-Learning Initiatives
Chapter 9
Biometric Technologies  (pages 56-62)
Mayank Vatsa, Richa Singh, P. Gupta, A. K. Kaushik
Identity verification in computer systems is done based on measures like keys, cards, passwords, PIN and so forth. Unfortunately, these may often be... Sample PDF
Biometric Technologies
Chapter 10
Biometrics Security  (pages 63-68)
Stewart T. Fleming
Information security is concerned with the assurance of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in all forms. There are many... Sample PDF
Biometrics Security
Chapter 11
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Jackson Stephens, Aaron Moyes, Sean Wilson, Mark Mitchell
The need for increased security management in organizations has never been greater. With increasing globalization and the spread of the Internet... Sample PDF
Biometrics, A Critical Consideration in Information Security Management
Chapter 12
Mariana Hentea
The term “home networking” implies that electronic network devices work together and communicate amongst themselves. These devices are classified in... Sample PDF
Broadband Solutions for Residential Customers
Chapter 13
George K. Lalopoulos, Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou
The last decade is characterized by the tempestuous evolution, growth, and dissemination of information and communication technologies in the... Sample PDF
Challenges and Perspectives for Web-Based Applications in Organizations
Chapter 14
Percy Kwok Lai-yin, Christopher Tan Yew-Gee
Because of the ever-changing nature of work and society under the knowledge-based economy in the 21st century, students and teachers need to develop... Sample PDF
Collaborative Web-Based Learning Community
Chapter 15
Tom S. Chan
Traditional boundaries and marketplace definitions are fast becoming irrelevant due to globalization. According to recent statistics, there are... Sample PDF
Constructing a Globalized E-Commerce Site
Chapter 16
Yuan Gao
As a valuable communications medium, the World Wide Web has undoubtedly become an important playground of commercial activities. Founded on a... Sample PDF
Consumer Attitude in Electronic Commerce
Chapter 17
Neil C. Rowe
Content repurposing is the reorganizing of data for presentation on different display hardware (Singh, 2004). It has been particularly important... Sample PDF
Content Repurposing for Small Devices
Chapter 18
Chia-Hung Wei, Chang-Tsun Li
In the past decade, there has been rapid growth in the use of digital media such as images, video, and audio. As the use of digital media increases... Sample PDF
Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
Chapter 19
Jun Sun, Marshall Scott Poole
Advances in wireless network and multimedia technologies enable mobile commerce (m-commerce) information service providers to know the location and... Sample PDF
Context-Awareness in Mobile Commerce
Chapter 20
Geraldine Torrisi-Steele
The notion of using technology for educational purposes is not new. In fact, it can be traced back to the early 1900s during which school museums... Sample PDF
Core Principles of Educational Multimedia
Chapter 21
Corporate Conferencing  (pages 137-142)
Vilas D. Nandavadekar
Today’s corporate need for manpower is growing—the number of remote relationships, mobile workers, and virtual teams. The efficiency and... Sample PDF
Corporate Conferencing
Chapter 22
Klaus D. Hackbarth, J. Antonio Portilla, Ing. Carlos Diaz
Currently mobile networks are one of the key issues in the information society. The use of cellular phones has been broadly extended since the... Sample PDF
Cost Models for Telecommunication Networks and Their Application to GSM Systems
Chapter 23
Ina Freeman, Jonathan M. Auld
Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) is a concept that relays accurate information of a position or location anywhere on the globe using a... Sample PDF
Critical Issues in Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Chapter 24
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou, George K. Lalopoulos
The world economy is moving in transition from the industrial age to a new set of rules—that of the so-called information society—which is rapidly... Sample PDF
Dark Optical Fibre as a Modern Solution for Broadband Networked Cities
Chapter 25
Assion Lawson-Body, Glenda Rotvold, Justin Rotvold
With the advancement of wireless technology and widespread use of mobile devices, many innovative mobile applications are emerging (Tarasewich &... Sample PDF
The Decision Making Process of Integrating Wireless Technology into Organizations
Chapter 26
Michael Lang
Although its conceptual origins can be traced back a few decades (Bush, 1945), it is only recently that hypermedia has become popularized... Sample PDF
Designing Web-Based Hypermedia Systems
