Web Services vs. ebXML: An Evaluation of Web Services and ebXML for E-Business Applications

Web Services vs. ebXML: An Evaluation of Web Services and ebXML for E-Business Applications

Yuhong Yan (Canada National Research Council, Canada) and Matthias Klein (University of New Brunswick, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-056-1.ch048
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Web services and ebXML are modern integration technologies that represent the latest developments in the line of middleware technologies and business- related integration paradigms, respectively. In this chapter, we discuss relevant aspects of the two technologies and compare their capabilities from an e-business point of view.

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Editorial Advisory Board
Chapter 1
Albert Boonstra, Bert de Brock
The past few years, many organizations have been using the Internet in quite arbitrary and experimental ways. This phase, which can be considered as... Sample PDF
Identifying E-Business Options
Chapter 2
E-Governance  (pages 11-32)
Srinivas Bhogle
E-governance uses Internet and communication technologies to automate governance in innovative ways, so that it becomes more efficient, more... Sample PDF
Chapter 3
Colin G. Ash, Janice M. Burn
Kalakota and Robinson (1999) state that “the creation and implementation of an e-business project is inextricably linked to the management of... Sample PDF
Managing E-Business Change
Chapter 4
Semantic E-Business  (pages 44-58)
Rahul Singh, Lakshmi Iyer, A.F. Salam
We define Semantic eBusiness as “an approach to managing knowledge for coordination of eBusiness processes through the systematic application of... Sample PDF
Semantic E-Business
Chapter 5
S. A. Alwabel, M. Zairi, A. Gunasekaran
Every technical invention is initially designed and eventually applied to solve a real-world problem. The evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning... Sample PDF
The Evolution of ERP and its Relationship with E-Business
Chapter 6
Barbara Roberts, Mark Toleman
An analysis of the role of government in e-business adoption is provided in this chapter, with empirical evidence from Australia included. It is... Sample PDF
The Role of Government in E-Business Adoption
Chapter 7
Claudia-Melania Chituc, Américo Lopes Azevedo
The rapid evolution of information and communication technologies, the changing client’s demands, and market conditions impelled enterprises to... Sample PDF
Business Networking: The Technological Infrastructure Support
Chapter 8
Sharon Cox, John Perkins
Information and communication technology (ICT) helps to remove barriers and improve mechanisms that support e-business. E-business involves... Sample PDF
A Knowledge Management Approach to Improving E-Business Collaboration
Chapter 9
Tong-Seng Quah, Chye-Huang Leow
In a highly competitive business environment, every organization is trying to achieve more using fewer resources. This is particularly true in this... Sample PDF
Linking Businesses for Competitive Advantage: A Mobile Agent-Based Approach
Chapter 10
Rana Tassabehji, James Wallace, Anastasios Tsoularis
The Internet has reached a stage of maturity where its innovative adoption and implementation can be a source of competitive advantage. Supply... Sample PDF
Integrating E-Supply Networks: The Need to Manage Information Flows and Develop E-Platforms
Chapter 11
Ron Craig
This chapter considers the perspective of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in supply chains. It starts with an overview of the important... Sample PDF
E-Com Supply Chain and SMEs
Chapter 12
Anne Wiggins
Although motivating electronic business (e-business) adoption and implemention by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is endorsed by policies... Sample PDF
EU SMEs and E-Business Innovation
Chapter 13
Patcharee Boonyathan, Latif Al-Hakim
Today’s managers are turning to the functions of the supply chain to improve margins and gain competitive advantage. The explosion of the Internet... Sample PDF
Procedure for Modeling and Improving E-SCM Processes
Chapter 14
Alessandro Arbore, Andrea Ordanini
In front of traditional interpretations of the digital gap based on endogenous conditions of the firms, this chapter intends to emphasize the... Sample PDF
Environmental Drivers of E-Business Strategies Among SMEs
Chapter 15
Fernando Alonso Mendo, Guy Fitzgerald
This chapter reviews current approaches to the study of the progression of small- and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) in their use of Internet... Sample PDF
The Evolving Web Presence of SMEs: An Empirical Approach to E-Business
Chapter 16
Ranjit Bose, Vijayan Sugumaran
E-business initiative in many companies had started in the 1990s. These companies have recently begun to explore the use of Web Services (WS)... Sample PDF
Challenges for Deploying Web Services-Based E-Business Systems in SMEs
Chapter 17
B2B E-Business  (pages 238-244)
Robert J. Mockler, Dorothy G. Dologite, Marc E. Gartenfeld
Every organization can be viewed from two perspectives. There are external processes such as procurement and sales, and internal processes such as... Sample PDF
B2B E-Business
Chapter 18
Steven New
The massive wave of enthusiasm for B2B (business- to-business) e-commerce generated with the “dot-com” boom led many to believe that a fundamental... Sample PDF
