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International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC)
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International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC)

Published Quarterly. Est. 2010.
ISSN: 1941-868X|EISSN: 1941-8698|DOI: 10.4018/IJISSC|
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Wang, John. "International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC)." (2010). Web. 25 Apr. 2015. doi:10.4018/IJISSC


Wang, J. (2010). International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC). doi:10.4018/IJISSC


Wang, John. "International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC)," (2010), accessed (April 25, 2015), doi:10.4018/IJISSC

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The International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC) examines current, state-of-the art research in the areas of information systems and social change, and the interactions, linkages, applications, and support of social change using information systems. This journal encompasses theoretical, analytical, and empirical research, comprehensive reviews of relevant research, technical reports, book reviews, and also case studies emphasizing the use of new frameworks, principles, technologies, methods, and techniques.


Journal Contents

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Today’s society is fraught with a myriad of constrained opportunities. These challenges are indeed daunting, and the need for change is ever present. The mission of International Journal of Information Systems and Social Change (IJISSC) is to provide an international forum for practitioners and researchers from both the social and natural sciences, along with information systems professionals, software developers, and vendors, to exchange, share, and present useful and innovative ideas and work. It also enables the presentation and distribution of ground-breaking and original ideas and concepts, which can shape future directions of research. These, when applied, can enable policy makers, government officials, business managers, and social workers to spread over various advanced techniques and new applications of information systems. IJISSC also encourages discussions on how information systems can promote social change, and also in turn, how the advances brought about by these social changes can affect the growth in, and future application of, information systems.

Reviews and Testimonials

The IJISSC is a journal that is on the cutting edge of current research. I am particularly impressed by the substantive and methodological range of its articles, its openness to differing perspectives, and its publication of interdisciplinary work.

– Allan J. Lichtman, Distinguished Professor of History, American University, USA

It is with great honor to serve on the editorial board of this journal. While we enjoy the convenience the technology has brought us in this information era, we have also encountered enormous changes it has impacted our lives. This is a great journal that focuses on the information technology and yet more importantly the social impacts causing in every field and discipline. In my opinion the contribution of this journal is distinctive and stimulating.

– Dr. Wilfred V Huang, George G Raymond Chair, Professor of Management Information Systems, Editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management (IJCCM), Alfred University, USA

IJISSC is well positioned in a promising crossroad, plainly situated within a reinforced-loop. In fact societies live because they change and these days information technologies are the main drivers of change. So the scope is perfect for IJISSC.

– Dr José Figueiredo, Professor of Engineering and Management, IST, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal

This journal offers the opportunity to target research at the cutting edge where technology strategy meets organizational performance, and where organizational performance challenges and provides opportunities for success.

– Gary A. Bojes, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) – Rural Development Utility Programs, USA

I strongly believe the social change incurred by IS/IT is an important area of research and am confident that this will be a fruitful area for academic and practical research.

– Jungwoo Lee, Yonsei University, Korea

IJISSC serves as a catalyst to stimulate a hot-debate respecting to the role plays the technology in our ever changing world. One of the aspects that characterize the journal is not only the open-mind of its editors as well as the published inter-disciplinary points of views. It exhibits a high-quality platform to explore the benefits and problems of technology for society.

– Maximiliano Korstanje, University of Palermo


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Topics Covered

  • Anthropology
  • Behavioral science
  • Complex adaptive system
  • Computer simulation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Decision support systems
  • Decision theory
  • Demography
  • Disaster management and information systems
  • Ecological information systems
  • Economics
  • Education information systems
  • Environmental information systems
  • E-society
  • Ethics
  • Expert systems
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Geography
  • Healthcare information systems
  • Human-centric information systems
  • Infrastructure management system
  • Knowledge networks
  • Labor management
  • Legal information systems
  • Natural resource information systems
  • Organizational information systems
  • Policy development and management
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public-use information systems
  • Risk Management
  • Social informatics
  • Social Networking
  • Social sciences
  • Social security information systems
  • Sociology
  • Socio-technical networks
  • Strategic planning
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban development information systems
  • Web 2.0

Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

John Wang is a professor in the Department of Information & Operations Management at Montclair State University, USA. Having received a scholarship award, he came to the USA and completed his PhD in operations research from Temple University. Due to his extraordinary contributions beyond a tenured full professor, Dr. Wang has been honored with a special range adjustment in 2006. He has published over 100 refereed papers and seven books. He has also developed several computer software programs based on his research findings.

He is the Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Applied Management Science, International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, and International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management. He is the Editor of Data Warehousing and Mining: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (six-volume) and the Editor of the Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining, 1st (two-volume) and 2nd (four-volume). His long-term research goal is on the synergy of operations research, data mining and cybernetics.

