Wireless Networks Based on WiFi and Related Technologies

Wireless Networks Based on WiFi and Related Technologies

Rajendra V. Boppana (University of Texas at San Antonio, USA) and Suresh Chalasani (University of Wisconsin-Parkside, USA)
Copyright: © 2007 |Pages: 20
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-204-6.ch008
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Multihop wireless networks based on WiFi technology offer flexible and inexpensive networking possibilities. Applications of multihop wireless networks range from personal networks within consumer homes to citywide departmental networks to wide-area vehicular ad hoc networks. In this chapter, we focus on multihop ad hoc networks with communication among user devices and access points, where available, without the restriction that the user devices need to be within the radio range of access points. We first describe pure WiFi networks and their limitations. Next we discuss mixed networks based on WiFi and other wired and wireless technologies to provide robust city-scale networks. This chapter also explores security issues and vulnerabilities of wireless networks. An emerging application of WiFi ad hoc networks-RFID (radio frequency identification) networks based on the WiFi technology for warehouses and large retail stores-is presented. This chapter also presents another emerging application of WiFi-based networks: vehicular ad hoc networks for automobiles.

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Table of Contents
Jayavel Sounderpandian, Tapen Sinha
Chapter 1
E-Governance  (pages 1-27)
Srinivas Bhogle
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Chapter 2
Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar
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Introduction to Cryptography
Chapter 3
Kathleen Mykytyn, Peter Mykytyn
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E-Business Process Management and Intellectual Property: Issues and Implications
Chapter 4
Nikos Manouselis
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E-Business Technologies in E-Market Literature
Chapter 5
Stephen Hawk, Weijun Zheng
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E-Commerce Standards: Transforming Industry Practice
Chapter 6
Giorgos Laskaridis, Penelope Markellou, Angeliki Panayiotaki, Athanasios Tsakalidis
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Interoperability on the Road to Enhance Government-to-Business
Chapter 7
Sundar G. Sankaran
This chapter provides a brief overview of wireless systems and standards. The evolution of wireless systems from voice-centric circuit-switched... Sample PDF
A Brief Overview of Wireless Systems and Standards
Chapter 8
Rajendra V. Boppana, Suresh Chalasani
Multihop wireless networks based on WiFi technology offer flexible and inexpensive networking possibilities. Applications of multihop wireless... Sample PDF
Wireless Networks Based on WiFi and Related Technologies
Chapter 9
Xin Luo, Merrill Warkentin
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Consumers' Preferences and Attitudes Toward Mobile Office Use: A Technology Trade-Off Research Agenda
Chapter 10
Tapen Sinha, K. Subhadra
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Sourcing and Outsourcing Arithmetic
Chapter 11
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Strategies for Business Process Outsourcing: An Analysis of Alternatives, Opportunities, and Risks
Chapter 12
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Developing and Delivering Online Courses
Chapter 13
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The Business of Online Education
Chapter 14
Ganesh Vaidyanathan
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E-Business Risk Management in Firms
Chapter 15
Tapen Sinha, Bradly Condon
Doing business on the Internet has many opportunities along with many risks. This chapter focuses on a series of risks of legal liability arising... Sample PDF
Electronic Risk Management
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