Innovation and B2B E-Commerce: Explaining What Did Not Happen
Chapter 19
Dirk Baldwin, Bradley Piazza
Many observers have predicted a revolution due to online education. Opportunities exist to save money due to the lack of brick and mortar, and... Sample PDF
The Business of Online Education
Chapter 20
Chan Gaik Yee
Firstly, the fact that business intelligence (BI) applications are growing in importance, and secondly, the growing and more sophisticated attacks... Sample PDF
An Introductory Study on Business Intelligence Security
Chapter 21
Subrata Chakrabarty
This chapter provides a comprehensive overview of business process outsourcing (BPO) strategies and analyzes related issues. The discussions in this... Sample PDF
Strategies for Business Process Outsourcing: An Analysis of Alternatives, Opportunities, and Risks
Chapter 22
Ben Clegg, Boon Tan
This chapter reports on a framework that has been successfully used to analyze the e-business capabilities of an organization with a view to... Sample PDF
E-Business Planning and Analysis Framework
Chapter 23
Vojislav B. Mišic, J. Leon Zhao
A number of reference models have been proposed to facilitate the development of e-business systems and applications. A comparative analysis of... Sample PDF
E-Business Reference Models
Chapter 24
John Hamilton
This chapter addresses the development cycle of recent ‘services’ models. It considers that all products involve services and consequently maybe be... Sample PDF
Building and Managing Modern E-Services
Chapter 25
Zakaria Maamar, Djamal Benslimane
Web services are nowadays attracting the attention of both academia and industry. However, a very little has so far been accomplished in terms of... Sample PDF
A Context-Based and Policy-Driven Method to Design and Develop Composite Web Services
Chapter 26
Prithviraj Dasgupta, Louise E. Moser, P. Michael Melliar-Smith
Over the last decade, e-commerce has significantly changed the traditional forms of interaction among humans in conducting business by automating... Sample PDF
Dynamic Pricing for E-Commerce
Chapter 27
Alexander Y. Yap
The planning and development of an enterprisewide electronic database system for e-business usually calls for the re-engineering of information... Sample PDF
Planning and Designing an Enterprise Wide Database Systems for E-Business
Chapter 28
Zakia A. Elsammani
Lack of strategic planning in e-commerce and subsequently e-business adoption within smallto medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) has been strongly... Sample PDF
SMEs ECT Reality: From Ad-Hoc Implementation to Strategic Planning
Chapter 29
Fen Wang, Guisseppi Forgionne
E-business is far more about strategy than technology (Raisinghani & Schkade, 2001). An effective e-business strategy is concerned with e-business... Sample PDF
BSC-Based Framework for E-Business Strategy
Chapter 30
Roberto Paiano, Anna Lisa Guido
In this chapter the focus is on business process design as middle point between requirement elicitation and implementation of a Web information... Sample PDF
A Design Tool for Business Process Design and Representation
Chapter 31
Anil M. Pandya, Nikhilesh Dholakia
This article uses concepts derived from the investigation of product and services innovation failures to develop a strategic market framework to... Sample PDF
B2C Failures: Toward an Innovation Theory Framework
Chapter 32
Athanasios Bouras, Panagiotis Gouvas, Gregoris Mentzas
Most enterprises contain several heterogeneous systems, creating a fuzzy network of interconnected applications, services, and data sources. In this... Sample PDF
A Semantic Service-Oriented Architecture for Business Process Fusion
Chapter 33
Zhiyong Weng, Thomas Tran
This article proposes a mobile intelligent agentbased e-business architecture that allows buyers and sellers to perform business at remote... Sample PDF
A Mobile Intelligent Agent-Based Architecture for E-Business
Chapter 34
Mikael Collan, Anna Sell, Ville Harkke, Bill Anckar
This chapter discusses using e- and m-business components in supporting and enhancing existing businesses and in creating new business innovations.... Sample PDF
Using E- and M-Business Components in Business: Approaches, Cases, and Rules of Thumb
Chapter 35
Kari Smolander, Matti Rossi
This article describes the architecture development process in an international ICT company, which is building a comprehensive e-business system for... Sample PDF
Conflicts, Compromises, and Political Decisions: Methodological Challenges of Enterprise-Wide E-Business Architecture Creation
Chapter 36
Michael Shumanov, Michael Ewing
While the managerial rationale for adopting customer relationship management (CRM) has been fairly well articulated in the literature, research on... Sample PDF
Developing a Global CRM Strategy
Chapter 37
Walt Scacchi
This study examines the development of open source software supporting e-commerce (EC) or e-business (EB) capabilities. This entails a case study... Sample PDF
Understanding the Development of Free E-Commerce/E-Business Software: A Resource-Based View1
Chapter 38
Young M. Lee
In an ideal e-business environment, when a customer order is scheduled and a ship date is computed, the availability should immediately be reserved... Sample PDF
