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Global Perspectives on Development Administration and Cultural Change
Copyright 2017. 250 pages.
As countries around the world make continuous strides in developing their economies, it has become increasingly important to evaluate the different...
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Optimum Decision Making in Asset Management
Copyright 2017. 400 pages.
Asset management is becoming increasingly important to an organization’s strategy, given its effects on cost, production, and quality. No matter the...
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Organizational Productivity and Performance Measurements Using Predictive Modeling and Analytics
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
Businesses are collecting massive amounts of data every day as a way to better understand their processes, competition, and the markets they serve....
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Computational Tools and Techniques for Biomedical Signal Processing
Copyright 2017. 360 pages.
Biomedical signal processing in the medical field has helped optimize patient care and diagnosis within medical facilities. As technology in this...
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Design Innovations for Contemporary Interiors and Civic Art
Copyright 2017. 422 pages.
In some post-industrial areas, re-designing structural interiors in an attractive way is becoming increasingly important to community members, as it...
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Literacy Program Evaluation and Development Initiatives for P-12 Teaching
Copyright 2017. 306 pages.
Teacher leadership is a critical component of effective curriculum assessment and professional development. With teacher-led inquiry being utilized...
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Handbook of Research on Administration, Policy, and Leadership in Higher Education
Copyright 2017. 500 pages.
The creation of a sustainable and accessible higher education systems is a pivotal goal in modern society. Adopting strategic frameworks and...
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Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage
Copyright 2017. 450 pages.
Cultural heritage is a vital, multifaceted component of modern society. To better protect and promote the integrity of a culture, certain...
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Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Digital Preservation and Information Modeling
Copyright 2017. 450 pages.
The effective use of technology offers numerous benefits in protecting cultural heritage. With the proper implementation of these tools, the...
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Oceanographic and Marine Cross-Domain Data Management for Sustainable Development
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
As human activity makes a greater impact on the environment, sustainability becomes an increasingly imperative goal. With the assistance of current...
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Developing Next-Generation Countermeasures for Homeland Security Threat Prevention
Copyright 2017. 394 pages.
In the modern world, natural disasters are becoming more commonplace, unmanned systems are becoming the norm, and terrorism and espionage are...
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Opportunities and Challenges for Tourism and Hospitality in the BRIC Nations
Copyright 2017. 389 pages.
The stability and wealth of a nation’s economy is dependent upon the success of various industrial sectors. The tourism industry has experienced...
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Integrating Video into Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Training
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
The utilization of media has proven to be a beneficial instructional method in learning environments. These tools are particularly useful for...
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Emerging Trends in the Development and Application of Composite Indicators
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
Perceiving complex multidimensional problems has proven to be a difficult task for people to overcome. However, introducing composite indicators...
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Achieving Open Justice through Citizen Participation and Transparency
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
Open government initiatives have become a defining goal for public administrators around the world. However, progress is still necessary outside of...
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Comparative Perspectives on Global Corporate Social Responsibility
Copyright 2017. 400 pages.
In the modern era, businesses have developed a complex relationship with the society surrounding them. While the effects of business activity are...
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Defending Human Rights and Democracy in the Era of Globalization
Copyright 2017. 300 pages.
The era of technology in which we reside has ushered in a more globalized and connected world. While many benefits are gained from this...
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Collaboration and Student Engagement in Design Education
Copyright 2017. 385 pages.
In order for educational systems not to become stagnant, teaching strategies must be routinely re-evaluated. Not only does this optimize the...
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Handbook of Research on Managerial Solutions in Non-Profit Organizations
Copyright 2017. 500 pages.
Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) are the fastest growing organizations in modern society. They exist in a liminal realm between public and private...
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Handbook of Research on Nanoelectronic Sensor Modeling and Applications
Copyright 2017. 380 pages.
Nanoelectronics are a diverse set of materials and devices that are so small that quantum mechanics need to be applied to their function. The...
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