An E-Workshop Model for Teacher Training

An E-Workshop Model for Teacher Training

Yan Hanbing (East China Normal University, China) and Zhu Zhiting (East China Normal University, China)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-340-1.ch019
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In China, teacher training plays a very important role for the improvement of education. E-Learning, as a new and effective life-long learning method, plays an increasingly important role in teacher training. It is well known that Teacher Training and E-Learning are all open and developing domains. So, the integration of two domains will certainly bring about many new problems. The case focuses on how does the e-workshop model, which is designed specially for Teacher Training by Distance Education College of East of China Normal University find a way to solve the problems? By way of analyzing the successful factors of e-workshop model and following the problem clues of the above-mentioned two domains, this chapter shows the corresponding solutions.

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Table of Contents
Ramesh C. Sharma, Sanjaya Mishra
Global E-Learning Practices: An Introduction
Chapter 1
Alina M. Zapalska, Dallas Brozik
The primary goal of this chapter is to offer reflections on various aspects of the use of WebCT Vista in online business education at Marshall... Sample PDF
Online Learning with the Use of WebVT Vista
Chapter 2
Ilias Maglogiannis, Kostas Karpouzis
A major issue problem in military training is the territorial dispersion of military personnel in a wide geographical area. Typically in every... Sample PDF
Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Learning for Adult Training inMilitary Environments
Chapter 3
Gunnar Martin, Oliver Bohl, August-Wilhelm Scheer, Udo Winand
n the context of the development on the educational market – which is especially influenced by an increasing importance of knowledge in society –... Sample PDF
A Case Study on Education Networks and Brokerage
Chapter 4
Carmen Gonzales, Susan Bussmann, Bethany Bovard, Julia Parra
This case study explores the ongoing development of an online instructor training program, initiated in Spring 2002. Involvement of the... Sample PDF
Transitioning to E-Learning: Teaching the Teachers
Chapter 5
Hilary Wilder
This case study explores the use of online distance learning technology to bring an international component to a teacher education program. By... Sample PDF
Using E-Learning to Globalize a Teacher Education Program
Chapter 6
Shobhita Jain
This narrative of an engagement with the open and distance learning system and its highpoint of launching an online learning package in 2001 reveals... Sample PDF
Delivery of a Social Science Online Program in India
Chapter 7
Madhumita Bhattacharya
This chapter presents a description and analysis of salient issues related to the development of an integrated e-portfolio application implemented... Sample PDF
Introducing Integrated E-Portfolio across Courses in a Postgraduate Program in Distance and Online Education
Chapter 8
Donna L. Russell
The purpose of this case study was to describe and evaluate how four teachers in four different cities in Missouri, USA, collaborated online to... Sample PDF
The Mediated Action of Educational Reform: An Inquiry into Collaboative Online Professional Development
Chapter 9
John Beaumont-Kerridge
Recent developments producing new Internet Conferencing (IC) and Multipoint Desktop Conferencing (MDC) systems have emerged which may supersede text... Sample PDF
VIPER: Evaluation of an Integrated Group VoiceIP Software Application for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Chapter 10
Lucio Teles, Nancy Johnston
Student co-op programs are being increasingly developed to enhance employability skills of college and university students. While most of these... Sample PDF
Investigating Patterns of Cognitive and Interactive Acts in an Online Student Cooperative Program
Chapter 11
Alistair Inglis, Matthew Nicholson, Clare Hanlon
The development of a course in sport administration in which case studies form the basis of the learning activities is described. The case studies... Sample PDF
Learning Sport Management through Interaction with the Real World
Chapter 12
Raffaella Sette
The on-line course on criminological topics carried out in an undergraduate course for “Security and Social Control Operators” (Faculty of Political... Sample PDF
Experimentation and Challenge: Online Criminology at the University of Bologna
Chapter 13
Jarkko Suhonen, Erkki Sutinen
Most of Finland’s landmass consists of vast, sparsely populated rural areas. Even though there are high school students in these areas who are... Sample PDF
Learning Computer Science over the Web: The ViSCoS Odessey
Chapter 14
Elspeth McKay
This chapter describes a learning environment that implements a learning design that promotes an adaptive approach towards e-learning. A theoretical... Sample PDF
Fiji Implements Blended E-Learning as Appropriate Flexible Learning
Chapter 15
Katia Tannous
This chapter will exhibit the experience of applying project-based learning in different subject matter, identifying and comprehending the... Sample PDF
Project-Based Learning in Chemical Engineering Education Using Distance Education Tools
Chapter 16
Mary Griffiths, Michael Griffiths
Two online undergraduate media and communications projects, one in Australia (1999-2003), and the second from New Zealand (2004-5), are analysed and... Sample PDF
The "Pastoral" in Virtual Space: A Tale of Two Systems and How E-Learning Practitioners Re-Make Them
Chapter 17
K.C. Chu
A multimedia web-based scenario-learning package is prepared for the students of an engineering course. This learning package is to simulate a... Sample PDF
Using Senario-Based Learning for E-Learning in Vocational Education
Chapter 18
Yan Hanbing, Zhu Zhiting
In China, teacher training plays a very important role for the improvement of education. E-Learning, as a new and effective life-long learning... Sample PDF
An E-Workshop Model for Teacher Training
Chapter 19
Mitchell Weisburgh
Because most medical school textbooks do not adequately address pain management, the Academy wanted to create TOP MED, an online textbook that would... Sample PDF
Creating a Multimedia Instructional Product for Medical School Students
Chapter 20
Colette Wanless-Sobel
Current pedagogical theory promotes deep learning environments in online instruction as well as authenticity. This chapter discusses the pedagogical... Sample PDF
Hard Fun: A Case Study on a Community Problem Solving Learning Resource
Chapter 21
Patrick J. Fahy, Patrick Cummins
This chapter describes the purpose, processes, and effects of an e-learning employment readiness system, ESPORT, currently being pilot tested in... Sample PDF
ESPORT Demonstration Project, Canada
Chapter 22
Byung-Ro. Lim
In an effort to support public education, the Korean government utilized e-learning and established EBS e-learning system. Educational Broadcasting... Sample PDF
EBS E-Learning and Social Integrity
Chapter 23
Vive Kumar, Chris Groeneboer, Stephanie Chu, Dianne Jamieson-Noel, Cindy Xin
E-Learning aims to enrich learning by blending traditional and innovative learning models; conceptualizing courseware in multiple media;... Sample PDF
Case Studies on Learners and Instructors in an E-Learning Ecosystems
E-Learning Best Practices and Lessons Learned: A Summary
Sanjaya Mishra, Ramesh C. Sharma
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