Using ePortfolios to Enhance Reflective Learning and Development

Using ePortfolios to Enhance Reflective Learning and Development

Bob Doig (University of Dundee, UK), Barbara Illsley (University of Dundee, UK), Joseph McLuckie (University of Dundee, UK) and Richard Parsons (University of Dundee, UK)
Copyright: © 2006 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-890-1.ch016
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This chapter argues that it is essential that ePortfolio development is driven by pedagogical considerations, thus ensuring the effective use of these technologies to support learning. Drawing on experience of implementing ePortfolios in an institutional context, the chapter considers how best to meet the needs of learners within a system of effective eLearning support and emphasises the key role of developing reflective writing skills if the ePortfolio is to be an effective way of learning. Creating and deploying key learning activities that effectively use ePortfolios is now a much greater constraint to the correct use of ePortfolios in learning than the technical design or capabilities of ePortfolio software.

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Table of Contents
Serge Ravet
Ali Jafari
Ali Jafari
Chapter 1
Greg Sherman
This chapter presents an overview of 11 different ways in which electronic portfolios (ePortfolios) can support the teaching and learning process.... Sample PDF
Instructional Roles of Electronic Portfolios
Chapter 2
Teresa Acosta, Youmei Liu
This chapter focuses on how ePortfolios: (1) shift the locus of control from instructor to student, (2) change curriculum design, and (3) develop... Sample PDF
ePortfolios: Beyond Assessment
Chapter 3
David Tosh, Ben Werdmuller, Helen L. Chen, Tracy Penny Light, Jeff Haywood
Adoption of ePortfolio tools in higher education has been implemented in individual courses, departments, schools, and across institutions to... Sample PDF
The Learning Landscape: A Conceptual Framework for ePortfolios
Chapter 4
Colleen Carmean, Alice Christie
This chapter explores research on ePortfolios from the perspective of defining, evaluating, and demonstrating value to enduring learning. It makes a... Sample PDF
ePortfolios: Constructing Meaning Across Time, Space, and Curriculum
Chapter 5
Paul Kim
This chapter introduces portfolio system design perspectives that incorporate concept mapping and the map-based user interface. It also presents a... Sample PDF
Perspectives on a Visual Map-Based Electronic Portfolio System
Chapter 6
Ronald J. Henry
This chapter introduces an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) that includes student work, student reflection, and faculty comments as a means of... Sample PDF
ePortfolio Thinking: A Provost Perspective
Chapter 7
William M. Plater
The development and pervasive adoption of student electronic portfolios have the potential to transform higher education at both the institutional... Sample PDF
The Promise of the Student Electronic Portfolio: A Provost's Perspective
Chapter 8
Kathleen O’Brien
ePortfolios can be more than storage devices of the learner’s best work when faculty develop a curriculum that integrates them across each student’s... Sample PDF
ePortfolios as Learning Construction Zones: Provost's Perspective
Chapter 9
Jessica L. Blackburn, Milton D. Hakel
This chapter reviews the self-regulatory learning and goal orientation literatures. Findings from these literatures are used to make specific... Sample PDF
Enhancing Self-Regulation and Goal Orientation with ePortfolios
Chapter 10
Bonnie Riedinger
This chapter examines the challenges and benefits of using reflection in ePortfolios, and reviews strategies for teaching and encouraging deep... Sample PDF
Mining for Meaning: Teaching Students How to Reflect
Chapter 11
Eleanor J. Flanigan, Susan Amirian
This chapter includes three main themes, answering basic questions of “Why,” “Where,” and “How” that are asked when discussing the development of... Sample PDF
ePortfolios; Pathway from Classroom to Career
Chapter 12
Heidi J. Stevenson
An ePortfolio is frequently seen as a space for electronically compiling and storing student work. After completing assignments, students generally... Sample PDF
Using ePortfolios to Foster Peer Assessment, Critical Thinking and Collaboration
Chapter 13
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young
In the 21st century, we talk of knowledge as the new currency, and knowledge building as the work to be done in learning organizations. While... Sample PDF
ePortfolios for Knowledge and Learning
Chapter 14
David Gibson
This chapter combines existing ideas and metaphors from recent portfolio literature into a new framework for thinking about the decisions and... Sample PDF
ePortfolio Decisions and Dilemas
Chapter 15
Simon Grant, Adam Marshall, Janet Strivens, Roger Clark
