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Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Third Edition
Copyright 2015. 5000 pages.
Information acquisition and management has always had a profound impact on societal and organizational progression. However, as computing...
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Banking, Finance, and Accounting: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2015. 1500 pages.
With the global economy still in recovery, it is more important than ever for individuals and organizations to be aware of their money and its...
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Emerging Research on Islamic Marketing and Tourism in the Global Economy
Copyright 2015. 358 pages.
As the Middle East continues to grow as a predominant force within the international marketplace, research into Islamic practices and culture is...
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Artificial Intelligence Applications in Distance Education
Copyright 2015. 311 pages.
Though educational methods such as distance and e-learning have addressed our modern, knowledge-based society’s requirement for innovative...
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Models for Improving and Optimizing Online and Blended Learning in Higher Education
Copyright 2015. 320 pages.
As classrooms fill with a generation of learners seeking to interact with their course materials in an increasingly experiential way, the demand for...
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Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies: Cases, Trends, and Inquiry-Based Methods
Copyright 2015. 314 pages.
Rapid advancements in technology are creating new opportunities for educators to enhance their classroom techniques with digital learning resources....
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Developing Churn Models Using Data Mining Techniques and Social Network Analysis
Copyright 2015. 361 pages.
Churn prediction, recognition, and mitigation have become essential topics in various industries. As a means for forecasting and managing risk...
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Revolutionizing the Interaction between State and Citizens through Digital Communications
Copyright 2015. 327 pages.
Networked communication technologies have drastically changed the relationship between States and their citizens. This fundamental shift has eased...
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Emerging Issues and Prospects in African E-Government
Copyright 2015. 338 pages.
Efforts have been made toward the application of electronic government in the developing world, yet questions of how to best implement governance...
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Tablets in K-12 Education: Integrated Experiences and Implications
Copyright 2015. 325 pages.
The inclusion of new and emerging technologies in the education sector has been a topic of interest to researchers, educators, and software...
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Nanotechnology Applications for Improvements in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Management
Copyright 2015. 318 pages.
As nanoscale research continues to advance, scientists and engineers are developing new applications for many different disciplines, including...
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RFID Technology Integration for Business Performance Improvement
Copyright 2015. 337 pages.
The development of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields for wireless data transmission has presented several new opportunities for sharing...
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Marketing the Green School: Form, Function, and the Future
Copyright 2015. 348 pages.
As environmental concerns become more prevalent, it is important for today’s youth to be exposed to green practices. The introduction of...
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Healthcare Informatics and Analytics: Emerging Issues and Trends
Copyright 2015. 325 pages.
Healthcare practices have been enhanced through the use of information technologies and analytical methods. A cross between computer science...
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Laboratory Management Information Systems: Current Requirements and Future Perspectives
Copyright 2015. 335 pages.
Technological advances have revolutionized the way we manage information in our daily workflow. The medical field has especially benefitted from...
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Handbook of Research on Digital Crime, Cyberspace Security, and Information Assurance
Copyright 2015. 675 pages.
In our hyper-connected digital world, cybercrime prevails as a major threat to online security and safety. New developments in digital forensics...
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Emerging Research on Swarm Intelligence and Algorithm Optimization
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
Throughout time, scientists have looked to nature in order to understand and model solutions for complex real-world problems. In particular, the...
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Modern Trends Surrounding Information Technology Standards and Standardization within Organizations
Copyright 2015. 300 pages.
In fields as diverse as research and development, governance, and international trade, success depends on effective communication. However, limited...
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Digital Arts and Entertainment: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications
Copyright 2014. 1500 pages.
In today’s interconnected society, media, including news, entertainment, and social networking, has increasingly shifted to an online, ubiquitous...
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Cloud Computing Applications for Quality Health Care Delivery
Copyright 2014. 337 pages.
Software applications once held on local computers and servers are beginning to shift to the public Internet sphere, and private health information...
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