Visualizing IT Enabled Business Process Change

Visualizing IT Enabled Business Process Change

Martijn R. Hoogeweegen (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and A. T. Kearney (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Copyright: © 2002 |Pages: 18
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-44-0.ch003
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Many contributions in the literature of business process change (BPC) address the questions of why and how to conduct IT enabled BPC projects. A relatively underexposed area, however, is the question of how to formulate an alternative process design. Therefore, the focus of this paper is to support BPC managers in their search for (IT enabled) alternative process design(s). The support should stem from a set of concretely defined redesign guidelines that are visualized in simple process charts. These visualized guidelines should help BPC managers to recognize their applicability in their own context. The aim of this paper is threefold. First, the literature is reviewed to formulate a number of IT enabled BPC guidelines. Second, these guidelines are visualized in process charts. Third, a case study is presented to illustrate the applicability of these visualized guidelines

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Mehdi Khosrow-Pour
Chapter 1
Yogesh Malhotra
The concept of knowledge management is not new in information systems practice and research. However, radical changes in the business environment... Sample PDF
Knowledge Management and New Organization Forms: A Framework for Business Model Innovation
Chapter 2
Tor Guimaraes, Youngohc Yoon, Peter Aiken
The importance of properly managing the quality of organizational data resources is widely recognized. A metadata framework is presented as the... Sample PDF
Using a Metadata Framework to Improve Data Resources Quality
Chapter 3
Martijn R. Hoogeweegen, A. T. Kearney
Many contributions in the literature of business process change (BPC) address the questions of why and how to conduct IT enabled BPC projects. A... Sample PDF
Visualizing IT Enabled Business Process Change
Chapter 4
Terry Anthony Byrd
The value of information technology (IT) in today’s organizations is constantly debated. Researchers and practitioners have examined organizations... Sample PDF
Relating IS Infrastructure to Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage
Chapter 5
Timothy R. Kayworth, Debabroto Chatterjee, V. Sambamurthy
The strategic importance of building highly capable information technology (IT) infrastructure has become a crucial management issue of the 1990s... Sample PDF
Theoretical Justification for IT Infrastructure Investments
Chapter 6
Thomas E. Marshall, Terry Anthony Byrd, Lorraine R. Gardiner, R. Kelly Rainer Jr.
Organizations expend large amounts of educational and training resources to improve employee task and job performance. These resources must be... Sample PDF
Technology Acceptance and Performance: An Investigation Into Requisite Knowledge
Chapter 7
Thomas F. Stafford, Marla Royne Stafford, Neal G. Shaw
The convergence of entertainment and communications media in broadband World Wide Web delivery channels promises to provide modern consumers with a... Sample PDF
Motivations and Perceptions Related to the Acceptance of Convergent Media Delivered through the World Wide Web
Chapter 8
Petter Gottschalk
Information systems (IS) departments face many challenges in today’s rapidly changing environment. One approach to understanding these challenges is... Sample PDF
Key Issues in IS Management in Norway: An Empirical Study Based on Q Methodology
Chapter 9
Tzu-Chuan Chou, Robert G. Dyson, Philip L. Powell
Many information technology projects fail, especially those intended as strategic. Yet, there is little research that attempts to explain the link... Sample PDF
Managing Strategic IT Investment Decisions From IT Investment Intensity to Effectiveness
Chapter 10
Said S. Al-Gahtani
This study is an attempt to theoretically and empirically test the applicability of TAM in the Western Europe culture. Thus the study objectives... Sample PDF
Extending the Technology Acceptance Model Beyond Its Country of Origin: A Cultural Test in Western Europe
Chapter 11
William J. Doll, Xiaodong Deng
Building upon the work of behavioral scientists who study participative decision making, Doll and Torkzadeh (1991) present a congruence construct of... Sample PDF
The Collaborative Use of Information Technology: End-User Participation and System Success
Chapter 12
Mary C. Jones, Robert C. Beatty
This study was undertaken to identify antecedents of user satisfaction with EDI systems by surveying key end-users of EDI in a variety of firms... Sample PDF
User Satisfaction with EDI: An Empirical Investigation
Chapter 13
L. B. Eder
Using intranets to connect heterogeneous systems enables information sharing between existing information systems without major changes to existing... Sample PDF
Corporate Intranet Infusion
Chapter 14
James K. Ho
Much academic research on information technology (IT), systems (IS), and management (IM) has been branded by practitioners in business as unusable... Sample PDF
Dynamics of Information in Disseminating Academic Research in the New Media: A Case Study
Chapter 15
Qing Hu, Robert T. Plant
The promise of increased competitive advantage has been the driving force behind the large-scale investment in information technology (IT) over the... Sample PDF
Assessing the Value of Information Technology Investment to Firm Performance
Chapter 16
Barbara D. Klein
Data stored in organizational databases have a significant error rate. As computerized databases continue to proliferate, the number of errors in... Sample PDF
Some Evidence on the Detection of Data Errors
Chapter 17
Qing Hu, T. Grandon Gill
Why are some faculty members more productive than others in academic research? We constructed a number of hypotheses about faculty research... Sample PDF
An Analysis of Academic Research Productivity of Information Systems Faculty
Chapter 18
Mark E. Nissen, Elias Oxendine
Interest in and attention to knowledge management have exploded recently. But integration of knowledge process design with information system design... Sample PDF
Integrating Knowledge Process and System Design for Naval Battle Groups
Chapter 19
Janice C. Sipior
Research on project champions has focused on the characteristics of this individual and how to provide encouragement and support. An understanding... Sample PDF
A Case Study of Project Champion Departure in Expert Systems Development
Chapter 20
Qiang Tu, Bhanu Raghunathan, T. S. Raghunathan
Information systems (IS) technology has become a strategic resource for most organizations to compete successfully in today’s highly uncertain... Sample PDF
Organizational Commitment in the IS Workplace: An Empirical Investigation of its Antecedents and Implications
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