Balancing Accuracy of Promised Ship Data and IT Costs
Chapter 39
Jayavel Sounderpandian, Manohar Madan
Distance education, which started out with closed circuit TV technology, has evolved into completely online courses. Not surprisingly, online... Sample PDF
Developing and Delivering Online Courses
Chapter 40
Ron Craig, Detlev Nitsch
This case illustrates the new generation of ebusiness ventures made possible by the Internet and enabling information and communication... Sample PDF
Developing an Online Fleet Management Service: AlertDriving.com
Chapter 41
Lee Moh Shan, Juliana Sutanto, Atreyi Kankanhalli, Bernard C.Y. Tan
Virtual communities were initially recognized as social phenomena. This is evident from the definition of virtual community as “a social aggregation... Sample PDF
Virtual Community Models in Relation to E-Business Models
Chapter 42
Ehap H. Sabri
This chapter explains the best practice in implementing e-business Technologies to achieve business cost reduction and business agility. Many... Sample PDF
Best Practices in Leveraging E-Business Technologies to Achieve Business Agility
Chapter 43
Fang Zhao
E-collaboration takes advantage of the current Internet-driven business environment, which integrates the most advanced electronic technologies and... Sample PDF
Technological Challenges in E-Collboration and E-Business
Chapter 44
Lidan Ha, Guisseppi Forgionne
Effective and efficient e-business strategy development is crucial to achieve a competitive advantage in the electronic marketplace. However... Sample PDF
Econometric Simulation for E-Business Strategy Evaluation
Chapter 45
Nikos Manouselis
E-business processes are implemented through existing, as well as novel technologies. This book chapter focuses on the field of electronic markets... Sample PDF
E-Business Technologies in E-Market Literature
Chapter 46
Wei Dai
The increased use of online services in the commercial world has produced considerable impact on traditional technologies. Traditional information... Sample PDF
Collaborative Real-Time Information Services via Portals
Chapter 47
Wita Wojtkowski
Portals are information systems that support the user in his or her individual process with information production and communication. The term... Sample PDF
Web-Enabled Portals for E-Business Workplace
Chapter 48
Yuhong Yan, Matthias Klein
Web services and ebXML are modern integration technologies that represent the latest developments in the line of middleware technologies and... Sample PDF
Web Services vs. ebXML: An Evaluation of Web Services and ebXML for E-Business Applications
Chapter 49
David Camacho
The last decade has shown the e-business community and computer science researchers that there can be serious problems and pitfalls when e-companies... Sample PDF
Applying Information Gathering Techniques in Business-to-Consumer and Web Scenarios
Chapter 50
Tagelsir Mohamed Gasmelseid
The unprecedented advancements witnessed in the field of information and communication technology over the last couple of years are significantly... Sample PDF
From Operational Dashboards to E-Business: Multiagent Formulation of Electronic Contracts
Chapter 51
Sheng-Uei Guan
An emerging outcome of the popularization of the Internet is the electronic commerce and payment systems, which present great opportunities for... Sample PDF
E-Commerce Agents and Payment Systems
Chapter 52
Golenur Begum Huq, Robyn Lawson
This chapter explores the utilization of a multiagent system in the field of supply chain management for electronic business. It investigates the... Sample PDF
Applications of Agent-Based Technology as Coordination and Cooperation in the Supply Chain Based E-Business
Chapter 53
Sheng-Uei Guan
M-commerce, a new way to conduct business, is gaining more and more popularity due to the wide use of the Internet. Despite its rapid growth, there... Sample PDF
Secure Agent Roaming for Mobile Business
Chapter 54
Chua Fang Fang, G. Radhamani
Agent technologies have grown rapidly in recent years as Internet usage has increased tremendously. Despite its numerous practical benefits and... Sample PDF
Security in Mobile Agent Systems
Chapter 55
Dennis M.L. Wong, Raphael C.W. Phan
In this chapter, we discuss the business implications, as well as security and privacy issues, of the widespread deployment of radio frequency... Sample PDF
RFID Systems: Applications vs. Security and Privacy Implications
Chapter 56
Roger Clarke
Many categories of e-business continue to underachieve. Their full value cannot be unlocked while key parties distrust the technology or other... Sample PDF
Business Cases for Privacy-Enhancing Technologies
Chapter 57
Thomas Connolly, Mark Stansfield
This chapter introduces games-based e-learning as a means of providing enriching and stimulating learning experiences within higher education and... Sample PDF
Games-Based E-Learning: Implications and Challenges for Higher Education and Training
Chapter 58
Alfonso Urquiza
One of the greatest surprises of the Internet economy is that far from replacing people, the use of advanced technology is confirming that talent is... Sample PDF
A Survey of Competency Management Software Information Systems in the Framework of Human Resources Management
Chapter 59
Sundar G. Sankaran
This chapter provides a brief overview of wireless systems and standards. The evolution of wireless systems from voice-centric circuit-switched... Sample PDF
