The Web Strategy Development in the Automotive Sector

The Web Strategy Development in the Automotive Sector

Massimo Memmola (Catholic University, Italy)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-024-0.ch009
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Especially in recent years, a transformation is ongoing: the Web, besides being a means of information sharing (internal-external), becomes a powerful tool for saving costs, reducing the distribution structure, initiating distance transactions, and ever more, becomes a mechanism of integration with the external environment and a catalyst of experiences for all stakeholder. Starting from the identification of the key elements, potentialities, and of the impact of the Internet on firms’ performance, competitiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency, this chapter is focused on the changes in the automotive sector due to the integration between business strategy and Web strategy. Therefore, starting from the consideration of a clear identification and subsequent sharing need of strategic goals, a research work will be presented exploring, on the basis of an interpretative model, the Internet potential in the automotive sector in order to achieve the identification of an optimal path definition and development of Web strategy. This objective will be developed through a desk analysis focused on the strategic positioning of the current businesses in the automotive sector (i.e., complexity evaluation of the presence on the Internet, strategic architecture, quality, and effectiveness of this presence).

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Table of Contents
Aileen Cater-Steel
Chapter 1
Pankaj Kamthan
In this chapter, we view the development and maintenance of high-quality electronic commerce (ecommerce) applications from a Web engineering... Sample PDF
Using Patterns for Engineering High-Quality E-Commerce Applications
Chapter 2
Krassie Petrova, Dawn Medlin
In recent years significant changes have occurred in the skill sets underpinning the undergraduate information systems and information technology... Sample PDF
Informing Industry via Academic Research in ICT Skill and Capability Development
Chapter 3
George Feuerlicht
Enterprise information systems have rapidly evolved over the last decade. We expect these changes to accelerate during this decade as a result of... Sample PDF
The Impact of New Trends in the Delivery and Utilization of Enterprise ICT on Supplier and User Organizations
Chapter 4
Javier Soriano, David Lizcano, Marcos Reyes, Fernando Alonso
The Web is becoming in many respects a powerful tool for supporting business strategy as companies are quickly becoming more and more reliant on new... Sample PDF
Enterprise 2.0: Collaboration and Knowledge Emergence as a Business Web Strategy Enabler
Chapter 5
Mahesh Raisinghani, Abdu Albur, Sue Leferink, Thomas Lyle, Stephen Proctor
This chapter discusses customer relationship management (CRM) as a customer-focused business strategy enhanced by technology that automates and... Sample PDF
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): An In-Depth Analysis
Chapter 6
L. Geppert
This chapter presents two possible models of electronic marketplaces put in place at the beginning of this century, which, after their introduction... Sample PDF
Different Web Strategies for Different E-Marketplaces
Chapter 7
Vincent C. Yen
The technology of Web services (WS) has been a hot area in the software industry for many years. Many organizations in the past 5 years have... Sample PDF
Trends of Web Services Adoption: A Synthesis
Chapter 8
Massimo Memmola, Giovanna Palumbo, Mauro Rossini
Radio frequency identification (RFId) has recently begun to receive increased interest from practitioners and academics. This type of technology has... Sample PDF
Web & RFID Technology: New Frontiers in Costing and Process Management for Rehabilitation Medicine
Chapter 9
Massimo Memmola
Especially in recent years, a transformation is ongoing: the Web, besides being a means of information sharing (internal-external), becomes a... Sample PDF
The Web Strategy Development in the Automotive Sector
Chapter 10
Wen-Chen Hu, Yanjun Zuo, Lei Chen, Chyuan-Huei Thomas Yang
Using mobile handheld devices such as smart cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to browse the mobile Internet is a trend of Web... Sample PDF
Adaptive Mobile Web Browsing Using Web Mining Technologies
Chapter 11
Bernard Ostheimer
Internet technology has found its way into all areas of business and research. The World Wide Web is also used at universities to achieve different... Sample PDF
Integration of Public University Web Sites and Learning Management Systems
Chapter 12
Chiara Frigerio
In recent years, the financial services industry has been witness to considerable consolidation (Berger & Udell, 2006; De Nicolò, Bartholomew... Sample PDF
Innovating through the Web: The Banking Industry Case
Chapter 13
Orla Kirwan
This research has studied an established Irish retail business as it takes its first tentative steps into the e-commerce arena. Although the... Sample PDF
An Action Research Case Study of the Facilitators and Inhibitors of E-Commerce Adoption
Chapter 14
Svenja Hagenhoff
This chapter is about a survey based on 7,178 valid responses which analyses the mobile content usage in Germany. Key findings are that paid mobile... Sample PDF
Acceptance of the Mobile Internet as a Distribution Channel for Paid Content in Germany
Chapter 15
Kevin K.W. Ho
Information quality is critical for a communication portal because there are a myriad of information types, including textual, audio, video, and... Sample PDF
Information Quality Satisfaction of Communication Portals: A Study of Central Cyber
Chapter 16
Maria Alice Frontini
The decisions about IT investments are increasingly more complex, due to technical uncertainties and to the dynamics of organizational and strategic... Sample PDF
The Evaluation of IT Investments through Real Options
Chapter 17
Silvia Novaes Zilber
The Internet provides a global network infrastructure that is shifting business models, strategies, and processes. Many authors reflect on the... Sample PDF
Strategic Use of the Internet and Organizational Structure for E-Business: "Celta" Case at GM Brazil
Chapter 18
G. Castellano
Due to the growing variety and quantity of information available on the Web, there is urgent need for developing Web-based applications capable of... Sample PDF
On the Use of Soft Computing Techniques for Web Personalization
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