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Marketing and Consumer Behavior: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 2200 pages.
As marketing professionals look for ever more effective ways to promote their goods and services to customers, a thorough understanding of customer...
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STEM Education: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 1800 pages.
Year after year, technology advances at an increasingly accelerated pace. In order to keep up with the demands of users and businesses alike, a...
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From Manufacture to Mindfacture: A Relational Viable Systems Theory
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
One of the most powerful tools available to an organization is its ability to create, maintain, and share knowledge and information vital to the...
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Assistive Technologies for Physical and Cognitive Disabilities
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
Research on assistive technologies is undergoing many developments in its effectiveness in helping those with varying impairments. New technologies...
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Handbook of Research on Interactive Information Quality in Expanding Social Network Communications
Copyright 2015. 435 pages.
In the era of technological ubiquity and online interaction, the importance of proper computer training cannot be understated. Following established...
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Handbook of Research on Emerging Developments in Data Privacy
Copyright 2015. 469 pages.
Data collection allows today’s businesses to cater to each customer’s individual needs and provides a necessary edge in a competitive market....
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Handbook of Research on Advancements in Robotics and Mechatronics
Copyright 2015. 953 pages.
The field of mechatronics integrates modern engineering science and technologies with new ways of thinking, enhancing the design of products and...
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Cases on Branding Strategies and Product Development: Successes and Pitfalls
Copyright 2015. 382 pages.
The process of creating iconic brands varies from product to product and market to market. Effective branding strategies are imperative to success...
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Models for Effective Service Delivery in Special Education Programs
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
Educators today are challenged with the task of designing curricula and standards for students of varying abilities. While technology and innovation...
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Implications of Social Media Use in Personal and Professional Settings
Copyright 2015. 311 pages.
Social technology is quickly becoming a vital tool in our personal, educational, and professional lives. However, while social networking helps the...
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Handbook of Research on In-Country Determinants and Implications with Foreign Land Acquisitions
Copyright 2015. 430 pages.
Several studies have investigated the impetus and implications behind large-scale land acquisition deals at the global level; however, intranational...
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Handbook of Research on Scholarly Publishing and Research Methods
Copyright 2015. 589 pages.
For faculty to advance their careers in higher education, publishing is essential. A competitive marketplace, strict research standards, and...
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Social Media Strategies for Dynamic Library Service Development
Copyright 2015. 419 pages.
As social technologies continue to evolve, it is apparent that librarians and their clientele would benefit through participation in the digital...
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International Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities
Copyright 2015. 305 pages.
In the modern business environment, companies strive to create a sense of moral obligation within their employees in an effort to foster a concern...
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Open Source Technology: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 2100 pages.
The pervasiveness of and universal access to modern Information and Communication Technologies has enabled a popular new paradigm in the...
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Business Process Standardization: A Multi-Methodological Analysis of Drivers and Consequences
Copyright 2015. 363 pages.
In a global society where professionals from diverse industries, cultures, and corners of the world must collaborate effectively to achieve shared...
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Fuzzy Expert Systems for Disease Diagnosis
Copyright 2015. 335 pages.
The development of fuzzy expert systems has provided new opportunities for problem solving amidst uncertainties. The medical field, in particular...
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New Voices in Higher Education Research and Scholarship
Copyright 2015. 316 pages.
Higher Education systems and universities worldwide are constantly being transformed due to ever-changing practices and policies. Recent research...
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Handbook of Research on Advanced Intelligent Control Engineering and Automation
Copyright 2015. 567 pages.
In industrial engineering and manufacturing, control of individual processes and systems is crucial to developing a quality final product. Rapid...
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Business Ethics and Diversity in the Modern Workplace
Copyright 2015. 398 pages.
Corporations have a social responsibility to assist in the overall well-being of their communities through the compliance of moral business...
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