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Technology Innovation Spotlight: KOREA

By IGI Global on Feb 28, 2017
Technology Innovation Spotlight: KOREA

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The Korean Peninsula lies in the middle of Northeast Asia, and since 1945 it has been divided into two distinct sovereign states: North Korea (officially the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea") and South Korea (officially the "Republic of Korea"). Bordered by China in the northwest and Russia to the northeast, it is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the East Sea. The population is 76,497,881.

Koreans excel in innovation and discovery in science and technology. Their early inventions include soybean cultivation, the star chart and astronomical observation, movable type printing, water and rain gauges, the active greenhouse, and many other progressive inventions. More modern developments by Korean scientists include the MP3 portable player; the MP3 phone; the solar phone; EyeCan, an eye-tracking mouse for use by people with disabilities; the Smartwatch; Retina display and more.

IGI Global is proud to partner with Korean innovators on many levels. With over 1,000 affiliates spanning the country, these authors and editors advance and support the quality academic content that IGI Global has become known for. These scholars hail from some of the world's greatest research universities, including Seoul National University, Ewha Womans University, KAIST (Daejeon), Korea University (Seoul) and Yonsei University.

IGI Global is also honored to work with influential Korean partners and researchers from major institutions around the country, including long-standing representative Wise Book Solutions who represents and supports partnerships with other distributors such as Haksul Intelligence Co., Bestin Trading Co., Ltd, Dasansogo Co., Ltd., Kyobo Book Centre Ltd., Pan Korea Book Corp., Tae Dong Books Co., and Aladin Communications.

As a leader in innovation, IGI Global also works closely with a multitude of Korean consortia, including the Korea Electronic Site License Initiative (KESLI). KESLI seeks to facilitate the availability of academic research information for domestic researchers and institutions. In addition, IGI Global has invested in various other academic partnerships in recent years, including the The Convergent Research Society Among Humanities, Sociology, Science and Technology (HSST). This research institution was founded by the Institute of Convergence Education in South Korea. HSST is an international society for supporting distinguished scholars and students who are researching different areas of science and technology. HSST’s goal is to provide opportunities for academic and industry professionals to discuss progress in science and technology on an ongoing basis.

IGI Global also partners with International Academic Consulting and Service (IACS) in continual development of educational workshops and research projects. IACS was founded by the Institute of Convergence Education in South Korea. IACS is an international society for supporting distinguished scholars and students who are researching various areas of science and technology. IACS also facilitates the availability of various research material and services to academic, industry and government organizations.

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