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Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
Copyright 2018. 7500 pages.
In recent years, our world has experienced a profound shift and progression in available computing and knowledge sharing innovations. These emerging...
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Health Literacy: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
Copyright 2017. 500 pages.
The development of better processes to relay medical information has enhanced the healthcare field. By implementing effective collaborative...
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Discrimination and Diversity: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2017. 2000 pages.
The growing presence of discrimination and isolation has caused negative changes to human interactions. With the ubiquity of these practices, there...
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Driving Agribusiness with Technology Innovations
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
Modern web-based applications are pertinent for businesses, as they often encourage their core competencies and capabilities. As such, the...
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Mobile Technologies and Augmented Reality in Open Education
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
Novel trends and innovations have enhanced contemporary educational environments. When applied properly, these computing advances can create...
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Handbook of Research on Soft Computing and Nature-Inspired Algorithms
Copyright 2017. 400 pages.
Soft computing and nature-inspired computing both play a significant role in developing a better understanding to machine learning. When studied...
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Exploration of Textual Interactions in CALL Learning Communities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 158 pages.
Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) has greatly enhanced the realm of online social interaction and behavior. In language classrooms, it...
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Transcontinental Strategies for Industrial Development and Economic Growth
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
In contemporary society, it is vital for countries to consistently seek new ways to provide stable growth for their increasing populations. As such...
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Handbook of Research on Small and Medium Enterprises in Developing Countries
Copyright 2017. 430 pages.
Smaller companies are abundant in the business realm and outnumber large companies by a wide margin. Understanding the inner workings of small...
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Method of Systems Potential (MSP) Applications in Economics: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 199 pages.
Modeling techniques provide ample opportunities for progress across numerous fields. When analyzing complex systems, new methods allow for a deeper...
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Technology-Driven Productivity Improvements and the Future of Work: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 224 pages.
While technological developments are evolving at a rapid pace, employee workplace skills are falling behind. This rate of change will continue to...
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Combating Internet-Enabled Terrorism: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 79 pages.
The internet has become a vital part of modern society, with its impact reaching from private lives into the public sphere. However, along with its...
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Fostering Sustained Learning Among Undergraduate Students: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 135 pages.
Keeping students engaged and receptive to learning can, at times, be a challenge. However, by the implementation of new methods and pedagogies...
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Innovative Applications of Mo(W)-Based Catalysts in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 131 pages.
Mo(W)-Based Catalysts have the capacity to drastically impact many different industries. Research on their most current applications is important...
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Examining Cultural Influences on Leadership Styles and Learning from Chinese Approaches to Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2017. 139 pages.
For businesses to remain competitive, managers must continuously update their leadership methods. By attempting to learn from foreign experiences...
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Model-Based Design for Effective Control System Development
Copyright 2017. 255 pages.
Control systems are an integral aspect of modern society and exist across numerous domains and applications. As technology advances more and more...
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Transport of Information-Carriers in Semiconductors and Nanodevices
Copyright 2017. 608 pages.
Rapid developments in technology have led to enhanced electronic systems and applications. When utilized correctly, these can have significant...
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Cases on STEAM Education in Practice
Copyright 2017. 298 pages.
Curriculums for STEM education programs have been successfully implemented into numerous school systems for many years. Recently, the integration of...
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Impact of Medical Errors and Malpractice on Health Economics, Quality, and Patient Safety
Copyright 2017. 247 pages.
Precise and flawless medical practice is imperative due to the delicate nature of patient lives and health. Without methods and technologies to...
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Routing Protocols and Architectural Solutions for Optimal Wireless Networks and Security
Copyright 2017. 274 pages.
Networking capabilities have been significantly enhanced in recent years. With emerging advancements in technology, wireless communication has...
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