This chapter describes approaches firstly towards a service-oriented architecture for personal development planning (PDP), and secondly towards... Sample PDF
Development Issues for PDP with ePortfolios: Web Services and Skills
Chapter 16
Bob Doig, Barbara Illsley, Joseph McLuckie, Richard Parsons
This chapter argues that it is essential that ePortfolio development is driven by pedagogical considerations, thus ensuring the effective use of... Sample PDF
Using ePortfolios to Enhance Reflective Learning and Development
Chapter 17
Isabelle Marcoul-Burlinson
This chapter examines the concept and the uses of electronic portfolios as pedagogical tools for adult learners, particularly in UK Higher... Sample PDF
ePortfolio: Constructing Learning
Chapter 18
Stephen C. Ehrmann
The goal of this chapter is to help the reader learn to use research and evaluative data to select which activities improve an ePortfolio... Sample PDF
Electronic Portfolio Initiatives: A Flashlight Guide to Planning and Formative Evaluation
Chapter 19
Phil Walz
The possible uses of student ePortfolios are varied, complex, and novel, making it difficult for scholars and professionals alike to capture an... Sample PDF
An Overview of Student ePortfolio Functions
Chapter 20
Uri Shafrir, Masha Etkind, Jutta Treviranus
This chapter describes eLearning tools that focus the learner’s attention on meaning, rather than rote learning of text and rehearsing... Sample PDF
eLearning Tools for ePortfolios
Chapter 21
Franc Feng
In this exploratory contribution, the author proposes a framework for re-mapping ePortfolio research around an emergent model of engagement with... Sample PDF
Toward a Framework/Data Model: From ePortfolio Thinking to Folio Culture
Chapter 22
Darren Cambridge
Interoperability that enables the distribution and migration of portfolios as integral wholes between venues requires the ability to describe... Sample PDF
Integral ePortfolio Interoperability with the IMS ePortfolio Specification
Chapter 23
P. A. Fritz
This chapter describes the “Undergraduate ePortfolio Project” used in the Department of Communication, University of Toledo. The author argues, from... Sample PDF
How "White Papers" in ePortfolios Document Student's Learning Skills
Chapter 24
Margaret Price
This chapter reports on the pilot phase of a longitudinal study that tracks Spelman College’s transition from a paper-based First-Year Writing... Sample PDF
Purpose, Audience, and Engagement in Spelman College's eFolio Project
Chapter 25
Mary Lawson, Debbie Kiegaldie, Brian Jolly
This chapter describes the development and implementation of an ePortfolio to support the Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education... Sample PDF
Developing an ePortfolio for Health Professional Educators: A Case Study
Chapter 26
Jorge G. Ruiz, Maria H. van Zuilen, Alan Katz, Marcos Milanez, Richard G. Tiberius
Residency education is the period of clinical education that follows graduation from medical school, and prepares physicians for the independent... Sample PDF
ePortfolios in Graduate Medical Education
Chapter 27
S. J. Cotterill, J. F. Aiton, P. M. Bradley, G. R. Hammond, A. M. McDonald, J. Struthers, S. Whiten
This chapter provides case studies of embedding the ePortfolio in the curricula of two medical schools in the UK, one of which is outcomes based... Sample PDF
A Flexible Component-Based ePortfolio: Embedding in the Curriculum
Chapter 28
Tommi Haapaniemi, Pasi Karvonen
The purpose of this chapter is to describe the use of an electronic learning journal in the portfolio process and the construction of a digital... Sample PDF
Supporting the Portfolio Process with ONNI - The Learning Journal
Chapter 29
Martine Peters, Jacques Chevrier, Raymond LeBlanc, Gilles Fortin, Judith Malette
The study reported here explored the use of an ePortfolio in teacher education, focusing on its possibilities for development of competencies in... Sample PDF
The ePortfolio: A Learning Tool for Pre-Service Teachers
Chapter 30
Andrea Bartlett
Student ePortfolios offer both advantages and challenges for teacher educators. The purpose of this case study is to identify benefits that make the... Sample PDF
It was Hard Work but it was Worth It: ePortfolios in Teacher Education
Chapter 31
Gail Ring, Sebastian Foti
The purpose of this study was to examine an electronic portfolio project as it was implemented in a teacher education program in a College of... Sample PDF
Using ePortfolios to Facilitate Professional Development Among Pre-Service Teachers
Chapter 32
M. W. ("Wijnand") Aalderink, M. H. C. H. ("Marij") Veugelers
This chapter describes the important role that the concept of ePortfolio plays in new pedagogical paradigms in The Netherlands. ePortfolio can be... Sample PDF
ePortfolio and Educational Change in Higher Education in the Netherlands
Chapter 33
Colin Dalziel, Rachel Challen, Shane Sutherland
This chapter investigates the emergence of ePortfolio systems in the UK and the drivers for their adoption as part of the national agenda for... Sample PDF
