Visualization, Estimation and User Modeling for Interactive Browsing of Personal Photo Libraries

Visualization, Estimation and User Modeling for Interactive Browsing of Personal Photo Libraries

Qi Tian (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA, Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, USA), Baback Moghaddam (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, USA), Neal Lesh (Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, USA) and Chia Shen (University of Illinois, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-953-3.ch109
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Recent advances in technology have made it possible to easily amass large collections of digital media. These media offer new opportunities and place great demands for new digital content user-interface and management systems which can help people construct, organize, navigate, and share digital collections in an interactive, face-to-face social setting. In this chapter, we have developed a user-centric algorithm for visualization and layout for content-based image retrieval (CBIR) in large photo libraries. Optimized layouts reflect mutual similarities as displayed on a two-dimensional (2D) screen, hence providing a perceptually intuitive visualization as compared to traditional sequential one-dimensional (1D) content-based image retrieval systems. A frameworkfor user modeling also allows our system to learn and adapt to a user’s preferences. The resulting retrieval, browsing and visualization can adapt to the user’s (time-varying) notions of content, context and preferences in style and interactive navigation.

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Chapter 1
P. W. Agnew, Anne S. Kellerman
This chapter introduces multimedia, defined as interacting with information that employs most or all of the media: text, graphics, images, audio... Sample PDF
Fundamentals of Multimedia
Chapter 2
Digital Multimedia  (pages 10-16)
N. C. Rowe
Multimedia data can be important assets of government computer systems. Multimedia data can be documents, statistics, photographs and graphics... Sample PDF
Digital Multimedia
Chapter 3
G. Torrisi-Steele
The notion of using technology for educational purposes is not new. In fact, it can be traced back to the early 1900s during which school museums... Sample PDF
Core Principles of Educational Multimedia
Chapter 4
Multimedia Instruction  (pages 25-34)
Lorna Uden
Multimedia technology is increasingly being used as a vehicle to deliver instruction. The terms “hypermedia” and “multimedia” are often used... Sample PDF
Multimedia Instruction
Chapter 5
A. Cirrincione
MultiMedia Technologies (MMT) are all that kind of technological tools that make us able to transmit information in a very large meaning... Sample PDF
Multimedia Technologies in Education
Chapter 6
J. DiMarco
This chapter defines and examines situations, problems, and processes faced by teachers of technology. Based on experience teaching at three... Sample PDF
Teaching Computer Graphics and Multimedia: A Practical Overview
Chapter 7
Katia Passerini
This paper maintains that the use of multimedia content in Web-based instruction - facilitated by the proliferation and standardization of learning... Sample PDF
Evaluating Learning Management Systems: Leveraging Learned Experiences from Interactive Multimedia
Chapter 8
O. El-Gayar, K. Chen, Kanchana Tandekar
With the interactive capabilities on the Internet, business activities such as product display, order placing and payment are given a new facelift... Sample PDF
Multimedia Interactivity on the Internet
Chapter 9
D. Knight, Marios C. Angelides
The previous decade has witnessed a wealth of advancements and trends in the field of communications and subsequently, multimedia access. Four main... Sample PDF
Multimedia Content Adaptation
Chapter 10
Gour C. Karmakar, Laurence S. Dooley, Michael Mathew
In order to meet the ever increasing demand by people using mobile technology and its associated services based on multimedia elements in addition... Sample PDF
Introduction to Mobile Multimedia Communications
Chapter 11
Z. Wang, H. Koubaa
Accessing multimedia services from portable devices in nomadic environments is of increasing interest for mobile users. Service discovery mechanisms... Sample PDF
