A. K. Aggarwal

A. K. Aggarwal is a Fulbright Scholar and Professor in the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore. Dr. Aggarwal has published in many journals, including Decision Sciences - Journal of Innovative Education, Computers and Operations Research, Decision Sciences, Information and Management, Production and Operation Management, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, eService, International Journal of Web-Based Learning and Teaching Technologies, Journal of EUC, Transactions of DSS, and many national and international professional proceedings. He has edited two books on web-based education: Web-Based Teaching: Opportunities and Challenges and Web-Based Education: Learning from Experiences and one book on cloud computing. His current research interests include collaborative systems, web-based teaching, model-based organizational systems, web-based systems and educational issues in MIS.


Web-Based Education
A. K. Aggarwal, Regina Bento. © 2002. 19 pages.
The Internet is changing the very nature of society in ways unparalleled since the industrial revolution. It is affecting local, national and global economies and their...