Chapter 27
Digital Filters  (pages 180-196)
Gordana Jovanovic-Dolecek
A signal is defined as any physical quantity that varies with changes of one or more independent variables, and each can be any physical value, such... Sample PDF
Digital Filters
Chapter 28
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou, George K. Lalopoulos
The topic of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) applications (including both infrastructures and services) is a very broad one. It encompasses not... Sample PDF
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) Applications
Chapter 29
Jeanne Chen, Tung-Shou Chen, Keh-Jian Ma, Pin-Hsin Wang
Great advancements made on information and network technologies have brought on much activity on the Internet. Traditional methods of trading and... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking Based on Neural Network Technology for Grayscale Images
Chapter 30
Chang-Tsun Li
The availability of versatile multimedia processing software and the far-reaching coverage of the interconnected networks have facilitated flawless... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Multimedia Security Management
Chapter 31
Carol Wright
The term distance education is used to describe educational initiatives designed to compensate for and diminish distance in geography or distance in... Sample PDF
Distance Education Delivery
Chapter 32
Stacey L. Connaughton
At the dawn of the 21st century, more and more organizations in various industries have adopted geographically dispersed work groups and are... Sample PDF
Distanced Leadership and Multimedia
Chapter 33
Norhayati Zakaria, Shafiz A. Mohd Yusof
The world continues to be driven by the rapid development of information technology and globalization. Not surprisingly, the working environments... Sample PDF
The Dynamics of Virtual Teams
Chapter 34
E-Commerce and Usability  (pages 242-246)
Shawren Singh
The term “Electronic Commerce” (EC) conjures various interpretations. Figure 1.1 shows some of the different types of EC, of which there are many... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Usability
Chapter 35
Michael O’Dea
The “holy grail” of e-learning is to enable individualized, flexible, adaptive learning environments that support different learning models or... Sample PDF
Educational Technology Standards
Chapter 36
Richard Chbeir
In last two decades, image retrieval has seen a growth of interests in several domains. As a result, a lot of work has been done in order to... Sample PDF
Efficient Method for Image Indexing in Medical Application
Chapter 37
Kirk W. Duthler
Discussing Google’s reliance on the AdWord as a major source of revenue, Wired’s Josh McHugh (2004) wrote of the obstacles faced by Google founders... Sample PDF
The Elaboration Likelihood Model and Web-Based Persuasion
Chapter 38
Theresa M. Vitolo, Shashidhar Panjala, Jeremy C. Cannell
E-learning covers the variety of teaching and learning approaches, methodologies and technologies supporting synchronous or asynchronous distance... Sample PDF
E-Learning and Multimedia Databases
Chapter 39
Shawren Singh
The first e-commerce (EC) applications were started 30 years ago, in the early 1970s. The original applications were in the form of electronic fund... Sample PDF
Electronic Commerce Technologies Management
Chapter 40
Mário M. Freire, Paulo P. Monteiro, Henrique J.A. da Silva, Jose Ruela
Recently, Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPONs) have received a great deal of interest as a promising cost-effective solution for... Sample PDF
Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
Chapter 41
Phillip Olla
The explosive growth of Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication services over the last two decades has changed mobile communications from a... Sample PDF
Evolution of GSM Network Technology
Chapter 42
George K. Lalopoulos, Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou
The tremendous growth in mobile communications has affected our lives significantly. The mobile phone is now pervasive and used in virtually every... Sample PDF
Evolution of Mobile Commerce Applications
Chapter 43
Neil C. Rowe
Captions are text that describes some other information; they are especially useful for describing non-text media objects (images, audio, video, and... Sample PDF
Exploiting Captions for Multimedia Data Mining
Chapter 44
Face for Interface  (pages 308-314)
Maja Pantic
The human face is involved in an impressive variety of different activities. It houses the majority of our sensory apparatus—eyes, ears, mouth, and... Sample PDF
Face for Interface
Chapter 45
Athanassios C. Iossifides, Spiros Louvros, Stavros A. Kotsopoulos
