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The pace of modern technological change within the last decade has exceeded all expectations, thus challenging traditional knowledge sharing methods for researchers, libraries, publishers, and vendors all over the world. In response to this constant need to drive innovation, IGI Global publishes a specialized line of scholarly publications -- Research Insights. Authored by experts from prominent research institutions all over the world who are knowledgeable in a wide range of emerging research areas, these titles provide concise and fluid explanations of the most cutting-edge concepts, theories, predictions, and implementations in fields such as: business, computer science, education, science, engineering, government, medicine, communications, and various others.

These publications are highly focused and produced in an expeditious fashion (approximately 4-6 months from concept to distribution) so no time is lost in allowing for the dissemination of this type of scholarly/scientific knowledge for universal value among researchers.

Research Insights deliver forward-thinking summaries and concise analyses through the following approaches:
  • Overview of trending topic areas or applications
  • In-field case studies
  • Best methods for implementing a new tool or methodology
  • Exploratory studies of shifting perspectives and practices
  • Predictions for the future of a developing field, and/or anticipating research opportunities
  • Related readings to provide additional information and guidance for further enrichment
Research Insights are available in either electronic or hardcover format and are around 150 - 200+ pages in length. Each publication is subjected to a double-blind peer review process by an esteemed advisory board to ensure the highest level of quality is applied. These publications are suitable for use by academic researchers, as well as corporate researchers working in R&D departments, professionals, graduate students, practitioners, and instructors. They are excellent additions to academic libraries as well as corporate R&D libraries. Priced at $115 - $145 (US), Research Insights offer an affordable option for those looking to expand their knowledge through in-depth, yet abbreviated publications.

Areas of Interest

Forthcoming Research Insights will include (but are not limited to) the following thematic areas:
  • Agri-Food global competitiveness
  • Modern data science and business intelligence
  • Psychological and electrophysiological attributes of human personality
  • Latest innovations in 3D printing
  • Block chain technologies and smart contracts
  • Human-machine symbiosis
  • Public libraries in disaster control
  • Millennials and their engagement in the workplace and society
  • Inclusivity of women in emerging industries
  • Faith-based decision making
  • Self-initiated expatriates (SIEs)
  • Mo(W)-based catalysts in the petroleum and chemical industry
  • Compensation and reward programs in multinational corporations
  • TPACK frameworks
  • Humanitarian interventions
  • National promotional banks

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Research Insights Publications:

Exploration of Textual Interactions in CALL Learning Communities: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Jonathan R. White (Hogskolan Dalarna, Sweden)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $120.00.
Computer-assisted language learning (CALL) has greatly enhanced the realm of online social interaction and behavior. In language classrooms, it allows the opportunit...
Method of Systems Potential (MSP) Applications in Economics: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Grigorii Pushnoi (Independent Researcher, Russia)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $135.00.
Modeling techniques provide ample opportunities for progress across numerous fields. When analyzing complex systems, new methods allow for a deeper understanding of...
Technology-Driven Productivity Improvements and the Future of Work: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Göran Roos (Cranfield University, UK)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $175.00.
While technological developments are evolving at a rapid pace, employee workplace skills are falling behind. This rate of change will continue to accelerate, and it...
Combating Internet-Enabled Terrorism: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Emily Stacey (Swansea University, UK)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $115.00.
The internet has become a vital part of modern society, with its impact reaching from private lives into the public sphere. However, along with its positive effects,...
Fostering Sustained Learning Among Undergraduate Students: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Caroline Chemosit (University of Kabianga, Kenya), John Rugutt (Illinois State University, USA), Joseph K. Rugutt (Illinois State University, USA)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $125.00.
Keeping students engaged and receptive to learning can, at times, be a challenge. However, by the implementation of new methods and pedagogies, instructors can stren...
Innovative Applications of Mo(W)-Based Catalysts in the Petroleum and Chemical Industry: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Hui Ge (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Xingchen Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Shanmin Wang (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA), Tao Yang (China University of Petroleum, China), Xiaodong Wen (Synfuels China, China)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $135.00.
Mo(W)-Based Catalysts have the capacity to drastically impact many different industries. Research on their most current applications is important for the success of...
Examining Cultural Influences on Leadership Styles and Learning from Chinese Approaches to Management: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Valerie Zhu (Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $125.00.
For businesses to remain competitive, managers must continuously update their leadership methods. By attempting to learn from foreign experiences and approaches, man...
Impacts of Faith-Based Decision Making on the Individual-Level Legislative Process: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Karla Drenner (Kaplan University, USA)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $120.00.
Increased diversity and shifting social identities have created significant effects on contemporary legislative systems. These shifts have altered how legislative bo...
Driving Efficiency in Local Government Using a Collaborative Enterprise Architecture Framework: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Amit Tiwary (Victoria Police, Australia)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $120.00.
The overall functions of a government impact a wide range of sectors in society. It is imperative for governments to work at full capacity and potential in order to...
Assessing and Measuring Statistics Cognition in Higher Education Online Environments: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Justin P. Chase (University at Albany/SUNY, USA), Zheng Yan (University at Albany/SUNY, USA)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $140.00.
The ability to effective learn, process, and retain new information is critical to the success of any student. Since mathematics are becoming increasingly more impor...
Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Stefano Brusaporci (University of L’Aquila, Italy)
Release Date: June 2017. Copyright © 2017. $115.00.
The concept of conserving heritage for future generations is not a new idea. However, with recent digital advances, this task can be done much more efficiently and c...
Designing for Human-Machine Symbiosis Using the URANOS Model: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Benjamin Hadorn (University of Fribourg, Switzerland)
Release Date: March 2017. Copyright © 2017. $125.00.
Demand for integral and sustainable solutions is on the rise. As new ways of defining reality emerge, this generates the progression of more humanistic and sustainab...
Game Theory Solutions for the Internet of Things: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Sungwook Kim (Sogang University, South Korea)
Release Date: January 2017. Copyright © 2017. $130.00.
There is an enhanced level of connectivity available in modern society through the increased usage of various technological devices. Such developments have led to th...
Challenges Facing Female Department Chairs in Contemporary Higher Education: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Heidi L. Schnackenberg (SUNY Plattsburgh, USA), Denise A. Simard (SUNY Plattsburgh, USA)
Release Date: December 2016. Copyright © 2017. $115.00.
Gender and diversity is a crucial area that requires more attention in multiple academic settings. As more women progress into leadership positions in academia, it b...
Agent-Based Modeling in Humanitarian Interventions: Emerging Research and Opportunities
John McCaskill (University of Texas at Dallas, USA)
Release Date: November 2016. Copyright © 2017. $115.00.
When a nation or region of the world is under a state of distress and violence, international government agencies are tasked with the job of delivering aid to assist...
Examining the Role of National Promotional Banks in the European Economy: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Iustina Alina Boitan (Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania)
Release Date: November 2016. Copyright © 2017. $120.00.
Banking entities have significant involvement and impact on the structure of a nation’s economy. By utilizing the proper strategies and available data, banks can act...
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework for K-12 Teacher Preparation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Margaret L. Niess (Oregon State University, USA)
Release Date: October 2016. Copyright © 2017. $135.00.
Educational technologies are vastly becoming a common-place entity in classrooms as they provide more options and support for teachers and students. However, many te...