A Brief Overview of Wireless Systems and Standards
Chapter 60
Rajendra V. Boppana, Suresh Chalasani
Multihop wireless networks based on WiFi technology offer flexible and inexpensive networking possibilities. Applications of multihop wireless... Sample PDF
Wireless Networks Based on WiFi and Related Technologies
Chapter 61
Yin Leng Tan, Linda Macaulay
It is widely recognized that small businesses with less than 50 employees make significant contributions to the prosperity of local, regional, and... Sample PDF
Small Business Collaboration Through Electronic Marketplaces
Chapter 62
Brychan Thomas, Christopher Miller, Gary Packham, Geoff Simmons
This chapter introduces the role of Web sites and e-commerce in the development and growth of global higher education start-ups. The extant... Sample PDF
The Role of Web Sites and E-Commerce in the Development of Global Start-Ups
Chapter 63
Beatrice A. Boateng, Kwasi Boateng
Advances in computer technology have led to the increase in the use of information technology in business (Barron, 2002). Computer-mediated... Sample PDF
Open Source LMS for Management and E-Business Applications
Chapter 64
Measurements in E-Business  (pages 1029-1037)
Damon Aiken
This chapter is designed to answer two fundamental questions related to research on electronic surveys and measures. First, what are some of the... Sample PDF
Measurements in E-Business
Chapter 65
Roongrasamee Boondao, Nitin Kumar Tripathi
This chapter examines electronic policing (epolicing), which has played an increasing role in government-management reform and has become an... Sample PDF
Electronic Policing: A Framework for Crime Control and Citizen Services
Chapter 66
Éliane M.F. Moreau, Louis Raymond, Bernard Vermot-Desroches
In recent years, information communication technologies (ICT) have become accessible throughout the world, and appear to overcome both distance and... Sample PDF
E-Business for SME Development: Some Promising Initiatives in Quebec, Canada
Chapter 67
Stanley Oliver, Kiran Maringanti
This chapter highlights the importance of e-procurement and the barriers affecting its widespread adoption in the context of small and medium... Sample PDF
Application of Web Services in the Context of E-Procurement: An SME Foci
Chapter 68
Ada Scupola
This article investigates the competences deemed necessary both at top managerial and individual levels for the successful adoption and assimilation... Sample PDF
Conceptualizing Competences in E-Services Adoption and Assimilation in SMEs
Chapter 69
Mark Xu, Ravni Rohatgi, Yanqing Duan
The lack of anticipated engagement in e-business by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) is a rising concern to the UK government and service... Sample PDF
E-Business Adoption in SMEs: Some Preliminary Findings from Electronic Components Industry
Chapter 70
Bill Doolin, Eman Al Haj Ali
The increasing utilization of mobile commerce technologies in e-business raises the question of their use in supply chain integration and... Sample PDF
Adoption of Mobile Technology in the Supply Chain: An Exploratory Cross-Case Analysis
Chapter 71
Sam Chung, Zachary Bylin, Sergio Davalos
The primary objective of this case study is to discuss a retail business information system illustrating an e-business integration example among a... Sample PDF
Case Study: Service-Oriented Retail Business Information System
Chapter 72
Salim Al-Hajri, Arthur Tatnall
The banking industry in Oman is of major importance to Oman’s economy, yet Omani banks continue to conduct most of their transactions using... Sample PDF
Adoption of Internet Technology by the Banking Industry in Oman: A Study Informed by the Australian Experience
Chapter 73
So-Jung Lee, Wing Lam
This case describes a pilot project to implement a financial portfolio system (FPS) within Jwon Bank. (The case is based on a real-life... Sample PDF
Application Integration: Pilot Project to Implement a Financial Portfolio System in a Korean Bank
Chapter 74
Fang He, Peter P. Mykytyn
Along with the exponential increase in online business transactions, the online payment system has gained in popularity because vendors and... Sample PDF
Decision Factors for the Adoption of an Online Payment System by Customers
Chapter 75
Esperanza Huerta
Fotogenika is a small e-business that was born out of the idea of two young Mexican entrepreneurs. It started its operations in March 2004, and... Sample PDF
Fotogenika.com: A Small Virtual Organization Serving the Mexican Market
Chapter 76
Olli Kuivalainen, Hanna-Kaisa Ellonen, Liisa-Maija Sainio
The aim of this article is to provide a holistic exploration of the development of the business model of a magazine Web site, and of the factors... Sample PDF
An Online Success Story: The Role of an Online Service in a Magazine Publisher's Business Model
Chapter 77
Princely Ifinedo
The use of information communication technologies (ICT) especially the Internet by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is on the increase in... Sample PDF
Factors Affecting E-Business Adoption by SMEs in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Exploratory Study from Nigeria
Chapter 78
Nir Kshetri, Satya Jayadev
Intelirel is a U.S.-based multinational corporation that produces a variety of items with apparel as one of the business divisions. This case... Sample PDF
