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Research Methods: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 2150 pages.
Across a variety of disciplines, data and statistics form the backbone of knowledge. To ensure the reliability and validity of data, appropriate...
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Research and Applications in Global Supercomputing
Copyright 2015. 510 pages.
Rapidly generating and processing large amounts of data, supercomputers are currently at the leading edge of computing technologies. Supercomputers...
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Implementation and Critical Assessment of the Flipped Classroom Experience
Copyright 2015. 318 pages.
In the past decade, traditional classroom teaching models have been transformed in order to better promote active learning and learner...
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Modern Societal Impacts of the Model Minority Stereotype
Copyright 2015. 353 pages.
The model minority stereotype is a form of racism that targets Asians and Asian-Americans, portraying this group as consistently hard-working and...
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Strategic Infrastructure Development for Economic Growth and Social Change
Copyright 2015. 395 pages.
Obtaining the ultimate objective of economic growth depends largely on the availability of infrastructure in the economy. New developments in...
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Modern Techniques for Successful IT Project Management
Copyright 2015. 345 pages.
Computer technology provides the opportunity for innovation and progress in the daily operations and initiatives of corporations. Despite the...
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Handbook of Research on Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibilities
Copyright 2015. 479 pages.
While skeptics once saw the concept of business ethics as an oxymoron, modern businesses are proving them wrong. Success depends not only on...
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Advanced Technological Solutions for eHealth and Dementia Patient Monitoring
Copyright 2015. 381 pages.
Mental health is a growing field, but one still limited by a lack of prior research and challenged by increased demand for new solutions and...
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Handbook of Research on Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategies: Decision Making in the Financial Industry
Copyright 2015. 473 pages.
In an ever-changing economy, market specialists strive to find new ways to evaluate the risks and potential reward of economic ventures by assessing...
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Thermal Sprayed Coatings and their Tribological Performances
Copyright 2015. 333 pages.
Thermal spraying is a dynamic process and a rapidly changing field which is used in a variety of industries to solve a number of challenging...
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Nationalism, Cultural Indoctrination, and Economic Prosperity in the Digital Age
Copyright 2015. 383 pages.
With a background of technological and communication innovations, socialization research, particularly as it refers to cultural and academic...
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Transforming the Future of Learning with Educational Research
Copyright 2015. 350 pages.
The field of education is a vital component of today’s society, enriching and facilitating the attainment of new knowledge. Progress continues to be...
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Understanding Consumer Behavior and Consumption Experience
Copyright 2015. 223 pages.
Success in the business world is not strictly reliant on producing valuable and in-demand products. Without a proper understanding of the consumers...
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Agricultural Management Strategies in a Changing Economy
Copyright 2015. 453 pages.
Research and development in agriculture is a very relevant topic in today’s society, especially given the evolution of land ownership structures and...
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Innovative Collaborative Practice and Reflection in Patient Education
Copyright 2015. 307 pages.
The process of patient education allows for patients to think about their health in new ways and for educators and professionals to propose new ways...
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Emerging Trends and Innovation in Sports Marketing and Management in Asia
Copyright 2015. 315 pages.
Once only associated with North America and Europe, formal athletic events are now becoming more prevalent in Asia as well. With the expansion of...
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Processing Techniques and Tribological Behavior of Composite Materials
Copyright 2015. 410 pages.
An understanding of friction and wear behavior of materials is crucial in order to improve their performance and durability. New research is...
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Comparative Case Studies on Entrepreneurship in Developed and Developing Countries
Copyright 2015. 318 pages.
Lauded as a driver of economic growth, entrepreneurship and small business ventures have become increasingly attractive to countries looking to...
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Handbook of Research on Effective Project Management through the Integration of Knowledge and Innovation
Copyright 2015. 459 pages.
The field of project management experiences conceptual, technological, and decision issues when projects are created, implemented, and executed...
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Marketing and Consumer Behavior: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 2200 pages.
As marketing professionals look for ever more effective ways to promote their goods and services to customers, a thorough understanding of customer...
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