Discovering Multimedia Services and Contents in Mobile Environments
Chapter 12
Multimedia Messaging Peer  (pages 129-150)
K. C. Yow, N. Mittal
The evolution in mobile messaging and mobile devices has made it possible to provide multimedia rich messaging capabilities to personal digital... Sample PDF
Multimedia Messaging Peer
Chapter 13
J. Hakkila, J. Mantyjarvi
This chapter examines the integration of multimedia, mobile communication technology, and context-awareness for situated mobile multimedia. Situated... Sample PDF
Situated Multimedia for Mobile Communications
Chapter 14
J. P. Shim, Kyungmo Ahn, Julie M. Shim
The purpose of this paper is to present an overview of wireless mobile technology, its applications, with a focus on Digital Multimedia Broadcasting... Sample PDF
Current Status of Mobile Wireless Technology and Digital Multimedia Broadcasting
Chapter 15
M. Pagani, D. Schipani
This chapter provides an end-user perspective on mobile multimedia services that are likely to emerge with the roll out of Third Generation Mobile... Sample PDF
Motivations and Barriers to the Adoption of 3G Mobile Multimedia Services: An End User Perspective in the Italian Market
Chapter 16
Indrit Troshani, Sally Rao Hill
Mobile services are touted to create a significant spectrum of business opportunities. Acceptance of these services by users is, therefore, of... Sample PDF
A Proposed Framework for Mobile Services Adoption: A Review of Existing Theories, Extensions, and Future Research Directions
Chapter 17
Multimedia Databases  (pages 216-222)
Mariana Hentea
The Internet and technologies such as high-capacity storage devices, broadband telecommunications systems, and multimedia development software... Sample PDF
Multimedia Databases
Chapter 18
S. Geisler, O. Kao
Sensing and processing of multimedia information is one of the basic traits of human beings. The development of digital technologies and... Sample PDF
Parallel and Distributed Multimedia Databases
Chapter 19
M. J. Parmar, Marios C. Angelides
In the film Minority Report (20th Century Fox, 2002), which is set in the near future, there is a scene where a man walks into a department store... Sample PDF
Multimedia Information Filtering
Chapter 20
Q. Li, J. Yang, Y. Zhuang
In the late 1990s, the availability of powerful computing capability, large storage devices, high-speed networking and especially the advent of the... Sample PDF
Multimedia Information Retrieval at a Crossroad
Chapter 21
S. Vdaygiri, Stuart Goose
This chapter presents methods and technologies from Siemens Corporate Research that can assist in the process of creating multimedia collaborative... Sample PDF
Multimedia Capture, Collaboration and Knowledge Management
Chapter 22
S. Deb
In this chapter, we present a basic introduction of the two very important areas of research in the domain of information technology, namely... Sample PDF
Multimedia Systems and Content-Based Retrieval
Chapter 23
H. Sasaki, Yasushi Kiyoki
The principal concern of this chapter is to provide those in the digital library community with the fundamental knowledge on the intellectual... Sample PDF
Multimedia Digital Library as Intellectual Property
Chapter 24
M. Chen, Nasir Memon, Edward K. Wong
With the proliferation of digital media such as images, audio, and video, robust digital watermarking and data hiding techniques are needed for... Sample PDF
Data Hiding in Document Images
Chapter 25
Viranga Ratnaike, Bala Srinivasan, Surya Nepal
The semantic gap is recognized as one of the major problems in managing multimedia semantics. It is the gap between sensory data and semantic... Sample PDF
Emergent Semantics: An Overview
Chapter 26
C. Wei, Chang-Tsun Li
In the past decade, there has been rapid growth in the use of digital media such as images, video, and audio. As the use of digital media increases... Sample PDF
Content-Based Multimedia Retrieval
Chapter 27
A. Scherp, Susanne Boll
In the Internet age and with the advent of digital multimedia information, we succumb to the possibilities that the enchanting multimedia... Sample PDF
MM4U: A Framework for Creating Personalized Multimedia Content
Chapter 28
U. Westermann, Sonja Zillner, Karin Schellner, Wolfgang Klas
Current semantic approaches to multimedia content modeling treat the content’s media, the semantic description of the content, and the functionality... Sample PDF