Editorial Board

Managing Editor
Karen Dennis, KE Dennis Academic Editing, USA

Area Editors
Christine Chan, University of Regina, Canada
Jyoti Choudrie, University of Hertfordshire, UK
Paul Davis, RAND, USA
Larbi Esmahi, Athabasca University, Canada
Jose Figueiredo, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez, Universität Oldenburg, Germany
Bill Hefley, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Wilfred V. Huang, Alfred University, USA
Tschangho John Kim, University of Illinois, USA
Jungwoo Lee, Yonsei University, Korea
Allan Lichtman, American University, USA
Barnett Parker, Parker Associates, USA
Steffen Roth, Yerevan State University, Armenia
Sten A. Thore, University of Texas at Austin, USA

International Editorial Review Board
Evon M. O. Abu-Taieh, Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences, Jordan
Carl Adams, University of Portsmouth, UK
Mohammad Al-Ghouti, Royal Scientific Society, Jordan
Allyson Beall, University of Idaho, USA
Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin, Ireland
Gary Bojes, George Washington University, USA
Massimiliano Caramia, University of Rome, Italy
Mahil Carr, Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology, India
Sandro Cattacin, Université de Genève, Switzerland
Xianhui Che, Swansea Metropolitan University, UK
Dickson Chiu, Dickson Computer Systems, Hong Kong
Arthur Coffin, Berlin University of Technology, Germany
Sathya Swaroop Debasish, Fakir Mohan University, India
Judith A. DePalma, Slippery Rock University, USA
Christoph Engemannn, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
Eugenio Figueroa B., University of Chile, Chile
Alexander Filippov, State University Higher School of Economics, Russia
Laura Frost, Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration, USA
Stephan Frühwirt, Berlin University of Technology, Germany
Hirofumi Fukuyama, Fukuoka University, Japan
Roya Gholami, Aston University, UK
Patricia Goncalves, Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal
Ainhoa González, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland
Sam Goundar, United Nations University, China
Sabine Graf, National Central University, Taiwan
Jeroen Groot, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Yasemin Gulbahar, Baskent University, Turkey
Manish Gupta, State University of New York - Buffalo, USA
Kholekile Gwebu, University of New Hampshire, USA
Raija Halonen, University of Oulu, Finland
Rugayah Hashim, University Technology Mara, Malaysia
Petter Holme, Umeå University, Sweden
Zhiyong Hu, University of West Florida, USA
Gordon Huang, University of Regina, Canada
Barry Ip, Swansea Institute of Higher Education, UK
Dariusz Jemielniak, Kozminski Business School, Poland
Bin Jiang, University of Gävle, Sweden
Angel A. Juan, Open University of Catalonia, Spain
Terry Kidd, Texas A&M University, USA
Melih Kirlidog, Marmara University, Turkey
Robert J. Koester, dbS Productions LLC, USA
Maximiliano Korstanje, University of Palermo, Argentina
Martin Kuhn, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Rudi Laermans, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
Ang Chooi Leng, Universiti Utara, Malaysia
Shu-Sheng Liaw, China Medical University, China
Zanna Liu, University of Regina, Canada
James McHann, Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration, USA
Artur Mkrtchyan, Yerevan State University, Armenia
Somnath Mukhopadhay, The University of Texas at El Paso, USA
Karel Müller, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic
Solomon Negash, Kennesaw State University, USA
Mahamed G.H. Omran, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait
Jason Papathanasiou, University of Macedonia, Greece
Hanno Pahl, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Anthony R. Paquin, Western Kentucky University, USA
Roger V. Patulny, University of Wollongong, Australia
Jomon Aliyas Paul, Kennesaw State University, USA
Clifton Phua, Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R), Singapore
Elvira Popescu, University of Craiova, Romania
Boris A. Portnov, University of Haifa, Israel
Andreja Pucihar, University of Maribor, Slovenia
Mario Purkathofer, Rote Fabrik Zürich, Switzerland
Pradeep Racherla, West Texas A&M University, USA
Milan Radosavljevic, University of Reading, UK
Ben Ramdani, Manchester Business School, UK
Agnieszka Rusinowska, University of Paris, France
Biresh K. Sahoo, Xavier Institute of Management, India
Peter V. Schaeffer, West Virginia University, USA
Lukas Scheiber, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Shital Shah, Rush University Medical Center, USA
Javad Soroor, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran
Kenneth Sousa, Bryant University, USA
Karen Sowers, The University of Tennessee, USA
Aakash Taneja, Richard Stockton College of NJ, USA
William J. Tastle, Ithaca College, USA
John T. Thompson, Buffalo State College, USA
Kranti Toraskar, University of Macau, China
Silvana Trimi, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA
Fusun Ulengin, Dogus University, Turkey
Vuk Uskokovic, University of California, USA
Hardik Vachhrajani, Amrita University, India
Sebastian Ventura, University of Cordoba, Spain
Gabriella Vindigni, University of Catania, Italy
Yi-Shun Wang, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan
Frank Welz, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Ming Hour Yang, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan
Bee Yew, Fayetteville State University, USA
Lean Yu, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, China
Fang Zhao, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Bin Zhou, Kean University, USA
Ali Hussein Zolait, University of Bahrain, Bahrain
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