Global rendering of personalized multimedia services is the key issue determining the evolution of next-generation mobile networks. The determinant... Sample PDF
FDD Techniques Towards the Multimedia Era
Chapter 46
Fiber to the Premises  (pages 324-328)
Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Hassan Ghanem
Subscribers had never thought of cable operators as providers of voice services, or telephone companies as providers of television and entertainment... Sample PDF
Fiber to the Premises
Chapter 47
Andjelka Kelic
Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) refers to the provisioning of narrowband and broadband services to the residential customer over an optical cable rather... Sample PDF
Fiber-to-the-Home Technologies and Standards
Chapter 48
Patricia McManus, Craig Standing
The discussion around the impact of information communication technologies in human social interaction has been the centre of many studies and... Sample PDF
From Communities to Mobile Communities of Values
Chapter 49
Joanna Lumsden
Many experts predicted that this, the first decade of the 21st century, will be the decade of mobile computing; although in recent years mobile... Sample PDF
The Future of M-Interaction
Chapter 50
Phillip Olla
There is a need to determine precise ground locations for use in a variety of innovative and emerging applications such as earth observation... Sample PDF
Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Chapter 51
Going Virtual  (pages 353-358)
Evangelia Baralou, Jill Shepherd
Virtuality is a socially constructed reality mediated by electronic media (Morse, 1998). Characterized by the dimension of time-space distantiation... Sample PDF
Going Virtual
Chapter 52
Spiros Louvros, Dimitrios Karaboulas, Athanassios C. Iossifides, Stavros A. Kotsopoulos
Within the last two decades, the world of telecommunications has started to change at a rapid pace. Data traffic, where the information is... Sample PDF
Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Using a Wireless ATM Platform
Chapter 53
HyperReality  (pages 368-374)
Nobuyoshi Terashima
On the Internet, a cyberspace is created where people communicate together usually by using textual messages. Therefore, they cannot see together in... Sample PDF
Chapter 54
Dilvan de Abreu Moreira, Elaine Quintino da Silva
In the last few years, education has gone through an important change—the introduction of information technology in the educational process. Many... Sample PDF
Improving Student Interaction with Internet and Peer Review
Chapter 55
Kuanchin Chen
Digital representation of data is becoming popular as technology improves our ways of information dissemination, sharing and presentation. Without... Sample PDF
Information Hiding, Digital Watermarking and Steganography
Chapter 56
Mariana Hentea
Information security management is the framework for ensuring the effectiveness of information security controls over information resources to... Sample PDF
Information Security Management
Chapter 57
Carrison K.S. Tong, Eric T.T. Wong
Like other information systems in banking and commercial companies, information security is also an important issue in the healthcare industry. It... Sample PDF
Information Security Management in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems for the Healthcare Industry
Chapter 58
Rana Tassabehji
Information security is an old concept where people, businesses, politicians, military leaders, and others have been trying to protect “sensitive”... Sample PDF
Information Security Threats
Chapter 59
Paul B. Cragg, Nelly Todorova
The concept of “alignment” or “fit” expresses an idea that the object of design—for example, an organization’s structure or its information systems... Sample PDF
Information Systems Strategic Alignment in Small Firms
Chapter 60
Chelley Vician, Mari W. Buche
Information technologies have made virtual communities possible. A community is a gathering of individuals who share something—be it knowledge... Sample PDF
Information Technology and Virtual Communities
Chapter 61
Pascal Volino, Thomas Di Giacomo, Fabien Dellas, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Fashionizer is an integrated framework that fits the needs of the garment industry of virtual garment design and prototyping, concentrating on... Sample PDF
Integrated Platform for Networked and User-Oriented Virtual Clothing
Chapter 62
Margherita Pagani
Interactive television (iTV) can be defined as the result of the process of convergence between television and the new interactive digital... Sample PDF
Interactive Digital Television
Chapter 63
Interactive Memex  (pages 437-446)
Sheng-Uei Guan
With the development of the Internet, a great deal of information is on-line. Popular search sites could be visited million times daily and the... Sample PDF
Interactive Memex
