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Standards and Standardization: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 1500 pages.
Effective communication requires a common language, a truth that applies to science and mathematics as much as it does to culture and...
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Teaching Research Methods in Public Administration
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
While there are many ways to collect information, many students have trouble understanding how to employ various research methods effectively. Since...
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Identification, Evaluation, and Perceptions of Distance Education Experts
Copyright 2015. 315 pages.
Instructional quality can make or break the learning experience, especially in digital environments where the expressional nuances of interpersonal...
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Strategic Data-Based Wisdom in the Big Data Era
Copyright 2015. 312 pages.
The ability to uncover, share, and utilize knowledge is one of the most vital components to the success of any organization. While new technologies...
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Handbook of Research on Effective Advertising Strategies in the Social Media Age
Copyright 2015. 485 pages.
Social media pervades people’s awareness and everyday lives while also influencing societal and cultural patterns. In response to the social media...
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Contemporary Ethical Issues in Engineering
Copyright 2015. 307 pages.
For most professions, a code of ethics exists to promote positive behavior among practitioners in order to enrich others within the field as well as...
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Strategic E-Commerce Systems and Tools for Competing in the Digital Marketplace
Copyright 2015. 263 pages.
As financial systems migrate to a pervasive, online environment, business leaders and layman investors alike must adapt to changes in the market...
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Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships in Drug Design, Predictive Toxicology, and Risk Assessment
Copyright 2015. 531 pages.
Quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSARs) represent predictive models derived from the application of statistical tools correlating...
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Islamic Perspectives on Marketing and Consumer Behavior: Planning, Implementation, and Control
Copyright 2015. 378 pages.
In today’s increasingly connected business world, there is new pressure for local brands to go global, and a need for already global corporations to...
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Handbook of Research on Maximizing Cognitive Learning through Knowledge Visualization
Copyright 2015. 562 pages.
The representation of abstract data and ideas can be a difficult and tedious task to handle when learning new concepts; however, the advances of...
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Artificial Intelligence Technologies and the Evolution of Web 3.0
Copyright 2015. 363 pages.
Web technologies have become a vital element within educational, professional, and social settings as they have the potential to improve performance...
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Emerging Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities in Urban E-Planning
Copyright 2015. 353 pages.
Recent advances in information and communication technologies have enhanced the standards of metropolitan planning and development. These...
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Protecting the Genetic Self from Biometric Threats: Autonomy, Identity, and Genetic Privacy
Copyright 2015. 324 pages.
Privacy is a fundamental concern of all individuals in the modern information-driven society, but information security goes beyond digital and...
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Information Seeking Behavior and Technology Adoption: Theories and Trends
Copyright 2015. 331 pages.
With the increasingly complex and ubiquitous data available through modern technology, digital information is being utilized daily by academics and...
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Emergency Management and Disaster Response Utilizing Public-Private Partnerships
Copyright 2015. 309 pages.
In a world of earthquakes, tsunamis, and terrorist attacks, it is evident that emergency response plans are crucial to solve problems, overcome...
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Handbook of Research on Enhancing Teacher Education with Advanced Instructional Technologies
Copyright 2015. 477 pages.
Before today’s teachers are ready to instruct the intellectual leaders of tomorrow, they must first be trained themselves. Information and...
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Cases on Sustainable Human Resources Management in the Middle East and Asia
Copyright 2015. 326 pages.
In today’s diverse workforce, managers and administrators are challenged with maintaining an equal and harmonious work environment. Despite the...
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Handbook of Research on Innovative Technology Integration in Higher Education
Copyright 2015. 456 pages.
Our increasingly globalized world is driven by shared knowledge, and nowhere is that knowledge more important than in education. Now more than ever...
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Integrating Video Game Research and Practice in Library and Information Science
Copyright 2015. 284 pages.
Video games are now a ubiquitous form of media used by the majority of the American population. However, the academic research field surrounding...
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Handbook of Research on Inventive Digital Tools for Collection Management and Development in Modern Libraries
Copyright 2015. 475 pages.
The quality of library collections depends heavily on the initial assessment requirements. An accurate assessment assists with meeting the goals and...
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