System of Information Retrieval in XML Documents

System of Information Retrieval in XML Documents

Saliha Smadhi (Universite de Pau, France)
Copyright: © 2003 |Pages: 11
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-93177-747-6.ch001
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This chapter introduces the process to retrieve units (or subdocuments) of relevant information from XML documents. For this, we use the Extensible Markup Language (XML) which is considered as a new standard for data representation and exchange on the Web. XML opens opportunities to develop a new generation of Information Retrieval System (IRS) to improve the interrogation process of document bases on the Web. Our work focuses instead on end-users who do not have expertise in the domain (like a majority of the end-users). This approach supports keyword-based searching like classical IRS and integrates structured searching with the search attributes notion. It is based on an indexing method of document tree leafs which authorize a content-oriented retrieval. The retrieval subdocuments are ranked according to their similarity with the user’s query. We use a similarity measure which is a compromise between two measures: exhaustiveness and specificity.

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Table of Contents
Shirley Becker
Chapter 1
Saliha Smadhi
This chapter introduces the process to retrieve units (or subdocuments) of relevant information from XML documents. For this, we use the Extensible... Sample PDF
System of Information Retrieval in XML Documents
Chapter 2
Witold Abramowicz, Jakub Piskorski
The objective of this chapter is an investigation of the applicability of information extraction techniques in real-world business applications... Sample PDF
Information Extraction from Free-Text Business Documents
Chapter 3
Ulrich Schiel, Ianna M.S.F. de Sousa
With the growing significance of digital libraries and the Internet, more and more electronic texts become accessible to a wide and geographically... Sample PDF
Interactive Indexing of Documents with a Multilingual Thesaurus
Chapter 4
Ido Millet
This chapter addresses the challenge of applying relational database technologies to manage taxonomies, which are commonly used to classify... Sample PDF
Managing Document Taxonomies in Relational Databases
Chapter 5
Yangjun Chen, Gerald Huck
Java is a prevailing implementation platform for XML-based systems. Several high-quality in-memory implementations for the standardized XML-DOM API... Sample PDF
Building Signature-Trees on Path Signatures in Document Databases
Chapter 6
Altigran S. da Silva, Pável Calado, Rodrigo C. Vieira, Alberto H.F. Laender, Bertheir A. Ribeiro-Neto
In this chapter, we propose an approach to using keywords (as in a Web search engine) for querying databases over the Web. The approach is based on... Sample PDF
Keyword-Based Queries Over Web Databases
Chapter 7
Virpi Lyytikainen, Pasi Tiitinen, Airi Salminen
Document databases available on the Internet carry massive information resources. To a person needing a piece of information on a specific domain... Sample PDF
Unifying Access to Heterogeneous Document Databases through Contextual Metadata
Chapter 8
J. F.A. Montes, A. C.G. Lora, N. M. Vergara, M. M.R. Garcia
The focus of this chapter is on the progressive adaptation of database techniques to Web usage in a way quite similar to the evolution from... Sample PDF
Database Management Issues in the Web Environment
Chapter 9
Abraham Alvarez, Y. Amghar
This chapter focuses on referential link integrity problems. In the industrial context, the life cycle of a document plays a central role in... Sample PDF
Applying JAVA-Triggers for X-Link Management in the Industrial Framework
Chapter 10
Manuel Serrano, Coral Calero, Mario Piattini
This chapter proposes a set of metrics to assess data warehouse quality. A set of data warehouse metrics is presented, and the formal and empirical... Sample PDF
Metrics for Data Warehouse Quality
Chapter 11
R. Chbeir, Y. Amghar, A. Flory
Since the last decade, images have been integrated into several application domains such as GIS, medicine, etc. This integration necessitates new... Sample PDF
Novel Indexing Method of Relations Between Salient Objects
Chapter 12
David Taniar, Johanna W. Rahayu, Prakash G. Srivastava
A comprehensive study of object-relational queries gives not only an understanding of full capability of object-relational query language but also a... Sample PDF
A Taxonomy for Object-Relational Queries
Chapter 13
Aphrodite Tsalgatidou, Mara Nikolaidou
Re-engineering of business processes and their automation is an activity very common in most organizations in order to keep or create a competitive... Sample PDF
Re-Engineering and Automation of Business Processes: Criteria for Selecting Supporting Tools
Chapter 14
Juan M. Ale, Mauricio M. Espil
This chapter surveys the topic of active rules and active databases. We analyze the state of the art of active databases and active rules, their... Sample PDF
Active Rules and Active Databases: Concepts and Applications
Chapter 15
Yangjun Chen
A composite object represented as a directed graph is an important data structure which requires efficient support in CAD/CAM, CASE, office systems... Sample PDF
On the Computation of Recursion in Relational Databases
Chapter 16
Robert A. Schultz
In explaining functional dependency to students, I have noticed in texts a mixture of two types of elements: intensional (or psychological or... Sample PDF
Understanding Functional Dependency
Chapter 17
Dolores C. Fernandez, Paloma M. Fernandez, Elena C. Galan
Conceptual models are well-known tools to achieve a good design of information systems. Nevertheless, the understanding and use of all the... Sample PDF
Dealing with Relationship Cardinality Constraints in Relational Database Design
Chapter 18
Gianluigi Greco, Sergio Greco, Ester Zumpano
The integration of knowledge from multiple sources is an important aspect in several areas such as data warehousing, database integration, automated... Sample PDF
Repairing and Querying Inconsistent Databases
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