Agustin Tiburcio

Agustín Tiburcio-Sanchez is an Electronic Systems Engineer from the Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Toluca and has a Master's degree Studies in Artificial Intelligence from the Universidad Veracruzana. He has the degree of Master Black Belt in process improvement tools the Six Sigma methodology. He has more than 25 years of experience in the areas of systems, technology and the maquiladora industry. He has been in charge of the IT department at Gentel and the systems manager at Falcomex, in the state of Coahuila, systems leader at Siemens VDO in Monterrey, senior systems manager at Alcom Electrónica de México at Reynosa, Tamaulipas, director of systems at ARC Automotriz, director of business development at Transtelco for the Northwest area and commercial manager national wise for Mexico Industry magan¡zine He has collaborated closely with Index Reynosa, since 2007, in various positions. In 2010-11, former president of the Information Technology Committee. During his tenure, among some other activities, he organized different national and international technology forums. He has participated in municipal and state technological promotion citizen councils. He is director of the systems department of Global Industrial Manufacturing as well as director of Convertec, an information technology consultancy, which has advised companies such as ZafiroSoft, Link Technologies, SMTELCOM, Creatividad y Enlaces and Automotive News México. As of October 2021, he serves as director of the Information Technology committee at the national wise for the national council of the index maquiladora and manufacturing industry, leading forceful actions such as linking the index with ITESM and UAT, as well as the collaboration agreement with CANIETI and the planning, direction, and execution of the first National Cybersecurity Forum of index “Technology has always been my passion and I have practically dedicated my life to using it to improve processes and the lives of others in companies and in society.”


Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry
Fernando Ortiz-Rodriguez, Sanju Tiwari, Luis Manuel Hernández-González, Agustin Tiburcio. © 2023. 291 pages.
Emerging Technologies and Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry offers a comprehensive solution to the pressing challenges faced by the manufacturing industry. As...