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International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR)
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Vol. 6: 4 issues (2015)
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International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR)

Published Quarterly. Est. 2010.
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ISSN: 1947-9654|EISSN: 1947-9662|DOI: 10.4018/IJAGR|
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Albert, Donald Patrick. "International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR)." (2010). Web. 29 Aug. 2015. doi:10.4018/IJAGR


Albert, D. (2010). International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR). doi:10.4018/IJAGR


Albert, Donald Patrick. "International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR)," (2010), accessed (August 29, 2015), doi:10.4018/IJAGR

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The International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR) is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal specializing in studies from applied geography that interface with geographic information science and technology. Including both regular and special themed issues, this journal presents policy analysts, geospatial practitioners, and academicians with high-quality articles exemplifying various application domains within applied geospatial research. IJAGR is interested in research highlighting various GIS&T application domains that span the social and physical sciences. The limiting factor is less topical, but more whether such studies incorporate geospatial technologies (geospatial statistics, global positioning systems, geographic information systems, remote sensing, etc.) to answer practical, utilitarian, and applied geographic questions.


Journal Contents

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Volume 6: 4 Issues (2015)
Volume 5: 4 Issues (2014)
Volume 4: 4 Issues (2013)
Volume 3: 4 Issues (2012)
Volume 2: 4 Issues (2011)
Volume 1: 4 Issues (2010)
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The International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research (IJAGR) publishes research that exemplifies the usage of geographic information science and technology (GIS&T) to explore and resolve geographical issues from various application domains within the social and/or physical sciences. IJAGR is designed to provide planners and policy analysts, practitioners, academicians, and others using GIS&T useful studies that might support decision-making activities.

Reviews and Testimonials

The IJAGR initiative is great news for all current and future applied geographers, and I congratulate everyone for contributing to the launch of this enterprise.

– Dr. Barry Wellar, University of Ottawa, Canada

This multidisciplinary journal clearly fills a gap in applying geospatial research results to real-world scenarios.

– Dr. Carlos Granell, Universitat Jaume I, Spain


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Topics Covered

  • Biogeography
  • Business and marketing geography
  • Climatology
  • Economic geography
  • Geography of crime
  • Geomorphology
  • Historical geography
  • Medical geography
  • Military geography
  • Natural hazards
  • Other geographic subfields
  • Political geography
  • Population geography
  • Soil geography
  • Tourism geography
  • Transportation geography

Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

Donald Patrick Albert is a professor of geography in the Department of Geography and Geology at Sam Houston State University (Texas, U.S.A.). He earned geography degrees from Salem State College (B.S.), Appalachian State University (M.A.), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Ph.D.). His articles have appeared in such journals as Applied Geography, Complementary Health Practice Review, Journal of Geography, Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, The North Carolina Geographer, The Pennsylvania Geographer, The Geography Teacher, The Social Studies Texan, The Police Chief, Texas Journal of Rural Health, World Health Forum, and others. Dr. Albert has contributed as author, co-author, editor, or co-editor on the following books: Geospatial Technologies and Advancing Geographic Decision Making: Issues and Trends (2012), The Geography of Naturopathic Physicians in the United States and Canada (2006), GIS in Law Enforcement: Implementation Issues and Case Studies (2003), A Case Study in the Role of Environmental Values in Conservation: The Roanoke River Project (2002), and Spatial Analysis, GIS, and Remote Sensing Applications in the Health Sciences (2000). Dr. Albert is editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Applied Geospatial Research.

Editorial Board

Associate Editors
Jonathan Comer, Oklahoma State University, USA
Thomas Crawford, East Carolina University, USA
G. Rebecca Dobbs, Western Carolina University, USA
Sonya Glavac, University of New England, Australia
Carol Hanchette, University of Louisville, USA
Tony Hernandez, Ryerson University, Canada
Jay Lee, Kent State University, USA
Shuaib Lwasa, Makerere University, Uganda
John Strait, Sam Houston State University, USA
David Wong, George Mason University, USA

International Editorial Review Board
Bhuiyan M. Alam, The University of Toledo, USA
Badri Basnet, The University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Rick Bunch, University of North Carolina - Greensboro, USA
Ed Cloutis, University of Winnipeg, Canada
Kelley Crews, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Michael DeMers, New Mexico State University, USA
Sagar Deshpande, Ferris State University, USA
Steven Fleming, United States Military Academy, USA
Doug Gamble, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, USA
Gang Gong, Sam Houston State University, USA
Carlos Granell, European Commission, Italy
William Graves, University of North Carolina - Charlotte, USA
Timothy Hawthorne, Georgia State University, USA
Bin Jiang, University of Gävle, Sweden
C. Peter Keller, University of Victoria, Canada
Zhongwei Liu, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA
C. Gichana Manyara, Radford University, USA
David Martin, University of Southhampton, UK
Luke Marzen, Auburn University, USA
Adam Mathews, Texas State University, USA
Darrel McDonald, Stephen F. Austin State University, USA
Ian Meiklejohn, Rhodes University, South Africa
Joseph Messina, Michigan State University, USA
William A. Morris, McMaster University, Canada
Petri Pellikka, University of Helsinki, Finland
François Pinet, Cemagref - Clermont Ferrand, France
Wei Song, University of Louisville, USA
Sermin Tagil, Balikesir University, Turkey
Wei Tu, Georgia Southern University, USA
Brad Watkins, University of Central Oklahoma, USA
Dion Wiseman, Brandon University, Canada
Zengwang Xu, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, USA
Xinyue Ye, Kent State University, USA
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