Usability of Digital Libraries in a Multicultural Environment

Usability of Digital Libraries in a Multicultural Environment

Christine L. Borgman (University of California, USA) and Edie Rasmussen (University of British Columbia, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-441-5.ch015
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Usability is a critical issue for digital libraries, complicated by the fact that users have varying levels of knowledge of library systems and subject knowledge and may be novices or experts and frequent or occasional users of specific digital libraries. Usability is further complicated by multicultural issues, as digital library users may come from many cultures and nations, or it may be necessary to orient a digital library toward the needs of users from one or more specific localities or cultures. Usability evaluation may be formative, summative, iterative or comparative and is usually specific to a particular digital library context. The four papers in this section, illustrating formative, iterative and summative approaches, cover a variety of contexts—education, music, cultural heritage and a national digital library.

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Table of Contents
Yin-Leng Theng, Schubert Foo
Chapter 1
Hsinchun Chen, Yilu Zhou
Over the past decade the development of digital library activities within Asia Pacific has been steadily increasing. Through a meta-analysis of the... Sample PDF
Survey and History of Digital Library Development in the Asia Pacific
Chapter 2
Edward A. Fox, Hussein Suleman, Ramesh C. Gaur, Devika P. Madalli
Digital libraries evolved in response to the need to manage the vast quantities of electronic information that we produce, collect, and consume.... Sample PDF
Design Architecture: An Introduction and Overview
Chapter 3
Ismail Fahmi
This chapter describes various technical and social issues in the development of the Indonesia’s National Digital Library Network (IndonesiaDLN).... Sample PDF
Development of Indonesia's National Digital Library Network
Chapter 4
Shien-chiang Yu, Hsueh-hua Chen, Chao-chen Chen
This chapter describes metalogy, an XML/metadata framework that can handle several different metadata formats. Metalogy was developed under the... Sample PDF
Dynamic Metadata Management System for Digital Archives: Design and Construction
Chapter 5
Chunxiao Xing, Chun Zeng, Zhiqiang Zhang, Lizhu Zhou
Personalization service is becoming one of the core services in digital libraries, and an exciting and challenge research area. In this chapter, we... Sample PDF
Information Filtering and Personalization Services
Chapter 6
Ee-Peng Lim, San-Yih Hwang
To implement the next generation digital libraries, one has to examine both the data and functional aspects of the digital library requirements and... Sample PDF
Implementation of Next Generation Digital Libraries
Chapter 7
Min-Yen Kan
This chapter examines the techniques behind a user interface that computes a multi-document summary of documents retrieved by a search. As a user’s... Sample PDF
Using Multi-Document Summarization to Facilitate Semi-Structured Literature Retrieval: A Case Study in Consumer Healthcare
Chapter 8
Ian H. Witten, Gordon W. Paynter, Eibe Frank, Carl Gutwin, Craig G. Nevill-Manning
Keyphrases provide semantic metadata that summarize and characterize documents. This chapter describes Kea, an algorithm for automatically... Sample PDF
KEA: Practical Automated Keyphrase Extraction
Chapter 9
Christopher Yang, Kar W. Li
Structural and semantic interoperability have been the focus of digital library research in the early 1990s. Many research works have been done on... Sample PDF
Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval: The Challenge in Multilingual Libraries
Chapter 10
David M. Nichols, David Bainbridge, Gary Marsden, Dynal Patel, Sally J. Cunningham, John Thompson, Stefan J. Boddie
Usability in digital libraries is often focussed on end-user interactions such as searching and browsing. In this chapter, we describe usability... Sample PDF
Evolving Tool Support for Digital Librarians
Chapter 11
Ian H. Witten
Digital libraries are large, organized collections of information objects. Well-designed digital library software has the potential to enable... Sample PDF
Digital Libraries and Society: New Perspectives on Information and Dissemination
Chapter 12
Mila Ramos
This chapter portrays how resources of the International Rice Research Institute Library and Documentation Service are harnessed to develop its... Sample PDF
Sharing Digital Knowledge with End-Users: Case Study of the International Rise Research Institute Library and Documentation Service in the Philippines
Chapter 13
Hideyasu Sasaki, Yasushi Kiyoki
The principal concern of this chapter is to provide those in the digital library community with the fundamental knowledge on the intellectual... Sample PDF
Multimedia Digital Library as Intellectual Property
Chapter 14
Natalie L.S. Pang
Students have long been associated to learn in groups in physical environments. As more and more digital libraries emerge, and libraries take a... Sample PDF
Digital Libraries as Learning Environments for Youths
Chapter 15
Christine L. Borgman, Edie Rasmussen
Usability is a critical issue for digital libraries, complicated by the fact that users have varying levels of knowledge of library systems and... Sample PDF
Usability of Digital Libraries in a Multicultural Environment
Chapter 16
Chern L. Liew
Part of the worldwide appeal for digital libraries (DLs) lies in their potential to preserve cultural heritage resources, to expand access to... Sample PDF
Cross-Cultural Design and Usability of a Digital Library Supporting Access to Maori Cultural Heritage Resources
Chapter 17
Dion H.L. Goh, Yin-Leng Then, Ee-Peng Lim
This chapter traces the evolution of GeogDL, a digital library of geography examination resources. The initial version of the system was evaluated... Sample PDF
From GeogDL to PAPER: The Evolution of an Education Digital Library
Chapter 18
David Bainbridge, Sally J. Cunningham, John McPherson, Stephen Downie, Nina Reeves
This chapter describes a set of techniques that have been successfully employed in eliciting user needs for a music digital library. Our focus has... Sample PDF
Designing a Music Digital Library: Discovering What People Really Want
Chapter 19
Yin-Leng Theng, Mei-Yee Chan, Ai-Ling Khoo, Raju Buddharaju
As part of the Singapore National Library Board’s (NLB) on-going efforts to improve the usefulness and usability of the eLibraryHub in meeting... Sample PDF
Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluations of the Singapore National Library Board's Digital Library
Chapter 20
Schubert Foo, Yin-Leng Theng
This chapter highlights selective key issues and assesses the current situation of digital library development in the Asia Pacific under the broad... Sample PDF
A Snapshot of Digital Library Development: The Way Forward in the Asia Pacific
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