EMMO: Tradable Units of Knowledge-Enriched Multimedia Content
Chapter 29
L. Gjedde
Narrative is fundamental for learning and the construction of meaning. In the design of interactive learning programs, the need for narrative is... Sample PDF
Designing for Learning in Narrative Multimedia Environments
Chapter 30
M. Keppell, J. Gunn, K. Hegarty, V. O’Conner, Ngaire Kerse, Karen Kan, Louise B. Messer, Heather Bione
This chapter describes the learning design of two multimedia modules which complement a problem-based learning health sciences curriculum. The use... Sample PDF
Multimedia Learning Designs: Using Authentic Learning Interactions in Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences
Chapter 31
S. T. Li, C. H. Lin, P. T. Yu
E-learning plays a key enabling role in knowledge management for individuals, schools, and enterprises. Nevertheless, the lack of standards in... Sample PDF
On a Design of SCORM-Compliant SMIL-Enabled Multimedia Streaming E-Learning System
Chapter 32
M. May
The aim of this chapter is to sketch a semantic taxonomy of representational forms (or “sign types” in the terminology of semiotics) relevant for... Sample PDF
Feature-Based Multimedia Semantics: Representational Forms for Instructional Multimedia Design
Chapter 33
E. M. Alkhalifa
The rich contributions made in the field of human computer interaction (HCI) have played a pivotal role in shifting the attention of the industry to... Sample PDF
Cognitively Informed Multimedia Interface Design
Chapter 34
R. Herbster, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich, Marcos Morais
In this article we propose a layered architecture that makes possible the visualization of large videos, and even other multimedia documents, in... Sample PDF
Enabling Multimedia Applications in Memory-Limited Mobile Devices
Chapter 35
J. R. Mas, E. A.V. Navarro, Carolina Hernández Ramos, Alvaro Alesanco Iglesias, Julian Fernadez Navajas, Antonio Valdovinos Bardaji, Robert S.H. Istepanian, Jose Garcia Moros
An enhanced mobile healthcare multi-collaborative system operating over Third Generation (3G) mobile networks is presented. This chapter describes... Sample PDF
Desin of an Enhanced 3G-Based Mobile Healthcare System
Chapter 36
Adetola Oredope, Antonio Liotta
The IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) specifies a service centric framework for converged, all-IP networks. This promises to provide the long awaited... Sample PDF
Service Provisioning in the IP Multimedia Subsystem
Chapter 37
Christos Bouras, Apostolos Gkamas, Dimitris Primpas, Kostas Stamos
In this article, we concentrate on the architecture of an adaptive real time application that has the capability to transmit multimedia data over... Sample PDF
Adaptive Transmission of Multimedia Data over the Internet
Chapter 38
J. B.D. Joshi, M. Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen, W. Aref, A. Ghafoor
This chapter focuses on the key challenges in the design of multimedia-based scalable techniques for threat management and security of information... Sample PDF
A Multimedia-Based Threat Management and Information Security Framework
Chapter 39
A. Mittal, Cheong Loong Fah, Ashraf Kassim, Krishnan V. Pagalthivarthi
Most of the video retrieval systems work with a single shot without considering the temporal context in which the shot appears. However, the meaning... Sample PDF
Context-Based Interpretation and Indexing of Video Data
Chapter 40
M. Steinbach, J. Dittmann
Active fingerprinting combines digital media watermarking and codes for collusion-secure customer identification. This requires specialized... Sample PDF
Design Principles for Active Audio and Video Fingerprinting
Chapter 41
J. Zhang, L. Zhang, Francis Quek, Jen-Yao Chung
As Web services become more and more popular, how to manage multimedia Web services that can be composed as value-added service solutions remains... Sample PDF
A Service-Oriented Multimedia Componentization Model
Chapter 42
A. Hurson, Bo Yang
In recent years, the rapid expansion of multimedia applications, partly due to the exponential growth of the Internet, has proliferated over the... Sample PDF
Multimedia Content Representation Technologies
Chapter 43
Kevin Curran
Mobile communications is a continually growing sector in industry and a wide variety of visual services such as video-on-demand have been created... Sample PDF
