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Managing Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments
Copyright 2016. 300 pages.
Cloud computing has proven to be a successful paradigm of service-oriented computing, and has revolutionized the way computing infrastructures are...
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Emerging Tools and Applications of Virtual Reality in Education
Copyright 2016. 315 pages.
Virtual reality is the next frontier of communication. As technology exponentially evolves, so do the ways in which humans interact and depend upon...
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Big Data: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2016. 2200 pages.
The digital age has presented an exponential growth in the amount of data available to individuals looking to draw conclusions based on given or...
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Geospatial Research: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2016. 1500 pages.
Having the ability to measure and explore the geographic space that surrounds us provides endless opportunities for us to utilize and interact with...
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Handbook of Research on Organizational Justice and Culture in Higher Education Institutions
Copyright 2016. 475 pages.
Fairness in the workplace is a key element to the successful management and development of an organization. By evaluating the treatment of employees...
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Power, Surveillance, and Culture in YouTube's Digital Sphere
Copyright 2016. 301 pages.
Over the last several years, YouTube has become a public forum for creative, informative, and political endeavors around the globe. As the website’s...
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Emerging Innovations in Agile Software Development
Copyright 2016. 296 pages.
Agile is a relatively recent methodology used in the development process of a project. Therefore, it is important to share new emerging knowledge...
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M-Health Innovations for Patient-Centered Care
Copyright 2016. 343 pages.
The integration of mobile technology into the medical industry has revolutionized the efficiency and delivery of healthcare services. Once limited...
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Ethical and Social Perspectives on Global Business Interaction in Emerging Markets
Copyright 2016. 284 pages.
Societal demands, needs, and perspectives of ethical and socially responsible behavior within business environments are a driving force for...
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Strategic Integration of Social Media into Project Management Practice
Copyright 2016. 344 pages.
The functionality of social networking platforms has caused such technologies to become an integral part of modern society. Once limited to only...
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Reshaping Medical Practice and Care with Health Information Systems
Copyright 2016. 135 pages.
Technology has become an integral part of our daily interactions, even within the hospitals and healthcare facilities we rely on in times of illness...
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Decision Support for Construction Cost Control in Developing Countries
Copyright 2016. 325 pages.
The continued growth of emerging nations depends largely on the development of their built infrastructures and communities. Roads, dams, bridges...
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Economics and Political Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards
Copyright 2016. 361 pages.
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are internationally-recognized financial reporting guidelines regulated by the International...
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(R)evolutionizing Political Communications through Social Media
Copyright 2016. 259 pages.
Online platforms have widened the availability for citizen engagement and opportunities for politicians to interact with their constituents. The...
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Applying Business Intelligence to Clinical and Healthcare Organizations
Copyright 2016. 140 pages.
Business intelligence (BI) tools are capable of working with healthcare data in an efficient manner to generate real-time information and knowledge...
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Problem Solving and Uncertainty Modeling through Optimization and Soft Computing Applications
Copyright 2016. 320 pages.
Optimization techniques have developed into a modern-day solution for real-world problems in various industries. As a way to improve performance and...
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Optimal Inventory Control and Management Techniques
Copyright 2016. 210 pages.
Stock management and control is a critical element to the success and overall financial well-being of an organization. Through the application of...
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Exploring the Collective Unconscious in the Age of Digital Media
Copyright 2016. 251 pages.
For decades we have witnessed the emergence of a media age of illusion that is based on the principles of physics—the multidimensionality...
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Handbook of Research on Strategic Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry
Copyright 2016. 437 pages.
Customer satisfaction is a pivotal component to any business that provides goods or services to the public. By effectively managing the flow of...
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Analyzing Digital Discourse and Human Behavior in Modern Virtual Environments
Copyright 2016. 300 pages.
Though humans have been communicating through virtual mediators since the invention of the telephone, new technologies make the use of virtual...
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