Alexander G. Flor

Alexander G. FlorDr. Alexander G. Flor is currently Dean, UP Scientist and Full Professor of the University of the Philippines Faculty of Information and Communication Studies (Open University). He currently holds the One UP Professorial Chair in Knowledge Management (KM4D) for teaching and research. He served as Chair of the CHED Technical Committee on Alternative Learning Systems, (2010-2013), Member of the CHED Technical Panel for Teacher Education (2010-2013), Vice Chancellor for R&D of the UP Open University (2002-04) and the first Program Manager of the SEAMEO-SEARCA Knowledge Management Program (1998-2002). He has served as technical adviser in sixteen countries under official development assistance contracts.


Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D)
Alexander G. Flor. © 2019. 10 pages.
Knowledge management began in the private sector but has since been adopted by governments and international development agencies alike. In the mid-nineties, Stephen Denning...
Knowledge Management for Development (KM4D)
Alexander G. Flor. © 2018. 8 pages.
Open, Distance and eLearning for ASEAN Integration
Alexander G. Flor. © 2018. 33 pages.
The implications of integration among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations go beyond economics. Several ASEAN countries rank human capital as among their most valuable...