Multimedia for Mobile Devices
Chapter 44
H. Yan, L. Wang, Y. Ye
In this article, we provide an overview of multimedia contents for mobile entertainment applications. The objective is for the readers to become... Sample PDF
Multimedia Contents for Mobile Entertainment
Chapter 45
M. Ally
There is a rapid increase in the use of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablet PCs, personal digital assistants, Web pads, and palmtop computers... Sample PDF
Multimedia Information Design for Mobile Devices
Chapter 46
Surendra Kumar Sivagurunathan, Mohammed Atiquzzaman
With the proliferation of wireless data networks, there is an increasing interest in carrying multimedia over wireless networks using portable... Sample PDF
Multimedia over Wireless Mobile Data Networks
Chapter 47
Ismail Khalil Ibrahim, Ashraf Ahmad, David Taniar
Mobile multimedia, referring to multimedia information exchange over wireless networks or wireless Internet, is made possible due to the popularity... Sample PDF
Mobile Multimedia: Communication Technologies, Business Drivers, Service and Applications
Chapter 48
D. Santos, Jose Luis do Nascimento, Hyggo Almeida, Angelo Perkusich
In the past few years, industry has introduced cellular phones with increasing processing capabilities and powerful wireless communication... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia File Sharing Using Bluetooth
Chapter 49
Goran Pulkkis, Kaj Grahn, Jonny Karlsson, Nhat Dai Tran
This chapter surveys security of mobile computing devices with focus on multimedia applications. Mobile computing devices are handheld devices such... Sample PDF
Security of Mobile Devices for Multimedia Applications
Chapter 50
A Guerraz, Cecile Roisin, Jan Mikae, Romain Deltour
One way of providing technological support for communities of teachers is to help participants to produce, structure and share information. As this... Sample PDF
Multimedia Authoring for Communities of Teachers
Chapter 51
Screenspace  (pages 721-730)
K. H. Jones
From tiny interactive cellphone screens (keitai) to supersized jumbo LED displays, Tokyo’s urban landscape is changing drastically. A corner that... Sample PDF
Chapter 52
A. G. Acevedo
The recent explosion of the Internet as a collaborative medium has opened the door for people who want to share their work. Nonetheless, the... Sample PDF
Audio Watermarking: Properties, Techniques and Evaluation
Chapter 53
D. Yu, Farook Sattar
This chapter focuses on the issue of transaction tracking in multimedia distribution applications through digital watermarking terminology. The... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking for Multimedia Transaction Tracking
Chapter 54
C. T. Li
As the interconnected networks for instant transaction prevail and the power of digital multimedia processing tools for perfect duplication and... Sample PDF
Digital Watermarking Schemes for Multimedia Authentication
Chapter 55
Z. Yang, Y. Yang, Y. Gu, Robert Gay
The Internet has gone from near invisibility to near ubiquity and penetrated into every aspect of society in the past few years (Department of... Sample PDF
Integrated-Services Architecture for Internet Multimedia Applications
Chapter 56
A. Sotiriou, Panagiotis Kalliaras
This article presents a location-based multimedia content delivery system (LMCDS) for monitoring purposes, which incorporates media processing with... Sample PDF
Location-Based Multimedia Content Delivery System for Monitoring Purposes
Chapter 57
M. Tsagkaropoulos, I. Politis, T. Dagiuklas, Stavros A. Kotsopoulos
With the opening of the telecommunication market and the emergence of low-cost and heterogeneous wireless access technologies, it is envisaged that... Sample PDF
Provisioning of Multimedia Applications across Heterogeneous All-IP Networks
Chapter 58
K. Steiner
Narratives are an important method of human-to-human communication. Combining the power of narrative with the flexibility of virtual environments... Sample PDF
Adaptive Narrative Virtual Environments
Chapter 59
I. Cruz, Olga Sayenko
Semantics can play an important role in multimedia content retrieval and presentation. Although a complete semantic description of a multimedia... Sample PDF
Semantically Driven Multimedia Querying and Presentation
Chapter 60
B. Hüsemann, G. Vossen