Chapter 64
Hakikur Rahman
With the extended application of information technologies (IT), the conventional education system has crossed physical boundaries to reach the... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia Technologies for Distance Education in Developing Countries
Chapter 65
Hakikur Rahman
Information is typically stored, manipulated, delivered and retrieved using a plethora of existing and emerging technologies. Businesses and... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia Technologies for Distance Education Systems
Chapter 66
Kirk St. Amant
Communication technologies are continually expanding our ideas of the office into cyberspace environments. One result of this expansion is the... Sample PDF
International Virtual Offices
Chapter 67
Paul B. Cragg, Annette M. Mills
Research shows that small firms make significant contributions to their economic environment. With the significant advances being made in... Sample PDF
Internet Adoption by Small Firms
Chapter 68
Tziporah Stern
People have always been concerned about protecting personal information and their right to privacy. It is an age-old concern that is not unique to... Sample PDF
Internet Privacy from the Individual and Business Perspectives
Chapter 69
Internet Privacy Issues  (pages 480-485)
Hy Sockel, Kuanchin Chen
Businesses need to understand privacy conditions and implications to ensure they are in compliance with legal constraints and do not step on... Sample PDF
Internet Privacy Issues
Chapter 70
Tanko Ishaya
The sharing and reuse of digital information has been an important computing concern since the early 1960s. With the advent of the World Wide Web... Sample PDF
Interoperable Learning Objects Management
Chapter 71
H. Gunes Kayacik, A. Nur Zincir-Heywood, Malcolm I. Heywood
Along with its numerous benefits, the Internet also created numerous ways to compromise the security and stability of the systems connected to it.... Sample PDF
Intrusion Detection Systems
Chapter 72
Assion Lawson-Body
Firms rely on IT investments (Demirhan et al., 2002; Tuten, 2003), because a growing number of executives believe that investments in information... Sample PDF
Investment Strategy for Integrating Wireless Technology into Organizations
Chapter 73
Paul B. Cragg, Theekshana Suraweera
Computer based information systems have grown in importance to small firms and are now being used increasingly to help them compete. For example... Sample PDF
IT Management Practices in Small Firms
Chapter 74
iTV Guidelines  (pages 512-518)
Alcina Prata
Technology advances ceaselessly, often in the direction of improving existing equipment. Television, for example, has benefited greatly from the... Sample PDF
iTV Guidelines
Chapter 75
Diana J. Wong-MingJi
The demand for leadership competencies to leverage performance from global virtual teams (GVTs) is growing as organizations continue to search for... Sample PDF
Leadership Competencies for Managing Global Virtual Teams
Chapter 76
Learning Networks  (pages 526-531)
Albert A. Angehrn, Michael Gibbert
Herb Simon once said that “all learning takes place inside individual human heads[;] an organization learns in only two ways: (a) by the learning of... Sample PDF
Learning Networks
Chapter 77
Luigi Proserpio, Massimo Magni
Managerial business games, defined as interactive computer-based simulations for managerial education, can be considered as a relatively new tool... Sample PDF
Learning through Business Games
Chapter 78
Local Loop Unbundling  (pages 538-546)
Alessandro Arbore
Local loop unbundling (LLU) is one of the most important and controversial policy instruments adopted in many countries since the second half of the... Sample PDF
Local Loop Unbundling
Chapter 79
Ioannis P. Chochliouros, Anastasia S. Spiliopoulou-Chochliourou, George K. Lalopoulos
Recent European policies have very early identified (European Commission, 1999) the great challenge for the European Union (EU) to promote various... Sample PDF
Local Loop Unbundling Measures and Policies in the European Union
Chapter 80
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Akshay Grover, Chris Madsen, Jeff Larkin, William Robins
Open-source software (OSS) is software that can be used freely in the public domain but is often copyrighted by the original authors under an... Sample PDF
Making Money with Open-Source Business Initiatives
Chapter 81
Xin Luo, Merrill Warkentin
The last decade has witnessed the dramatic emergence of the Internet as a force of inter-organizational and inter-personal change. The Internet and... Sample PDF
Malware and Antivirus Procedures
Chapter 82
Margherita Pagani
Convergence describes a process change in industry structures that combines markets through technological and economic dimensions to meet merging... Sample PDF
