The UTAUT Questionnaire Items

The UTAUT Questionnaire Items

Ton A.M. Spil (University of Twente, The Netherlands) and Roel W. Schuring (University of Twente, The Netherlands)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-423-1.ch005
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PU = Perceived Usefulness (Davis, 1989) RA = Relative Advantage (Rogers, 1983) OE = Outcome expectations (Compeau & Higgins, 1995) • P1. I would find the system useful in my job (PU). • P2. Using the system enables me to accomplish tasks more quickly (RA). • P3. Using the system increases my productivity (RA). • P4. If I use the system, I will increase my chances of getting a raise (OE).

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Table of Contents
Ton Spil, R.W. Schuring
Toward a Better Evaluation of the USE of E-Health Systems: Comparing USE IT and UTAUT
Chapter 1
Ton A.M. Spil
There are many quantitative studies on the behavior of consumers of new products or services. This chapter shows the starting point of three major... Sample PDF
User Acceptance Diffusion of Innovations Summarized
Chapter 2
William R. Chrismar, Sonja Wiley-Patton
The technology acceptance model (TAM; Davis, 1989) has been widely used by information technology researchers to gain a better understanding of... Sample PDF
Predicting Internet Use: Applying the Extended Technology Acceptance Model to the Healthcare Environment
Chapter 3
Thomas A. Horan, Bengisu Tulu, Brian N. Hilton
This chapter develops a conceptual model for physician acceptance and tests this socio-work structure model using a nationwide survey of physicians... Sample PDF
Understanding Physician Use of Online Systems: An Empirical Assessment of an Electronic Disability Evaluation System
Chapter 4
Reima Suomi, Reetta Raitoharju
Social and healthcare industries offer demanding occupations, as they are very human-contact intensive workplaces and, moreover, the customers are... Sample PDF
Computer and Stress in Social Healthcare Industries
Chapter 5
Ton A.M. Spil, Roel W. Schuring
PU = Perceived Usefulness (Davis, 1989) RA = Relative Advantage (Rogers, 1983) OE = Outcome expectations (Compeau & Higgins, 1995) • P1. I would... Sample PDF
The UTAUT Questionnaire Items
Chapter 6
Margreet B. Michel-Verkerke, Ton A.M. Spil
The primary objective of the study presented in this chapter is to understand the dynamics of implementing an integrated information technology (IT)... Sample PDF
Information Systems Success Theoretical Framework
Chapter 7
Liette Lapointe, Lisa Lamothe, Jean-Paul Fortin
This chapter deals with the qualitative theory of information systems success. First, the definition of success used in this research will be given.... Sample PDF
The Dynamics of IT Adoption in a Major Change Process in Healthcare Delivery
Chapter 8
Reima Suomi
Healthcare is on of the industries that is currently fast adopting information technology (IT) into use. Electronic patient records (EPRs) are at... Sample PDF
Introducing Electronic Patient Records to Hospitals: Innovation Adoption Paths
Chapter 9
Ton A.M. Spil, Roel W. Schuring, Margreet B. Michel-Verkerke
This chapter is the heart of the book and reflects five years of research on diffusion of e-health systems. The resulting USE IT model has four... Sample PDF
USE IT: The Theoretical Framework Tested on an Electronic Prescription System for General Practitioners
Chapter 10
Margreet B. Michel-Verkerke, Roel W. Schuring, Ton A.M. Spil
In the previous two chapters, the determinants and theoretical background of the USE IT model is discussed. In this chapter, the application of the... Sample PDF
The USE IT Model Case Studies: IT Perceptions in the Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatism and Stroke Healthcare Chains
Chapter 11
USE IT Interview-Protocol  (pages 192-197)
Ton A.M. Spil, Roel W. Schuring
Interview questions. Sample PDF
USE IT Interview-Protocol
Chapter 12
Bonnie Kaplan
Using a variety of research methods provides several advantages. Through multiple methods, different kinds of data are collected, each set of which... Sample PDF
Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in IS in Healthcare Revisited
Chapter 13
Elske Ammenwerth, Stefan Graber, Thomas Burkle, Carola Iller
This chapter summarizes the problems and challenges that occur when health information systems are evaluated. The main problem areas presented are... Sample PDF
Evaluation of Health Information Systems : Challenges and Approaches
Chapter 14
Pekka Turunen
The evaluation of information systems (ISs), especially in the healthcare field, is a complex task. Evidently, there is a need for better... Sample PDF
A Cross-Cultural Framework for Evolution
Chapter 15
Mirjan van der Meijden
Contrary to what would be expected, the increasing application of patient care information systems hardly resulted in well-defined, methodical... Sample PDF
Quantitative and Qualitative Method: Added Value in Evaluating Electronic Patient Records
Chapter 16
Pirkko Nykanen
E-health refers to use of information and communication technologies to improve or enable health and healthcare. E-health broadens the scope of... Sample PDF
E-Health Systems: Their Use and Visions for the Future
Chapter 17
Assessing E-Health  (pages 294-323)
Nilmini Wickramasinghe, Elie Geisler, Jonathan Schaffer
While healthcare is the biggest service industry on the globe, it has yet to realize the full potential of the e-business revolution in the form of... Sample PDF
Assessing E-Health
Chapter 18
The Evaluation Roadmap  (pages 324-329)
Elske Ammenwerth, Jytte Brender, Pirkko Nykanen, Hans-Ulrich Prokosch, Michael Rigby, Jan Talmon
(Extracted from Ammenwerth. E., Brender, J., Nykänen, P., Prokosch, H., Rigby, M., & Talmon, J. [2004]). Visions and strategies to improve... Sample PDF
The Evaluation Roadmap
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