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Innovation and Shifting Perspectives in Management Education
Copyright 2017. 315 pages.
Effective education and training is essential to the positive development of a manager in corporate or organizational settings. In order to stay...
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Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management
Copyright 2017. 1839 pages.
Strategic leadership techniques are the cornerstone to positive growth and prosperity within businesses and organizations. Implementing new...
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Handbook of Research on Holistic Optimization Techniques in the Hospitality, Tourism and Travel Industry
Copyright 2017. 434 pages.
The application of holistic optimization methods in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry has improved customer service and business...
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Efficacy and Implementation of Study Abroad Programs for P-12 Teachers
Copyright 2017. 375 pages.
Study abroad programs offer a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves within different cultural backgrounds as they continue to...
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Handbook of Research on Teacher Education and Professional Development
Copyright 2017. 550 pages.
With the ever-changing climate of education around the globe, it is essential that educators stay abreast of the most updated teaching methods and...
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Establishing and Evaluating Digital Ethos and Online Credibility
Copyright 2017. 350 pages.
With the wealth of information that you can find on the internet today, it is easy to find answers and details quickly by entering a simple query...
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Handbook of Research on Citizen Engagement and Public Participation in the Era of New Media
Copyright 2017. 400 pages.
New media forums have created a unique opportunity for citizens to participate in a variety of social and political contexts. As new social...
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Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, and Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System
Copyright 2017. 231 pages.
In order to protect and defend citizens, the foundational concepts of fairness and equality must be adhered to within any criminal justice system....
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Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
Copyright 2017. 347 pages.
The existence of the human race has created inevitable effects on our surrounding environment. To prevent further harm to the world’s ecosystems, it...
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Handbook of Research on Academic Misconduct in Higher Education
Copyright 2017. 390 pages.
To maintain the quality of education, integrity and honesty must be upheld by students and teachers in learning environments. The prevention of...
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Mathematical Concepts and Applications in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
Copyright 2017. 377 pages.
The application of mathematical concepts has proven to be beneficial within a number of different industries. In particular, these concepts have...
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Knowledge Management Initiatives and Strategies in Small and Medium Enterprises
Copyright 2017. 354 pages.
To maintain a competitive edge against other businesses, companies must ensure the most effective strategies and procedures are in place. This is...
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Handbook of Research on Sub-National Governance and Development
Copyright 2017. 571 pages.
Effective governance is a crucial aspect of all modern nations. Through various collaborative efforts and processes, nations can enhance their...
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Integration of Cloud Technologies in Digitally Networked Classrooms and Learning Communities
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
The application of emerging technology in educational settings has proven to significantly enhance students’ experiences. These tools provide better...
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Convergence of Contemporary Art, Visual Culture, and Global Civic Engagement
Copyright 2017. 338 pages.
Art is a multi-faceted part of human society, and often is used for more than purely aesthetic purposes. When used as a narrative on modern society...
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Renewable and Alternative Energy: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2017. 1500 pages.
As the human population expands and natural resources become depleted, it becomes necessary to explore other sources for energy consumption and...
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Public Health and Welfare: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2017. 1500 pages.
The prevention and treatment of diseases is a primary concern for any nation in modern society. To maintain an effective public health system...
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3D Printing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
Copyright 2017. 500 pages.
The advancement of modern technology has allowed for impressive developments in manufacturing processes. Out of these developments, 3D printing has...
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Handbook of Research on the EU's Role and Representation in the G20 Political and Economic Climate
Copyright 2017. 429 pages.
Achieving sustainable economic growth at an international level requires significant collaborative efforts between countries. The formation of G20...
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Emerging Research on Applied Fuzzy Sets and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices
Copyright 2017. 264 pages.
The use of fuzzy logic has become prominent in a variety of fields and applications. By implementing these logic sets, problems and uncertainties...
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