Akhilesh Bajaj

Akhilesh Bajaj is Chapman Associate Professor of MIS, at the University of Tulsa. He received a B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1989, an MBA from Cornell University in 1991, and a Ph.D. in MIS (minor in Computer Science) from the University of Arizona in 1997. Dr. Bajaj’s research deals with the construction and testing of tools and methodologies that facilitate the construction of large organizational systems, as well as studying the decision models of the actual consumers of these information systems. He has published articles in several academic journals such as Management Science, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Information Systems and the Journal of the Association of Information Systems. He is on the editorial board of several journals in the MIS area. His research has been funded by the department of defense (DOD). He teaches graduate courses on basic and advanced database systems, management of information systems, and enterprise wide systems.


The Mediating Effect of Bridging Social Capital Between Social Media Usage and Affective Attitude: An Explanatory Model
Akhilesh Bajaj, Adrien Bouchet, Li Sun. © 2021. 25 pages.
In this work, the authors develop and test a theoretical model that investigates the mediating effect of bridging social capital between usage of a brand specific social network...
The Rise of NoSQL Systems: Research and Pedagogy
Akhilesh Bajaj, Wade Bick. © 2020. 16 pages.
Transaction processing systems are primarily based on the relational model of data and offer the advantages of decades of research and experience in enforcing data quality...
WPKT: Work Process Knowledge Template for Codification of Organizational Process Knowledge
Akhilesh Bajaj, Meredith Bates-Thornton. © 2019. 27 pages.
The knowledge embedded in organizational processes has been difficult to codify and make available to other members who need access to this knowledge either because they perform...
Systems Analysis and Design for Advanced Modeling Methods: Best Practices
Akhilesh Bajaj, Stanislaw Wrycza. © 2009. 304 pages.
The field of systems analysis and design is experiencing ongoing changes that significantly impact the way information systems are being analyzed and designed in practice....
International Journal of Intelligent Information Technologies (IJIIT)
Vijayan Sugumaran. Est. 2005.
Intelligent information technologies are being used by a large number of organizations for improving productivity in many roles such as assistants to human operators and...
International Journal of Web Services Research (IJWSR)
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The International Journal of Web Services Research (IJWSR) is the first refereed, international publication featuring the latest research findings and industry solutions...
Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO)
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The Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) provides insight into and understanding of the social, cultural, organizational, and cognitive impacts of innovative...
Journal of Database Management (JDM)
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The Journal of Database Management (JDM) publishes original research on all aspects of database management, systems analysis and design, and software engineering. The primary...
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The Journal of Organizational and End User Computing (JOEUC) , which has been published for more than 30 years, provides high impact research in all areas of organizational and...