Digital multimedia devices for private usage have nowadays left their analogous counterparts behind. Our homes increasingly incorporate a digital... Sample PDF
OntoMedia— Semantic Multimedia Metadata Integration and Organization
Chapter 61
J. Magalhaes, Stefan Rüger
Most of the research in multimedia retrieval applications has focused on retrieval by content or retrieval by example. Since the classical review by... Sample PDF
Semantic Multimedia Information Anaylsis for Retrieval Applications
Chapter 62
V. Dagdilelis
Despite the generalized use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in teaching, their educational applications have not yet been... Sample PDF
Principles of Educational Software Design
Chapter 63
A. Prata, P. F. Lopes
This chapter describes an experiment undertaken with higher education level students, which consists of utilizing an online multimedia educational... Sample PDF
Online Multimedia Educational Application for Teaching Multimedia Contents: An Experiment with Students in Higher Education
Chapter 64
M Olivia
This chapter considers the development of systems to deliver multimedia content for new opera. After a short overview of the history of multimedia... Sample PDF
Interactive Systems for Multimedia Opera
Chapter 65
A. Arya, Babak Hamidzadeh
This chapter will discuss the multimedia modeling and specification methods, especially in the context of face animation. Personalized Face... Sample PDF
Face Animation: A Case Study for Multimedia Modeling and Specification Languages
Chapter 66
V. K. Murthy, E. V. Krishnamurthy
This chapter describes the system design for a multimedia telediagnostic computing environment (MMTE) for telemedical applications. Such an... Sample PDF
Multimedia Computing Environment for Telemedical Applications
Chapter 67
J. L.R. Illera
Using multimedia applications to inform or to train is very different than using them for changing attitudes. The documented and discussed project... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia and AIDS Prevention: A Case Study
Chapter 68
Panagiotis Kalliaras, Athanasios-Dimitrios Sotiriou, P. Papageorgiou, S. Zoi
This article presents the AVATON system. AVATON aims at providing citizens with ubiquitous user-friendly services, offering personalized... Sample PDF
Location-Based Multimedia Services for Tourists
Chapter 69
G. K. Mostefaoui
The abstract should be changed to this new abstract: Research on mobile multimedia mainly focuses on improving wireless protocols in order to... Sample PDF
Software Engineer for Mobile Multimedia: A Roadmap
Chapter 70
R. C. Sharma, S. Mishra
Around the world many communities have been constantly struggling to maintain their customs, traditions and language. Many communities have been on... Sample PDF
Multimedia as a Cross-Channel for Cultures and Languages
Chapter 71
C. Robbins
This chapter explores how educational technology can be developed according to indigenous learning approaches of the South Pacific. It is based on... Sample PDF
Developing Culturally Inclusive Educational Multimedia in the South Pacific
Chapter 72
F. Zhang
This chapter focuses on the effect of a learning environment in which biological, physical and technological ways of perceiving Mandarin Chinese... Sample PDF
Using an Interactive Feedback Tool to Enhance Pronunciation in Language Learning
Chapter 73
Kuo-Yu Liu, Herng-Yow Chen
Over the last decade, the emerging Web technologies have opened a new era for distance education, where online courses can be created and accessed... Sample PDF
Web-Based Synchronized Multimedia Lecturing
Chapter 74
Loreen Marie Butcher-Powell
“We must not forget that almost all teaching is Multimedia” (Schramm, p.37). Today, the magnetism of multimedia is clearly oblivious via the use of... Sample PDF
Teaching, Learning and Multimedia
Chapter 75
Ashok Banerji, Glenda Rose Scales
Developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) are rapidly transforming our work environments and methods. Amongst these changes... Sample PDF
Interactive Multimedia for Learning and Performance
Chapter 76
Patrick J. Fahy
Multimedia tools, applied with awareness of the realities of organizational culture, structures and finances, have been shown to enhance the... Sample PDF
Planning for Multimedia Learning
Chapter 77
Theresa M. Vitolo, Shashidhar Panjala, Jeremy C. Cannell