ePortfolio in the UK: Emerging Practice
Chapter 34
Will Wharfe, Karim Derrick
MAPS, the Managed Assessment Portfolio System (see, is a Web-based ePortfolio system that was developed to help both... Sample PDF
Tracking Capability Using Web-Based ePortfolios in UK Schools
Chapter 35
Milton D. Hakel, Mark H. Gromko, Jessica L. Blackburn
This chapter outlines the implementation of electronic portfolio technology as part of a university initiative to improve learning. The... Sample PDF
Implementing Electronic Portfolios at Bowling Green State University
Chapter 36
Roberta Devlin-Scherer, Joseph Martinelli, Nancy Sardone
This exploratory study examines if student perceptions and ePortfolio products match faculty beliefs that ePortfolios are influential learning... Sample PDF
Twisting the Kaleidoscope: Making Sense of ePortfolios
Chapter 37
David Emmett, Wendy Harper, Kim Hauville
This chapter introduces the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) ePortfolio project as an example of a successful collaboration and integration... Sample PDF
Creating a Strategy for the Implementation of the QUT ePortfolio
Chapter 38
Steve Dillon, Andrew Brown
This chapter examines the creative production context as a vehicle to reveal the issues, problems, and complexities that may be encountered when... Sample PDF
The Art of ePortfolios: Insights from the Creative Arts Experience
Chapter 39
Sharon J. Hamilton
When an institution-wide electronic student portfolio “goes public” beyond the campus, the processes of its conceptualization, development... Sample PDF
A Principle-Based ePort Goes Public (and Almost Loses its Principles!)
Chapter 40
Patricia McGee, Misty Sailors, Lucretia Fraga
This case study illustrates a community-based constructive learning approach to ePortfolio development, and the subsequent phenomena and outcomes... Sample PDF
Community Through Constructive Learning
Chapter 41
Corey Hickerson, Marlene Preston
This project focused on student development in the freshman year as displayed in students’ ePortfolios. The experimental design allowed analysis of... Sample PDF
Transition to ePortfolios: A Case Study of Student Attitudes
Chapter 42
Victor McNair, Kevin Marshall
This chapter reports on a pilot study which examined how student teachers of a one-year Post Graduate Certificate in Education course in Northern... Sample PDF
How ePortfolios Support Development in Early Teacher Education
Chapter 43
Marco Antonio Mendoza Calderon, Joaquín Ramírez Buentello
The chapter describes the Tecnológico de Monterrey implementation of an original ePortfolio model at the Mexico City campus. This model is grounded... Sample PDF
Facilitating Reflection Through ePortfolio at Tecnologico de Monterrey
Chapter 44
David Niguidula
For every creator of a portfolio, there needs to be a reader. In this chapter, we look at several samples of how the issue of audience has affected... Sample PDF
Whose Portfolio Is It, Anyway? Implementing Digital Portfolios in K-12 Schools
Chapter 45
Yi-Ping Huang
The teacher education programs at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) and its professional community have undergone substantial... Sample PDF
Sustaining ePortfolios: Progress, Challenges, and Dynamics in Teacher Education
Chapter 46
Benjamin R. Stephens, DeWayne Moore
The authors evaluated psychology program assessment measurements derived from self-report and electronic portfolios in the psychology undergraduate... Sample PDF
Psychology and ePortfolios Enhance Learning, Assessment, and Career Development
Chapter 47
Nathaniel T. Romance, Michael V. Whitesell, Carol L. Smith, Alicia M. ("Clapp") Louden
DePauw University is a selective, undergraduate liberal arts college of 2,200 students, with an academic year of two 13-week semesters and a... Sample PDF
Career ePortfolios in the IT Associates at DePauw University
Chapter 48
Matthew Wagner, Elizabeth Lamoureux
This case study examines the introduction of an ePortfolio requirement as a means of assessing student learning and program effectiveness. The... Sample PDF
Implementing an Outcome-Based Assessment Portfolio
Chapter 49
Jonathon J. Richter
This chapter introduces the idea of using electronic portfolios for enhancing the future thinking of an organization’s learners. At Montana State... Sample PDF
Future-Focused ePortfolios at Montana State University-Northern
Chapter 50
Gary Greenberg
This chapter describes the Northwestern University Collaboratory Project’s ePortfolio. As a resource in the Collaboratory, a Web-based collaborative... Sample PDF
Can We Talk? Electronic Portfolios as Collaborative Learning Spaces
Chapter 51
Jo B. Paoletti
This chapter examines the trajectory of electronic portfolio development and adoption at large public research institutions. The author frames her... Sample PDF
ePortfolio Thinking: The Challenge of the Public Research University
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