Intelirel's Transition to E-Business: Optimizing the Combination of Electronic Data Interchange and the Internet
Chapter 79
Motoaki Tazawa
In order to improve convenience for investors through competition among stock exchanges, operation of Proprietary Trading Systems (PTS) was... Sample PDF
Laws and Regulations on Proprietary Trading System (PTS) in Japan: Japanese Alternative Trading System (ATS)
Chapter 80
Fang Zhao
Sensis Search, a young entrepreneurial dot-com launched in 2004, is the first mover in redefining the Australian search market and creates a new... Sample PDF
Sensis.Com.Au: An Uprising Star of E-Innovation and E-Entrepreneurship
Chapter 81
C. Ranganathan, Dong Back Seo
American Hardware Depot (AHD), a retailer of hardware and home improvement products, sells over 65,000 products through its network of 4,500 stores... Sample PDF
The Snakes and Ladders Game in E-Business: Digital Transformation at American Hardware Depot
Chapter 82
Jaqueline Blake, Wayne Pease
This chapter proposes an ontology using Web ontology language (OWL) for the Australian timber sector that can be used in conjunction with Semantic... Sample PDF
Development of an Ontology to Improve Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Australian Timber Industry
Chapter 83
Raktim Pal, Indranil Bose, Alex Ye
ERP and SCM systems have been used in China for some time. Although these two systems complement each other, the integration of these two systems is... Sample PDF
E-Supply Chain System at Valvex and Its Integration with ERP Systems
Chapter 84
Arthur Tatnall, Alex Pliaskin
This chapter describes the development and ultimate demise of the Bizewest portal in the Western Region of Melbourne, Australia. We argue that no... Sample PDF
The Demise of a Business-to-Business Portal
Chapter 85
The BIZEWEST Portal  (pages 1396-1400)
Alex Pliaskin
In June 2000, the Western Region Economic Development Organisation (WREDO), a notfor- profit organisation sponsored by the six municipalities that... Sample PDF
Chapter 86
Heather Fulford
This chapter reports on a study investigating a community Web site project operating in a UK village community. The aim of the study is to determine... Sample PDF
A Community Web Site Initiative: Impacts on Small Businesses
Chapter 87
Leszek Borzemski
Users perceive good Internet performance as characterized by low latency, high throughput and high availability. When browsing the Web, users are... Sample PDF
Testing, Measuring, and Diagnosing Web Sites from the User's Perspective
Chapter 88
Marko Merisavo
Viewing the use of digital channels in marketing from a customer relationship perspective offers several benefits to a marketer. Brand communication... Sample PDF
The Effects of Digital Marketing on Customer Relationships
Chapter 89
Horst Treiblmaier
In recent years a plethora of scholarly literature from the marketing and the information systems (IS) domain has dealt with the phenomenon of... Sample PDF
The Influence of the Internet on Relationships Between Consumers and Vendors
Chapter 90
Songpol Kulviwat, Ramendra Thakur, Chiquan Guo
An exploratory study was conducted to investigate consumer adoption of online purchase using a survey data set. Based upon the theory of innovation... Sample PDF
An Exploratory Study of Consumer Adoption of Online Shopping: Mediating Effect of Online Purchase Intention
Chapter 91
Raluca Bunduchi
This chapter discusses the role that social relational characteristics, such as trust and power, play in shaping the use of a particular type of... Sample PDF
An Empirical Investigation of the Role of Trust and Power in Shaping the Use of Electronic Markets
Chapter 92
Naveen Gudigantala, Jaeki Song, Donald R. Jones
The burgeoning growth of online retailing is forcing businesses to provide better support for consumer decision making on e-commerce Web sites.... Sample PDF
How Well Do E-Commerce Web Sites Support Compensatory and Non-Compensatory Decision Strategies? An Exploratory Study
Chapter 93
Khalid Aldiri, Dave Hobbs, Rami Qahwaji
Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce suffers from consumers’ lack of trust. This may be partly attributable to the lack of face-to-face... Sample PDF
The Human Face of E-Business: Engendering Consumer Initial Trust Through the Use of Images of Sales Personnel on E-Commerce Web Sites
Chapter 94
Daniel Friesner, Carl S. Bozman, Matthew Q. McPherson
Internet auctions have gained widespread appeal as an efficient and effective means of buying and selling goods and services. This study examines... Sample PDF
Nibbling, Sniping, and the Role of Uncertainty in Second-Price, Hard-Close Internet Auctions: Empirical Evidence from eBay
Chapter 95
T. C.E. Cheng, L. C.F. Lai, A. C.L. Yeung
In this study we examine the driving forces of customer loyalty in the broadband market in Hong Kong. We developed and empirically tested a model to... Sample PDF
The Driving Forces of Customer Loyalty: A Study of Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong
Chapter 96
Veronica Liljander, Pia Polsa, Kim Forsberg
Not until very recently has mobile phone technology become sophisticated enough to allow more complex customized programs, which enable companies to... Sample PDF
Do Mobile CRM Services Appeal to Loyalty Program Customers?
