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Handbook of Research on the EU's Role and Representation in the G20 Political and Economic Climate
Copyright 2017. 429 pages.
Achieving sustainable economic growth at an international level requires significant collaborative efforts between countries. The formation of G20...
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Emerging Research on Applied Fuzzy Sets and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Matrices
Copyright 2017. 264 pages.
The use of fuzzy logic has become prominent in a variety of fields and applications. By implementing these logic sets, problems and uncertainties...
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Digital Tools for Academic Branding and Self-Promotion
Copyright 2017. 244 pages.
Reputation can be a pivotal factor to potential success throughout one’s academic career. By utilizing available technological assets and tools...
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Handbook of Research on Healthcare Administration and Management
Copyright 2017. 644 pages.
Effective healthcare delivery is a vital concern for citizens and communities across the globe. The numerous facets of this industry require...
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Improving the Quality of Life for Dementia Patients through Progressive Detection, Treatment, and Care
Copyright 2017. 331 pages.
The prominence of dementia within the global aging population has undergone an increase in recent years. To improve the living conditions of...
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Adult Education and Vocational Training in the Digital Age
Copyright 2017. 304 pages.
In order to deliver optimum educational opportunities to learners, higher education institutions must utilize emerging innovations and resources. By...
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Handbook of Research on Competency-Based Education in University Settings
Copyright 2017. 411 pages.
The majority of adult learners are looking to attain their desired academic credentials within the shortest amount of time possible. By implementing...
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Handbook of Research on Geographic Information Systems Applications and Advancements
Copyright 2017. 567 pages.
The proper management of geographic data can provide assistance to a number of different sectors within society. As such, it is imperative to...
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Agricultural Development and Food Security in Developing Nations
Copyright 2017. 333 pages.
The development of sustainable agricultural systems is an imperative aspect of any country, but particularly in the context of developing countries....
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Mobile Application Development, Usability, and Security
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
The development of mobile technology has experienced exponential growth in recent years. Mobile devices are ubiquitous in modern society, impacting...
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Handbook of Research on Human Resources Strategies for the New Millennial Workforce
Copyright 2017. 423 pages.
Each new generation of upcoming professionals requires different strategies for effective management within the workforce. In order to promote a...
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Digital Entrepreneurship and Global Innovation
Copyright 2017. 283 pages.
Succeeding in the modern business world is a multi-faceted endeavor that involves numerous parts. By implementing effective strategies, companies...
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Supply Chain Management in the Big Data Era
Copyright 2017. 282 pages.
Technological advancements in recent years have led to significant developments within a variety of business applications. In particular...
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Tools and Techniques for Economic Decision Analysis
Copyright 2017. 303 pages.
The success of any business relies heavily on the evaluation and improvement on current strategies and processes. Such progress can be facilitated...
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Analyzing the Role of Citizen Science in Modern Research
Copyright 2017. 320 pages.
As the need for sustainable development practices around the world continues to grow, it has become imperative for citizens to become actively...
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Advancing Next-Generation Elementary Teacher Education through Digital Tools and Applications
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
The implementation of the Common Core State Standards program has spearheaded many changes within the education field. As this initiative is...
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Handbook of Research on Humanizing the Distance Learning Experience
Copyright 2017. 469 pages.
Distance learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in educational settings around the world as it provides more flexibility and access to classes...
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Handbook of Research on Information Management for Effective Logistics and Supply Chains
Copyright 2017. 524 pages.
Evaluating the role of logistics and supply chain management skills or applications is necessary for the success of any organization or business. As...
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Management Education for Global Leadership
Copyright 2017. 316 pages.
An individual’s success as a manager is largely dependent on the effectiveness of the training and education they received. However, as new...
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Managing Security Issues and the Hidden Dangers of Wearable Technologies
Copyright 2017. 237 pages.
Advances in mobile computing have provided numerous innovations that make people’s daily lives easier and more convenient. However, as technology...
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