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Digitizing the Modern Library and the Transition From Print to Electronic
Copyright 2018. 319 pages.
The development of online digital libraries has enhanced the availability of printed materials. By implementing these systems, this ensures the...
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Fostering Positive Civic Engagement Among Millennials: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2018. 100 pages.
The millennial generation is quickly becoming more prominent in the political, economic, and social aspects of modern society. Studying new...
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Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses
Copyright 2018. 300 pages.
Keeping students engaged and receptive to learning can, at times, be a challenge. However, by implementing new pedagogical methods and tools...
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Rethinking Market Research for Global Business Integration
Copyright 2018. 286 pages.
Market uncertainty, created by growing competitive dynamics among firms, has proven that conventional strategic plans have little success in the...
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Exploring the Global Competitiveness of Agri-Food Sectors and Serbia's Dominant Presence: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2018. 159 pages.
The agricultural and food sectors have developed into a prominent industry, impacting economic markets on an international scale. In certain...
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Smart Grid Test Bed Using OPNET and Power Line Communication: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Copyright 2018. 234 pages.
Smart technology has significantly enhanced the efficient management of electric power supply systems. Despite the benefits of these advances, the...
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Design and Use of Virtualization Technology in Cloud Computing
Copyright 2018. 264 pages.
Cloud computing is rapidly expanding in its applications and capabilities through various parts of society. Utilizing different types of...
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Research-Based Perspectives on the Psychophysiology of Yoga
Copyright 2018. 345 pages.
Yoga has evolved into a popular fitness practice across the globe. With the various schools of practice, it is imperative for practitioners to study...
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Visual Imagery, Metadata, and Multimodal Literacies Across the Curriculum
Copyright 2018. 300 pages.
A student’s learning experience can be enhanced through a multitude of pedagogical strategies. This can be accomplished by visually engaging...
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Biomedical Signal and Image Processing in Patient Care
Copyright 2018. 294 pages.
In healthcare systems, medical devices help physicians and specialists in diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutics. As research shows, validation of...
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Next-Generation Mobile and Pervasive Healthcare Solutions
Copyright 2018. 300 pages.
Technology is changing the practice of healthcare by the ways medical information is stored, shared, and accessed. With mobile innovations, new...
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Exploring the Role of Social Media in Transnational Advocacy
Copyright 2018. 276 pages.
Emerging digital technologies are playing an increasingly significant role in advancing citizen-based support all over the world. They have become...
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Handbook of Research on Modeling, Analysis, and Application of Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
Copyright 2018. 400 pages.
The digital age is ripe with emerging advances and applications in technological innovations. Mimicking the structure of complex systems in nature...
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Evolving Entrepreneurial Strategies for Self-Sustainability in Vulnerable American Communities
Copyright 2018. 289 pages.
Entrepreneurship has significant impacts on a nation’s economic infrastructure. Discovering new ways to promote entrepreneurial growth within...
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HCI Challenges and Privacy Preservation in Big Data Security
Copyright 2018. 235 pages.
Privacy protection within large databases can be a challenge. By examining the current problems and challenges this domain is facing, more efficient...
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Algorithmic Strategies for Solving Complex Problems in Cryptography
Copyright 2018. 300 pages.
Cryptography is a field that is constantly advancing, due to exponential growth in new technologies within the past few decades. Applying strategic...
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Digital Transformation and Innovation in Chinese Education
Copyright 2018. 310 pages.
Technology use has become increasingly popular in education. Due to cultural influences and access issues, advances in digital teaching and learning...
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Innovative Perspectives on Tourism Discourse
Copyright 2018. 300 pages.
The application of linguistic optimization methods in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry has improved customer service and business...
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Nascent Entrepreneurship and Successful New Venture Creation
Copyright 2018. 334 pages.
Entrepreneurship is the backbone of a strong economy. Necessity-driven entrepreneurs make up a large portion of the employed population and...
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Exploring the Convergence of Big Data and the Internet of Things
Copyright 2018. 338 pages.
The growth of Internet use and technologies has increased exponentially within the business sector. When utilized properly, these applications can...
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