Chapter 97
Bogdan Hoanca, Kenrick Mock
Alaska is the largest and most sparsely populated state in the United States of America. Extreme weather patterns and extreme cultural diversity... Sample PDF
Social Implications of Distance Education in Alaska
Chapter 98
Juha Kettunen, Mauri Kantola
This chapter presents the strategies of higher education institutions and how they can be described using the balanced scorecard approach. The... Sample PDF
Strategies for Virtual Learning and E-Entrepreneurship in Higher Education
Chapter 99
Eddie Blass, Andrew Ettinger, Viki Holton
Higher education has traditionally been provided in universities through lectures, seminars and tutorials, and other social mechanisms of learning... Sample PDF
Differing Challenges and Different Achievements: The Case for a Separate Classification for Qualifications Undertaken by E-Learning
Chapter 100
Veronica M. Godshalk
E-mentoring, also known as online mentoring or virtual mentoring, is changing the way that traditional mentor and protégé dyad members interact with... Sample PDF
Social Implications of E-Mentoring: Development of an E-Mentoring Model
Chapter 101
Felix B. Tan, Helen J. Lin, Cathy Urquhart
With the increasing popularity of electronic commerce, businesses are starting to recognise that developing a good virtual community can help to... Sample PDF
An Exploratory Study of the Design Preferences of U.S. and Chinese Virtual Communities
Chapter 102
Gideon Azumah, S. C. Lenny Koh, Stuart Maguire
E-organisations are expected to be one of the promising organisational forms in this Internet cultural era (ICE). E-organisations are different from... Sample PDF
E-Organisation and Its Future Implication for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Chapter 103
Francesca Andreescu
Underpinning £136 billion of economic activity in the United Kingdom, Britain’s National Mapping Agency is a commercialising public sector... Sample PDF
Organisational Challenges of Implementing E-Business in the Public Services: The Case of Britain's National Mapping Agency
Chapter 104
Matthew W. Guah, Wendy L. Currie
Value creation from e-business for customers in healthcare is an important topic in academic and practitioner circles. This chapter reports the... Sample PDF
From ASP to Web Services: Identifying Key Performance Areas and Indicators for Healthcare
Chapter 105
Spyridoula Lakka, Nikolas E. Lionis, Dimitris Varoutas
Open source software/free software (OSS/FS), also abbreviated as FLOSS/FOSS (free/libre and open source software), has risen to great prominence.... Sample PDF
Social Aspects of Open Source Software: Motivation, Organization, and Economics
Chapter 106
Tapen Sinha, K. Subhadra
This chapter studies outsourcing from the United States to India. First, we show that outsourcing is not taking most jobs out of the United States.... Sample PDF
Sourcing and Outsourcing Arithmetic
Chapter 107
Carlos Flavián, Miguel Guinalíu
As a result of the new possibilities offered by Internet managers are increasing options provided by the new technologies in strategic planning. The... Sample PDF
Virtual Communities and E-Business Management
Chapter 108
Krista J. Crawford-Mathis
Technology increasingly allows one to work from anywhere, altering the mode and style of communication. Videoconferencing, online collaboration... Sample PDF
Concepts and Challenges of E-Leadership
Chapter 109
Jing Quan
The rapid expansion of e-business witnessed in the late 1990s was nothing short of a spectacle. It seemed that almost everyone was talking about it... Sample PDF
Evaluating E-Business Leadership and Its Links to Firm Performance
Chapter 110
R. Rajendran, K. Vivekanandan
Businesses invest in developing information systems resources to gain competitive advantages. Literature has demonstrated the requirement of... Sample PDF
Exploring Relationship between Information Systems Strategic Orientation and Small Business Performance
Chapter 111
Tim Coltman, Sara Dolnicar
Most sectors of industry, commerce, and government have reported variation in the performance payoff from electronic customer relationship... Sample PDF
E-CRM and Managerial Discretion
Chapter 112
Fen Wang, Guisseppi Forgionne
E-business is far more about strategy than technology, and the strategy of e-business is very important in today’s dynamic and competitive... Sample PDF
EBBSC: A Balanced Scorecard-Based Framework for Strategic E-Business Management
Chapter 113
Ganesh Vaidyanathan
In order to understand the different types of e-business risks, this chapter uses a framework focusing on five dimensions of e-businesses. This... Sample PDF
E-Business Risk Management in Firms
Chapter 114
Pallab Saha
E-business process management (e-BPM) entails management of e-business processes with the customer initiating the process and involves non-linear... Sample PDF
E-Business Process Management and IT Governance
Chapter 115
S. Pavic, M. Simpson, S. C. Lenny Koh
This study explores new ways for SMEs to create a competitive advantage through the use of e-business. It examines the level of ICT use in SMEs and... Sample PDF
A Prototype E-Business Model to Create a Competitive Advantage in SMEs
Chapter 116
Mabel T. Kung, Jenny Yi Zhang
This article reports a series of process-based models for the development of e-business using enterprise software applications. Merging management... Sample PDF
Analysis of Business Process Models in Enterprise Web Services
Chapter 117
Sam Edwards
This chapter addresses the primary difficulties that small and medium enterprises face when doing business online with international partners. The... Sample PDF
Doing International Business Online for the Small and Medium Enterprise
Chapter 118
Tobias Kollmann, Matthias Häsel
This chapter articulates the knowledge and skills required by IT professionals in young Internet-based firms. Building on the general IT governance... Sample PDF
Competence of Information Technology Professionals in Internet-Based Ventures
Chapter 119
Xin Luo, Merrill Warkentin
Consumer preferences, attitudes, and behavior concerning product choice can be of vital importance in the development process and implementation of... Sample PDF
Consumers' Preferences and Attitudes Toward Mobile Office Use: A Technology Trade-Off Research Agenda
Chapter 120
Peggy D. Lee
This chapter views online reverse auctions from the purchasing agent’s perspective. I found that purchasing agents with a high level of buying... Sample PDF
The Purchasing Agent's View of Online Reverse Auctions
Chapter 121
Jeff Baker, Jaeki Song
The recent growth of business-to-consumer (B2C) Internet auctions challenges researchers to develop empirically-sound explanations of critical... Sample PDF
Exploring Decision Rules for Sellers in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Internet Auctions
Chapter 122
Charles E. Beck
An integrative, systems-based model of knowledge sharing can provide a way of visualizing the interrelated elements that comprise a knowledge... Sample PDF
A Communications Model for Knowledge Sharing
Chapter 123
Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu
In this chapter we discuss seven peculiarities about knowledge management practices at smallto medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We draw our findings... Sample PDF
Managing Knowledge in SMEs: What are Some Peculiarities?