E-learning covers the variety of teaching and learning approaches, methodologies and technologies supporting synchronous or asynchronous distance... Sample PDF
E-Learning and Multimedia Databases
Chapter 78
Ankush Mittal, Krishnan V. Pagalthivarthi, Edward Altman
The digitization of educational content is radically transforming the learning environment of the student. A single lecture, as well as supporting... Sample PDF
Integrating Multimedia Cues in E-Learning Documents for Enhanced Learning
Chapter 79
Gavin McArdle, Teresa Monahan, Michela Bertolotto
Since the advent of the Internet, educators have realised its potential as a medium for teaching. The term e-learning has been introduced to... Sample PDF
Using Multimedia and Virtual Reality for Web-Based Collaborative Learning on Multiple Platforms
Chapter 80
Paul Kawachi
A multimedia construct for learning based on the Theory of Transactional Distance has been developed consisting of four stages of decreasing... Sample PDF
Empirical Representations in Multimedia Materials: An Issue of Literacy
Chapter 81
Hao-Tung Lin, Herng-Yow Chen
With the rapid advance in Web and multimedia technologies, authoring various types of multimedia content and distributing them on the Web has been... Sample PDF
Web-Based Multimedia Children's Art Cultivation
Chapter 82
Student-Generated Multimedia  (pages 1181-1192)
Mathew Mitchell
This entry looks at the role of student-generated multimedia (SGM) in helping students more effectively achieve meaningful outcomes. The entry first... Sample PDF
Student-Generated Multimedia
Chapter 83
Shivanand Balram, Suzana Dragicevic
Information and communication technologies (ICT) have created many new opportunities for teaching, learning and administration. This study... Sample PDF
An Embedded Collaborative Systems Model for Implementing ICT-based Multimedia Cartography Teaching and Learning
Chapter 84
Eshaa M. Alkhalifa
Multi-media systems waltzed into the lives of students and educators without allowing for the time required for the development of suitable... Sample PDF
Multimedia Evaluations Based on Cognitive Science Findings
Chapter 85
Robert Zheng
Teaching problem solving can be a challenge to teachers. However, the challenge is oftentimes not due to a lack of skills on the part of learners... Sample PDF
Cognitive Functionality of Multimedia in Problem Solving
Chapter 86
Hayward P. Andres
Organizations are faced with increasing costs needed to train employees in today’s high technology environment. Educators are also striving to... Sample PDF
Multimedia, Information Compexity, and Cognitive Processing
Chapter 87
Chaoyan Dong
In social psychology, “what is attractive is good” means that a physically attractive person is perceived to be more favorable and capable. In... Sample PDF
Interface Design, Emotions, and Multimedia Learning
Chapter 88
Stephen R. Gulliver
This chapter introduces a selection of studies relating to each of the multimedia senses — olfactory (smell), tactile/haptic (touch), visual... Sample PDF
Incorporating and Understanding the User-Perspective
Chapter 89
Timothy Shea, Craig Davis
The digital divide exists in poor countries and wealthy countries, the country side and cities, and across age groups. Useful solutions when trying... Sample PDF
Leveraging Digital Multimedia Training for At-Risk Teens
Chapter 90
Stacey L. Connaughton
At the dawn of the 21st century, more and more organizations in various industries have adopted geographically dispersed work groups and are... Sample PDF
Distanced Leadership and Multimedia
Chapter 91
Diana J. Wong-MingJi
The demand for leadership competencies to leverage performance from global virtual teams (GVTs) is growing as organizations continue to search for... Sample PDF
Leadership Competencies for Managing Global Virtual Teams
Chapter 92
Shintaro Okazaki
The proliferation of the Internet-enabled mobile device has extended into many parts of the world. Collectively, the mobile-network operators paid... Sample PDF
Short Message Service (SMS) as an Advertising Medium
Chapter 93
Holger Nosekabel, Wolfgang Rockelein
This chapter presents the use of mobile multimedia for marketing purposes. Using V-Card, a service to create personalized multimedia messages, as an... Sample PDF
V-Card: Mobile Multimedia for Mobile Marketing
Chapter 94
P. Melliar-Smith, L. E. Moser
