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Emerging Research Trends
Emerging Research Trends
Ena Bhattacharyya shares her extensive knowledge on the topic of new media communication skills
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Research TrendsMedia and Communication Science and TechnologyEngineering Education
Are Majority of Voters Emotionally Driven During Election Season?
“Virtual Environments, Online Racial Discrimination, and Adjustment among a Diverse, School-Based Sample of Adolescents” offered for free access
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Research TrendsSocial Sciences and Online BehaviorGamingFree Content
Do You Want More Exposure for Your Publication?
The esteemed Dr. Victor C.X. Wang is recognized for ongoing contributions
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Events & CollaborationsResearch TrendsEducational Science and Technology
Technology Innovation Spotlight: CANADA
IGI Global's Regional Innovation Spotlight features the science and technology advancements of our research affiliates and partners worldwide
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