Toiling in the Media Data Mines

Toiling in the Media Data Mines

Robert Young (PHD Canada, Omnicom Group, Inc., Canada)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 23
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-243-5.ch008
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At PHD Canada, we deal in “time and space” — a phrase used when the term “media management” draws blank stares at cocktail parties. There are thousands of people like us, in hundreds of companies like ours, responsible for managing advertising media budgets. We all go to great lengths to create crisp target group definitions for consumer brands. We determine which media channels should be employed in support of our clients’ messages — time and space channels such as TV, radio, magazines, Internet, and newspapers. We recommend when our clients should run the media weight afforded by their budgets. And finally, we recommend how the weight should be distributed throughout the country, in which cities and which regions.

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Table of Contents
Jim Goodnight
Chapter 1
Stephan Kudyba
Despite the research written, the software developed and the business applications that can be enhanced by it, the terms data mining and... Sample PDF
Data Mining and the World of Commerce
Chapter 2
Àkos Felsõvályi, Jennifer Courant
Banking has changed rapidly over the last decades due to the ability to capture massive data sets easily and the availability of new tools for... Sample PDF
Data Mining and the Banking Sector: Managing Risk in Lending and Credit Card Activities
Chapter 3
Vernon Gerety
“The house always wins” is a common reprise for the empty pocket tourist leaving the gambling tables at Vegas. You do not need to be a professional... Sample PDF
Credit Scoring and Risk Management for Small Business Lending
Chapter 4
Jeff Hoffman
NASA Missions are as varied as the mandate of the agency. From using satellite imaging to study climate change to scanning deep space with the... Sample PDF
The Utilization of Business Intelligence and Data Mining in the Insurance Marketplace
Chapter 5
Navin Sharma
One of the largest direct-selling companies in the world, with sales forces in the U.S. and abroad, sells a line of beauty, health, and fitness... Sample PDF
Sales Force Management in the Consumer Product Industry
Chapter 6
Russ Danstrom, Jeff Nicola
The current state of the healthcare industry is one of flux and change. Countless articles and books have been written about the topic, and most... Sample PDF
The Healthcare Cost Dilemma: What Health Insurance Companies Can Do to Mitigate Unsustainable Premium Increases
Chapter 7
Theodore L. Perry, Travis Tucker, Laurel R. Hudson, William Gandy, Amy L. Neftzger, Guy B. Hamar
Healthcare has become a data-intensive business. Over the last 30 years, we have seen significant advancements in the areas of health information... Sample PDF
The Application of Data Mining Techniques in Health Plan Population Management: A Disease Management Approach
Chapter 8
Robert Young
At PHD Canada, we deal in “time and space” — a phrase used when the term “media management” draws blank stares at cocktail parties. There are... Sample PDF
Toiling in the Media Data Mines
Chapter 9
David Martin
The idea of panel-based Internet audience measurement was a child of the late 1990s “dot-com” era, where financial analysts hinged predictions of... Sample PDF
Audience Measurement Applications for Online Advertising and E-Commerce
Chapter 10
Nicholas Galletti
The electric industry has undergone a radical transformation over the last five years. Prior to the late 1990s, the industry was heavily regulated.... Sample PDF
Taking a Close Look at the Evolving Utilities Industry: Factors that Drive Volatility and Methods to Help Manage It
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