The ready availability of mobile multimedia computing and communication devices is driving their use in commercial transactions. Mobile devices are... Sample PDF
Mobile Multimedia for Commerce
Chapter 95
Volker Derballa, Key Pousttchi, Klaus Turowski
Mobile technology enables enterprises to invent new business models by applying new forms of organization or offering new products and services. In... Sample PDF
Business Model Typology for Mobile Commerce
Chapter 96
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Akshay Grover, Chris Madsen, Jeff Larkin, William Robins
Open-source software (OSS) is software that can be used freely in the public domain but is often copyrighted by the original authors under an... Sample PDF
Making Money with Open-Source Business Initiatives
Chapter 97
Luigi Proserpio, Massimo Magni
Managerial business games, defined as interactive computer-based simulations for managerial education, can be considered as a relatively new tool... Sample PDF
Learning through Business Games
Chapter 98
Tziporah Stern
People have always been concerned about protecting personal information and their right to privacy. It is an age-old concern that is not unique to... Sample PDF
Internet Privacy from the Individual and Business Perspectives
Chapter 99
Manjeet Rege, Ming Dong, Farshad Fotouhi
With the evolution of the next generation Web—the Semantic Web—e-business can be expected to grow into a more collaborative effort in which... Sample PDF
Enhancing E-Business on the Semantic Web through Automatic Multimedia Representation
Chapter 100
Seung Baek, Bong Jun Kim
The launch of portable Internet, alongside mobile Internet technology and cellular technology, is a new milestone, converging wireless with wired... Sample PDF
Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) in Korea: Convergence and Its Regulatory Implications
Chapter 101
H. Koumaras, E. Pallis, G. Xilouris, A. Kourtis, D. Martakos
The scope of this article is to outline the existing procedures and methods for estimating the PQoS level of a multimedia service. Sample PDF
Perceived Quality Evaluation for Multimedia Services
Chapter 102
Kumar S. Chetan, P. Venkataram, Ranapratap Sircar
Providing support for QoS at the MAC layer in the IEEE 802.11 is one of the very active research areas. There are various methods that are being... Sample PDF
Distributed Approach for QoS Guarantee to Wireless Multimedia
Chapter 103
Sérgio Deusdado, Paulo Carvalho
The evolution of the World Wide Web service has incorporated new distributed multimedia conference applications, powering a new generation of... Sample PDF
QoS Adaptation in Multimedia Multicast Conference Applications for E-Learning Services
Chapter 104
Nalin Sharda
The focus of this chapter is on the quality of service (QoS) aspects involved in transmitting multimedia information via mobile systems. Multimedia... Sample PDF
Quality of Service Issues in Mobile Multimedia Transmission
Chapter 105
Perceptual Semantics  (pages 1441-1455)
Andrea Cavallaro, Stefan Winkler
The design of image and video compression or transmission systems is driven by the need for reducing the bandwidth and storage requirements of the... Sample PDF
Perceptual Semantics
Chapter 106
Uma Srinivasan, Surya Nepal
In order to manage large collections of video content, we need appropriate video content models that can facilitate interaction with the content.... Sample PDF
A Multidimensional Approach for Describing Video Semantics
Chapter 107
Gheorghita Ghinea, Sherry Y. Chen
In this chapter, we describe the results of empirical studies which examined the effect of cognitive style on the perceived quality of distributed... Sample PDF
Perceptual Multimedia: A Cognitive Style Perspective
Chapter 108
Nicola Cranley, Liam Murphy
There is an increasing demand for streaming video applications over both the fixed Internet and wireless IP networks. The fluctuating bandwidth and... Sample PDF
Incorporating User Perception in Adaptive Video Streaming Systems
Chapter 109
Qi Tian, Baback Moghaddam, Neal Lesh, Chia Shen
Recent advances in technology have made it possible to easily amass large collections of digital media. These media offer new opportunities and... Sample PDF
Visualization, Estimation and User Modeling for Interactive Browsing of Personal Photo Libraries
Chapter 110
Der-Chyuan Lou, Jiang-Lung Liu, Chang-Tsun Li
