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World University Rankings and the Future of Higher Education
Copyright 2017. 420 pages.
Delivering quality education to students while remaining competitive at an international level is only one of the many challenges universities face...
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Enriching Urban Spaces with Ambient computing, the Internet of Things, and Smart City Design
Copyright 2017. 323 pages.
In recent years, the presence of ubiquitous computing has increasingly integrated into the lives of people in modern society. As these technologies...
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Research 2.0 and the Impact of Digital Technologies on Scholarly Inquiry
Copyright 2017. 302 pages.
The academic landscape has been significantly enhanced by the advent of new technology. These tools allow researchers easier information access to...
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Handbook of Research on Social, Cultural, and Educational Considerations of Indigenous Knowledge in Developing Countries
Copyright 2017. 398 pages.
Knowledge systems are an essential aspect to the preservation of a community’s culture. In developing countries, this community-based knowledge has...
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Factors Affecting Firm Competitiveness and Performance in the Modern Business World
Copyright 2017. 287 pages.
Economic and business growth is driven by the continuous re-evaluation and optimization of current policies and practices. By implementing more...
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Handbook of Research on Globalization and the International Political Economy
Copyright 2017. 397 pages.
In recent years, economics and international relations have become intertwined in an influential relationship with each other. Analyzing this...
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Strategic IT Governance and Alignment in Business Settings
Copyright 2017. 282 pages.
Technology is constantly changing the way enterprises conduct business by optimizing current practices. As information technology continues to...
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Online Banking Security Measures and Data Protection
Copyright 2017. 301 pages.
Technological innovations in the banking sector have provided numerous benefits to customers and banks alike; however, the use of e-banking...
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Applied Big Data Analytics in Operations Management
Copyright 2017. 164 pages.
Operations management is a tool by which companies can effectively meet customers’ needs using the least amount of resources necessary. With the...
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Multi-Core Computer Vision and Image Processing for Intelligent Applications
Copyright 2017. 317 pages.
A multicore platform uses distributed or parallel computing in a single computer, and this can be used to assist image processing algorithms in...
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Handbook of Research on Learner-Centered Pedagogy in Teacher Education and Professional Development
Copyright 2017. 405 pages.
Education in the 21st century is shifting focus from accessing and sharing information to designing active and collaborative learning environments...
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Handbook of Research on Promoting Cross-Cultural Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education
Copyright 2017. 402 pages.
Without proper training on the intricacies of race and culture, pre-service and in-service teachers may unwittingly continue outdated and...
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Business Analytics and Cyber Security Management in Organizations
Copyright 2017. 332 pages.
Traditional marketing techniques have become outdated by the emergence of the internet, and for companies to survive in the new technological...
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Open Source Solutions for Knowledge Management and Technological Ecosystems
Copyright 2017. 270 pages.
Over the past decade, diverse organizations have been turning to open source software for their technological needs, in both internal processes...
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Design Education for Fostering Creativity and Innovation in China
Copyright 2017. 255 pages.
To maintain their status in the global marketplace, it is imperative for emerging economies to focus on the creation of high quality products in...
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Medical Education and Ethics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2017. 1700 pages.
As the healthcare industry continues to expand, a higher volume of new professionals must be integrated into the field. Providing these...
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Biometrics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2017. 1600 pages.
Security and authentication issues are surging to the forefront of the research realm in global society. As technology continues to evolve...
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Violence and Society: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
Copyright 2017. 1000 pages.
Violent behavior is an unavoidable aspect of human nature, and as such it has become deeply integrated into modern society. Examining violence...
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Analyzing Children's Consumption Behavior: Ethics, Methodologies, and Future Considerations
Copyright 2017. 225 pages.
To gain the most competitive edge, marketers must continually optimize their promotional strategies. While the adult population is a prominent...
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Handbook of Research on Intelligent Techniques and Modeling Applications in Marketing Analytics
Copyright 2017. 401 pages.
The success of any organization is largely dependent on positive feedback and repeat business from patrons. By utilizing acquired marketing data...
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