Abhijit Chaudhary

Abhijit Chaudhury has a bachelors and masters degree in engineering. He obtained in PhD is Management from Purdue University. He has over a decade of industrial experience in oil and energy sector working for European Multinationals such as BP and CFP. He has previously published in MISQ, ISR, JMIS, CACM and various transactions of IEEE. His current interest is in the area of SMEs and Global Competition.


Product Customization on the Web: An Empirical Study of Factors Impacting Choiceboard User Satisfaction
Pratyush Bharati, Abhijit Chaudhary. © 2006. 13 pages.
Choiceboards are Web-based systems that allow consumers to customize their orders. The study investigated factors that affect consumers’ intention to use choiceboards. The...