This chapter is intended to disseminate the concept of digital signature-based image authentication. Capabilities of digital signature-based image... Sample PDF
Digital Signature-Based Image Authentication
Chapter 111
Mei-Ling Shyu, Shu-Ching Chen, Chengcui Zhang
Multimedia information, typically image information, is growing rapidly across the Internet and elsewhere. To keep pace with the increasing volumes... Sample PDF
A Stochastic and Content-Based Image Retrieval Mechanism
Chapter 112
Ying-Hong Wang
The increasing availability of image and multimedia-oriented applications markedly impacts image/multimedia file and database systems. Image data... Sample PDF
A Spatial Relationship Method Supports Image Indexing and Similarity Retrieval
Chapter 113
Universal Multimedia Access  (pages 1592-1599)
Andrea Cavallaro
The diffusion of network appliances such as cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and handheld computers creates a new challenge for... Sample PDF
Universal Multimedia Access
Chapter 114
Florian Ledermann, Christian Breiteneder
In this chapter, a domain independent taxonomy of sign functions rooted in an analysis of physical signs found in public space is presented. This... Sample PDF
Towards a Taxonomy of Display Styles for Ubiquitious Multimedia
Chapter 115
Panagiotis Germanakos, Constantinos Mourlas
A traditional multimedia system presents the same static content and suggests the same next page to all users, even though they might have widely... Sample PDF
Adaptation and Personalization of Web-Based Multimedia Content
Chapter 116
Michael Welzl
This chapter will introduce three new IETF transport layer protocols in support of multimedia data transmission and discuss their usage. First, the... Sample PDF
New Internet Protocals for Multimedia Transmission
Chapter 117
Timothy K. Shih, Qing Li, Jason C. Hung
In the last chapter, we discuss how advanced multimedia technologies are used in distance learning systems, including multimedia authoring and... Sample PDF
Future Directions of Multimedia Technologies in E-Learning
Chapter 118
Geraldine Torrisi-Steele
While multimedia technologies are being used in educational contexts, the effective use of multimedia in these contexts remains problematic.  In an... Sample PDF
Toward Effective Use of Multimedia Technologies in Education
Chapter 119
Chien Yu, Angela Williams, Chun Fu Lin, Wei-Chieh Yu
Multimedia benefits students learning in many different ways. There are so many things that students can do and learn because of the variety of... Sample PDF
Planning Effective Multimedia Instruction
Chapter 120
Pierfrancesco Bellini
The evolution of information technology has changed the use of music representation and notation in software applications, transforming and... Sample PDF
XML Music Notation Modelling for Multimedia: MPEG-SMR
Chapter 121
Martin Schmucker
This chapter explains the fundamental principles of audiovisual content protection. It explains the basic knowledge that is needed to understand the... Sample PDF
Possibilities, Limitations, and the Future of Audiovisual Content Protection
Chapter 122
Robert Zehetmayer, Wolfgang Klas, Ross King
Today, mobile multimedia applications provide customers with only limited means to define what information they wish to receive. However, customers... Sample PDF
Modular Implementation of an Ontology-Driven Multimedia Content Delivery Application for Mobile Networks
Chapter 123
Damien Charlet, Frédéric Lassabe, Philippe Canalda, Pascal Chatonnay, François Spies
Advances in technology have enabled a proliferation of mobile devices and a broad spectrum of novel and out breaking solutions for new applications... Sample PDF
Mobility Prediction for Multimedia Services
Chapter 124
Multicast of Multimedia Data  (pages 1781-1788)
Christos Bouras, Apostolos Gkamas, Dimitris Primpas, Kostas Stamos
The heterogeneous network environment that Internet provides to real time applications as well as the lack of sufficient QoS (Quality of Service)... Sample PDF
Multicast of Multimedia Data
Chapter 125
Muhammad Sher, Fabricio Carvalho de Gouveia, Thomas Magedanz
Today the traditional telecommunication technology is declining because of popularity and increasing demand of Voice over IP (VoIP) due to the... Sample PDF
IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for Emerging All-IP Networks