Transforming Instructional Design Ideas into SCORM-Conformant Learning Products

Transforming Instructional Design Ideas into SCORM-Conformant Learning Products

Vanessa P. Dennen (Florida State University, USA) and Kira S. King (Instructional Systems Design Consultant, USA)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-334-0.ch007
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This chapter discusses the lessons learned while designing a SCORM-conformant Web-based courseware product using an iterative instructional design process. In particular, it describes some of the design trade-offs between instruction that is highly modular vs. situational and instruction that is highly interactive vs. highly contextualized. Organizational issues, such as metatagging and asset naming procedures, and the challenge of designing realistic and motivating e-learning assessments are presented as well.

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Table of Contents
Laurence F. Johnson
Pamela T. Northrup
Chapter 1
Robert R. Saum
What follows is a short history of learning objects in both the academic, governmental, and corporate sectors. This is by no means an exhaustive... Sample PDF
An Abridged History of Learning Objects
Chapter 2
Repositories  (pages 16-28)
Cathleen S. Alfano, Susan L. Henderson
This chapter presents an overview of the use of digital repositories in the field of education. The authors’ purpose in writing this chapter is not... Sample PDF
Chapter 3
Argiris Tzikopoulos, Nikos Manouselis, Riina Vuorikari
Learning objects are systematically organised and classified in online databases, which are termed learning object repositories (LORs). Currently, a... Sample PDF
An Overview of Learning Object Repositories
Chapter 4
David B. Dawson
The creation of a reusable learning object that is effective from instructional and system perspectives must be guided by a framework that is... Sample PDF
Psychological Principles for Reusable Learning Object-Based Learning System Design
Chapter 5
Ed Morris
We adapt the object-oriented software engineering design methodology for software objects to engineering reusable learning objects. Our approach... Sample PDF
Engineering Reusable Learning Objects
Chapter 6
Rosemary M. Lehman, Simone C.O. Conceição
Little consideration has been given to involving the deaf community in higher education teaching and learning as it relates to the use of... Sample PDF
American Sign Language Learning Objects for Instruction: A Higher Education Perspective
Chapter 7
Vanessa P. Dennen, Kira S. King
This chapter discusses the lessons learned while designing a SCORM-conformant Web-based courseware product using an iterative instructional design... Sample PDF
Transforming Instructional Design Ideas into SCORM-Conformant Learning Products
Chapter 8
Kevin Oliver
This chapter proposes a category of tools called design objects that can be used by instructors to integrate existing content sources, including but... Sample PDF
Teaching Frameworks for Context-Rich Instruction: Design Objects
Chapter 9
Pamela T. Northrup, William T. Harrison Jr.
This chapter introduces the use of a learning objects content development tool, the eLearning Objects Navigator, (eLONTM) as a strategy for... Sample PDF
Using Learning Objects for Rapid Deployment to Mobile Learning Devices for the U. S. Coast Guard
Chapter 10
Anne-Marie Armstrong
Learning objects are being used more and more by the corporate training world. Their acceptance by corporate training can be attributed in part to... Sample PDF
Learning Objects for Employee Training and Competency Development
Chapter 11
Christine H. Olgren, Patricia Ploetz
This chapter examines the issues and concerns of faculty regarding the development and use of learning objects as instructional resources. It... Sample PDF
Developing Learning Objects: Implications for Course Content Strategies
Chapter 12
Charlotte J. Boling
This chapter presents a case study of a teacher education faculty member as she researches learning objects and integrates the concepts into her... Sample PDF
Learning Objects: A Case Study in Teacher Education
Chapter 13
Tom Cavanagh
There is a commonly held perception in industry that the academic community is out of touch and irrelevant. Surely, there must be a way to bridge... Sample PDF
Bridging the Academic Divide: A Collaborative Production Model for Learning Objects in Workforce Development
Chapter 14
Tom Hapgood
This chapter discusses the reasoning behind the lack of the expected authoring of digital learning objects. It argues that the creation and... Sample PDF
Being a Content Expert is Fun Again with Pachyderm
Chapter 15
Karen L. Rasmussen
Reusable Learning Object technology offers K-12 teachers and students the opportunity to access resources that can be used and reused in classroom... Sample PDF
Using Learning Objects in K-12 Education: Teachers and QuickScience™
Chapter 16
Janette R. Hill, Michael J. Hannafin, Arthur Recesso
This chapter explores the use of learning objects within the context of teacher education. The authors argue that learning objects can be useful in... Sample PDF
Creating a Patchwork Quilt for Teaching and Learning: The Use of Learning Objects in Teacher Education
Theory Under the Hood
David B. Dawson
Digital Asset Repositories
Elspeth McCulloch
Learning Object Authoring Tools
Elspeth McCulloch
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