Strategies for Healthcare Information Systems

Strategies for Healthcare Information Systems

Ton A.M. Spil (University of Twente, The Netherlands) and Robert A. Stegwee (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 12
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-931777-01-8.ch001
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It is widely recognized that the healthcare industry does not use information technology to its full potential. This book uncovers many of the reasons why large-scale implementation of healthcare information systems has not come to fruition yet. The authors provide a broad coverage of the field, ranging from strategic analysis to real-life project implementation. Moreover the book provides strategies to avoid pitfalls and direct your healthcare organization to strategic use of healthcare information systems. This section of the book will introduce the five main themes of the book and will show that the healthcare organizations are realistic laboratories for the information and communication technology scientists to do research. The five main themes are: Strategy, Network Healthcare Chain, Process Management, Knowledge Management, Standardization.

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Table of Contents
Adi Armoni
Chapter 1
Ton A.M. Spil, Robert A. Stegwee
It is widely recognized that the healthcare industry does not use information technology to its full potential. This book uncovers many of the... Sample PDF
Strategies for Healthcare Information Systems
Chapter 2
Stuart J. Barnes
Implementing large strategic IS in the UK health sector has recently become the subject of much debate, as hospitals have undergone wide-reaching... Sample PDF
Experiences in SIS Implementation in UK Healthcare
Chapter 3
Grace Johnson, Anand Kumar, Arkalgud Ramaprasad, Madhusudhan Reddy
In this chapter, we focus on the impact of Web-based technology on marketing practices within the healthcare industry and its impact on the... Sample PDF
Technology-Based Marketing in the Healthcare Industry: Implications for Relationships Between Players in the Industry
Chapter 4
Adi Armoni
In recent years we have witnessed sweeping developments in information technology. Currently, the most promising and interesting domain seemed to be... Sample PDF
The Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques and Applications in the Medical Domain
Chapter 5
Giusseppi A. Forgionne, Aryya Gangopadhyay, Monica Adya
The chapter begins with an overview of the types of healthcare fraud. Next, there is a brief discussion of issues with the current fraud detection... Sample PDF
An Intelligent Data Mining System to Detect Healthcare Fraud
Chapter 6
Francis Lau, Marilynne Hebert
Canada’s Health Informatics Association has been hosting annual conferences since the 1970’s as a way of bringing information systems professionals... Sample PDF
Experiences from Health Information Systems Implementation Projects Reported in Canada Between 1991 and 1997
Chapter 7
Crispin R. Coombs, Neil F. Doherty, John Loan-Clarke
The factors that influence the ultimate level of success or failure of systems development projects have received considerable attention in the... Sample PDF
The Role of User Ownership and Positive User Attitudes in the Successful Adoption in Information Systems within NHS Community Trusts
Chapter 8
Kimberly D. Harris, Joseph F. Donaldson, James D. Campbell
This study investigated predictors of utilization of the computer-based telemedicine in three rural Missouri counties. Participating health care... Sample PDF
Introducing Computer-Based Telemedicine in Three Rural Missouri Counties
Chapter 9
Carol Clark
This article outlines major health issues (e.g., vision problems, musculoskeletal disorders, and radiation effects on pregnancy), as evidenced by... Sample PDF
VDT Health Hazards: A Guide for End Users and Managers
Chapter 10
P. J. Blignaut, T. McDonald
The manual paper-based system for keeping track of patient history was replaced with a computerized system in a Primary Health Care clinic in a... Sample PDF
The User Interface for a Computerized Patient Record System for Primary Health Care in a Third World Environment
Chapter 11
Rolf Grutter, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, Walter Fierz
The health care industry is essentially knowledge-based. The quality and efficiency of work performed depends on the ability to both manage... Sample PDF
The Knowledge Medium - A Conceptual Framework for the Design and Implementation of a Platform Supporting the Community of AIDS Researchers and Practitioners
Chapter 12
James A. Rodger, Parag C. Pendharkar, Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
This chapter is designed to relate the rationale used by the Department of Defense, to utilize Telemedicine, to meet increasing global crises, and... Sample PDF
Mobile Computing at the Department of Defense
Chapter 13
Linda Roberge
The Internet, particularly the World Wide Web, is redefining “how we do business” for the service and manufacturing sectors of our economy. In... Sample PDF
Physician Use of Web-Based Technology: Hype vs. Reality
Chapter 14
Carmine Sellitto
This chapter provides an overview of some of the criteria that are currently being used to assess medical information found on the World Wide Web... Sample PDF
The Quality of Medical Information on the Internet: Some Current Evaluation Frameworks
Chapter 15
Pamela E. Paustian, Donna J. Slovensky, Jacqueline W. Kennedy
Preparedness for response and continued operation of a health care facility following an information systems disaster must encompass two facets... Sample PDF
Information System Failures in Healthcare Organizations: Case Study of a Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 16
Jonathan Wareham, Richard Klein
Despite the fact that commercial intermediation accounts for over 15% of the US GDP (Spulber, 1996), it has commanded limited attention from the... Sample PDF
Intermediation Structures in Electronic Healthcare Portals
Chapter 17
Dongsong Zhang, Ralph Martinez
The healthcare organizational structure is often naturally distributed. In order to improve the quality of care, the adoption of standards to allow... Sample PDF
CORBAMed and DHE: Middleware Service Approach in Healthcare Information Systems
Chapter 18
Stephen L. Chan
This chapter presents a physician order entry system in the ward (for medication prescriptions) by using scanning and image processing. Important... Sample PDF
Scanning and Image Processing System (SIPS) for Medication Ordering
Chapter 19
Nathalie Mitev, Sharon Kerkham
Since the National Health Service reforms were introduced, the NHS has moved towards a greater emphasis on accountability and efficiency of... Sample PDF
Organizational and Implementation Issues of Patient Data Management Systems in an Intensive Care Unit
Chapter 20
Edgar A. Whitley, Athanasia Pouloudi
This chapter explores the ways in which innovative information systems projects take on a life of their own. The chapter begins by reviewing some of... Sample PDF
Studying the Translations of NHSnet
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