Virtual Reality, Involvement and the Consumer Interface

Virtual Reality, Involvement and the Consumer Interface

John Gammack (Griffith University, Autralia) and Christopher Hodkinson (Griffith University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-257-2.ch009
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Consumer purchasing online is considered, with interactivity highlighted as a critical end-user issue. Levels of user interactivity up to and including virtual reality environments are now realistic in e-tailing. Conceptualizing interactivity to recognize the relevance of perceptions to consumer engagement motivates a focus on the user interface. Aspects relating to trust, usability and involvement are identified, and examined in a series of linked studies focusing on hedonic and high-involvement products, particularly surfboards. Preliminary studies across a range of businesses and products indicated consumer willingness to purchase hedonic products online, but many businesses imposed a high workload on online purchasers. Despite successful web marketing of hedonic products such as CDs, we found that no contemporary providers of customized surfboards offered finished product e-tailing, nor used virtual reality technology to demonstrate performance. A real case study of online swimwear purchase demonstrated an improved purchase process. “Beachtown”, a virtual reality e-tailing environment related to a coastal tourism economy allowed further examination of apparel, surfboard and holiday purchase. Results indicate that an enhanced interactive virtual environment increases end user involvement and willingness to purchase.

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Mo Adam Mahmood
Chapter 1
David Gefen
According to the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), behavioral intentions to use a new IT are primarily the product of a rational analysis of its... Sample PDF
TAM or Just Plain Habit: A Look at Experienced Online Shoppers
Chapter 2
Yi-Shun Wang, Tzung-I Tang
E-commerce literature has rarely addressed the measurement of customer perceptions of web site service quality in digital marketing environments. It... Sample PDF
Assessing Customer Perceptions of Web Site Service Quality in Digital Marketing Environments
Chapter 3
William Golden, Martin Hughes, Patricia Gallagher
This research is a descriptive study to identify some of the factors that contribute to the successful use of e-business. The research was focused... Sample PDF
On-Line Retailing: What Drives Success? Evidence from Ireland
Chapter 4
Lori N.K. Leonard, Timothy Paul Cronan
Electronic commerce (EC) includes electronic data interchange (EDI) and the Internet and is used in various applications to seek improvements in... Sample PDF
Website Retailing: Electronic Supply Chain Replenishment
Chapter 5
Khawaja A. Saeed, Yujong Hwang, Mun Y. Yi
The recent failure of a large number of e-tail companies epitomizes the challenges of operating through virtual channels and underscores the need to... Sample PDF
A Meta-Analysis Approach toward the Development of an Integrative Framework for Online Consumer Behavior Research
Chapter 6
Christopher Hodkinson, Geoffrey Kiel
This chapter develops a model of consumer Web search behavior. The model is derived from consumer external information search behavior models and... Sample PDF
Understanding Web Information Search Behavior: An Exploratory Model
Chapter 7
Jason E. Lueg, Robert S. Moore, Merrill Warkentin
The Internet is drawing consumers in search of information about a broad range of topics. In order to understand how consumers search for and... Sample PDF
Motivation and Search Intensity: An Investigation of Online Consumer Search Behavior
Chapter 8
Xiaoling Dai, John Grundy
Two fundamental payment methods exist for online information purchase: macro-payment and micro-payment. Traditional macro-payment methods, like... Sample PDF
Customer Perceptions of a Thin-Client Micro-Payment System: Issues and Experiences
Chapter 9
John Gammack, Christopher Hodkinson
Consumer purchasing online is considered, with interactivity highlighted as a critical end-user issue. Levels of user interactivity up to and... Sample PDF
Virtual Reality, Involvement and the Consumer Interface
Chapter 10
Robert W. Stone, John W. Henry
Consumer purchasing online is considered, with interactivity highlighted as a critical end-user issue. Levels of user interactivity up to and... Sample PDF
Roles of Computer Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectancy in Influencing the Computer End-User's Organizational Commitment
Chapter 11
Nancy C. Shaw, JJoo-Eng Lee-Partridge, James S.K. Ang
The objective of this research is to examine satisfied and dissatisfied end users in an organization to determine if they hold different... Sample PDF
Understanding the Hidden Dissatisfaction of Users Towards End User Computing
Chapter 12
Xianzhong Mark Xu, Martyn Roberts
A major growth area in electronic commerce (EC) is organisations that directly interact with their customers (Business to Consumer EC). The... Sample PDF
Internet Shopping Model and Customer Perceptions: A Study of UK Supermarkets
Chapter 13
Sofiane Sahraoui
This study postulates that an empowered workforce can rally the organization to the objective of achieving IT planning effectiveness within the... Sample PDF
Testing a Self-Directed Model of Organizational Learning in an IT Planning Context
Chapter 14
Andrew Sears, Julie A. Jacko
We report on an investigation of the effects of hardware performance, application design, and cognitive demands on user productivity and... Sample PDF
Exploring the Effects of Hardware Performance, Application Design and Cognitive Demands on User Productivity and Perceptions
Chapter 15
David Wierschem, Tom Brodnax
With each new improvement, the power, speed and capabilities of the computer have increased, as has the demand for computing power. Some managers... Sample PDF
The Impact of Computer Processor Speed on End-User Productivity
Chapter 16
S. E. Kruck, John J. Maher, Reza Barkhi
It is well documented that electronic spreadsheet models utilized in many professions to enhance decision-making frequently contain errors that have... Sample PDF
An Overview of Acquiring Cognitive Skills While Receiving Spreadsheet Training
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