Strategy Turned into Action: A Case from Global Implementation of B2B E-Business

Strategy Turned into Action: A Case from Global Implementation of B2B E-Business

Magnus Homqvist (Volvo Information Technology and Viktoria Institute, Sweden) and Kalevi Pessi (Goteborg University and Viktoria Institute, Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-629-7.ch007
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E-business has been highly debated during the last years, often based on assumptions. This chapter is based on results from several years of collaborative action research. Actual results from implementation projects in the supply chain of the automotive industry are the focus. The objective is to highlight experiences and successful results from business to business integration. The origin is a Volvo initiative with a portal for selling spare parts via a new Web channel. The case presents realized implementation projects as an outcome of a scenario-based strategy. The original scenarios served as a reference, but the development was influenced by actual actions and learnings. The case illustrates that creation of a new platform is challenging, but also that the creation of new business relations is just as difficult. The results indicate that tight follow-up projects can enable valuable innovations. Leverage is high, and rollouts are easier after the initial implementation.

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Table of Contents
Timo Saarinen, Markku Tinnilä, Anne Tseng
Chapter 1
Veikko Hara, Karri Mikkonen, Timo Saarinen, Markku Tinnila, Jarkko Vesa
The convergence of information technology, communications, and content raises the question of how service and content providers can best guarantee a... Sample PDF
Introduction: Toward Seamless Multi-Channel Services
Chapter 2
Markku Tinnila, Anssi Oorni, Anu Raijas
Electronic distribution channels, such as the World Wide Web, mobile terminals, and digital television, have provided new opportunities for the... Sample PDF
Developing Consumer Preference-Profiles as a Basis for Multi-Channel Service Concepts
Chapter 3
Niina Mallat, Tomi Dahlberg
As payments by mobile phones are an enabling technology, the adoption of mobile payments is believed to significantly influence the successful... Sample PDF
Consumer and Merchant Adoption of Mobile Payment Solutions
Chapter 4
Anssi Oorni
Internet-based commerce is expected to radically affect many consumer markets. Present knowledge of the forthcoming transformations is based largely... Sample PDF
Objectives of Search and Combination of Information Channels in Electronic Consumer Markets: An Explorative Study
Chapter 5
Kari Elkela, Tuomas Kokkonen, Heikki Nikali
This chapter deals with the effect of new forms of consumer communication on shopping behavior. New communication technologies are in a constant... Sample PDF
Consumers on the Road from E-Communication to E-Shopping
Chapter 6
Marko Merisavo
Viewing the use of digital channels in marketing from a customer relationship perspective offers several benefits to a marketer. Brand communication... Sample PDF
The Effects of Digital Marketing on Customer Relationships
Chapter 7
Magnus Homqvist, Kalevi Pessi
E-business has been highly debated during the last years, often based on assumptions. This chapter is based on results from several years of... Sample PDF
Strategy Turned into Action: A Case from Global Implementation of B2B E-Business
Chapter 8
Esko Penttinen, Timo Saarinen
Today, many traditional manufacturing firms are focusing on their service operations, which are often seen as a better source of revenue than the... Sample PDF
Opportunities and Challenges for B2B Manufacturing Firms: Moving from Products to Services-Case SKF
Chapter 9
Andreas Nilsson
This chapter investigates potential business value based on the results of a design-oriented research project. The objective of the research was to... Sample PDF
Shifting Perspective from Design to Business: Extending the Scope from Spectators to Stakeholders
Chapter 10
Tommi Pelkonen
This chapter analyzes the development trends in a special field within multi-channel e-business, digital games designed for mobile devices. It... Sample PDF
Mobile Games: Emerging Content Business Area
Chapter 11
Janne Orava, Mika Perttula
This chapter introduces digital television as part of a multi-channel environment in a European context. It argues that digital television in... Sample PDF
Digital Television and Multi-Channel in Europe
Chapter 12
Juha Laine, Jukka Heikkila
In this chapter, our purpose is to illustrate the complexity of the outcomes of technological change and the concerns of regulators in the European... Sample PDF
Case of Monopolies at Stake: Strategies for Gambling Market
Chapter 13
Claas Mulle-Lankenau, Kai Wehmeyer, Stefan Klein
In contrast to a widely held belief that online and offline channels of click and mortar companies should be tightly integrated, this chapter... Sample PDF
Serving Customers in a Hybrid World: Multi-Channel Strategies in Retailing
Chapter 14
Anne Tseng, Jukka Kallio, Markku Tinnila
Mobile operators play a central role in the development of the mobile data services market. They have primary access to the customer relationship, a... Sample PDF
Describing the Critical Factors for Creating Successful Mobile Data Services
Chapter 15
Risto Rajala, Matti Rossi, Virpi Ruunainen, Janne Vihinen
In this chapter, we explore the revenue logics and related product distribution models of mobile game developer companies. Mobile gaming is facing a... Sample PDF
Channel Choices and Revenue Logistics of Software Companies Developing Mobile Games
Chapter 16
Jukka Heikkila, Marikka Heikkila, Markku Tinnila
Business models have received a substantial amount of interest recently. Also, various research studies have discussed business models, especially... Sample PDF
The Role of Business Models in Developing Business Networks
Chapter 17
Jarkko Vesa, Eric van Heck
In this chapter, we analyze factors relevant for adopting multi-channel technologies in online auction markets. Its focus is on how multi-channel... Sample PDF
Are Multi-Channel Technologies Adopted in Online Consumer Auction Markets in Finland?
Chapter 18
Mirella Lahteenmaki, Markku Tinnila
Intermediaries and especially information-intensive infomediaries have been hailed as winners of the new electronic economy. The need for... Sample PDF
The Changing Role of Middle-Men Infomediaries
Chapter 19
Ken Peffers, Tuure Tuunanen
This chapter identifies seven problems associated with requirements elicitation, where the intended users are external to the firm; it proposes... Sample PDF
Meeting the Demands of Wide- Audience End Users
Chapter 20
Markku Tinnila, Theresa Lauraeus-Niinivaara
Envisioning the future is always challenging, and the multi-channel environment is no exception to that rule. The objective of this study was to... Sample PDF
Envisioning the Future of a Multi-Channel World By 2020
Chapter 21
Jari Manninen, Marja-Liisa Viherä
We need to understand people’s needs to use technology and what kinds of services, technological infrastructure and legislation are needed to build... Sample PDF
Multi-Channel Services of the Future
Chapter 22
Jonathan W. Palmer
The chapter describes opportunities in channel management at multiple levels, including customer-focused channels providing capabilities in managing... Sample PDF
Channel Surfing: The Challenge and Opportunity of Channel Management in a Networked World
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