Measuring the Potential for IT Convergence at Macro Level
Chapter 83
Maria Ruey-Yuan Lee, Feng Yu Pai
The number of cellular phone subscribers has increased 107% in Taiwan, based on the Directorate General of Telecommunications reports... Sample PDF
Message-Based Service in Taiwan
Chapter 84
Stefano Pace
The Internet has developed from an informative medium to a social environment where people meet together, exchanging messages and emotions and... Sample PDF
Methods of Research in Virtual Communities
Chapter 85
Migration to IP Telephony  (pages 593-600)
Khaled A. Shuaib
There are mainly two types of used communication systems; circuit switched and packet switched networks. In circuit switched networks, there must be... Sample PDF
Migration to IP Telephony
Chapter 86
Mobile Ad Hoc Network  (pages 601-607)
Subhankar Dhar
A mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a temporary, self-organizing network of wireless mobile nodes without the support of any existing infrastructure... Sample PDF
Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Chapter 87
Mobile Agents  (pages 608-614)
Kamel Karoui
The concept of mobile agent is not new; it comes from the idea of OS process migration firstly presented by Xerox in the 1980’s. The term mobile... Sample PDF
Mobile Agents
Chapter 88
Chung-wei Lee, Weidong Kou, Wen-Chen Hu
With the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW), electronic commerce has revolutionized traditional commerce and boosted sales and exchanges of... Sample PDF
Mobile Commerce Security and Payment
Chapter 89
Anastasis Sofokleous, Marios Angelides, Christos Schizas
The ubiquitous nature of modern mobile computing has made “any information, any device, any network, anytime, anywhere” a well-known reality.... Sample PDF
Mobile Computing for M-Commerce
Chapter 90
Bardo Fraunholz, Jürgen Jung, Chandana Unnithan
Mobility has become a key factor around the world, as the use of ubiquitous devices, including laptops, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and... Sample PDF
Mobile Location Based Services
Chapter 91
P. Melliar-Smith, L. Moser
The ready availability of mobile multimedia computing and communication devices is driving their use in commercial transactions. Mobile devices are... Sample PDF
Mobile Multimedia for Commerce
Chapter 92
Mobile Radio Technologies  (pages 645-651)
Christian Kaspar, Svenja Hagenhoff
Mobile radio technologies have been subject to speculations in recent years. The initial euphoria about opportunities and market potentials of... Sample PDF
Mobile Radio Technologies
Chapter 93
Lek Heng Ngoh, Jaya Shankar P.
Accessing wireless services and application on the move has become a norm among casual or business users these days. Due to societal needs... Sample PDF
Mobility over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Chapter 94
Sheng-Uei Guan
In recent years, researchers have tried to extend Petri net to model multimedia. The focus of the research flows from the synchronization of... Sample PDF
Modeling Interactive Distributed Multimedia Applications
Chapter 95
Calin Gurau
Electronic commerce requires the redefinition of the firm’s relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers. The goal of effective Customer... Sample PDF
Modelling eCRM Systems with the Unified Modelling Language
Chapter 96
Zbigniew Hulicki
Digital television (TV)-based communication systems provide cost-effective solutions and, in many cases, offer capabilities difficult to obtain by... Sample PDF
Multimedia Communication Services on Digital TV Platforms
Chapter 97
Ali R. Hurson, Bo Yang
In recent years, the rapid expansion of multimedia applications, partly due to the exponential growth of the Internet, has proliferated over the... Sample PDF
Multimedia Content Representation Technologies
Chapter 98
Janusz Swierzowicz
The development of information technology is particularly noticeable in the methods and techniques of data acquisition, high-performance computing... Sample PDF
Multimedia Data Mining Concept
Chapter 99
Mohamed Ally
There is a rapid increase in the use of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablet PCs, personal digital assistants, Web pads, and palmtop computers... Sample PDF
Multimedia Information Design for Mobile Devices
Chapter 100
Qing Li, Jun Yang, Yueting Zhuang
In the late 1990s, the availability of powerful computing capability, large storage devices, high-speed networking and especially the advent of the... Sample PDF
Multimedia Information Retrieval at a Crossroad
Chapter 101
Randy V. Bradley, Victor Mbarika, Chetan S. Sankar, P. K. Raju
Researchers and major computing associations such as the Association of Information Systems (AIS) and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)... Sample PDF