Chapter 124
Wonyoung Lee, Praveen Aggarwal, Hyonkil Shin, Taihoon Cha, Seunghan Kim
The decreasing cost of IT has encouraged organizations to seek new ways of cooperating with members of the supply chain and other key strategic... Sample PDF
A Typology of Interorganizational Relationships: A Marriage, a Fling, or Something in Between
Chapter 125
Norman Bonney, Olufemi Komolafe, Elizabeth Tait
There are substantial inequalities in access to and use of the Internet. These inequalities build on enduring social and economic inequalities that... Sample PDF
Challenging Digital Inequalities: Barriers and Prospects
Chapter 126
Peter V. Raven, Xiaoqing Huang, Ben B. Kim
The Internet has changed the way many companies do business, but has also tended to increase the disparity between firms in developed countries and... Sample PDF
E-Business in Developing Countries: A Comparison of China and India
Chapter 127
Fjodor Ruzic
In today’s dynamic e-business environment where fast time to market is imperative, where information and telecommunications technology is costly and... Sample PDF
New Ethics for E-Business Offshore Outsourcing
Chapter 128
Carmen Gould, Fang Zhao
This chapter reports the results of a national survey which investigated Australian Internet users’ attitudes and behaviours toward online... Sample PDF
Online Information Privacy and Its Implications for E-Entrepreneurship and E-Business Ethics
Chapter 129
Ismael Rodríguez, Natalia López
This article studies the properties of a distributed mechanism to perform the Vickrey auction. This mechanism, which was originally presented in... Sample PDF
Analyzing the Privacy of a Vickrey Auction Mechanism
Chapter 130
Osama Shata
This chapter introduces several aspects related to e-privacy such as needs, approaches, challenges, and models. It argues that e-privacy protection... Sample PDF
E-Services Privacy: Needs, Approaches, Challenges, Models, and Dimensions
Chapter 131
Wei-Chuen Yau, G. S. V. Radha Krishna Rao
Web services enable the communication of application- to-application in a heterogeneous network and computing environment. The powerful... Sample PDF
Web Services Security in E-Business: Attacks and Countermeasures
Chapter 132
Jun Du, Yuan-Yuan Jiao, Jianxin (Roger) Jiao
This chapter develops a security blueprint for an e-business environment taking advantage of the three-tiered e-business architecture. This security... Sample PDF
A Security Blueprint for E-Business Applications
Chapter 133
Dieter Fink, Tobias Huegle, Martin Dortschy
This chapter identifies various levels of governance followed by a focus on the role of information technology (IT) governance with reference to... Sample PDF
A Model of Information Security Governance for E-Business
Chapter 134
Biju Issac, Lawan A. Mohammed
This chapter gives a practical overview of the brief implementation details of the IEEE802.11 wireless LAN and the security vulnerabilities involved... Sample PDF
Wireless LAN Setup and Security Loopholes
Chapter 135
E. S. Samundeeswari, F. Mary Magdalene Jane
Over the years, computer systems have evolved from centralized monolithic computing devices supporting static applications, into client-server... Sample PDF
Mobile Code and Security Issues
Chapter 136
Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Ernesto Damiani, Fulvio Frati, Salvatore Reale
The widespread diffusion of online services provided by public and private organizations, firstly driven by e-commerce and more recently by... Sample PDF
Secure Authentication Process for High Sensitive Data E-Services: A Roadmap
Chapter 137
Takashi Kubota
Unlike the UK, Germany, France, and some major countries that permit entries from banking to commerce and vice versa (“two-way” regulation), the... Sample PDF
IT Development and the Separation of Banking and Commerce: Comparative Perspectives of the U.S. and Japan
Chapter 138
Electronic Risk Management  (pages 2228-2244)
Tapen Sinha, Bradly Condon
Doing business on the Internet has many opportunities along with many risks. This chapter focuses on a series of risks of legal liability arising... Sample PDF
Electronic Risk Management
Chapter 139
Kathleen Mykytyn, Peter P. Mykytyn
The emergence of e-business as a viable business model is unquestioned and global in its involvement and impact. Further, the value that... Sample PDF
E-Business Process Management and Intellectual Property: Issues and Implications
Chapter 140
Bill Vassiliadis, Vassilis Fotopoulos
Copyright protection is becoming an important issue for organizations that create, use, and distribute digital content through e-commerce channels.... Sample PDF
IPR Protection for Digital Media Distribution: Trends and Solutions in the E-Business Domain
