Adam James Bridgeman

Adam Bridgeman is the Director of First Year Studies and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Chemistry, The University of Sydney. He has published 60 peer-reviewed articles. He was awarded the 2005 RSC Higher Education Teaching Award in the UK for his work on using the internet to enhance and support student learning. As a recent import to Australia, he is focusing on developing the effectiveness of service teaching and electronic resources in the School of Chemistry.


Sustainable Language Support Practices in Science Education: Technologies and Solutions
Felicia Zhang, Brett Andrew Lidbury, Alice Marion Richardson, Brian Francis Yates, Michael Guy Gardiner, Adam James Bridgeman, Jurgen Schulte, John Cameron Rodger, Karen Elizabeth Mate. © 2012. 266 pages.
The effective communication of science through language, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and visual representation, is an essential part of scientific learning...
Language Support Strategies in First Year Chemistry
Adam James Bridgeman. © 2012. 40 pages.
In-class and online active learning strategies, which have been implemented at The University of Sydney, are described to respond to the challenge of teaching chemistry at a...