Multimedia Instructional Materials in MIS Classrooms
Chapter 102
Omar El-Gayar, Kuanchin Chen, Kanchana Tandekar
With the interactive capabilities on the Internet, business activities such as product display, order placing and payment are given a new facelift... Sample PDF
Multimedia Interactivity on the Internet
Chapter 103
Mouna Kacimi, Richard Chbeir, Kokou Yetongnon
The Web has become a significant source of various types of data, which require large volumes of disk space and new indexing and retrieval methods.... Sample PDF
Multimedia Proxy Cache Architectures
Chapter 104
Armando Cirrincione
MultiMedia Technologies (MMT) are all that kind of technological tools that make us able to transmit information in a very large meaning... Sample PDF
Multimedia Technologies in Education
Chapter 105
Peter Murphy
What does the space created by the Internet look like? One answer to this question is to say that, because this space exists “virtually”, it cannot... Sample PDF
The N-Dimensional Geometry and Kinaesthetic Space of the Internet
Chapter 106
Mahbubur R. Syed, Mohammad M. Nur, Robert J. Bignall
In recent years the Internet has become the most popular and useful medium for information interchange due to its wide availability, flexibility... Sample PDF
Network Intrusion Tracking for DoS Attacks
Chapter 107
Jo-Mae B. Maris
Cross-discipline research requires researchers to understand many concepts outside their own discipline. Computers are becoming pervasive throughout... Sample PDF
Network-Based Information System Model for Research
Chapter 108
Jeanne Chen, Tung-Shou Chen, Meng-Wen Cheng
Great advancements in Web technology have resulted in increase activities on the Internet. Users from all walks of life — e-commerce traders... Sample PDF
A New Block Data Hiding Method for the Binary Image
Chapter 109
Harilaos Koumaras, Drakoulis Martakos, Anastasios Kourtis
Multimedia applications over 3G and 4G (third and fourth generation) networks will be based on digital encoding techniques (e.g., MPEG-4) that... Sample PDF
Objective Measurement of Perceived QoS for Homogeneous MPEG-4 Video Content
Chapter 110
Erik Benrud
This article examines the performance of students in a Web-based corporate finance course and how the technologies associated with communication on... Sample PDF
The Online Discussion and Student Success in Web-Based Education
Chapter 111
Stewart T. Fleming
The open source software movement exists as a loose collection of individuals, organizations, and philosophies roughly grouped under the intent of... Sample PDF
Open Source Intellectual Property Rights
Chapter 112
Kirk Amant, Brian Still
The popularity of open source software (OSS) has exploded among consumers and software developers. For example, today, the most popular Web server... Sample PDF
Open Source Software and International Outsourcing
Chapter 113
Optical Burst Switching  (pages 799-806)
Joel J.P.C. Rodrigues, Paulo P. Monteiro, Pascal Lorenz
The concept of burst switching was proposed initially in the context of voice communications by Haselton (1983) and Amstutz (1983; 1989) in the... Sample PDF
Optical Burst Switching
Chapter 114
Jerald Hughes, Karl Reiner Lang
In 1999, exchanges of digital media objects, especially files of music, came to constitute a significant portion of Internet traffic thanks to a new... Sample PDF
Peer-to-Peer Filesharing Systems for Digital Media
Chapter 115
Larbi Esmahi
Computers have a great potential as support tools for learning; they promise the possibility of affordable, individualized learning environments. In... Sample PDF
Personalized Web-Based Learning Services
Chapter 116
Carrison K.S. Tong, Eric T.T. Wong
Radiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of radiation. It is often used in X-rays in the... Sample PDF
Picture Archiving and Communication System in Health Care
Chapter 117
Spiros Louvros, Athanassios C. Iossifides, Dimitrios Karaboulas, Stavros A. Kotsopoulos
Nowadays cabling based on symmetrical copper cables is dominant in almost all telecom applications; glass fibers predominate in long-distance... Sample PDF
Plastic Optical Fiber Applications
Chapter 118
Isola Ajiferuke, Alexander Markus
In recent years, virtual communities have become the topic of countless books, journal articles and television shows, but what are they, and where... Sample PDF
Potentials of Information Technology in Building Virtual Communities
Chapter 119
Rana Tassabehji
Information security has traditionally been the responsibility of information technology (IT) departments, where information security has commonly... Sample PDF
Principles for Managing Information Security
Chapter 120
Darren P. Mundy, Oleksandr Otenko
Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) are now in place in a number of organizations, and there is a wide amount of material available that can be used to... Sample PDF
Privilege Management Infrastructure
Chapter 121
Thomas Di Giacomo, Chris Joslin, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Three-dimensional (3D) representation is one of the cornerstones of Computer Graphics (CG) and multimedia content. Advances in this domain, coupled... Sample PDF
Production, Delivery and Playback of 3D Graphics
Chapter 122
Peter Murphy
The development of the “World Wide Web” has had a significant impact on the formation of public opinion in democratic societies. This impact... Sample PDF
Public Opinion and the Internet
Chapter 123
Jairo A. Gutiérrez, Wayne Ting
The objective of enabling the development of higher-level multimedia services with guaranteed quality of service (QoS) on networks has prompted... Sample PDF
Quality of Service Issues Associated with Internet Protocols
Chapter 124
Gábor Hosszú
Multimedia applications generally support the one-to-many group communication way. Multicasting decreases communication costs for applications that... Sample PDF
Reliability Issues of the Multicast-Based Mediacommunication
Chapter 125
Abtar Kaur, Jeremy Dunning, Sunand Bhattacharya, Ansary Ahmed
Web-based distance learning is hampered in many cases by a failure to deliver material in a manner consistent with the ways in which students learn... Sample PDF
Re-Purposeable Learning Objects Based on Teaching and Learning Styles
Chapter 126
Pauline Ratnasingam
The increasing trend in the use of Internet-based e-marketplace applications has created tremendous opportunities for businesses to manage effective... Sample PDF
A Risk-Control Framework for E-Marketplace Participation
Chapter 127
Lech J. Janczewski, Victor Portougal
Developments in multimedia technology and networking offer organizations new and more effective ways of conducting their businesses. That includes... Sample PDF
Road Map to Information Security Management
Chapter 128
Linda V. Knight, Jean-Philippe P. Labruyere
Security laboratories provide controlled environments that simulate enterprises’ infrastructures. Such laboratories allow technical professionals to... Sample PDF
Security Laboratory Design and Implementation
Chapter 129
Rui C. Cardoso, Mario M. Freire
In order to guarantee a global security solution in network environments, it is necessary to take into account several issues such as security... Sample PDF
Security Vulnerabilities and Exposures in Internet Systems and Services
Chapter 130
Semantic Web  (pages 917-924)
Rui G. Pereira, Mario M. Freire
The World Wide Web (WWW, Web, or W3) is known as the largest accessible repository of human knowledge. It contains around 3 billion documents, which... Sample PDF
Semantic Web
Chapter 131
Maria-Isabel Sánchez-Segura, Antonio de Amescua, Luis García, Luis A. Esteban
Although they are non-educational institutions, financial institutions have specific training needs. The greatest priority in employee training... Sample PDF
Software Ad Hoc for E-Learning
Chapter 132
Laura Anna Ripamonti
A lot of experiences with online communities (AOL, CompuServe, The WELL, Listserv and so forth) pre-date the Web, and some researchers have... Sample PDF
Supporting Online Communities with Technological Infrastructures
Chapter 133
Teletranslation  (pages 945-950)
Minako O’Hagan
The translation industry developed in response to the need to assimilate or disseminate information across different languages where the text in one... Sample PDF
Chapter 134
Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell
The sophistication of technology available to businesses as well as to homes has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. The speed of... Sample PDF
Telework Information Security
Chapter 135
Text-to-Speech Synthesis  (pages 957-963)
Mahbubur R. Syed, Shuvro Chakrobartty, Robert J. Bignall
Speech synthesis is the process of producing natural-sounding, highly intelligible synthetic speech simulated by a machine in such a way that it... Sample PDF
Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Chapter 136
2G-4G Networks  (pages 964-973)
Shakil Akhtar
The fourth-generation wireless mobile systems, commonly known as 4G, is expected to provide global roaming across different types of wireless and... Sample PDF
2G-4G Networks
Chapter 137
Type Justified  (pages 974-979)
Anna Szabados, Nishikant Sonwalkar
There is growing global need for quality online education with increased classroom engagement and student-focused teaching approaches. The present... Sample PDF
Type Justified
Chapter 138
Ubiquitous Commerce  (pages 980-984)
Holtjona Galanxhi-Janaqi, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah
Ubiquitous commerce, also referred to as u-commerce or übercommerce, is the combination of electronic, wireless-mobile, television, voice, and... Sample PDF
Ubiquitous Commerce
Chapter 139
A. Lee Gilbert
Appliances, ideally, are simple to use. You select one you think will meet your needs, get it home, take it out of the box, plug it in, and begin... Sample PDF
Understanding the Out-of-the-Box Experience
Chapter 140
Mari W. Buche, Chelley Vician
Information is quickly becoming the most significant asset of business practice, and it must be protected and secured in order to be useful.... Sample PDF
A Unified Information Security Management Plan
Chapter 141
Universal Multimedia Access  (pages 1001-1007)
Andrea Cavallaro
The diffusion of network appliances such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and handheld computers creates a new challenge for... Sample PDF
Universal Multimedia Access
Chapter 142
Usability  (pages 1008-1013)
Shawren Singh
In this article we will examine some important issues related to human-computer interaction (HCI). This will be followed by a discussion of... Sample PDF
Chapter 143
Kuanchin Chen, Hy Sockel, Louis K. Falk
Usability is an acknowledged important aspect of any system or product design. Researchers have found that a good interface design promotes higher... Sample PDF
Usability Assessment in Mobile Computing and Commerce
Chapter 144
Dean Mohamedally, Panayiotis Zaphiris, Helen Petrie
Mobile computing and wireless communications continue to change the way in which we perceive our lifestyles and habits. Through an extensive... Sample PDF
User-Centered Mobile Computing
Chapter 145
Christophe Cruz, Christophe Nicolle, Marc Neveu
Computer graphics has widely spread out into various computer applications. After the early wire-frame computer generated images of the 60s, spatial... Sample PDF
Using Semantics to Manage 3D Scenes in Web Platforms
Chapter 146
Virtual Communities  (pages 1033-1039)
George Kontolemakis, Panagiotis Kanellis, Drakoulis Martakos
In recent years, computer mediated communication has been the enabling factor for connecting people to one another and establishing “virtual... Sample PDF
Virtual Communities
Chapter 147
Abhijit Roy
With the advent of the Internet a little over a decade ago, technology has enabled communities to move beyond the physical face-to-face contacts to... Sample PDF
Virtual Communities on the Internet
Chapter 148
Meliha Handzic, Joanne Chia Yi Lin
The growing importance of knowledge and innovations for modern organisations (Davenport, DeLong, & Breers, 1998; Drucker, 1998; Nonaka, 1998;... Sample PDF
Virtual Knowledge Space and Learning
Chapter 149
Virtual Learning Communities  (pages 1055-1063)
Stewart T. Fleming
The synthesis of global communication networks available at low cost, enormous growth in popular uptake of personal computers and communication... Sample PDF
Virtual Learning Communities
Chapter 150
Lalita Rajasingham, John Tiffin
The term HyperReality (HR) was coined by Nobuyoshi Terashima to refer to “the technological capability to intermix virtual reality (VR) with... Sample PDF
Virtual Reality and HyperReality Technologies in Universities
Chapter 151
Tiong-Thye Goh, Kinshuk
Most Web pages are designed with desktop platform access in mind, but with the proliferation of mobile devices such as Personal Digital Assistants... Sample PDF
Web Content Adaptation Frameworks and Techniques
Chapter 152
Web Site Usability  (pages 1078-1083)
Louis K. Falk, Hy Sockel
Strictly speaking, the term usability has evolved from one of use to also include design and presentation aspects. A large amount of research has... Sample PDF
Web Site Usability
Chapter 153
Web-Based Learning  (pages 1084-1090)
James O. Danenberg, Kuanchin Chen
Web-based learning (a major subcomponent of the broader term “distance learning”) is one of the tools with which education is delivered at a... Sample PDF
Web-Based Learning
Chapter 154
Webmetrics  (pages 1091-1095)
Mario A. Maggioni, Teodora Erika Uberti
The Internet is perhaps one of the newest and most powerful media that enables the transmission of digital information and communication across the... Sample PDF
Chapter 155
Wireless Emergency Services  (pages 1096-1103)
Jun Sun
Generally speaking, wireless emergency services can refer to any services that provide immediate help to mobile phone users under emergency... Sample PDF
Wireless Emergency Services
Chapter 156
WLAN Security Management  (pages 1104-1113)
Göran Pulkkis, Kay J. Grahn, Jonny Karlsson
In a wired local-area network (LAN), the network ports and cables are mostly contained inside a building. Therefore, a hacker must defeat physical... Sample PDF
WLAN Security Management
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