Chapter 141
Martina Gerst, Kai Jakobs
Successful cooperation between large manufacturers and their suppliers is a crucial aspect, especially in the automotive industry. Such mutually... Sample PDF
E-Business Standardization in the Automotive Sector: Role and Situation of SMEs
Chapter 142
Changqing Li, Tok Wang Ling
This chapter introduces how to effectively organize ontology languages and ontologies and how to efficiently process semantic information based on... Sample PDF
A Basis for the Semantic Web and E-Business: Efficient Organization of Ontology Languages and Ontologies
Chapter 143
Sherrie D. Cannoy, Lakshmi Iyer
This chapter will discuss Semantic Web standards and ontologies in two areas: (1) the medical sciences field and (2) the healthcare industry.... Sample PDF
Semantic Web Standards and Ontologies in the Medical Sciences and Healthcare
Chapter 144
Yuan-Chu Hwang, Soe-Tsyr Yuan
Most of the existing mobile services were designed based on the client/server architecture. Those mobile services neither paid much attention to... Sample PDF
A Roadmap for Ambient E-Service: Applications and Embracing Model
Chapter 145
Ioannis Papaioannou, Ioanna Roussaki, Miltiades Anagnostou
Automated negotiation is a very challenging research field that is gaining momentum in the ebusiness domain. There are three main categories of... Sample PDF
A Survey on Neural Networks in Automated Negotiations
Chapter 146
Michael Weiss
Agents are rapidly emerging as a new paradigm for developing software applications. They are being used in an increasing variety of applications... Sample PDF
Patterns for Designing Agent-Based E-Business Systems
Chapter 147
Ying Liang
Web-based information systems (WBIS) aim to support e-business using IT, the World Wide Web, and the Internet. This chapter focuses on the Web site... Sample PDF
Dialogue Act Modeling: An Approach to Capturing and Specifying Communicational Requirements for Web-Based Information Systems
Chapter 148
Sumali J. Conlon, Susan Lukose, Jason G. Hale, Anil Vinjamur
The Semantic Web will require semantic representations of information that computers can understand when they process business applications. Most... Sample PDF
Automatically Extracting and Tagging Business Information for E-Business Systems Using Linguistic Analysis
Chapter 149
Fergle D’Aubeterre, Rahul Singh, Lakshmi Iyer
This chapter introduces a new approach named semantic knowledge transparency, which is defined as the dynamic on-demand and seamless flow of... Sample PDF
Semantic Knowledge Transparency in E-Business Processes
Chapter 150
Manjeet Rege, Ming Dong, Farshad Fotouhi
With the evolution of the next generation Web— the Semantic Web—e-business can be expected to grow into a more collaborative effort in which... Sample PDF
Enhancing E-Business on the Semantic Web through Automatic Multimedia Representation
Chapter 151
Maria Ganzha, Maciej Gawinecki, Marcin Paprzucki, Rafal Gasiorowski, Szymon Pisarek, Wawrzyniec Hyska
The use of Semantic Web technologies in e-business is hampered by the lack of large, publiclyavailable sources of semantically-demarcated data. In... Sample PDF
Utilizing Semantic Web and Software Agents in a Travel Support System
Chapter 152
Masaki Nakajima
This chapter investigates the evolutionary process of the payment system against the background of structural changes. At the early stage, most... Sample PDF
Global Trends of Payment Systems and the Next-Generation RTGS Project in Japan
Chapter 153
Naoshi Takasugi
When a dispute arises from e-commerce involving parties located in different nations, the parties immediately face conflict-of-laws issues such as... Sample PDF
E-Commerce and Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in a Dispute Arising from a Computer Information Transaction
Chapter 154
Takashi Nakazaki
In this chapter, after surveying existing Japanese public laws that regulate the transfer of funds via the Internet, and focusing on electronic... Sample PDF
The Regulation of New Forms of Electronic Fund Transfers in Japan Focusing on Electronic Money
Chapter 155
Zuopeng (Justin) Zhang, Sajjad M. Jasimuddin
This article addresses the different levels of pricing strategies for an online knowledge market. Based on the best practice from Google Answers, an... Sample PDF
Pricing Strategy of Online Knowledge Market: The Analysis of Google Answers
Chapter 156
Denis H.J. Caro
The 21st century continues to witness the transformation of organizational systems globally through the deployment of information and communication... Sample PDF
Evolving E-Health System Symbiosis: Theoretical Constructs in International Realpolitik Space
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